What Is Swagbucks About, and is it worth my time?

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Of all the different ways to make money online and all the surveys floating around you might be asking What is Swagbucks about, and is it worth my time? Well we will be finding out in this honest review of what is likely the biggest survey system online !

What is Swagbucks about? Image of the swagbucks logo

Of all the reviews I have done Swagbucks has to be near the top of the number of requests I have received !

I have done several reviews of online survey systems and other than small differences they have been pretty closely related. And since reviewing a survey site is so time-consuming I ha almost decided that I wouldn’t be doing anymore.But then I ran across a man and his wife that were adamant that Swagbucks is for real and you can make pretty good money!

So I decided to go forward and answer the requests I have received , and do an honest review of Swagbucks! So without further ado, What is Swagbucks about? Let's get into it!

  • Name :Swagbucks

  • Website: Swagbucks.com

  • Price : Free

  • Suggested? No!

Swagbucks is a website that really has it together! The site is super interactive. And did you know that Swagbucks is actuallyimage states that when you join swagbucks you can earn free gift cards their own search engine that is hosted on Yahoo? That in its self is fairly impressive !


Swagbucks is a website that is known for doing paid surveys. But there are actually other ways to make money on the site by doing the following 6 types of tasks.

  1. Answering surveys and influencing brands

  2. Playing games

  3. Watching Videos

  4. Shopping

  5. Web searches

  6. Discovering deals

*See the explanations of each item below.

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1- Surveys

I’m sure you have probably heard about taking surveys. That is likely what brought you here to start with, right? Well taking surveys is a little dull and time-consuming to say the least! But you can make money taking surveys! How much is another story entirely! price list for surveys what is Swagbucks about

Different surveys earn different amounts of Swagbucks or SB as it’s referred to. As a newbie this is my only available scale for surveys. So to be specific, you can earn 5SB for a 3-minute survey and 80SB for a 20-minute survey.

These rates likely increase by very small amounts at a time. For the purposes of this review and to maintain honesty, I do not know if the rates actually do increase or not. I am reviewing Swagbucks as a newbie would be doing it and reporting thatThis image contains the earnings scale of Swagbucks way. Plus it would take far to long and too much investment of time to see the different levels of SB increase,if any at all.

I have done several reviews of Survey sites and the others were set up similarly and paid about the same. You can see my review of Survey Junkie for further details.

The other sites I have reviewed have all been considered a waste of time because of the low earning potential. But in this case Swagbucks offers 6 different ways to make money. I will review those as well before I decide.


2- Playing Games

Playing games is the next way that you can make money with Swagbucks.pricelist for playing games with Swagbucks

With the online gaming craze on the internet, and the huge number of people playing games online I have a feeling that this one might be a better option to make money with than the surveys part.

The games are set up differently than the surveys ! It is actually much worse if that were possible!

When you play a game like Bingo Bash, you will earn 2 SB for every dollar you spend on game tokens ! To me that is not a very intelligent deal ! I spend one dollar and they give you the equivalent of two cents !

I believe that it is safe to say that you don’t need a calculator to see that the games section of Swagbucks is absolutely a waste of time and money unless you just want to play these games and get 2% of your money back !


3- Watching videos

So far we are zero for 2 on the legit money making opportunities with Swagbucks! Let’s see if our chances to make money online improve with the Video section of Swagbucks. Pricelist for watching videos with What is Swagbucks about

It shouldn’t be too involved to sit and watch videos for money should it? After all I enjoy watching YouTube Videos and this shouldn’t be that much different, except I get paid for watching videos !

But once again I have been completely fooled on the video section!

You can make money, but when you figure it on a per hour basis it is a very paltry amount of money !

For instance, if you watch the Tech Stocks videos on the right there are 12 videos that you can watch and earn 1 SB each.

The average length of these videos is 13 minutes each. So you will have to watch for 156 minutes (2.5 hours) to earn 12 SB, or in the world of common sense, 12 cents for 2.5 hours!

I will go ahead and cut to the chase and say that the video portion of Swagbucks is a complete fail ! There is no way I am going to keep watching these boring videos for 4.8 cents per hour ! They can have it! I watched 6 videos total, and that is enough!

