What Is Survey Voices- A Scam or Actually Be paid $300 For Surveys?

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Is Survey Voices the real deal, or should we be on scam alert?

Online surveys aren’t exactly something new. In fact, I have tried and reviewed several myself. But What is Survey Voices? Is it a legitimate way to make $300, or simply another empty promise for a bunch of wasted time like some other online survey sites out there?

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I signed up for Survey voices and took it for a spin, and learned more than enough to give you a tour of what is offered and the potential to make money doing online surveys. So read on for my honest review! Let's get into it sign

What Is Survey Voices?

Just as it sounds Survey voices is an online survey portal where you sign up for online surveys and then do a qualification survey to determine which types of surveys are the best fit for you! What is Survey Voices- $300 Survey challenge




I signed up twice and gave different answers on each qualifying survey to see if the list of surveys that fit your qualifications actaully change, and they do change.




So that is a good indicator that the demographics are checked based on the qualifying survey!

  • Name:Survey Voices
  • Website: surveyvoices.com
  • Owner: Reward Zone L.L.C.
  • Price : FREE
  • Suggested/endorsed by NOWEBEXPERIENCE.COM? NO!

Survey Voices Is another survey site that offers a service to big business and major corporations by taking surveys and assisting their marketing departments make the best decisions concerning such metrics as demographics and other aspects of marketing.

I will be up front and tell you that I have done reviews on other survey sites and absolutely hate them! I can find better ways to kill my brain while making $! per hour ! But Survey Voices is a bit different, so when I got a request to check it out I agreed.

Survey Voices is a very nice and super easy to navigate website that makes quick progress very easy! And the questions asked are truly the type of questions that would be needed to set up a demographic for you, and best get you to the surveys that best fit your needs.

I completed the basic qualification survey within about ten minutes and had many offers pop up along the way for products and services such as life insurance, car insurance and others. I even had some applications pop up to be an UBER driver of all things!



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My first impressions of Survey Voices:


My first impression of Survey Voices was somewhat different from the other survey sites that I have done reviews on in theSurvey question in what is survey voices past, because it is not a survey site in the classic sense of the word. It is a portal that matches you up to the best survey sites based on those answers you give in your qualification survey.

There were some sites that I have registered for, used and reviewed before like Survey Junkie and Swag Bucks among others. More on that later .

Once you clear the initial qualification survey you are then sent a popup that asks if you want to earn $300 doing a survey. And all goes well while you navigate through being asked and promoted to several offers such as changing life insurance to a certain company, more information requests for your favorite car model and on and on.

For my purposes, submitting my E mail, physical address and phone number isn’t very enticing because many screen shot of e mail notifications from What is Survey Voicesoffers like this will drive you completely nuts with phone calls, Emails, and text messages! This was no different!

It seems like I have gotten an E Mial notification every 5 minutes from multiple Online survey sites ! It is really overbearing!

I am slowly going through my E mails and unsubscribing to these Email lists but it seems like I get two new survey sites for every one I unsubscribe to!

After I had unsubscribed to Email lists for four of these sites, I started getting multiple text messages from them ! I am still working on getting that one resolved!

What do you do to make money through Survey Voices?

You guessed it! You do surveys. And I mean survey after survey!

After getting about 2 hours in I hadn’t yet gotten to any of the “premium surveys”, so I took a break to avoid losing my mind! And when I came back I had 33 E mail notifications! And most of the notifications weren’t even from the original survey sites I signed up for !

I returned to the surveys and had a notification that said that I had my $300 survey reserved for me, but I first had to what is Survey Voices- never ending get rich quick schemesComplete at least one deal on the multiple pages of offers that range from E bates and Credit Scores to Life insurance, and like a dummy I did it for the review!

Everytime I got close to the $300 review, I would have to sign up for yet another get-rich-quick scheme, or some vague offer like EBates that I wasn’t interested in to start with, and I’m still not interested in !

I may never get off all these E mail lists !

