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What Is The Golden Rule of an Online Business?- Helping

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When I started my online business, I had the recurring question in my head of what is the golden rule of online business. I wanted to stack the odds in my favor as much as possible, and ensure the best chance of making money online with as few setbacks as possible!

Treat people the way you want to be treated, and they will remember

But the question of what is the golden rule, and approaching my new online business with the supreme goal of stacking up cash was a recipe for failure from the beginning, because they are contradictory to one another!

Offering your audience a hand

The Golden Rule in all aspects of life

It’s not a religious discussion or debate whether the Golden rule is a great bedrock to live by! In fact living as closely to that standard as possible can be respected whether you are a Christian, Buddhist, atheist or anything in between ! It is based on the teachings of Jesus in the bible where he gave this commandment to his apostles to “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.


There isn’t a human being alive that can argue that the practice of the golden rule would not change the world we live in! Treating someone the way you would like them to treat you is in fact a wonderful thing! I mean who would want someone to steal from them, kill them, or generally be rude or unhelpful? If you practice the golden rule, you the golden rule of online businessdon’t want to do these things or many ugly, hateful things to other people either!

It’s a message that the entire world could benefit from, not just online business owners and bloggers!

The 10 Golden Rules of starting an online business!

1. Create Quality Content

Creating Quality content that your audience finds interesting and helpful is the leader of the pack in many ways! Not only is SEO judged mainly on content, but your intentions are as well! If you create Quality content, they will come ! And they will be pleased when they get there !

2. Keys to Keyword Research

Times and trends change almost all the time, and the world wide web is the catalyst for much of this change now!

Keep your keyword research fresh and relevant. Keep your eye on changes in the trends within your niche and make your keyword and content focus a mainstay within every article / post on your website!

3. Offer your audience only reletive products as an affiliate marketer

It never fails! I see people who are offering their audience products within reviews or trying to include them organically into their content within a niche that has nothing to do with the product!

I once saw a ATV website that was going very heavy on solar panels and all assocated solar gear! I assume that the reason for this is that the solar niche has items that are reletive that are pretty high ticket items! This person was trying to capitalize on this within an A.T.V. website.

Keep your site niche friendly! Nothing screams used car salesman like trying to push products on people that aren’t what they are looking for!

4. Keep an eye on the competition

I like to watch the competition to see what kind of value they are offering. I want to Watch the competitionmake sure that my content is at the very minimum on par with what they are doing. And ideally I want my content to be better!

It’s as much about pride in what I present to my audience as it is the sales end . I want to make sure that they recieve more value at No Web Experience than they do anywhere! After all these people are a part of my tribe and I want to treat them that way!

5. Follow the simple tasks of SEO religiously!

You can spend a lot of time in S.E.O. on a website! But I like to concentrate on making sure the simple standards are adhered to and spend the bulk of my time on content!Golden Rule of community

I like to make sure that I keep an eye on the following and make sure my content is optimized. Then I worry about presenting great content!

  • Content and structure
  • Reletive Keywords
  • Compressed images
  • Proper Alt Text optimization
  • Make sure I incorporate my keyword into the title organically
  • Make sure to optimize the title tag and meta description
  • After every post I will ping my website to let the servers know content has been updated.
  • I will also install a new site map after every 2-3 new posts.

These items and the exact strategy I use are fully explained in my article on the essence of How To Get Higher Google Rankings For Seo.

7. Specialize so you can stand out

Specialize within your niche ! Don’t jump around and widen your niche at every turn to try to gain a bigger following. Stay true to your audience and your niche. If you become great at what you do, the following will come !

7. Have a strong social presence, but be careful!

A strong social presence is a really big deal these days! Many online marketers , bloggers and ecommerce site owners spend a lot of time and focus on growing their social presence on the various social media platforms !  That is a great way to not only grow your following on social media but to also promote your website, YouTube channel of whatever platforms you are using!

But be very careful as a blogger when it comes to social media ! It is very easy to start Social medai engagementthe Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter Google plus tour of freshening up your engagement and be there for hours !

Hours locked into social media is not my perfect plan for success ! And as helpful as YouTube is for online business, I stay off unless I am working on my YouTube content! You can go there looking for one thing and 3 hours later you are watching videos on how to speak giraffe !

I like to engage with my audience and the people who care about what is going on, and give a little value and/ or comments and leave. My time is better spent working on content.

8. Engagement with the tribe !

As I said in #7 I will go to social media primarily to engage my tribe/ audience. But as a rule I will do 2 social media platforms per day and only 30 minutes each!

Then the next day I do the other 2. I have it set up that way so that I have ample site time to answer and thank my audience for their comments on my website, and keep my main thing my main thing!

My audience is what is important to me and that is where I put the largest bulk of my attention!

