What is Easy Retired Millionaire, a Scam Or Legit and Easy Money?

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I’ll bet that you have found Easy Retired Millionaire, or it has found you by way of your E mail Inbox ! Me too! It looks like an awesome way to make a thousand dollars a day from as little as 1 click !

But what is Easy Retired Millionaire? Is it a scam or a legit way to make some very easy money! That is what I was asked when a reader asked for this review, and that is what we will find out!

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What is Easy Retired Millionaire?This is an image of the Easy Retired Millionaire logo with a caption that says scam or legit

This hot new product from the ClickBank marketplace called Easy Retired Millionaire has been doing pretty well with affiliates and has a high gravity score on ClickBank!

  • Gravity scores are how many affiliates are making money with an offer that they promote with their affiliate link in the ClickBank Marketplace platform .

Product Name: Easy Retired Millionaire

I have bought many of these products and services from within the ClickBank Market Place for the primary reason of doing reviews of them. And I have found over time that products and services like this are pretty much a dime a dozen!

The usual culprits are the products that have a sales page that make bold claims of helping you make money, but seem to not want to clue you in to what you will be doing, or what it is about in any way. But the number of people who go ahead and pay the relatively small price for the product are met with a members’ area in the product that offers little more than garbage!

Most of these ClickBank Marketplace offers have been placed by people who don’t use their real name or an alias. If theyThis is supposed to be a photo of the owner Chris and his wife use a photo of themselves that photo is usually a stock photo, or completely bogus.

This guy introduces himself simply as Chris and shows us a nice , romantic photo of he and his wife, as he tells us his story and shows video footage of testimonials of people who supposedly used his product to become wealthy.

In this offer “Chris” says that he has already built your business and then at the end of the video states that it has already made over $200 in 10 minutes !

That would surely be awesome ! If it were true !




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What does Easy Retired Millionaire promise?

This guy Chris tells you that he has developed a system that has made many others wealthy and that he won’t be making any money off the sales price of $47. He says that the only reason for the sales price is to pay server fees.This image is a graphic that Easy Retired Millionaire claim to will make between $1000 and $2500 per day

Then he explains that this business he has set up for you is already making money while the sales video plays and has already made over $200 while you watch the video! And if you decide to pay him for this business he has set up for you, you will be making a great deal of money by just managing the system with one click per day!

I really wish that it were true, but there is absolutely no system or product that can make that kind of money instantly and as soon as you start!

As someone who does use the internet as a means of income, I will tell you that getting started isn’t that hard, but it takes some time and effort on your part to get it done !

I can also tell you in complete honesty that I have reviewed many such products and services from the Market[places of ClickBank, JVZoo, Warrior plus and others that have the exact same types of promises and structure!

I will list a few of these scam products below so that you can see what I’m talking about.

Many of these products depend solely on affiliates to promote them and get sales.

Then after the digital product is delivered, they hope that the bulk of people are either absolute beginners that get frustrated and quit or people forget that they can request and receive a refund at ClickBank. This is the way that these products make money, not that they have value!

What Does Easy Retired Millionaire Deliver?

I hate to be so pointed but honesty is the best policy! Easy Retired Millionaire doesn’t really deliver anything!

This product is one of the products that is meant to be an E Mail list builder and a way to promote expensive back end This graphic has the word rejected on itproducts to you.

There is some super generic training that has little or no value, but is outdated and obscure ! The kind of online business training that is offered in Easy Retired Millionaire is easy to acquire by googling affiliate marketing, or searching YouTube for answers to get started !

This is one of the worst types of scams in my opinion! They charge you for garbage and at the same time collect your E mail for more expensive garbage! When you want to learn to make money online wasting time and money on this stuff is just terrible ! That is time you could have spent doing something real to help your future !



There are tell-tale red flags !

There are red flags with these types of products that tend to show up with pretty much every one of them ! Maybe they should review and make some changes, because their scams are become far too predictable!

  • One of the main red flags will always be the claim that you will make big money without doing anything to get it! Any online business is still a business. There is work to be done and it takes time to get results ! If you are starting a business in the physical world you should expect to lose money in year #1, and then break even within year 2 or 3 ! That is an unspoken standard that everyone knows. Sometimes you start making money a little faster, and sometimes a little later. Building an online business is usually easier and much faster, but it still takes work and time!
  • They say- Everything is done for you! This is perhaps the most unbelievable aspect of the red flags, but these con men like to take advantage of the people that are online looking for the easy route. Lazy people tend to be the biggest target for these products!
  • They say-You don’t need a website, Paid ads like CPA (Cost per action)solo ads, PPC(Pay per click) ads, or other traffic generating methods beyond social media. They tell people this because everyone sees social media as being easy. It’s true that you can use organic traffic from social media, but you will not get the traffic you want to make this kind of money without either spending money. Or using free website traffic! I know because I’ve tried it all, and ranking a website in the search engines has been one of my best traffic strategies!


