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What Is 30 Day Success Club- You Will Be Shocked!

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Hi! I was asked to take a look at 30-Day Success Club and honestly I had never heard of it, so my first question was, what is 30-Day Success Club? Then I gound out that it was a product offered in the ClickBank Marketplace and had a pretty High gravity score, meaning Affiliates were getting sales with it!

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After I found out what the basics were in the program, I decided to check deeper into 30-Day Success Clubs and see what is hapening with this mover and shaker in the ClickBank Marketplace! And now I’ll give you an honest review of what I have learned so that you can decide if the 30-Day Success Club is a product you may be interested in!

Let's get started reviewing this product!

What is 30-Day Success Club ?

30 Day success club is a system that was developed by a lady whose husband was killed in battle in the military. She became very depressed and her and her daughter almost lost their home, because before his death her husband took out a loan to finance his side business, as a home wood shop.

He borrowed over $85,000 (Must have been one heck of a wood shop! ) and the $100,000 she got from the military was chewed up quick!

She and her daughter were on the verge of losing their house when she went from nothing and dead broke to become a millionaire in 90 days! Amazing huh? Just wait……..it gets better!

  • Program Name: 30-Day Success Club
  • Website: 30daysuccess.review
  • Price: $37
  • Recommended? No

The 30-Day Success Club started as a way for the lady and her daughter to get by. They started collecting free samples of things like laundry detergent and other household items and food. Photo of a beautiful blue Lamborghini


The next thing you know the lady has a thriving online business working from home and growing so fast she became a millionaire in 90 days ! And now she is sharing the secret of what she is doing “absolutely free”, but it will cost you $37 on ClickBank!

I suppose at this point we should be glad that she wasn’t charging for the product, because there is no telling what it might cost if $37 is actually considered free !

Then there is the Beautiful Lamborghini ! The same tactic that countless online entrepreneurs use to get your attention and make you listen to what they are saying, because “it must work really good if they can afford a Lamborghini! ”

YouTube is really big on the Lamborghini Thumbnails and click bait!

There are a few legitimate entrepreneurs like Tai Lopez who are so mega successful that they have a fleet of super cars! But most of these average Joe rent these cars for their video shoots.

If all else fails tell the people they will be a millionaire and have a Lamborghini if they pay you!

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My initial thoughts on 30-Day Success Club

My initial thoughts of the 30-Day Success Club are mixed at best ! The curiosity of what the lady did to supposedly earn a million bucks in 90 days is intriguing, but at the same time, I’m really hoping that this isn’t a scam! Military funeral of the husband or the lady who created 30 Day Success Club

The entire sad story of how this lady’s husband was killed in battle and the subsequent hard times she endured needs to be true ! That is some really bad karma if this whole thing were to be made up!

The video sales letter plays like a Hollywood script of tear jerking moments that quite honestly are too emotionally charged to be completely fake. Or at least I hope it’s not fake, because it takes a pretty low person to make something like that up in order to sell a product!

Let’s continue, because I am interested at this point!

How does 30 day success Club work?

It actually took some time to learn how the product works ! Even after you make the purchase, it’s like a well-kept secret that the lady and her “team” don’t want to talk about! photo of a large pile of money that 30 Day Success Club states you can make millions every year with their product

But after some watching the truth comes out! The entire premise is an affiliate marketing gig that is somewhat similar to what I do, so I am suddenly every qualified to complete this review, and it’s not pretty!

Remember how I just told you that this product was similar to what I do in affiliate marketing? That was actually way too nice! You see This product targets people who know nothing about websites.

But I know a thing or two, so I will be diving deep into why the websites that this product produces, and trust me they will never see the light of day! The basics are there, but the important stuff Like SEO are an afterthought!

With the way these websites are built, optimized and promoted you will be very lucky if you can get a cup of coffee at Starbucks let alone make a million dollars in 90 days !

There is simply a lot more that goes into a wesbite than just putting one up and clicking publish! The content on the website has to be quality content that is both relevant and helpful. And just as important the website has to be optimized for SEO so that the search engines can crawl your website and know exactly what it is about and what your content is about!

Building and optimizing a website isn’t difficult for a beginner as long as that beginner has some training and support along the way! It is possible to be self-taught and be successful, but it will take you much, much longer to learn, because in a case like this you don’t know what you don’t know.


The possibilities of making money with a product like this

The real question here is what are the possibilities of actually making money with what you learn in 30-Day Success Club.

Photo of pennies which is likely what you will earn with a product like 30 Day Success ClubI hate to break it to you, but like I told you earlier, the possibilities of making the kind of money that is being talked about here is nearly impossible with the vague information that is contained in the product it’s self and depending on a website that has no traffic means that you will likely have to buy traffic to make money, which can be a dangerous place for a beginner with little information! You can lose a lot of money very quickly if you aren’t very careful!

