What is kindle Sniper About? Making $500K Per Year Or Just A Scam?

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Kindle Sniper sounds like a really exciting product offer! But What is Kindle Sniper About? Can you actually make $500K per year like the owner claims in the sales video or is it just another scam like so many before? Let’s find out!

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Amazon Kindle is a very legit marketplace and I know for a fact that people make money using Kindle ! Let’s see if Kindle Sniper is really legit !Let's get into it and find out what is kindle sniper about

So What is Kindle Sniper?

  • Product/ Service- Kindle Sniper
  • Website- kdlsniper.com
  • Price – $37
  • Owner- Martin Price
  • Suggested or endorsed by NOWEBEXPERIENCE.COM? NO!

Kindle Sniper is a system that Martin Price says he created when he was trying to get his book published as a means ofMartin Price claims that he's done all the hard work for you and all you have to do is get started doing it himself, only to discover that he could make huge sums of money publishing other people’s E books as well as your own and never having to write a word!

I’ve developed a couple of E Books with great training from SPIand Pat Flynn. It’s an important part of affiliate marketing to have a E book that offers valuable content! But I have never written an E book for sale !

And best yet, Mr. Price claims that in his first year working with Kindle Sniper he has made over $500K in just 10 minutes a day with a system that has all the hard work done for you!

If this is the case Kindle Sniper might be the best system I have ever come across and will change the world of making money online! But there are some things we need to look at and check out first, before it gets the golden stamp of approval and becomes only the third product or service within the make money online niche I have ever suggested or endorsed !


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My initial impressions of Kindle Sniper

I was a bit discouraged right off the bat when I saw that Kindle sniper was nothing more than a very generic PDF E book outline of a process ! This supposed system isn’t really a system at all!


I would be simply lying to you if I said that the sales video wasn’t an issue too ! I had a feelng that this was going to be a low quality waste of time before I got it because of the same old claims and promises!

I have seen many sales videos just like this one and they all claim pretty much the same thing! Huge profits with little or no work!

Writing E Books without doing any writing sounds a bit far-fetched, because it is! Don’t get me wrong, people have been using ghost writers for hundreds of years! But what is being proposed in Kindle Sniper is something completely different !

what is Kindle Sniper about review with a claim of half a million dollars a year from using Kindle SniperJust to get it out of the way, I want to start by saying that massive amounts of money with simple 10 minute per day amounts of work is a pipe dream!

There are many of these claims online, but very little if any success! It’s not how online business works!

Many people believe that if you start working online, you are guranteed success and big earnings right away! That’s just not the case!

If you have a lot of money to start with, you can throw a large amount of money at advertising online and get there really fast! IF you are like the large number of people like myself it takes some time and work!


If you started a program like Kindle Sniper and had a lot of money to throw at PPC( Pay Per Click) advertising such as Google adwords you might be able to get some sales!

But it would take a pretty big campaign to even dream of this kind of money!

And promoting E books with a website would entail building your website rank and getting your offer one the first page of the search results. This is a time-consuming yet very beneficial way to drive traffic! But once again it doesn’t fit the claims of making money right away with Kindle Sniper!Kindle Sniper makes unrealistic claims

People have been selling E books for years and selling them on Amazon Kindle is no new thing either!

The claims of Martin Price that using Kindle to sell E books couldn’t be further from the truth!

Kindle Sniper uses out dated methods for selling other people’s E books on Kindle, and that’s because this offer has been available for quite some time without updates.

The system is sound but was created at a time when the strategies were more relevant.


Who is Kindle Sniper for?

Asking who Kindle Sniper is for is a very good question, and one that I don’t think you will find a cut and dry answer for. Selling E books on Kindle can really be for anyone who wants to make a few dollars of online money, but I really don’t think This infographic states that Kindle Sniper is a waste of timethat this product is a set in stone way to make consistent money online after looking into it!


Maybe someone who is retired or disabled can use Kindle Sniper to make a few extra dollars a month, but I wouldn’t even suggest it for people in that demographic, because there are far better ways to make money online that will actually show results !

I suppose that if you really enjoy reading E books, using Kindle sniper might be an option that would help you make a few dollars towards adding to your E Book collection.

Back to the big claims of earning $ !

