What Is Click Funnels, and How Does it Work? My Honest Review!

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You might be shocked about what I found in Click funnels!

So what is ClickFunnels, a scam or legit? I will take you step by step through my honest review and let you in on the facts and findings !

The ClickFunnels Logo

Over time, I have been asked to review many programs, products and services that people want to know about! Most of the time they simply want to know that product or service is useful to them or if it’s a scam. But it can be more or less than that!

Let's get into the Click Funnels Review!

What is Click Funnels and how does it work?

  • Name: Click Funnels
  • Owner: Russell Brunson
  • Website: Watch Video
  • Price: 14 day Free Trial- Then $97 per month
  • Suggested? YES….but not for everyone.(Read on for explanation)

This review may contain affiliate links.

Click Funnels is an online software integration that Russell Brunson and his partners developed to take the technical fear and wasted time out of building opt-in landing pages and sales pages, but also use as an up sell, and down Sell platform for Click Funnels Owner Russell Brunson at a Ciick Funnels Eventa multitude of purposes in business and sales. It is supposed to be an internet marketer’s dream come true!

While I’m not so sure about that, we will look deeper into what you get in ClickFunnels and see if it really is what they are trying to sell you on!

I have done many reviews of ways to make money online, and to this point I have only had two products/ services that actually passed the scam or waste of money test!

One of those passed with a grade of A+ and the other passed with a B-.  For Click Funnels to make the grade, it will have to prove that it does what it says, or it will go in the junk yard with many others ! Let’s get into it!



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So Exactly what does Click Funnels do?

From the simplest steps Click Funnels helps you build Complete and professionally done landing pages and thank you pages for building your list from opt ins from your website or other traffic .

With a few simple clicks you can have the type of system running that major companies pay thousands of dollars for, and they look like you paid thousands for it! There are no landing pages/ opt-in pages that look like you make them with aan example image of split testing landing pages within your Click Funnels , funnel coloring book and crayons!

The easiest way to start is by simply using one of the done for you templates and simply integrating your auto responder with one click, and you are done!

The image to the right is an example of a landing page with a split test landing page so that you can choose the one that converts the best.

In no Time You can have a beautiful Landing page integrated to a Ecommerce or affiliate marketing website!

You can go into the text and make changes to fit your message, add other elements like buttons, rows, images and videos and much more!

But that is just the very tip of the sword! Click Funnels has pre-made funnels for many levels of up sells, down sells and anything in between. You can have multiple stage funnels that are autonomous and working within minutes of the time you start!

To the left you will see another example of a landing page that was done in Click Funnels. It took 3 minutes to make it live! I This image is an example of a completed landing page with the done for you Conquer temlplate!know that for a fact, because it is the one I made when testing the service !

This landing page was done with one of the many “done for you templates at Click Funnels.

The name of this template is the Conquer template!

The number of pre-made funnels and templates makes it so that anyone can easily get started with next to zero experience and make funnels that look like a seasoned pro did them, and they can be complete in less than 5 minutes !

So far I really like Click Funnels! But they have some more tests to pass before they can even think about becoming the third ever passing grade given by me to my audience !

Is there training within the Click Funnels Platform?

There absolutely is training when you join Click Funnels!

The training is laid out in little modules like stepping stones on the front page of the website. It is in the form of a game and Screenshot photo of the 5 step Click Funnels training gameonly takes a short time to complete, because Click Funnels is so Easy!

The training is laid out as videos where Russell Brunson tells you what to do with step by step instructions. Then there are also written instructions to follow if you need them.

The first task in the training is to make a hero funnel. A hero funnel is just a short and simple little one or two page funnel where you talk about yourself and promote your brand.

You can use this as a welcome page or as your About Me page on your website. The real reason for building the Hero funnel is to get your feet wet and show you how easy it is to create funnels at Click Funnels.

The image on the right is where you first go when you start to build a funnel. It is the “CookBook area”.The image is of the start a funnel area inside Click Funnels.

In the cookbook area you will either choose to use the Cookbook with all the made fore you templates or build your own funnel if you have images and branding that you want to use.