I wasn’t able to get online the next day due to other obligations, and a day later I logged in and had an inbox bomb that was totally crazy ! It said I had 999+ Emails and I think the grand totalOver 1000 e mails What is Survey Voices ended up being 1026 !

I assume that Survey voices is more than just a portal to several survey sites, but is also a portal to every offer on the internet that pays them for your information !

I don’t know that to be a fact, but I know that I have never gotten over 1000 Emails from make money online, survey, and other internet offers in 48 hours before!

And I am still in search of the $300 survey, so I continued after deleting about 200 E mails !

Once I got started again I finally got to a decent survey! It wasn’t the $300 survey, but it was $50 and that was a vast improvement over what I had been getting ! So I got started on this 30 minute survey.

I was answering questions and giving opinions for a good while when I got the infamous prompt ! It was the same prompt I have gotten a few times before and most recently on the Survey Junkie review!

After I had completed at least 20 minutes of the review I got the “Sorry to inform you that you are not qualified for this review prompt” ! I was livid ! I wasn’t really doing this survey stuff as a serious way to make money. I was following through with everything so that I could do a complete and honest review.

If I had been really serious about reviews for money, I might have lost it !

I have done several survey site reviews and they have gotten by without a scam alert, but not by much! You can make money doing surveys, but it is usually traced amounts. The person running the survey site makes the big money from marketing campaigns and trickles a tiny portion down .

After all the trouble with this review and the multi layer get-rich-quick spam I’m receiving, Survey Voices is close at this point to making the scam alert category!



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What value do you get from Survey Voices?

While you can make a few dollars here and there doing surveys, non of that is attributed to Survey Voices! Survey voices is just a middle man portal that connects you to legitimate waste of time penny surveys ! YOU GET NO VALUE FROM SURVEY VOICES !

Or maybe I should state that a little differently! You get value from Survey Voices if you value having your inbox spammed to oblivion and a ridiculous layering of get-rich-quick schemes, penny offers, and scams on your way to a $300 survey that I never got to!

And a WARNING to mobile users !

If you ever want to connect to the internet again via your Android device, send a text, or make a phone call do not even think about signing up for Survey Voices and using it from your mobile device !

Although they claim that they don’t hijack your phones browser, I started getting insane popups and advertisements as soon as I signed in from mobile! After a couple of days the only way I could get my phone working right again was a factory reset!

The verdict on Survey Voices!

Survey Voices is a portal or middle man between you and several survey sites. And while the survey Sites are not scams, twhat is Survey Voices? scam after scamhey offer very little value for the amount of time you have to spend on them !

But the multitude of other products and services that you get shoved in your face is insane !

Some of it may be legit, Like ETrade.

But there are all sorts of other things that you have to sift through and take part in to get to this infamous $300 survey, and you don’t have a choice if you want the “big surveys” (I wonder if anyone has ever gotten one) I know I didn’t !

I’m not very happy to agree with one thing and then have multiple other things shoved down my throat!pushy credit card ads in the what is Survey Voices review


Everything from credit card offers to life insurance and automobile warranties are thrown in your face and if you opt in on one, you will then be spammed to oblivion !

I can’t prove it and it’s only my opinion, but it looks like your e-mail and other information is passed through many channels as well! I have been receiving tons of e-mail from offers I have never signed up for or applied to !

I would not suggest Survey Voices to anyone unless they have a very boring life and enjoy reading E mails, and sifting through every type of internet offer and scheme they can think of! And I really mean that !

I am usually very fair in my reviews, and unless a product or service blatantly creates a sense of This image shows Websters dictionary definition of the word scamfraud or deception based on the actual definition of the word scam as it is defined in Webster’s dictionary!


In this case I think that the simple act of pursuing an opportunity to do surveys for money and being plastered with all these other offers is deceptive marketing.What is Survey Voices-in my opionion it's a scam

Then you get stuck if you don’t agree to accept at least 1 of their other offers to get to the one you signed up for !

