Is five minute profit sites a scam?

Is Five Minute Profit Sites A Scam- The Shocking Truth!

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Can You really make this kind of money from Five Minute Profit Sites?

Today we will investigate an amazing offer called Five Minute Profit sites. But is five minute profit sites a scam in the make money online niche from theIs 5 Minute profit sites a scam? ClickBank marketplace?

I will attempt to give a non-biased an honest review of Five-Minute Profit Sites, but from the first pour over it, the offer looks to be more of the same with the name changed.

For this reason Five-Minute Profit Sites will be on an uphill climb without a lot of room for failure!


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What is Five Minute Profit Sites

Five-Minute Profit Sites was Created by Sam Smith and is a system that is supposed to help your make good money fromIs Five Minute Profit Sites A Scam? the comfort of your own house without putting too much effort.

The claim is that your will be given certain tasks to complete and for every task completed your will in turn earn $12. The more tasks your earn the more money that your can make.

I hate these kinds of smoke and mirror offers! What is the task fr crying out loud ? Is it walking Mrs. Jones cyber puppy, or maybe balancing the national budget?

The idea with these offers is to pay me, then learn what your will be doing! That doesn’t work for me ! I really believe that if there wasn’t so much secrecy on the front end, more people would buy it. Having a veil of secrecy around it only turns more people off!

This online program guarantees your good profits as soon as your start using it but it seems like so many of the other get-rich-quick failures that are online now!

They tell your that the good thing about this program is that it will not take much of your time. And that’s a good thing because it is very likely to be time wasted!

Mr Smith Claims that It is a well formulated online program that will teach your various credible methods on how to earn huge sums of money online using several methods but it sounds remarkably like the scams and other deceptions that I have already exposed such as AppCoiner and Viral Cash App.

And that isn’t very surprising considering that many of the products and services offered within the ClickBank marketplace lately don’t seem to match up with the standards your would expect of the # retailer of digital products on the internet!

  • Product- Five-Minute Profit sites
  • Owners- Sam Smith
  • Cost:$37 + $618 in up sells
  • Do I suggest this product? – While I can’t deny that your can make some amount of money, I wouldn’t recommend it as a way to make sustained income online.


The claim is that your can make that much from their “done for your” software that builds your a website exploiting a $12.3 million loophole.It certainly sounds interesting enough, but if your keep reading your will see how I expose this as just another scam!

You can check out some of the other reviews that have been done on similar type products and services to become better acquainted with these products.


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The Review of Five-Minute Profit Sites

I’ll be honest, the name Five-Minute Profit Sites is a dead give away as to what this offer actually is !l. These people are truing to make it sound like your can make a fortune from this software that will automatically make your a website in 5 minutes or fewer and then your can make $500+ a day.

But the catch is that this $500 a day comes from “completing a task and at the completion your are paid $12. You will have to complete a lot of tasks at $12 each to get anywhere near $500 a day !

The website claims to be tapping into a $12.3 million loophole, but the truth is that your won’t make that kind of money with this system.

You may be able to turn some profit, but it is similar to the profits earned by doing surveys! Long hours for short pay! On another review of a popular survey site I did review for 5 hours and made a little over $2 !

sample payment page for Five Minute Profit Sites

These types of offers are completely egregious and simply dishonest to their core ! Anyone who has been interacting with these offers for any time at all can see what they are and what they are made of.

There is no secret to the plan of the authors of these scams ! They throw these things against the wall and some of them stick to a small percentage of people. They make money and move on to another offer, that they repeat the process with.

By using a marketplace like the one at ClickBank they have affiliates promote these offers based solely on making money.dishonest marketers

These affiliates will throw a bunch of CPA (Cost per action Solo Ads and PPC (Pay per Click money at it, check the return on investment, and if they are making money they will scale it up to a huge level and repeat the process.

Where they capture a bunch of leads to continue to promote the product or service through their autoresponder sequence.

Then, once it has dried up they move to something else .

Meanwhile the owner of the product will place something else in the marketplace, and revamp the offer he just ended so that it can be regurgitated again and the cycle starts over!


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This image is text that ask is five minute profit sites a scam

The Truth about Five-Minute Profit sites

The website Five-Minute Profit Sites claims that their software can build your a profitable website in 5 minutes.

I have no doubts that the software CAN build a website in Five Minutes however it won’t be profitable. I have seen a website creation tool that can build a website in under 30 seconds !

