What Is Video Sumo- A Scam Or Legit Way To Get Instant Traffic

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Since the recent release of Video Sumo, I’ve seen it promoted all over the internet and it’s a really hot product that is selling like hotcakes! But what is Video Sumo and what does it do and not do? Is Video Sumo a scam or a legit way to get instant traffic by ranking in Google and You Tube in just minutes?

This is a graphic that asks what is Video Sumo in this review

As we all know there are literally thousands of products and services online that are supposed to help with the efforts to make money online ! That is why I decided to do a review of Video Sumo so that we can investigate some unbelievable claims that are made, like getting ranked on page one of the Google search results in just minutes.

Let’s go inside Video Sumo now and get an honest, and look at what Video Sumo has to offer! Then we can make an informed decision about it. Are you ready? Let’s get started !

What Is Video Sumo Anyway?

Video Sumo is a keyword research software tool that is supposed to help you find the best keywords to rank your You Tube videos at the top of the search results in Google.

If you have a fear of making videos, there is also a tool included that will help you to create videos from snippets of websitesThis graphic is the what is Video Sumo a scam or legit review and other You Tube videos. You can even use websites and videos that you don’t own, so they say!


  • Name : Video Sumo

  • Creator: Mark Bishop

  • Skill Level: All Skill levels

  • Warrior Plus Marketplace

  • Price $17 plus 4 upsells totaling $158 – $178

  • Recommended? No


Who wouldn’t want to be able to rank videos in the top results of the Google search results? But is there actually more to it than the sales page and videos say there is?

Yes there are up sells! Up sells are usually the owner/ creator’s way of breaking up a product or service into bite size portions to make it seem like a more tolerable and easy to swallow purchase, because it’s much easier to sell you the front end offer for $17 than it is to try to collect almost $200 for the complete package!

But in my honest opinion, I think these types of products would sell even better if it was sold as a group unit and not as a nickle and dime approach to marketing, but that’s just me!


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Learn more about the what is Video Sumo alternative

What is inside the wrapper? My first Impressions!

The easy explanation is that the software system in Video Sumo is a Keyword research tool. It is supposed to help you find keyword phrases that will offer low competition and high traffic so that you can rank high in the Google search results withVideo Sumo Keyword reaserch tool graphic your YouTube videos.

Video Sumo uses what they refer to as the stop light color system to identify optimum keywords. For instance, red means that there is too much competition, yellow means that there is moderate competition for that keyword. The green scores mean that the keyword phrase is the best.

That is all fine and well, and I’m sure that it is beneficial. But the way they claim that you will rank at the top of the results in just a few minutes is a bit of an exaggeration! Quite a bit in fact!

You may ask me if it is possible to rank in the top of the search results very quickly, and my answer is absolutely yes ! But there are many factors that play into that ranking and not only a keyword research tool. I have seen people rank a keyword phrase in the top 3 or 4 results very quickly on multiple occasions! But if you are ranking a phrase that no one will actually be looking for, it defeats the purpose.

I believe that Video Sumo likely offers some level of value, but to be sure I would have to use it for a while to determine the results, and that isn’t part of the plan here. I’m here to give an honest review of the product, not the long term effects, and that is what I will do.

Video Sumo declares that ranking on page 1 in Google only takes 4 clicks. And while that may be true, it will rarelyThis image is a graphic from Video Sumo that claims to be able to rank any video with 4 clicks happen that easily and that quickly!

You see, I have a keyword research tool that I use and it has the color coded and score based results too. In fact if I didn’t know better, I would say that Video Sumo had gotten a lot of their ideas fromJaaxy!

Jaaxy does what Video Sumo claims and much more! Domain searches, YouTube and niches and more are also included with Jaaxy so I have no real interest in keeping a one trick pony like Video Sumo to test it for an extended period. Video Sumo may do well at what it is used for, but I still think Jaaxy is much better for my needs.

What if you don’t have videos or want to make them?

If you don’t have videos, and if you don’t want to make videos, Video Sumo comes with a video maker that you can use to re-purpose old videos, or make new ones from websites and other people’s videos.

The second part of Video Sumo is Video Wizard. A video creation software with some basic editing features

I’m not super excited about stealing other people’s content, and I’m not totally sure that it is ethically right to do that, butThis is a graphic for Video Wizard which is part two of Video Sumo Video Sumo claims that it is perfectly legal.

After checking and acquiring some information on the subject, I have found that you can legally take a percentage of someone else’s videos and content to make your own videos, but there are an abundance of ways and software online to do this, and most are free!

I will admit that Video Wizard works pretty good for what it is intended for, and in my opinion is the best value in the video Sumo product, if you want to make re purposed videos and videos from other people’s content. This software alone may really be worth the $17 price tag by its self ! There are other options out there but this product does work as a standalone or with Video Sumo keyword research tool.