9. E mail list building

Yes the old saying is absolutely true! The money is in the list!

But My list represents much more than that to me. I have 2 days a week (Monday and Wednesday) that I spend about an hour working on what I will give my audience that week. I send out an Email broadcast every Thursday at 6:30 am and make a concerted effort to make sure that I am offering value to my subscribers!

Your Email list is important to you! If you make it as important to your audience you will not nbe disapointed!

I will ask them to look at an offer for a product or service about once per month! It’s like Gary Vee says. “Give, Give, Give, Ask”.

10. YouTube

You Tube is another way I stay in tuch with my audience ! It is also a fantastic way to monetize your efforts! But by providing solid content and something that is of value, you can keep them coming back !

YouTube is one platform that I will be expanding in the latter half of 2018 and into 2019!



So why would you want to not practice the golden rule in business? Business requires that you build a relationship of trust and value with your clients and customers.

Online business is even more so dependent on the idea of the Golden rule ! Building a relationship and trust with someone who is standing across a counter at your hardware store is much easier than building that relationship with someone who is not only standing on the other side of the counter, but may likely be in another country, and you’ll never meet that person in real life.

So building that relationship is more challenging and less forgiving when mistakes are made.

Engaging your customers with honesty

I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but if your primary goal in online business and marketing is stacking up dollars, you are not building on a foundation for success, you are digging a hole to bury your business, because it’s dead before it has lived. The truest course is the most obvious one if you want to be successful!

Honesty and value for your customer is the mantra of the most successful in online business! Creating helpful content for your audience is the goal. Helping a person with a problem they are having or the pain they are experiencing is the way to start achieving that goal.

If you offer your audience that personal and helpful content, they will become fans. Honesty is a large part of successAnd doing so in the most honest way possible is paramount!

If you provide your audience with reviews of products or how to content within a niche, they will either lean on your opinion in the future, or steer away based on the honesty of content they have come to expect from you.

If you do tons of reviews and attach affiliate links with the sole purpose of selling that product, your audience will start to figure that out and your trust will become suspect. That trust is hard to get back once you lose it, if you have a chance to recover at all!

But if you give your audience good, and relevant content that they can use, you will providing a service and that reader may decide to come back for more great content!

Above and beyond!

The content that you’re supplying to your audience is the glue that holds your presence together. If you engage your audience with the golden rule in mind, you will never have an issue with supplying your audience with valuable and relative content .

But if your only goal is to sell and upsell, they will figutre that one out pretty fast too!

Email Marketing isn’t a one way street!

The same can be  said of Email marketing. If your audience recieves Emails from you on a regular basis and all they ever get is your next sell of affiliate product, you will start seeing them use the unsubscribe button more regularly.

Instead send them valuable information in the form of Ebooks, white pages, how tos, lists etc that will make their lives a little better and help them in the niche that they are in!

I’ve read many ideas and flow charts on building an e-mail list and then monetizing it. It usually starts with offering a freebie to get an opt in for your list. After that person opts in you then send them a series of e-mails over a period of time to cement them as a customer and by interacting with them, remind them that you are there for them.

That is great in a sense. But not in another! If you are communicating just to be communicating and the end game is selling, the content you are offering will not be very good and your audience will get the hint that you are there just to sofyten them up for a sell!

Give your audience the type of content you would want!

If you start with something like an Ebook,That is great and there is nothing wrong with that! In fact that is a great way to get started and introduce yourself and let the new subscriber know you are there to help. But that is where many people get side tracked from the golden rule aspects of business !

From that point on the content should never get worse , it should get better or be at least of the same quality that you have been sending!

They will start sending e-mails with affiliate offers and offers to things that you have created like e books, home study courses etc that start that cash stacking methodology!

Instead, think about that golden rule and go above and beyond. Give that person more than they expect! Most of us have been conditioned to have low expectations of the value we receive online. You can usually get some helpful content, but very soon someone wants you to pull your wallet out.

Instead, go above and beyond and change their mind and any preconceived ideas they have about you early on, and continue to do so throughout your business career! Offer that free e book.

Then send them a 3-4 video workshop course you created in one of those e-mails for free. Send them an e-mail and ask them what the biggest problem they are having is, and then help them solve the problem.

If you are in a fishing niche, make a simple 1 or 2 minute video and address that person by name in it and show them how to tie that Palomar knot they have been having trouble with. Then you can upload that video to YouTube so it can help others.

By now, you have given them free help 3 or 4 times. Then you can think about doing business with them, as long as it has value and something that addresses a problem or concern they have within your niche.