The website will be one that gets no traffic and makes zero sales. Unfortunately your’ll be sucked into believing that this website can actually make your money but it won’t. The only way to get traffic to a website is by working on it, optimizing SEO and putting great content on the site !

If the Five-Minute Profit Sites owner is lucky your (the customer) might wait up to 60 days for your website to make money in hope that it will.

But after 60 days your will miss your refund period and the owner of the offer will make that amount of money and your wind up with nothing but a website that no one knows about which is a common tactic!


claims of making $519 per day


Confusion in the advertising

One thing that I found a little concerning was that it depends on which sales letter your join Five-Minute Profit Sites with as to how much it costs!

The one I saw first was selling at $37 and then I found another one that offered a 7 day free trial, with your credit card information in hand of course!

You would be amazed how many people forget about it and don’t request a refund like we discussed above!

The traffic is a major problem with Five-Minute Profit Sites !

Like any business that is run either online or offline, your success depends solely on targeted traffic!

You can always use paid advertising, but that adds even more expense to your overhead and decreases your return on investment greatly!

Most of these paid versions will require that your pay at least $.50 for every semi targeted click that comes to your offer! So after your have paid Five-Minute Profit Sites and Sam Smith $655 your then have to shell out $500 forBuilding a website for free traffic 1000 clicks so that someone can see your offer!

And if your get a conversion rate of 6% on the clicks your buy, your have done really well!

If your are selling a $37 product, and your get 6% conversions on a $500 PPC campaign your will have 30 buyers.

If your commission on each sale is 75% which is normal for ClickBank products, your will make $27.75 each sale, totaling $832.50!

When your subtract your overhead of $655 for Five-Minute Profit Sites and $500 for the advertising your will lose $322.50! Not a very profitable sounding venture huh?

So that’s where the last up sell gets your ! The Traffic Tsunami up sell will help your to get traffic to your promotions right? Hold that thought!

I know for a fact that it isn’t that easy! Being the owner of 3 traffic producing niche websites, I know that there is a lot of work that goes into getting your website ranked in the search engines so that your start getting traffic !

It’s not difficult work, but your have to devote time to it and grow it! I and many others think that building and growing niche oriented websites is both fun and profitable ! But if your are going to have to do that anyway, why are your paying Five-Minute Profit Sites $655?

If you build your own website and get highly targeted traffic by ranking in the search engines for free, your can promote anything your want, for free!



And then there is always the never ending up sells!

Five-Minute Profit Sites is really no different at all from the multitude of make money online schemes we see plastered across the internet! They are all geared towards the fish hook up sells! Once they get the hook in, the barb won’t let your go!

Five Minute Profit sites dsales funelOnce they get their hooks in they start the immediate up sell plan that includes 4 additional up sells that end up totalling $618 !

That is a crazy amount of money for a small or non existent amount of value !

But once your are on the hook and it doesn’t work like they say it will they want to sell you the Master Profits up sell for $197. And if your start making a little money, they will tell your that your can do better with the Double Your Profit Sites up sell at $187.

Then your can Double Your Profit Sites again for another $137! And at that point your might be getting a few sales, but your are still not making the amount of money that they suggested your could make!

So they unleash the last up sell of Traffic Tsunami for $97! Then when your realize what has happened your have paid this man $655 ! And do your actually think that your are getting the value for that amount of money? I highly doubt it!

My verdict on Five-Minute Profit Sites will come as no surprise!

My advice to your or anyone else who might be looking to break into making money online is not to go with Five-Minute ProfitFive Minute Profit Sites is not recommended Sites !

I can’t call Five Minute Profit Sites a scam, but In my opinion it is not the best way to go! Especially for beginners!

The money your spend is very top heavy compared to the amount of value your receive ! And that is directly backwards to the sole premise of what money basically is !

There are much better ways to make money online ! The best of which is to build your skyscraper to earn passive income!

Passive income lets your put in the work up front, and then spend a few hours a week reaping the rewards for months and years to come! With a passive income online business your make money 7 days a week and after your have everything set up your work on it one or two days a week. And since the internet never closes your can even make money while your sleep!

That’s the way to build a future! Because many of these other get rich quick schemes require your to trade your valuable time for money way too much!

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This image is text that ask is five minute profit sites a scam



We have gone over Five-Minute Profit Sites and discussed the pros and cons. To be honest there aren’t many pros! That is usually the case with these offers and their up sell crazy owners ! You get very little value for what your pay!

