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In the world of Internet business, it seems that there are people peddling their integrations as if successful marketing didn’t exist before their product or service hit the market! One such integration tool is ClickMagick. But is Click Magick different?  What is Click Magick you ask?

Logo for Click Magic Link tracking tool

We will take an in depth look at Click Magick and see what the noise is all about, in this completely honest review!

What Is Click Magick ?

Click Magick is an organic click tracking tool that is supposed to change the game for marketers by making tracking much simpler for beginners as well as much more inclusive for seasoned veterans of the internet marketing field !
Click Magick has a lot of website integration tricks in their hat

For this review I signed up for the free account to test out the features and see if it really is the easiest to use and best tracking software integration going .

As you are about to see there is a lot more to Click Magic than just link tracking ! In fact, it is an impressive bag of tricks !

Let’s see how it went shall we !

This review may contain affiliate links.




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Is Click Magick as easy to use as it’s claimed to be?

Different softwares and integrations used for internet marketing can range in difficulty or ease of use by a wide margin! But it seems that the person selling the software always says that theirs is the “easiest to use” . Of course it is ! I mean how else can they sell it? Are they going to make the bold claim that it’s so complicated you have to be Einstein to figure it out!? I highly doubt it!

I think that sometimes software engineers and developers lose track of what easy to use actually means ! Easy to use in my Click Magic passed the test for being easy to usebook means that someone with zero experience can sit down and figure out how to use the software by themselves with only the help of a FAQ page or maybe a video.

While some of these software developers believe that easy to use means that you merely need a degree from M.I.T. to make it work!

I signed up and instantly started 2 tracking campaigns in Click Magick. And in completely astounding fashion I had them both up and runninhg in 30 minutes !

I made a couple of tiny mistakes in the way the 2 campaigns were organized. But it had nothing to do with how the software functioned. And I could have taken 5 minutes to make it right, but I’m doing an honest review. In the best interest of honesty I decided to leave my little mistake in for the images / It was no fault of Click Magick !

Image shows an advertisemant banner for Tracking Magick training for Click MagickAs far as the ease of setting it up, it was the easiest software integration that I used to set up!

And my Aweber account and Click Funnels were pretty darn easy !

I’m not exactly the most tech savvy person and Click Magic was even easy for me !

But just in case you are even less tech savvy than me, the Tracking magick click tracking guide is a great resource for step by step instruction on the use of Click Magick and the use of the information that you get from the tracking results you capture !

This tracking software is set up so that anyone can be successful using it and that is very impressive for a software on a 14-day trial !

I mean how often do you actually get a 14 day trial and within the first hour you can see that it lives up to it’s claims ? Not often !


What are Magick Bars and Magick Pops?

Magic bars is an integration option that is done within Click Magick and allows you to add bars at the top or bottom of your This image illustrates how to click on the content menu to access The Magick Bars feature in Click Magickwebsite page with any content you want!

The content can be a banner, countdown clock, offer or anything you can dream up.

There is a very simple, step by step tutorial video that you can watch by clicking on “Content” at the top of the page.


Once the Magick Bars option has been opened by clicking the Content menu at the top you will be able to create bars for

your website Example of a Magick Bar created for your website within Click Magickthat contain pretty much any content you wish. And there are also options where you can create a bar that will make the content have a transparent background.

These bars can also be set to stay stationary at the bottom even when the page is scrolled up or down, while staying out of the view of the content !

This image illustrates the option of bars with transparent backgrounds that stay achored to the bottom of the page while the page is scrolled up or down Here is an example of the transparent background “Floating Bar”.

Click Magick Custom Popups and Opt In Forms

Click Magick gives you the option of creating custom popups and opt in forms that are easily integrated into any website and This image is of the popup generator within Click Magickauto responder !

The idea is to create a one stop shopping for as many great looking integrations and options as possible for 1 very low price!

Custom popups and opt in forms are not generic looking ! They are actually very nice quality and convert well!



Click Magick Link Cloaking

If It is in your wish list of needs Click Magick also has a very advanced link cloaking option ! And there is a special section for cloaking links to be used on Facebook!