I wouldn’t have watched the videos I did if it were not for the effort to remain honest in this review!

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4- Shopping

The shopping section of Swagbucks is pretty easy and straight forward, and also the first place I have seen that makes any positive use of your time and effort ! At least with the shopping section in Swagbucks you aren’t wasting any time in trying to generate money. Instead, when you use the shopping aspect you save money when you shop at certain places .

Some of those are :

  • Home Depotwhat is Swagbucks shopping price list

  • Amazon

  • Wal-Mart

  • Target

  • Expedia

  • Hotels.com and more .

You earn so many SB (Swagbucks for every dollar spent)

For example. The Hotels.com add is for 9%. That means that for every dollar you spend you will get a discount of Nine cents cash back, because you will earn 9 SB on Swagbucks.

Notice that the ones for Wal-Mart and Target are 1%. While that is pretty much not worth the effort to mess with, it is far better than anything I have seen on Swagbucks so far because at least you don’t have to waste your time for the pennies earned ! You get some savings on purchases made.


5- Web Searches

This step is very much similar to PPC (Pay Per Click) traffic generation. If I had to guess, I would say that people pay Swagbucks or others affiliated with them to drive traffic and this is the manual way they do it. Once again you aren’t going to pricing for driving traffic with Swagbucksget rich or even make any considerable money doing it, but that has been the recurring theme so far for Swagbucks !

Once you go to the “NCRAVE” thumbnail it will give you the instructions on disabling the Chrome popups so that you can search online content.

Again this won’t make much money, but at least this doesn’t require the same level of drama and work that we have all become accustomed to with these survey sites!



6- Discover special offers/ deals

If there is one step in the 6 step plan of making money online that I think has any chance of working, it will be this one! But looking for other deals to make money on what is Swagbuckseven though it is better it still leaves a lot of room to improve !

This section is very self-explanatory and most likely the only aspect of Swagbucks I can see any real value!

You get discounts and save money as you explore special offers. And the companies are wide-ranging and numerous.

This type of activity is one that will take some time to get going with and become effective at finding and using the best offers that can save you money in your day to day life, and also benefit from them by earning Swagbucks.

Personally I don’t see a big enough benefit with the Discover special offers section of Swagbucks to make it with the time. There is a lot of time required to make any of these items work in your favor, and even when you do the earning potential is very low ! It’s most likely that you will never be able to complete with the minimum wage, if you are trying to get ahead.


My final opinion of Swagbucks

My final opinion of Swagbucks is that it is very much unlike the other survey sites! The other survey sites offer a single way to make money online with surveys, that pays very little !

If you are looking for a way to make money to replace a job, or think that you will ever be able to generate a passive incomeSwagbucks is not a scam, but it's a waste of time where you are making money even while you are not working on it, you won’t! Not even close!

Swagbucks is similar in many ways to a review I did on Survey Voices. The similarities are in the multiple options to waste time instead of just one stream of wasting time!

I personally do like surveys of any sort, but at least this survey gives you multiple ways of wasting time ! And I’m not super happy with the idea of being paid what blittle I made while doing this review in gift cards !

I strongly suggest that the time you spend doing surveys be spent doing something constructive, that will provide a future income without having to work on it every second of the day for pennies ! By building a business online you can generate passive income. You do the work first and enjoy the earnings without your input for a long time to come, even while you sleep!


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The Survey Sites I have seen are wastes of time in my opinion!

When I actually think about it, I can understand why people fall prey to get-rich-quick scams by fake gurus who offer ridiculous amounts of income if you just buy their program, or book!

There are many people out there who are trying to make a living, people who are sick of the 9 to 5 rat race, people who areImage of a piggy bank and tight budget trying to break the grip of poverty and struggling, as well as people who may be physically challenged and can’t make a living. So they reach out for something they can grab hold to that promises them that they will no longer have to struggle and worry about their financial situation!

Believe me I can relate to that ! I know what it’s like to worry about money! Not the kind of money that means you can live in freedom with passive income, but the kind of money that means you can keep your electric bill paid and food in your children’s stomach!

I grew up in a family that was deep in poverty and I watched my mother and grandparents worry all the time! Then when my sister and I started our families, we inherited the wonderful ability to stay awake at night and worry, just like we had been taught to!