The exact opposite is the mark of a great deal! One that gives your value up front for what your pay later. And if your can get value over and over, then your know that it’s a great offer because they want to help your as much or more than make money!

I appreciate your reading my article on Five-Minute Profit Sites! If your have a comment, question or suggestion I would love to hear from your in the comments below ! Your feedback helps me to better serve my audience !

Thanks and have a great day!


Review Disclosure


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62 thoughts on “Is Five Minute Profit Sites A Scam- The Shocking Truth!”

  1. Hello Mike, I agree with you about this being a scam. If it sounds too good to be true than it is usually not a legit offer. Building a niche site and spending time with it is the only way to make the money your truly desire. It takes time to add your content and get the traffic but in the long run you will make better money and have more time to enjoy life without having to scam anyone. Thank you for this information about the Five Minute Profit sites it is important for others to learn about so they don’t get scammed.
    Sherry Blandford

    1. Thank you for your comment Sherry! 

      It means a lot when someone tells you that they got value from your work and it helped them make good decisions as someone getting started ! 

      Have a great day , and the very best of success to you! 


  2. This defintly sounds like a horrible program to join. I hate when programs say you can make a lot of money easily — but what windsnip happening is you spend a lot of money and make close to nothing in return.

    I might have missed it though, but what exactly does this program sell, and what do the upsells say they can help you do?

    To me it seems like a very big waste of money.

    1. This site doesn’t actually sell anything.They give you the basics of how to build an unfinished website within their program , and then promote affiliate offers with little to no training!

      Best of success to you !


  3. I got exactly the info I needed to understand what a scam that 5 min profit is. Thank you for exposing the underbelly of the internet. I didn’t even know that they could rip you off like this. Thanks again for the info to help me decision make. Very thorough reporting of the facts.

  4. Hi Mike,
    I’m glad to be on your blog again!
    Thank you for your review of the Five-Minute Profit Sites. Let me say straight away that I will immediately run away from any “system that is supposed to help me make good money from the comfort of your own house without putting too much effort.” That’s what generally signals scams. Anything worthwhile demands some good effort. If you have to do very little to get something good, then begin to take a close look at it.
    If you want to make money, join a good platform to get training, then choose a niche and build your site, work it and make the money. Any other thing is just smoke.
    I have lost a lot of money to scams at the beginning of my online career when shiny objects glittered more than gold and so I thank you for this valuable information about the Five Minute Profit sites which will enable people make an informed opinion. Nobody needs to spend a lot of money only to make close to nothing. It’s heartbreaking.

  5. This is a very helpful article especially for me that is new to this industry. I keep trying to find ways to improve my website and help with traffic and making money online opportunities. I appreciate your honest review and I will surely check back in here for future information.

    1. Thank you for the kind remarks! I appreciate that!
      If you need any help at all feel free to comment back or hit the ask a question post on my website.
      Thanks and best of success to you!

  6. Thank you for sharing this information. Usually if it’s too good to be true, it is! I truly dislike when companies essentially mislead the consumer about the expectations using their products. Ugh! Thank you for shedding light on this one and hopefully saving some people from heartache and lost money in upsells.

    1. Thanks for your comment Christina !
      Five minute profit sites is one of those that I can be much simpler in the review by simply saying dont waste your time!
      But I have to be fair and give every option to prove it’s self . This one didn’t!

      Best of success!

  7. Hi Mike,
    From your post, I learned more about the methods the scammers use to make money with Clickbank. I think CB should do some type of scanning to the products they allow to be sold on their platform, as such scams stain CB’s reputation as well.
    It’s disgusting how people waste their energy on building scam schemes instead of putting all these efforts into building something good.
    Too many pyramids and scams are out there, in every FB group.
    I’m glad you expose them.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words Mary!
      I try to get to as many reviews as possible.
      I get 2-3 requests a day for different products and can only get to the most popular.
      It takes quite a bit of time to review a product honestly, by purchasing the products and following the training or whatever they are pushing.
      I have a review coming up that looks like it might take a week!
      But as long as that is what My readers want, that is what they will get, as long as you are patient!

      Best of success!

  8. Hi Mike- Scam scam scam – all the way!!!
    Any online offer that says you don’t have to do much is a scam where the guy who owns the business takes everyone’s money
    My advice is run and go join Wealthy Affiliate a genuine platform that truly helps people
    Thanks for the share

  9. Loving how deep you dug into this. You’ve really exposed pretty much why its not a legitimate program and i know now to stay away from it! Thanks so much!!