Who is Video Sumo For?

Video Sumo can be used by anyone, regardless of experience or technical skills. It is a very basic software with basic editing tools, but it actually does work.

As I said above the Video Wizard might be the best part of the Video Sumo product if you are not inclined to make your own videos. But there are drawbacks to using sampled content for your marketing efforts. Those drawbacks are that other YouTubers and content creators really hate when people “sample ” their content, and to be honest I can’t blame them.

The best course to take is to make your own videos!

It seems like a daunting task at first, but after you make your first few videos you will start getting better at it whether you think so or not.

People connect with others who are themselves and say what they have to say in their own words and without filters far better than they will if you are stealing content elsewhere! And by being yourself it is often a strong likelihood that you can build a following or tribe from people that are not so different from yourself, simply because they can relate to what you are doing.

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what is Video Sumo because its not my number one raked system


My Concerns with Video Sumo

As is usually the case the first red flag is the vast amounts of money that is claimed to be made with Viudeo Sumo, and the ease and short time span they claim it takes to make that kind of money online!

There are systems, integration and software to help make the job easier and quicker, but it takes the investment of someThis graphic represents rediculous amounts of money that is claimed to be made in just minutes with Video Sumo time and effort to make money online the right way and sustain it as passive income. Instant success doesn’t exist, and if you think you will build a business that makes over a thousand dollars a day within a few minutes you are fooling yourself !

Another thing that runs the red flag up for me is the up sells that are in addition to the main offer. These upsells aren’t like some I have seen where you can easily spend thousands of dollars on the up sells, just to make the main offer actually function the way it is supposed to!

Seldom does the main offer that you pay $12 or $17 for offer enough information or value gto be useful without the up sells, This image represents more claims of big earnings with Video Sumo for little work doneand Video Sumo seems like one of those products!

I have done several reviews of products in the video making and video traffic world and all have either been scams or very low value! Video Sumo is not a scam, but it is the first item in a sales funnel to functionality that doesn’t offer a ton of value. It is useful and can be used to find keywords to an extent, but I am not sure how good the keyword reaserch tool is.

Some honest reviews I have done for making money online and video production and traffic for your reference.

The verdict is in!

Like I said before Video Sumo is not a scam, but I feel that there are better ways to spend your time that are more productive.

If you want to try Video Sumo out, it’s only $17 and you can easily get a refund from Warior Plus if you decide it isn’t for you. You will likely need to buy the up sells in order to get the full value from the product, but if you are happy with the main offer you may decide that a one time purchase totalling $157 isn’t that bad.

I have decided not to keep Video Sumo because I already use Jaaxy keyword tool and even though I don’t focus on video as my main platform I make my own videos when I have a project that requires it so Video Sumo is not as helpful for me. But I will not be asking for a refund for the product I purchased!

I only request a refund if the product is of no value or a scam. The fact that Video Sumo does have some value and usefulness dictates that I don’t refund out. It wouldn’t be right or honest to just buy a product for a review and return it when it’s no longer useful to me.

My preferred method to make money online

My preferred method to make money online is with affiliate marketing. I can generate a passive income with the use of videos, but I prefer generating traffic with my niche websites. The traffic I generate is free and it is some most targeted This image shows a smart phone with a marketing strategy on the screentraffic you can promote products and services to.

YouTube traffic is a great platform for generating free traffic as well, but doing so is not an overnight success, or success in just a few minutes the way it is portrayed in Video Sumo! Both Video and Website traffic take some time and effort to get going.

I like niche website traffic for affiliate marketing because I can generate free traffic just by adding content to my website and following simple principles to get that content to rank in Google and the other search engines. Pretty much the exact same thing can be said for ranking videos in You Tube as well!

I got my training from my mentors at Wealthy Affiliate for Free when I started. And there is no list of up sells to buy.

You can get a free membership and training from the exact same place I did, and start making your own content and traffic. And unlike some products that are out there my mentors teach strongly against copying someone else’s content as they teach you step by step the right way to make money online with a scaleable online business !

So stop messing with scams and low quality schemes to make money online! It’s easier than you think with the right training and mentors. Especially when it’s FREE!

Learn how to create your own online business and not Video Sumo



We have discussed the good and bad in the Video Sumo software product for generating traffic with videos through keyword research. We found that although it is not a scam and offers some value, there are better ways to get traffic and make money online !

I want to seriously thank you for taking the time and reading my honest review of Video Sumo!

If you have comments, questions or suggestions I would love to hear them. If you would leave your feedback in the comment section below, I would appreciate it. Your feedback helps me to better serve my readers !

Have a great day, and nothing but the very best of success to you!






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