An example of a content creator

I found a guy named Robbie. Robbie has a couple of niche websites that he is getting between 30,000 and 45,000 visitors per month on average between the two. He has one review on the site where he promotes his $19 e book that he has listed on Clickbank. (There are others promoting it as well) That e book has a gravity well over 20 and he has done fairly well with it. The e book generates around $3,000 per month.

He also has 2 reviews of Amazon offers in his niche that are $49 and $33. And that is the only affiliate offers on his 2 sites! That is 1.5 offers per site. And between the 2 sites he has 191 blog posts! He also has a YouTube channel where the only links he shares are links to his website reviews of those 3 products.

Where he is killing it, is the payoff from his fans in his audience! He has a link to donate to Patreon if you are receiving helpful content from his web sites and You Tube channel. He averages over $2,000 per month from the donations he receives to his patreon account from his fans ! Talk about loyalty !

But that loyalty was earned by producing much more than his audience expects!

Get the Golden Rule attitude!

We have discussed the basic elements of the golden rule and how they apply to everyday aspects of your life and just as much so in business.

The goals in business are obviously to have a business. The business that doesn’t create revenue isn’t much of a business ta all, and will likely not survive the long haul or the short haul either for that fact. But by earning the business and having an audience thatGet the right attitude is craving more of the great content you create for them, you are banking not just an audience but fans !

I’m sure that anyone who has gotten into online business has heard the mantra of passive income! “Working your butt off on the front end, so you can enjoy the benefits on the back end”. The bigger that front end effort is will directly reflect the back end of generating income!

I love the new book by Gary Vaynerchuk named Crushing it! Gary is on the who’s who list along with people like Pat Flynn at Smart Passive Income who really get it, and teach it. They also practice what they preach ! These 2 men give away more content than any 4 will ever even create, and it’s not just fluff content. They give away the good stuff too! And they are very successful in online business because of it!


You can see more of this value by using the same free website building and online business training platform that I used when I started and still use today! 

I aspire to be more like Gary, Pat and Robbie! I want a long haul business with admiring fans that know they can trust me, because I have earned that trust! What do you want?

Thanks a lot for reading this post! I will be offering much more useful content and much of it in the coming days! So check back. If I have offered any help or inspiration, or if you have questions or something you need help with, please let me know in the comments!

Have a great day!




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8 thoughts on “What Is The Golden Rule of an Online Business?- Helping”

  1. Amen! Integrity in business has been downplayed and it’s hard to find honesty in the business world anymore. I’m always amazed and surprised when I find it anymore and that’s just SAD!

    Thank you for bringing value to your online business. I look forward to seeing your develop your business.

  2. Hi Mike,
    very informative and well-done post! A lot of useful content on your site.
    If you provide honest, valuable, informative and engaging content, the audience will appreciate it. There is alot of valuable and non-valuable content on the internet already. Offering some additional value and helping people to find what they need will be beneficial for the author.
    I like the example of the content creator! Nice work!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Mike!

    I really like your article.
    I share your opinion that building trust and bring true value to your audience is most important when building a website / online business.

    This is also what makes the difference between valuable websites and scams, which are often out there in the internet, unfortunately.

    Helping others and giving them valuable information will always have a very positive outcome in one or the other way.


    1. Thanks for your kind words ! 

      I look forward to every day to learn something new, and pass it to others ! 


  4. Hi, Mike. Great post on how to succeed in the business world. Like you said, it’s all about trust. I’ve been one who has fallen into the trap about asking myself what can I write to get a visitor to buy that asking myself what can I do to help my visitors solve their problems. Your post confirmed to me that it’s best to help customers solve problems than to always try to get them to reach for their wallets. Thanks.

  5. Hi Mike! Cant help but waow!! at this post. Not only is it very interesting, it carries the truth to the core, sometimes we get so caught up in our bids to make money and more money we forget what truly matters which is helping people!. Reading this post now, will definitely help me to always remember why i do what i do wnd to always put helping people first. I do like someone to trust me as much as i want to trust them too. Once again, great post.

  6. Hey Mike

    Thank you for the inspirational article. It really made me think about all of the websites online and how many of them think about their readers. As I am fairly new to the online world – I don’t quite understand list building, to be more precise, I always thought that blogger just e-mails his latest post to subscribers but after reading your article it actually seems to me that a completely different information is sent to your subscribers that can’t be found on your website. Is it true or have I misunderstood something? Does the content of your emails to subscribers differ from the content of your website?

    1. It really depends on the situation Arta.

      Most of the time I send a link to my latest blog post once a week, but only the ones with the most helpful content.

      Sometimes I will E mail them a cheat sheet I’ve come up with on how to do something like setting up an autor resonder like Aweber, which is the one I use.

      The key is to give, give , give, then ask if they are interested in something that you are promoting.

      By doing it this way, I seldom ever get an unsubscriber.



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