  10. Man on man I thought that I finally found something that was decent. However that was before I read the rest of the article. For every good program or software there are five thousand bad ones. Someone please do the research I will bet my house on it! Thanks for sharing this article.

    1. Thank you very much for your comment Chawn! 

      If you need any more help or have questions feel free to let me know!


  11. This site is great information about these scam artist thanks for sharing. I personally know someone who tried this. All promise and little money followed.
    Thanks, Mike

    1. Thank you for your comment Scarlett!
      These low quality low help scams are everywhere these days! It’s true that you can learn a little if you are a complete beginner.
      But then you are stuck unless you purchase up sells to make the thing work. And then it doesn’t work like they claim so you’re stuck with money spent and none coming in!
      If you have more comments, questions or suggestions feel free to let me know !
      I also keep a list of requested reviews, so if there is a product or service that you would like to know more about let me know.
      Most of the time it takes 2 days to a week to really give a product or service an honest test, So e patient.

  12. The first the put me of is the title of making money with 5 minutes and also yes it does look like most surveys I tried, I was able to do a lot work and gain points and then they tell me to donate my points to Charity, I love giving to Charity but not every day.

    I am glad that you mentioned also AppCoiner and Virsl Cash, someone wanted me to jump in but my guts just couldn’t let and I am glad I read this.

    1. Thank you for your comment Cinderella! 

      I’m really glad I could help you with your decision making process! 

      If I can be of further help or you have more comments or questions I would love to hear from you! 

      Best of success! 


  13. Hey Mike!

    Thank you for a very useful article!
    I think they should rename the program for 5 YEARS profit websites.

    I honestly believe that most people who wants success online have to be patient. Of course there are amazing stories that people make it in 30 days or in 5 minutes. Congrats to them!
    But if you scratch on that surface most of those had worked for a long time before they succeed.

    I love the idea of building websites at 30 seconds, that have helped me to get started. The trick is to get it profitable, how do you do that?

    What is a realistic time line if you at the same time work on your job?
    I mean it can’t be so easy just quit your job at the same day you have build a website?

    I wish you all the best!
    And thanks again!

    1. First I would never suggest that someone quit their job right off the bat. That is a bad idea! 

      You need a source of income while you are building your business online, because it takes some time and effort. The amount of time completely depends on you. 

      If you are motivated and follow the training and work on your website, you can begin being successful quicker than someone who isn’t motivated. That’s why I always tell everyone that each one is different.

      If I can help you in your ventures just let me know! 

      Best of success to you! 


  14. Hey Mike,
    Wow seems to me like it’s just another one of those cheap rehashed internet marketing scams that I used to fall for last time.

    Judging from the name alone, who makes a profit in 5 minutes after joining a program? Learning the most basic step alone would already take somewhere around half an hour to an hour.

    Just the name alone is enough to trigger my senses, it’s a good thing there are still good watchmen like you who helps keeps us away from those scammers. Awesome review as always man, appreciate you taking the time to write!

    1. Thank you for your kind words and your comment Riaz!

      If youi have any questions, comments, or suggestions just let me know sir! Have a great day! 


  15. My online experience showed me these kind of websites should be avoided.There is no way that someone will create a profit ready website within 5 minutes.

    What makes site profitable is content and not website design. In my opinion they try and trap the people like they will do all the work for them and people finish with them dissapointed.

    This post was really helpful.

    1. Thanks for your comment Strahinja! I’m glad it helped you out! 

      If I can help you further feel free to let me know! 


  16. I enjoyed this in-depth guide about five minute profit sites. I’m surprised people still believe there are systems out there just can bring you in hundreds of dollars a day without doing much work.

    And for this program to say it can make you a website to do just this is ridiculous. On top of that all the upsells it throws at you makes me think this is basically a scam.

    So I won’t be purchasing this product any time soon. Thanks again for the great review.

    1. Thanks for your comment and your kind words! 

      I try to give honest reviews and either warn people about scams or let them know if I think that a product or service has value for them. This is one that was of the lower side of value.

      If I can help you further help you ,let me know.


  17. HELLO,
    A lot of products sold on ClickBank are scams and I don’t know why because ClickBank itself is an honest company. Fortunately, you can get your money back for the products sold on ClickBank.
    And these products are so alike and they use the same marketing techniques, sometimes one author creates more than one of these scams which look very similar.