I don’t make a decision whether a product or service is a scam or the greatest thing ever based solely on the claims of big earnings! That would be short-sighted and dishonest to portray such a review to my audience!

After all I have found a few products/ services that I strongly promote and use that can be used to make a lot of money, andPicture of money falling from the sky in the Kindle Sniper sales video do it the right way by offering honest value and help to others!

But when you have a product that has been around for a while and uses somewhat outdated principles and strategies to earn money online, yet still claims that you can make such amounts as a half million dollars using it, it screams that something isn’t right !

Then you check further and the claims get even more ridiculous by stating that it only takes ten minutes per day to generate that kind of money, and it then enters the area where you have to show some proof that this is on the up and up! But beyond screen shots of supposed earnings, there are none ! Well at least not for the person who bought a program that supposedly teaches you how to rebrand and sell E books on Amazon!

Where do these earnings come from?

So where do the earnings come from in the screen shots that are plastered across every sales video with these offers?

Most of the time these screen shots are actually true! But they don’t come from using the product that they are advertising! Instead, the statements and screenshots are the earnings from selling people the product that they are trying to sell you on in Picture of clickbank affiliate promotion for Kindle Sniperthe sales video! Pretty smart, and very dishonest in a sense!

But in their mind they hide behind a cloak of honesty because technically they are making that kind of money from a product like Kindle Sniper , just not from using it!

These products and services are developed for one main reason. Affiliate promotions.

Picture of the Welcome affiliates banner for Kindle Sniper on ClickBankThe quality of the product doesn’t tend to matter very often with these kinds of products and services, because the goal is to get as many people to buy it as possible! By doing this The owner offers it as a vendor on ClickBank, JVZoo or other marketplaces.

Unscrupulous affiliate marketers will find these offers, click on the affiliate page, and get all the banners, links etc to promote the offer without even learning if the product is any good or not, because honestly they are just doing it to make money and don’t care if it’s a good product! As long as someone buys it they get a commission !

I’ve used and reviewed Clickbank University. It is actually what the claims say and avoided the scam label. But I prefer other methods to build my online business and make money online ! But many of the offers within ClickBank’s make money online niche are scams or sketchy at best!




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Will Kindle Sniper work to make big money ?

Honestly I don’t see any way that you can benefit from a product like Kindle Sniper, unless you are someone who may be home bound and looking to make a little extra money. But even if that is the case, there are far more valuable ways to spendscams like Kindle Sniper make me want to scream your time if you want to make money online !

Even doing surveys might be a better way to make a few dollars than this offer ! And I say that somewhat tongue-in-cheek because I utterly detest spending time on surveys ! You can’t make very much money at all !

I once did surveys for 5 hours when I was doing a Survey Junkie Review, and wound up making less than 3 dollars ! I wanted to scream by the time I was done !

I hated to waste time on doing that when I could have used that time doing something more productive!

But I was asked to do the review because someone was considering it. And if I do a review it will be done honestly or not at all! That was the only reason that I spent the time wasted! And I see Kindle Sniper as an even bigger waste of time !


So….Is Kindle Sniper A Scam?

Lady from Kindle Sniper sales video is actually a paid actress from fiverrIn my opinion Kindle Sniper may have once been a way to make at least some money with Amazon Kindle E books. But since it is outdated and has outrageous claims of huge amounts of money earned, It should be taken down!

Add to that the testimonials that are in the sales video are fake and done by paid actors and that cements it for me and in my opinion KINDLE SNIPER IS A SCAM!

And to go one step further, the people who are promoting this ClickBank offer as affiliates are also running a scam! There is no this is a picture of the fiverr account of paid actress in the Kindle Sniper sales vifdeoway that they can actually look at Kindle Sniper as I did and promote it honestly! The opposite of honesty is a lie ! What is Kindle Sniper About? According to Merriam Webster dictionary it's a scam!



A product or service that doesn’t offer value, but costs you money is simply a scam. And there are ways to avoid scams.

And if you look at the definition of a scam as it is given by Merriam Webster it is still a scam!

There is no denying that the definition of scam applies here ! The exact wording fits perfectly!

Much of the time the owner of the scam is actually anonymous and makes up a staged name and uses a stock image as the profile picture, when they even provide a profile picture.