  • Fake testimonial videos.

These sales videos almost always have a few testimonials mixed in, and when you look at them they are usually recorded in a setting that doesn’t scream online success. The reason these videos are such poor quality is that they came from the cheaper of the Fiverr actors, or one of many other vendors where you can have salesperson videos made.


And sometimes they will pay a little more for a better actor and background.

One really big mistake the owner of Easy Retired Millionaire did was using one of the highly rated actors from Fiverr who does many different sales videos!

Photo of a paid fiverr actor doing fake testimonials

Picture of a paid actor from Fiverr dooing a fake testimonial in the Easy Retired Millionaire sales video

picture iofsame fiverr actor from the fake testimonials on Easy Retired Millionair doing fake sofa videos





These fake actors have Fiverr profiles from past jobs they have gotten as part of their portfolio and it makes them easy to find !



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My final verdict on Easy Retired Millionaire!

It’s not likely that you have to guess what my opinion of Easy Retired Millionaire is! I think it goes without saying that garbage like this is one of the reasons more people don’t take the time to educate themselves on what it takes to generate a passive income online!

These dishonest people are the same type of people who spread misinformation across the internet and especiallyBig red X with scam written all over it! YouTube marketing their latest get-rich-quick schemes ! They make people either think that there really are get rich quick schemes that will make you wealthy, or they turn people against trying to build an online business altogether!

This happens because after they have been burned a few times they see everything online as a scam ! That simply isn’t the case!

I was burned by a couple of scams when I got started too, It slowed my progress to a crawl because I became discouraged and started thinking that everything online was a scam!

Luckily I found a Program with training, mentoring, and a helpful community that I joined and finally found the correct answer to making money online with passive income!

In the end, it’s your decision, but I wouldn’t be doing my job and wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t warn you against products like this ! These people don’t care about your success, they just want to see how many sales they can get without returns and refunds!


There is a far better way to make money online for real!

There are YouTube videos and products like Easy Retired Millionaire that will teach you how to go to a marketplace like ClcikBank and copy an affiliate link. Then all you have to do is paste it all over social media and you will become wealthy! Or at least that is what they want you to think!



All you will get from doing spray and pray affiliate marketing is a sale every now and again fr a few dollars and every minute of your time will be consumed in trying to get someone to one of these sales pages!

I much prefer setting up multiple streams of Passive Income and benefiting from that passive income for months and years This graphic contains the title of several online shopping platforms , from Amazon to Shopify and the training can be had at Wealthy Affiliateto come with little or no work involved ! Doing business and making money online this way requires that you do the work up front and enjoy the benefits on the back side ! But the key is doing the work on the front side! There are no free rides!

Over the time that I have been online I have learned quite a bit and have come a long way due to having a mentorship and training program that is second to none train me on the finer points! And I have had a complete blast in the process of learning and growing with 2 websites and several streams of income! I never really thought I would be able to actually make my living on line, and a good one at that, but it is easier than you think!

Like I said you have to have goals and work to achieve them, . When you have the training and tools to do it step by step it isn’t that difficult!

If you are interested, I will leave a link to the exact training, mentorship and community program I used to get started for free just simply CLICK HERE ! Check it out, it might be exactly what you are looking for!


In conclusion

We have taken a look at Easy Retired Millionaire and what it does and doesn’t offer. I have shared my honest opinion on this product and strongly recommend against it! I have also given you a link to the exact training I took to build my online business, and GET STARTED FOR FREE !

Whatever you decide to do with your search for making money online, I truly wish you the very best of success !

If you have a comment, question or suggestion, I would love to hear from you! Your feedback helps me to better serve the people in my audience !

Have a fantastic day, and nothing but the very best of success to you!


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  1. Good afternoon Mike,

    Now that is really a shame as I had hoped to become this early retired millionaire. I am already retired at 68 but some extra money does not hurt. I find it awful that this Internet world is so full of scams. Luckily your post has a warning for all who read it, do not do it! Thank you for your advice, I will stay away from this and similar opportunities.

    Regards, Taetske

  2. I honestly can’t understand how these sites don’t get shut down by some sort of regulator. I come across a fair few of these and they certainly are not in the business of helping people make money. Good on you for bringing these scammers to account. Do you know if there is a regulator to report this type of website?

    1. Thanks for your comment Nigel! 

      There are regulations concerning the amount of money that these programs tell you that you can make, as well as few others . But they write their copy as close to the line as possible, and stay within the grey most of the time.


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