What is Money? The value you create for others

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It might sound funny to hear someone ask, what is money. But that is one subject that an amazing amount of people don’t really understand! The understanding of what money is and how it’s acquired can be an eye-opening Epiphany !

What makes us money? Value .

If you just have an eye on profit, you will look just like the other guy who is spamming content everywhere. And noone wants to be that guy! The focus on the audience and giving them value for their money is important! Giving them more value than that is smart!

Four thousand years ago money was unheard-of, and many nations still didn’t have a solid currency a hundred years ago! When you needed an item the standard was the barter system. If you wanted a sword, you traded chickens,goats, eggs and other things of value you had for the item you needed.

The same thing happens today! But instead of being paid a couple a hundred chickens on Friday we are paid in currency that represents value. (Or at least it used to) That value is in direct trade for what you have done that week for the business owner. So ideally when you get promoted you usually get a raise! Why? Not because you got a new position. It’s because you became more valuable to your boss !

Coming from a long time world of manufacturing I would listen to people constantly bicker about someone gets a raise and they didn’t or my all time favorite gripe ! The owner buys a new piece of equipment for the manufacturing of goods. The employee get;’s irritated and complains to everyone.” He has the money to spend a quarter million dollars on a machine, but he does’not have the money to give us a raise?

That is a typical gripe with people who don’t understand how business works. You see I would love to own a company where I was so wealthy that I just gave everyone a raise every week for being nice. But that isn’t how it works !

The guy who got a raise, got that raise because the employer saw that he represented more value to him than he was formerly being paid.

The boss bought an expensive piece of equipment instead of giving raises at that time because the machine represented more value for the owner than giving raises. It’s really quite simple. And it’s no different regardless of what type of business you are in! Especially online business !

When will I make money online?

I was inspired for this post by 2 things. I have been on both sides of the business world coin. And I had a guy proclaim to me earlier that he has been working like crazy the past few months, had his website ranked,was offering affiliate promotions through several reviews and had a website chock-full of content. “But I have had a total of 94 people view my site and no one has bought anything. “When will I start making money?”

We tehn discussed this for several messages back and forth on messenger. I told him that he would start making money as soon as he represented the value of what he wanted to his audience . I beleive he would have hit me if he could have gotten his hands on me ! But it’s true, and should be pretty easyb to grasp !

Personally I look at it like this! I would’not be very excited to pay good money to see a bottle rocket display on the fourth of July. But I would be salivating to see a display of Howitzers blowing up an abandoned building! Heck yeah, I would pay to see that. Because the Howitzers represent more value to me. So I’m not worried about making bottle rocket money online at all ! I’m waiting for the Howitzers !

So anyone who is early into their online business should understand that money represents the value you offer to others. How do you increase your value?

Increasing your value online

The value you represent online starts with search engines. Search engines are web sites that are there to do what? Make money. They make that money by providing value to their customers in the form of advertisements, and most of all information. You need to raise your value to Google, Bing and Yahoo by producing informative, helpful and trusted sites that they rank by the content and value of those sites.

Once your site is getting traffic, you can then start thinking about conversions and making money. and we start by creating valuable content for the people who search those search engines for information.


How to continue to increase your value while building site trust and traffic.

If money you are paid is a measurement of the value you represent to someone else. You should want to become more valuable. In a factory employees go back to school to learn a certain part of making the employers’s business more valuable, and therefore make themselves more valuable.

The exact same thing is the catalyst for success in online business .

You keep an ear to the needs of your audience. I’m working on a fly catcher page right now for that reason. A fly catcher page is a page you create (like a poll) that allows you to ask your audience what they would like to see more of, less of, and how you can help them with certain problems. They answer the questions,or give you the questions and you receive them in your E mail in box. This is a super valuable tool!

A fly catcher page is a report of exactly what your audience wants! And you can create value around answering their wants and providing help with their issues!

Lets say you put a fly catcher page on your site asking the simple question,”What are you having the most trouble with right now”? or ‘What is the one thing you want to start doing with your business and have no idea where to start”? You can take the top 10 questions and make them the 10 chapters of your e book. Or you have 10 ideas for blog post content. Etc. You just became much more valuable!

A good plan will help make you more valuable

isolated word plan with clipping path

Planning your content and goals of that content will be a big step towards making you and your site more valuable to your audience. You can use content and re purpose it to become part of a bigger offer to help supply your audience with value.

Just as an example, I’ll share one of my plans on one website:

Part 1

  • I’m creating 2 E books and almost done with the second one. I have 3, 1 page lists ready.(Cheat sheets if you will.
  • I plan to use one of the E books as a free offer to help grow my E mail list.
  • I will then wait 1 week and send an E mail to my subscribers with a second freebie. a list.(8 hacks to help create YouTube videos) . That way I will have communicated three times with value for the subscriber and asked nothing in return.
  • The 4th e-mail at the 5-week point will be a series of 3 e-mails containing a three video (one a day) course on using Mail Chimp.
  • I will have sent 7 e-mails at this point and asked for nothing. I will then give them a week-long break from e-mails.
  • By then, I will have finished my home study course newsletter where I plan to let them know that I’m working on a home study course(an e book and 4 videos on step by step Fiverr outsourcing) that will be $79 on Click bank for free if they will fill out a fly catcher page giving me even more ideas. But not promoting anything but a few affiliate links in the form of reviews on my website.

My plan is to grow subscribers and make them happy for the next month to 6 weeks. Then revisit my plan taking into consideration the results of part 1. Then I will plan part 2 !

The content of part 2 will be both awesome value and a lot of it, at a low price. )E book #2 on Clickbank with a ton of great content)


We have talked about becoming valuable to our audience. And in order to do this I plan on giving away a lot of content and earning trust with my subscribers as I build my list.. The reason I do this is what we will call the long haul plan. Because I am in it for the long haul, and in the process making sure that the value of my content is greater than what my subscribers will be paying for it

If there are any question I can answer or anything you could use a hand with, feel free to let me know in the comments below and I will get back to you ASAP!

Thanks for reading !


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