There are some simple guidelines for link cloaking, but it is very simple and in many circumstances beneficial !


What is meant by oganic tracking with Click Magick?

Not only is Click Magick a great software for tracking links in Organic traffic sites, PPC (pay per click) and CPA (cost per action) campaigns, it’s also great as a hybrid between the three!

With organic tracking, you can track the links clicked on your website and everywhere else you experience organic traffic like YouTube and social media. The tracking of SEO ranking driven websites is a great aspect of Click Magic!

By simply pasting a small snippet of JavaScript on one page of your website the organic feature takes over and tells you if Simply paste a small snippet of JAVAscript onto one page of your website and Click Magic will take all link click information and compile itpart of your traffic clicks are coming from your website, then compiles the totals in a way to differentiate between your paid traffic and organic traffic .

Many link tracking software options don’t have such a detailed aspect and leave a bit of a gray area when you attempt to determine what percentages of traffic come from which source .

What is the importance of link tracking?

Link tracking is the most important aspect of testing and running ads, especially when it comes to scaling!

It is of utmost importance to know where traffic is coming from and what traffic is converting best and what stage of your funnel is converting.

For beginners and intermediate marketers this might be a new subject or a little difficult to understand. But hang on. It’s actually very simple!

When running a test such as testing the conversions of a landing page, it is very critical to track the links that are being clicked on! If you are running small test adds and don’t get good feedback there is no way to know how to scale up your campaigns .

For instance I will run one or two tests with a landing page . I will split test between two landing pages within Click Funnels to determine which one converts best. But you can use the split testing feature in Click Magick if you don’t have a Click Funnels account.

At the same time Click Magic is tallying different clicks and levels of those clicks. If I have a great landing page and thank you page conversion and have a horrible Welcome page conversion, I need to fix what is broken or not enticing to the potential customer in an Email, opt in campaign.

I may have captured their e-mail but for some reason they didn’t click through to the offer! Maybe it was the copy in the e-mail, maybe something else.

If you don’t track every step you won’t know, and can’t make appropriate changes!

It’s hard enough to get good data from small tests without leaving data on the table, or worse yet, unknown!

Below is a chart of 2 simple opt in funnels I created during testing. You will see the little organization mistake I spoke of earlier because the landing pages for each campaign are in the 1 and 2 position and then both Thank You pages followed by both welcome pages. It’s a simple thing but irritates me, and it was my fault. But it will show that both landing pages went great!  Then there was a problem on the back end at the welcome page (Noted by the red circles and stars)example of link tracking results with Click Magic

I had pretty good conversion by people clicking the landing page link, but then it went to crap !

No one opened the offer after 51% and 17% confirmed the subscription.

If I were only tracking the landing page clicks I would think that this was an incredible opt in funnel and likely scale it up ! I have made the mistake in the past of judging the effectiveness of a funnel by the percentage of subscribers added.

That is a great thing, but the back end of the offer is completely broken, and scaling it up could cause a bad result and a lot of money lost in paid advertising!

This was a test for a new landing page funnel so that I could try out Click Magic. My old landing page funnel converted pretty well, but I made some changes I thought would improve it greatly! If all I had seen was the 57% conversion on the landing page I may have tossed a few hundred dollars down the toilet by scaling to the next step!

Advanced training

Once you are inside and have figured out what I did with my opt-in funnel tracking, you can check out the other training modules for more advanced stuff! There are 6 modules that cover pretty much anything you can think of.!6 modules of advanced tracking training


  • The 6 advanced training modules:
  • Part1 – Track It Or Die Trying
  • Part2- 3 things You Must Track
  • Part3-  Conversion tracking basics
  • Part 4- Tracking Affiliate sales
  • Part 5- Testing and Optimization
  • Part6-  Bots and Click Fraud

With the various training modules and videos available within the Click Magic platform, it’s obvious that they wanted to target all levels of marketers from beginner to advanced with this easy to use platform!


Great Support if you get stuck!

The Click Magick platform not only has a fantastic training system, it also has what they call the one-hour support system! one hour support from Click MagicThey guarantee that if you have an issue you will receive the help you need !