Seems strange that someone who has done such an awesome job and made so many people wealthy wouldn’t want people to know their true identity! I wonder if it’s because that scamming people out of their money and keeping identities hidden protects you and your future scams from detection!

This is a photo of a guy in the Kindle sniper sales video who claims to have made rediculous amounts of money, but is just a fiverr actorThese people make me sick!

They prey on the emotions and pocketbooks of people who actually believe their lies and think they can improve their situation and make money!

But all they get is scammed out of their money and find out that their dreams of getting further along financially is nothing more than an opportunity for Immoral scammers and affiliates to take their money!


image from the fiverr account of a guy wjho claims he has made a lot of money with Kindle Sniper, but is just a paid actor

It’s hard to blame the actors because they are what they claim to be. Actors!

They are playing a part and getting paid to do so. It doesn’t help the person getting scammed, but the blame should be placed more on the shoulders of the people who actually come up with these elaborate scams !




Internet Scams Are Everywhere, and they fail every day!

So many people are under an unrealistic spell that makes them think that all they need is that one product or service that they find on a get-rich-quick Facebook page, or that one thing that an E mail marketer sends to their inbox !

Scam AlertThen they can walk around with their phone and a special app and make millions! Or it might be as easy as starting a YouTube channel that you cut up and promote other peoples content on and suddenly you reach YouTube immortality!

That just simply isn’t the case! Get- rich- quick doesn’t exist!

The thoughts of being able to just simply go grab an agffiliate link on ClickBank and spam it all over social media to get your first Lamborghinin sounds great ! But it ain’tget rich quick schemes never work gonna happen !


The only people who make money with these things are the owners of the item you are spamming. Because if you get enough affiliate marketers to spam out the offer and use PPC (Pay Per Click) and CPA (Cost Per Action) solo ads, eventually there will be people buying it and you make money! But the person who buys it seldom makes a dime !

My preferred way of affiliate marketing has nothing to do with these scams and fake promises. I like to use Paid advertising too, but my main intentions are targeted traffic through my website and building my search engine rankings to constantly get more and more free traffic every month!

There are no shortcuts to a real online business that makes real money and passive income ! If you keep chasing this fake dream of instant riches, you’ll never get where you want to be !

There are far better ways to make money online that are legit !

The dream of Freedom from the nine to five rat race and being able to set your own schedule and live your own life with Passive income doesn’t rest on the dreams and promises of scam artists !

A real online business that you build takes a little time and work, but can be accomplished with a really good training and mentorship program ! A program LIKE THIS doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive!

In fact the #1RATED PROGRAM actually offers a free membership, that has no#1 rated way to learn to make money online credit card or trial period! It’s free as long as you want !

The exact program I used to get started is Wealthy Affiliate ! The training and community are second to none and over 1.5 million people have used the program!

It’s no get-rich-quick scheme, and requires some work, but it is absolutely the real deal !

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In Conclusion:

I would like to thank you for reading this review of Kindle Sniper. I think we have answered the question of What is Kindle Sniper about, and it wasn’t very promising! There are far better ways to make money online without all the get-rich-quick schemes and scams .

I would appreciate your comments, questions and suggestions ! If you would leave them in the comments section I would appreciate it, because your feedback helps me to better serve my audience !

Have a fantastic day !







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  1. Fantastic review. I was streaming the internet was interested in kdl sniper but wanted to see if it was legit And came across your article and can definitely say I’m glad I did.
    I had a feeling it was to good to be true and your well informed article has proven that.
    One thing I hadn’t thought about was payed actors and the biggest thing was the big earnings actually being what their making buy people buying the product.
    Again thank you so much from saving me from wasting my time and money.

    1. You’re very welcome David, and thanks for your comment! 

      There is no shortage of scams online these days and Kindle Sniper is one ! 

      This outdated program may have once had a chance at offering value, but never the kinds of money they claim! 


  2. Hey Mike,
    Wow! Didn’t know Patt has a free guide on making a proper ebook, I really like the way he share things. You can differentiate between an entrepreneur and a scammer the programs they create.

    I’ve always wanted to try out publishing in kindle and I almost fell for Kindle Sniper if it wasn’t for this review. You saved me the trouble and helped me dodged a bullet, thanks!

    1. Thanks for your comment Riaz! 

      It means a great deal that I could help you out! 

      Have a great day and the very best of success ! 


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