If you have your own images, logo etc, you can easily build a funnel to your liking and one that suits your needs and taste. But be aware that all the templates in the cook book are funnels that have been tested and are known to convert very well !

If you find a template in the cook book you can add your logo etc to it and change all the text and other elements, and still have a high converting funnel.

Watch my YouTube video where I give a brief walk through and explanation of Click Funnels!

Who is Click Funnels for?

After testing Click Funnels for over a month I can honestly say that Click Funnels can be pretty much for anyone ! As long as the $97 per month fits your budget, it would be a wonderful tool for beginners!

And it is also a wonderful tool for companies and marketers who are earning hundreds of millions of dollars with Click Funnels!

For Example, people like Tony Robbins and Gary Vaynerchuck are Click Funnels customers, as well as beginner and This pictuer is of Russell Brunson at Click Funnels and one of the Click Funnels members who has used Click Funnels to scale his small affiliate marketing career to over$1 million per yearintermediate marketers and businesses.

Click Funnels is to internet business what Apple was to the computer and phone industry!

Many people have already made a huge leap with Click Funnels! People from the mega business that moves $100Milion to the little guy who was starting out and is now at $10,000 per month!


What are the selling points for Click Funnels?

I would say that the major selling points for Click Funnels is the beginner level ability to make very professional landing page funnels and all sorts of sales funnels!

The simplicity of Click Funnels is important for me, but perhaps the biggest attribute is the time savings it offers! As a blogger and affiliate marketer, time is valuable!

When I can take a task that might ordinarily take me days to accomplish and do it farPhoto of young lady who is saying that she just built her first funnel with Click Funnels better than I could have done it on my own, in five minutes, that is a game changer for me!

And yes I will be keeping my Click Funnels account!

For me Click Funnels is a much needed tool and makes my life far easier! But wait for my final thoughts to make up your mind, because Click Funnels might not be a great fit for everyone. (I will explain)




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Why Click Funnels Might not be For Everyone

If you have the budget as a beginner, I would highly suggest that you give Click Funnels a try! Even if you only use it for building your Email list with opt-in and Thank you pages, you can benefit greatly! When you are ready to promote products you can do so in multi-tier sales funnels with Click Funnels!

If you’ve ever seen products or services that try to hit you with an immediate upsell that you declined you know what I mean. picture of a computer screen as someone builds a websiteWith Click Funnels, you can then send that customer in any direction you wish to go!

If they don’t take you up on the up sell then you can send them to a down sell for a less expensive product or service.

And if they turn that down then you can send them to another downsell to a free offer that will add value so that your customer leaves for the time being having received value and a good experience!

Click funnels might not be for everyone because you need traffic, and Click Funnels doesn’t offer any form of traffic, like paid ads or a website does. You have still have to drive traffic to your funnels. And if you don’t have a website, you have to use paid ads exclusively!

Paid ads should be a part of any successful and scaleable campaign, but having thousands of targeted traffic in the form of free website traffic from SEO is a real game changer!

What is the perfect application for Click Funnels?

Click Funnels can be used in many ways to promote your products or services. From your traffic generating website to social media engagement on platforms such as Facebook and Facebook ads, Pay per click and Cost per action advertising such as solo ads.

There are also many people who promote their ClickFunnels landing pages and sales funnels through YouTube !

If the power and simplicity of Click Funnels is used together with a traffic generating website, your avenues and overhead in promotions campaigns and products can truly go through the roof!

Website traffic is the most targeted traffic of all, because through S.E.O. people come to your website because they were searching for content that your website offers to begin with!

And you can still begin getting great value from Click funnels by using pay per click advertising or CPA (Cost Per Action) advertising while you build your website and begin to get that free organic traffic started!

My Conclusions about Click Funnels

Image stating that the findings of my review state that Click Funnels is absolutely legit and suggested

Image is button for free 14 day Click Funnels Membership

I started this venture thinking that I would be reporting something different to you at this point in the review! I’ve been so conditioned by the never ending scams I find online and the ones my readers ask me to review that I really didn’t take Click Funnels seriously when this started.