But there is another way! And it has nothing to do with wasting your time on something like surveys !

Only YOU can fix the problem and break the chain of poverty and worry, no one can do it for you.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel!


The very best way you can get started towards a future of freedom with passive income is knocking at your door! image of a guy walking towards the light at the end of the tunnel

Wealthy Affiliate is the training and mentorship program I used to start my online business ! And I’m still there today, learning new things all the time and helping people just like you and me get started towards a brighter future!

I can’t promise that you will make a truckload of money and become a millionaire. You very well could! But you can also make a great second income, or a full time income to allow you to quit trading time for money! Doesn’t that sound awesome? The results you get are dependent on how much time and effort you want to put in, and above all don’t quit!

My favorite way to generate passive income is through Affiliate Marketing! Promoting other people’s products on your website with free traffic, and using paid traffic, you can generate passive income on auto pilot, even while you sleep ! That is what I am teling you about!

For more information about affiliate marketing there are sources, but no training source like what you will find at Wealthy Affiliate!

You can break free from financial hardships and the con men and scams that make empty promises! And you can start by simply doing one thing. Learn more about getting YOUR FREE MEMEBERSHIP, and if you want it you will learn the best way to change your life !



We have gone over yet another survey system that promotes their service as a way to make real money, but it isn’t! Swagbucks is not a scam, but the amounts of money you make will make a job at McDonalds look like you won the lottery!

I have also told you how you can LEARN MORE ABOUT WEALTHY AFFILIATE and the real, goal oriented way to start making money online with passive income.

If you would leave a comment, question, or suggestion you will be providing the feedback I used to better serve my audience, and it would be appreciated !

No matter your Choice, I just want to wish you the very best of success!

Have a great day!



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  1. Thanks for this great review about swagbucks. I have been a member for a while, and I think it’s one of the best if not the best survey site online.

    Again though like you said you won’t get rich or even earn a good income online through them — but you can have some nice extra spending money just from dojng fun things like watching videos and playing games.

    1. To each his own my friend ! I personally would rather spend the time 

      doing something that makes a difference. But That’s cool. 


  2. Hi Mike
    You definitely wrote this post read feeling of revolt concerning what’s going on in the world when it comes to make a living day by day.
    i can feel your energy. For sure if you could you would change the world condition and i am 100% agree with you. i would love it to be equal where people do what they love and contribute to the society.

    But you know what if you take time a little to study people you will find about 95% of people in the world don’t know what they love for that reason the y keep changing mind every 5 minutes in a day not to say every second.
    Don’t you realize that there are more self millionaires in the world than professional ones?

    How could someone really say he/she love something if he/she doesn’t stick to it?

    1. Thank you for your comment Junior!

      I wrote this post from a place of not wanting people to waste time on something they think will make substantial money, when they can spend that time doing something real for the future!

      Have a great day! 


  3. Thank you for this honest review, Mike, I really tried every survey out there but they ended up being scams, as a newbie, I used to think that there are no limits on how much I can earn with a survey but now I understand that they are only for extra cash.
    I will absolutely join Swagbucks because it looks very legit and convincing.
    Have a nice day 🙂

    1. Swagbucks is legit, but like the other survey sites you will be spending tons of time for pennies !

      If that is a good fit for you, ok, But most people don’t want to waste their time on surveys.


  4. I think you perfectly sum up what Swagbucks and all other survey sites are: a giant waste of time! Joining these sites seemed like a good idea to me when I was a naive teenager. I also grew up in poverty and inherited my parents’ worries about money, so I was just desperate for any way to improve my situation. Thankfully, I have finally started building a legitimate online business, and it feels great. The difference isn’t just about money. It’s a shift in mindset from scrounging for pennies to realizing that we as individuals have real value to offer and that our future is worth investing in.

  5. Thanks thats really interesting… I guess in the video section they are charging people to have their videos watched, to boost their ratings on YouTube or something, and at the same time paying a tiny amount to people to play these videos in the background whilst they work on something else. I think the discover special offers section is just a way to make people shop and spend more. I don’t like businesses that ask for work to be done and don’t pay properly! I agree with you entirely that Wealthy Affiliate is a better deal, and you can work in a niche that you love!

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