I have to label Survey Voices a SCAM because what happens once you sign up is a completely different story than the one you get on the website when you are getting prepared and learning what is involved!

They keep you chasing the $300 survey carrot into there funnel of products and provide no value to anyone but their marketing deals with big companies! I would strongly suggest that you don’t waste your time with Survey Voices !


Making Money online the WRONG way and the RIGHT way!

There are far better ways to make money online than to get stuck doing surveys for pennies an hour!

The biggest problem is that people want to think that it takes a get-rich-quick scheme to make money online, and when you Con man that calls himself a gurutell them how they can really accomplish something legit, they don’t want to hear about it!

Most people believe the misinformation they hear online about online business and that’s why so many people fall for scams over and over!

They see the picture or video of a guy standing beside a Lamborghini and telling them to buy their system and they too can make $10,000 a week ! All these so called “Gurus” are lying to you, and they know it !

The sad part is that they just don’t care as ;long as you buy their program or the next person buys the scam they are peddling! THAT’S NOT HOW IT’S DONE !

The best way for the average person to make money online and achieve wealth is through affiliate marketing! And not the type of affiliate marketing where you spam affiliate links all over social media and E mail!

The best way is the way that takes some patience and work. But when you are done, you will have a business that can earn passive income even while you sleep !

This is done by building a great website within a niche that covers a subject that you are passionate about or have a strong interest in like a hobby! When you do this and optimize your website for better Rankings , you get free traffic, instead of having to pay for traffic . This is a big part of what makes it passive !

The truth!

The truth is that any way you make money online takes time if you want to do it right and have passive income that makes money while you sleep! And the best way to do that is not difficult!

It’s not difficult, but it isn’t easy either! What I mean is that when you start the only resources you have to draw from is YouTube and search engines ! But in order to search for how to do something, you need to know what you need to search for to start with! Sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know !

You need a mentor and support group to achieve success!

If you find one of those “gurus” who actually offer value and training, that training might cost thousands of dollars!

The only make money online option that I promote at nowebexperience.com is Wealthy Affiliate !

I promote and suggest Wealthy Affiliate because it is the exact training and community I used to start myself and I believe in Picture of the Wealthy Affiliate logoit! It’s hands down the best option to create an online business that generates passive income !





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In Conclusion:

I have done my very best to present Survey Voices to you in a fair and honest way ! My findings are that the surveys that Survey Voices link you to can make you small amounts of money doing surveys, but aren’t worth the time and effiort involved in getting such small amounts of money!

But Survey Voices is a scam in my opinion ! They send you to all sorts of offers and block your path to divert you to other promotions that cost you money, and spam your Email and phone ! None of which are part of the sales pitch from theThank you sign for reading this review of What is Survey Voices beginning!


So Survey voices is considered a scam based on the simple and easy to see deceptions they use !

I also gave you information on the very best value I can give you! The exact same training and community system that I used to get started online as a complete newbie !

Wealthy Affiliate specializes in helping you build a strong and long-lasting income through affiliate marketing! Try it today, and if you really want the real deal you will be very happy!


Thanks for reading this review of survey voices !

I would appreciate it if you left a comment, question, or suggestion in the comments section below! By doing so you will give me feedback that better helps me serve my audience !

Thank you and have a wonderful day !





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  1. This program screams UPSELL, UPSELL to me. I’ve tried a few survey websites and even though some are better then others, I still haven’t come across a survey site that makes me think I can earn a decent income from it.
    Having tried between 4-6 of these sites, they seem to take up so much of your time. Especially when I’m lucky to buy a case of beer on pay day!
    Nice write up and fairly accurate.

  2. Wow, getting 900+ emails in a few days is crazy! That’s one of the reasons why I don’t give out my email address so easily nowadays. Most of the time, I am not qualified for online surveys due to my out-of-US location. Always thought that I am missing out a lot of opportunities.

    After reading your review, I guess I have just saved myself from a lot of trouble.

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