But I became a Click Funnels fan and after so many reviews I have found another legitimate tool to help people make money online! Click Funnels now joins Wealthy Affiliate as my two favorite and most suggested products to make money online, on the internet!

I changed my auto responder to Aweber recently and couldn’t be happier! I have used my professionally built Click Funnels Landing pages integrated with Aweber to start a new list, and the conversions have been great!

Testing these landing pages,Picture of Aweber where I have added 265 to my E mail list using Click Funnels landing pages in just 2 weeks. I have had a conversion rate of over 35% growing my list ! And in only a couple of weeks I’ve added 265 people to my new list!

The power of Click Funnels with a traffic generating website can grow your e mail list and promote affiliate products, digital products or your own products on complete autopilot!


To have a traffic generating website and Click Funnels is proving to be a complete game changer in the way I run my online business and offer value to my website audience !

My suggestion

My suggestion to my readers is a simple one ! If you don’t have a website, you need one !

Image states the #1 ranked way to make money online

And if you have a website or will be starting one you need to strongly consider the 14- day free trial of Click Funnels!


Image is a button for free 14 trial membership to Click Funnels


Your traffic generating website coupled with the power of Click Funnels can be that marriage that you have been looking for to put your online business over the top!

Thank You

Thank You for reading my review of Click Funnels! I have put a lot of time and effort into this review and hope that you enjoyed it, and got value from it!

We have looked at the uses and leverage that can be gained through Click Funnels by exploring how it works and how it is Image of a Thank You sign to say thank you for reading my review!easily integrated with your E mail service and makes a perfect marriage with your website or pay advertising.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it if you would leave your queries in the comments section below. Your input and feedback is how I become better at serving my audience !

Thank You and have a great day!





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  1. Hallo there Mike,

    I have been doing a thorough research on click sales funnel and almost everyone who has used it has the same experience as you.

    Your story was my deal breaker. I am definitely going to get it. I will also be looking more into other products you recommend here. Thanks a lot for your helpful content.

    1. I’m glad I could be of assistance! 

      When I found Wealthy Affiliate and built my online business, and then optimized it with Click Funnels! It has been great and gaining momentum every day! 


  2. Hi Mike,
    Absolutely fabulous write up and review of Click Funnels! Seriously, thank you for reviewing this and writing such a thorough review.
    I’ve read about Click Funnels and looked into it somewhat. Your review helped me understand it a lot better. It sure looks like a great product and once you through in the training that’s immensely helpful. Anything that can help a beginner like me is a good thing.
    I do have a question. I know the point of Click Funnels is to get more conversations. Of course you have to have traffic first. Do you think there’s a certain threshold of traffic a website should have before utilizing Click Funnels? Like 100 a day?
    Thanks in advance,
    Mat A.

    1. It really depends greatly on your offer. If you are using an opt in funnel to start collecting Emails , I would say that you should do it right away. Every one counts! 

      I use solo ads and Bing and Google PPC to promote my landing page and one offer that I really believe in! 

      I wish I had started it sooner! 

      Thanks for your comment! 


  3. Hi Mike,
    Thanks for the great review on Click Funnels. I actually played with it when it first came out and then forgot about it completely.

    Do you think it would be suitable for helping me to build up a mailing list? Or would that be overkill? Of course I would end up using it for more promotions as well. But thought it might kill 2 birds with 1 stone.


    1. I use Click Funnels for my landing page and thank you page for collecting e mails . And then I have a special promotion that runs on a seperate funnel that I promote a product that is near and dear to me ! 


  4. I really like this page, its very informative. I learned info i didn’t know about click funnels. In fact I took a loo thru your site. Its amazing, I just started mine. Can’t til it comes together like yours. Got great ideas from you, love how it interlinks. That’s awesome. Great site

    1. Thanks for your reply Angie ! 

      Click Funnels will be a great asset to you one day soon when you get your site built! 

      Best of success to you! 


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