    1. Thank you for your comment !

      The biggest issue with Clcikbank products these days are in the make money online niche. 

      It seems they approve pretty much anything.

      Meanwhile the offers in the other niches seem to be of pretty good quality mostly.

      Best of success to you! 


  18. Thanks for making this great review!
    I haven’t heard of the 5 minute profit sites before, but I am glad I read this first. I do not like to have to do a certain tasks in order to make a few bucks. I like to have complete control over how I make my money online.
    This does seem to be like a smoke and mirror trick, and once again thank you for informing me and many others of this place! I go with your recommendation 100%

    1. Thank you very much for your comment Timm! 

      Five minute profit sites is definately one of those products that I wouldn’t recommend! But then again there are plenty more that I wouldn’t recommend ! 

      Best of success! 


  19. Thanks for this article. It has so much information. I really needed an explanation on what this five minute profite is all about and if it is realiable or not. with all this information you really aswered all my doubts! 

    It’s crazy that all this programs that promis you will make hundreds a day start with such a low price and then if you really want to make a profit there are so many upsells and it gets so much more expensive! 

    1. Thanks for the kind words and your comments Vivi! 

      There are far too many options out there to get started online to get stuck in a low quality and low value sales funnel like this ! If people really want to make a passive income online ,it’s real and right there waiting. But you have to do it with ethics and honesty. 

      There are no true get rich quick schemes that work! It takes time, patience and effort ! 

      If I can help you in your journey to success online, please feel free to let me know ! 

      Have a great day ! 


  20. Thank you for writing such an informative article. There are just so many scams out there, it is nice to see scams getting exposed. It is not fair to rip people off. But the old saying if it sounds to good to be true…..So I guess we should all be able to see a scam when its right there in front of me. Thanks for the heads up. Affiliate marketing seems to be the way to go. Keep up the awesome work and be sure to expose any other scams you come across

    1. Thanks for the kind words and your comments Ruth! 

      If I can help you in your journey to success online, please feel free to let me know ! 

      Have a great day ! 


  21. I’ve never really heard about Five Minute Profits until I read your review.  I think that anyone who promises you that you can make money from the comfort of your own home without putting in too much effort is definitely not telling you the truth.  I’ve started my online business a few years ago and it’s taken a lot of time and effort.  Thanks for pointing out the up sells.  I genuinely despise up sell upon up sell. Do you think these types of programs should have up sells? 

    1. Thanks for your comment!

      I looked into Five Minute profit sites because I had a request. After spending the time to investigate the system and post the review. the lady that requested bought it anyway! She bought the first up sell as well and e mailed me to tell me that she wished she would have listened.

      She got her refund from ClickBank but wasted quite a bit of time.


  22. Andy Zeus Anderson

    These programs always exaggerate the earnings telling you potential without telling you the work and real cost to build this income. $12 actions are usually app trials and surveys that require in depth feedback. They are rare to qualify for but a good coach can help you do that. The problem is you won’t earn $500 a day off your own actions and will need a ton of referrals to these survey sites to make up the difference. The sites part is likely the key to bringing people in and the software likely is an auto poster for Facebook or Twitter, maybe both to speed up recruiting. It also could just be a Facebook Ads or classifieds submitter to drive the referrals as well. Regardless it always takes time and money to reach $500 or more pay days.

    1. Thanks for your comments Andy!

      I’m always amazed at how many people go for this stuff! It’s a low quality product in my opinion and pretty much a waste of time !

      There is one sure fire way to make money online and earn a passive income the honest and ethical way! 

      Best of success ! 


  23. Hi Mike, How sad is it that we have to watch our every move, just in case we get scammed. 

    Thank you so much for this in-depth review on Five Minute Profit Sites. How anyone can think they can make money with little to no work, is beyond me. It is so easy to get sucked into something like this when one is desperate.

    Thank you for the warning.

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence Jill! 

      I’ll keep trying to expose as many scams and low quality products and services as possible! It doesn’t take too much looking to find them ! That’s for sure! 

      Have a great day and thanks for the comment! 


  24. Hey Mike, 

    These kinds of offers are very common nowadays and claims like make your a website in 5 minutes or fewer and then you can make $500+ a day.

    Yes you can built a website in less than 5 minutes but to make $500 a day is not an easy job.  You mentioned you have to do some tasks which earns you $12 per task, is really a time consuming.  