The basic elements are there, but the nuts and bolts of affiliate marketing are left severely lacking to say the least!


How 30-Day Success Club Really works

The rage these days with offers like this one is to incorporate a simple website builder within the memebrs thatonly needs some simple data input by you. Your site will be created for you with products that you can promote and earn money from the Picture of the claims made by 30 Day Success clubcommissions.

You see affiliate marketing works by promoting other people’s products. When someone comes to that promotion and buys the product the affiliate marketer gets a commission from the sale. The affiliate never has anything to actually do with the product other that promoting it. He or she is just simply the middle man.

But the name of the game is traffic once again, and I just don’t see a plausible way to get that traffic with the websites in 30 Day Subccess Club! With no traffic there are no conversions, and with no conversions there are no sales which means no commissions! In fact the only one likely to be getting sales if the peson that is selling you 30-Day Success club!


Make Money Online offers at ClickBank!

ClickBank is the marketplace that is has 30-Day Success Club for promotion by affiliates. The affiliate enters their ClcikBanksample photo of the affiliate sign up to promote 30 Day Success Club within the ClickBank marketplace I.D. and then gets an affiliate link to promote these offers. The promotions are done with affiliate tools that are supplied by the seller of the product in the affiliates page.

The affilliate will get banners, e-mail swipes and other tools from the affiliate page and promote the product with the help of these tools.

In my opinion, most of the products or services with the items found in the E business- E marketing niche are scams or very low quality, that is the simple reason I don’t promote these items that are found in this niche.

But many affiliate marketers will put the money ahead of value in the value chain and promote anything that has a dollar amount attached to it. That is how your inbox gets filled with these low quality offers!

The ClickBank platform is wide open! So anyone that signs up for a free account at ClickBank can find an offer and get an afffiliate link and start spamming it to inboxes and social media within 5 minutes and have no idea what it is about and has never even tested it or used the product or service!

How legitimate Affiliate marketing works

The steps remain the same to an extent with real affiliate marketers with slight variations and one big one! The big one is offering value up front, and only promoting products and services you believe in!

Patience is the key, and without it the only way to generate sales for the promotion you are working on is by paying for traffic or spamming affiliate links.

The best course of action is with a web built and well represented website that has been optimized toget high search engine rankings and therefore free traffic.But that free traffic is only there because you have given value and built your audience This is a picture of a siogn that points twoo different directions , right and wrongthrough honest means and helping with problems and problem solving content.

A real affiliate marketer would not think of using underhanded means to promote a low quality product or scam! The time taken to build your audience and the trust that has been earned is far too important!

That is why the people who usually promote these low quality scams use CPA (Cost per action) traffic like Solo Ads and E mail spamming to get eyes on the product.

Another great source of marketing traffic is YouTube. And like everything else the legit marketers use YouTube just like the scammers ! Traffic on YouTube is quicker to build and takes less time in many cases. That is why you hear a lot of marketers shouting the praises of YouTube! But actually a YouTube channel that compliments a website is the best idea, and one that will build a long-lasting relationship with your audience and subscribers if you treat them with respect.

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In Conclusion

We have looked at the offer known as 30-Day Success Clubs and what it claims versus what it delivers, and quite honestly it has failed to impress!

You might be able to make small amounts of money, but nothing close to what they claim, and certainly not the kind of money that will help you quit your job and do affiliate marketing full time and make a passive income !

I can’t make the claim that 30-Day Success Club is a complete scam! But I can say that I would never think of suggesting this program to anyone on my website!

I ended this article/ review by inviting you to check out the #1 way ti make money online, because I not only believe in it, but it’s also how I started in affiliate marketing and still use it today!

Thank you for reading this review of 30-Day Success Club ! Any comments, questions, or suggestions that you have would be greatly appreciated! I use the feedback to better serve my audience.

Have a great day!







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2 thoughts on “What Is 30 Day Success Club- You Will Be Shocked!”

  1. Hi Mike Thank you for the useful information. There are so many sites out there promising big riches it is often just overwhelming. It almost seems to be a given that if the site is not that good that they seem to like to flash the expensive car. It would take forever to go through all these scamming sites so it is nice to have people like you do some of the work for us. Much appreciated.

    1. Thanks for your comment Maureen !

      Be careful when searching out make money online opportunities online ! Most I have found are nothing of value or scams! If you are interested in getting started online I strongly suggest you check out the link I provided ! I have used the exact same training and community for quite some time witn spectacular results ! 

      Have a great day !


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