In fact, they guarantee that you will receive help from the help desk within 1 hour or less of the time you request it. That’s 24/7/ 365!



Click Magick Affiliate Program

The Affiliate program at Click Magick is a very good one !

The 100% initial payout and 35% per month is exceptional in the industry! And one of the best parts of promoting the platform at Click Magick is that you are promoting a reputable company and not one you have to worry about when suggesting it to your audience !

That is a very important aspect of any affiliate promotions for me because I promote very few products and services! I have to completely believe in the product or service as well as use it myself before I suggest it to my audience and risk the trust I have built!



Click Magic pricing

The pricing of Click Magic accounts is very competitive! And considering the wide range of leverage you get with link tracking I decided to continue with the starter plan of $12 per month billed yearly. For the largest number of marketers this will be a great place to start! And with the potential of saving yourself a lot of money, it’s like investing in insurance !

Photo of Click Magic pricing plans

It won’t be long before I will need to upgrade to the next level, but for right now I’m good with 10,000 clicks per month and tracking 1 funnel! There are a few more options that I like with the standard and Pro plans, and that will likely be the main reason I upgrade in the near future !

I believe that the value for what you get is well worth the prices paid, but start with the free 14-day trial and determine which option best fits your needs !

14 day free trial at Click Magic


Building organic traffic……

Far too many marketers leave a huge amount of conversions and money on the table by not using free traffic along with their paid traffic ads !

Just think for a minute why you would not want an extra 20,000 visitors seeing your offers and doing so completely free !

Free traffic comes from your website where people are already searching for information in your niche, or they wouldn’t be there to start with ! So what better targeted traffic sources can you possibly hope for ?

If you pay for that kind of targeted advertisement you may spend $1 or more per click ! That will be $20,000 in savings by getting that free traffic!

It’s not as difficult as you may think to build a website for affiliate marketing, and the benefits can be quite substantial!

In fact, it’s not difficult at all,but will take some time to get it to the point that it starts paying off in the form of traffic that is highly targeted and free ! Using website traffic together can double or triple your conversions and lead to far bigger profits obviously!

You can greatly increase your speed of getting a website up and getting it ranked with the right mentor ship and training program !

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Conclusion :

I have given you an honest review of Click Magic ! We have talked about the link tracking options as well as the Magick Bars and Magick Pops features to both make your website pop and take advantage of every opportunity to get conversions on your website !

Click Magic is a very good integration for your website and it is only the third product or service that has received a passing grade from me, and I have reviewed many products and services !

In fact I signed up for the free 14-day trial and decided to stay with it myself !

I have also suggested what is my #1 way to start generating an online income with Wealthy Affiliate! Wealthy Affiliate is the best way to build an online business of passive income and generate tons of free traffic on the internet! And I am proud to say that it’s the exact program I got started with and remain with to this day !

Thank You for reading my review of Click Magick !

If you would leave your comments, questions, and suggestions in the comments section below I would greatly appreciate it! Feedback is what helps me to better serve my audience !

Have a great day!







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  1. I’m not sure I’ll use click Magick. Because I’ve tried click funnels before. I have such a hard time with targeted ad campaigns. Considering you mentioned some training materials… Maybe I will, I’m not sure.

    I tried running facebook ads a website I used to have. But maybe having the top banners on the actual website will increase the users want to use it?

    Do you know any articles that might help me learn about funnels?

    1. Facebook ads or any paid ads should be researched and you should learn as much as possible before getting into that field of traffic. You can lose a lot of money quick if it’s done wrong~

      There is complete training within Click Funnels and Click Magic on the use of tracking and paid ads.! 


      You can also learn a lot about running paid ads in the training at Wealthy Affiliate!



  2. I am just starting out in wealthy affiliate myself. I don’t have any sort of adds yet that’s why im researching. everything is pretty confusing with the information overload and all. im definitely interested in the free trial at least. but would you say this is suitable for a noob like me? im looking for something VERY easy to use!

    1. Click Magick is very much suitable for noobs as you put it. It’s a very simple automation and very easy to set up! 

      The other options like the banner bars are just bonuses and icing on the cake! The link tracking simplicity is the main point of concern! 


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