    You rightly mention that the mark of a great deal is One that gives your value up front. I see you are promoting Wealthy Affiliate, can you say wealthy affiliate is the deal which gives you value up front?



    1. You’re all over it Jivita!

      Time consuming is the right description alright! And the issue is that you get very little value from the time you spend doing this stuff! 

      There are truly better ways to go to build a profitable website, like the example in this link!

      Have a great day and thanks for the comment Juvita!


  25. It can be really tricky for a online newbie like me trying to work out what is legit and what won’t give you value for money, so I appreciate when someone lifts the veil. I have tried online surveys before but the time involved is hardly worth the pay. Did you end up finding out what the tasks are that you have to do to make $12?

    1. Thanks for your comment Alix!

      I went back and forth between the offers and did quite a few of them before giving up on it. I made a little money, but it was only a little over $1 if I remember correctly.

      The problem is that every time a good paying offer to make money comes up, you suddenly aren’t qualified for it!  Well that isn’t the biggest problem, but you get my point! In my opinion it’s a total waste of time! If someone ony requires a couple of dollars per day, it might be their bag of tea! 

      Best of success! 

      Have a great and blessed day! 


  26. Hi Mike, thanks you for this Five-Minute Profit sites review. When it was that easy to make $500 a day, it would be the hype of the month, and all my neighbors would have stopped working and drive a Maserati. As you say, you need traffic, people who visit your website. And when you are in the fortunate position to have over a million followers on different Social Media platforms already, you might even succeed with this FMPS software. But when you are an online starter and want to make an online success, you’d better take up a good marketing course to learn the ins and outs first.

    Success helping people to decide what’s best to avoid and what could be best for them to join Mike.


    1. Thanks for your comment Loes! It’s nice to see you again and thanks for visiting my website! 

      You have said pretty much everything that can be said! Five Minute Profit Sites and so many others like it target beginners who want to make money online, and then give you some rubish training that is completely unusable and incorrect as far as results go.

      Best of success to you Loes! Nice to see you again! 


        1. Yes Loes! That Banner is the bomb! It should look pretty good with the new theme !
          I’m working with it on my other site. Really customizable and challenging!
          I hoe you have a great day!
          Best of success!

  27. You say in your article that you cannot call this a scam!

    You can’t but I will. Isn’t a scam something which promises the world and delivers very little and costs you a bomb?

    It is true that you may make some money from your activities but as you also say there is very little chance that you will cover your costs.

    These products are aimed at those who have no idea about the world they are getting into, they run out of money and in the end have to give up.

    It sounds to me that your number one recommendation is the way to get into the online world and develop an amazing business. A business which provides a living, is a long term venture and is genuine to the core.

    Thank you for exposing another scam, keep it going you may get to the end of all the scams one day. But I doubt it!

    1. Thank you Steve ! 

      I have a policy that I go by when doing a review of a product that I adhere to. That policy is based solely on the truth, honesty and my opinion. I use that policy to add value to what people want to do and help them avoid scams that will waste their time and money.

      Sometimes there are products that I don’t recommend, but I can’t call them scams and be honest. There may be parts of the product that are scammy and I will point that out, but if it offers value and a possibility I point that out as well because there are people who enjoy things like doing surveys that I personally consider a complete waste of time.

      I will always tell the truth , and that truth is that Five Minute Profit Sites is a waste of time, but will work to a point like surveys do! 

      Best of success !


  28. You got me really curious, what is this $12.3 million loophole they say they’re exploiting? That’s some loophole. This whole product wreaks of scam, so thank you for writing this up. I hate when sellers try to take advantage of people who don’t know enough about an industry and sell thing on nonsense. Bravo for exposing this product for what it is sir *claps*

    1. To be honest there is no 12.3 million dollar loop hole! There is simply a low quality product with massive claims that are highly unrealistic! 

      Thanks for your comment Marie! 

      Have a wonderful day, and the very best of success to you! 


  29. Sujandar Mahesan

    Five Minutes profit sites is a new topic for me. I had no clue about it until I read this article. 

    But this article clearly stated what it is and who was it created by. It looks great from my perspective after reading this article. I’m sure I’m going to give this a shot.

    I really appreciate you for sharing this with me.

    1. I always suggest that if there are any questions about a review that you try it for yourself.

      After all your opinion of what is acceptable to you may differ from what I consider a worth while pursuit.

      Best of success to you! 


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