What are sales funnels? A way to kick it up a notch!

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Sales funnels can be the difference !

When I first got started I went to YouTube and searched, What are sales funnels? What I got was a myriad of reviews and videos driving traffic to a sales page to purchase a service that helps in the creation of sales funnels with design of landing pages .

I was looking for more than that so I did a Google search for what are sales funnels again.

I received more help with what I needed to do and services to help with sales funnels. But I was a complete greenhorn and had no idea what a sales funnel was. I didn’t know what a landing page was and didn’t know how I could use one if I found out what they were. I was green !

But after some time and effort, I finally put all the info together in a way that my brain could comprehend !

Building a sales funnel to support your affiliate Marketing business is almost mandatory at some point, in order to take advantage of the best possible means of running that business to its potential.

It would be nice if some of the reviewers and companies that sell the service would be a little more explanatory, and a little less salesy !

The easy to use platform at ClickFunnels has completey changed the way funnels are built ! It has taken what was once a labor intensive, costly and time consuming task of creating intricate sales funnels and turned it into a do it yourself easy, drop and drag format that pretty much anyone can use to create funnels!

From a simple landing page funnel to collect opt-in e mail to advanced multi-layer funnels Click Funnels is the way to go to optimize any online or physical business!

Picture instructing to learn more about starting an online business

Sales Funnels and your business

Building a website and blogging is important! Starting a YouTube Channel and/ or podcast is important! Having a social media presence is important! But building a sales funnel and opt-in list is perhaps the most important part of building an online business. At least if you want to make a real income from it!

Sales funnels are an important aspect of each item you promote for sale in your affiliate marketing business.

By using sales funnels you have the opportunity to engage a potential client or customer and invite them to click on a banner or link that takes them to a landing page, or opt- in page.

Once the potential customer has reached that page they have the option to watch a video explanation of the product, and / or opt- in to your e-mail list for further relevant content such as and E book updates, tips, tricks, hacks etc. In exchange for the relevant content they subscribe and give you their e-mail address.

The opt – in page completion will then take the client/customer to a sales page where they have the option to purchase the promotion of a relevant and helpful product.

But even if they don’t choose to purchase the item you are promoting, you now have them as a subscriber, and they are now part of a very targeted traffic source for further promotions and even a re-evaluation of the original offer.

Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s useless!

The freebie or free content that you offer in exchange for an e-mail address should be of very high quality!

Some of the strongest freebies to offer your potential customer / client is content such as an E book, cheat sheet, list or video.

But regardless of what the freebie is, it needs to be helpful to your customer/ client! Not just a rag tag useless trick to acquire an E mail address. You don’t want to be that guy!

Remember these are people whom you want to partner with in the future and they must be treated with honesty and respect and in a helpful way. That unsubscribe button can end your relationship as fast as it started!

After all helping other people who share the same interest or passion within your niche has to be the #1 purpose for your business. And it isn’t that difficult! Helping others becomes infectious after a very short time!

Sales Funnel plans

There are ways to build your own sales funnels. But in order to do this, you should keep in mind that they should be attractive as well as convert your audience from a reader to a purchaser. The design is very important!

Studies have been done such as split testing and analytics that indicate the designs that convert the best! There has even been tons of research into colors of your landing pages and sales pages.

For instance, it has been revealed through this research that a yellow opt-in button is 11% better conversion and converts the best, and green is the number 2 color.

Not all that long ago, building a sales funnel manually could take 4-8 weeks for a company to do the market research and complete the designs!

So you can see the vast complications with building sales funnels for 4 products as a modern day affiliate marketer. Modern programs and software applications have made a monumental change in how highly convertible sales funnels are built! Now that 4-8 weeks ordeal can be done in as little as 30 minutes after a marketer becomes familiar and gets the hang of using these modern systems!

Split testing several keyword phrases, banners, or other items that effect conversion can be accomplished quite easily with modern funnel services such as Click Funnels and Lead Pages.

While there are other services these are the two I consider to be the best. But I strongly suggest that each person use the free trials at each to determine which they like the best for their needs

Who should use sales funnels?

Everyone who plans to use online business as a means of passive income should plan at some point to launch a sales funnel plan! Not only is it more focused to increasing sales and up sells, but it’s also more focused towards providing help and answering the questions of your audience and your niche!

Sales funnels are a huge asset in building your e-mail list, which is extremely valuable in online business, and communicating ideas and offering help, up sells, and further growing your relationship with your audience, and proving yourself as you gain trust for all these business plans!



In this article we have discussed sales funnels and the means of creating them, as well as their uses. I would highly suggest that everyone develope a plan for your sales funnels.

Without using highly converting sales funnels, you will absolutely leave money on the table. And depending on your plans and type of business you may well need a good sales funnel system to make any meaningful amount of money at all!

Thanks to you for taking the time to read my post on sales funnels. I truly appreciate it!

If you have further questions, or comments please leave them in the comment section below !

Have a wonderful and blessed day!






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7 thoughts on “What are sales funnels? A way to kick it up a notch!”

  1. Thanks for educating me about sale funnels, pretty essential I guess for a future endeavor in the online marketing world. So this is technically trying to convince your reader with more researched evidence that what you are providing it’s pretty much legitimate for your niche content. Thanks for sharing those two websites I will take in consideration in the future.

  2. Hi There!
    I am a newbie (6 months) to this field and was wondering what are sales funnel? I know email opt-in but now I came to know that both are the same. I am using Mail Chimp for this purpose and do you feel that Clickfunnel can do better.?Thanks for giving the color of the opt-in form which can give more subscribers.

    1. Thank you for your comment sir !

      A sales funnel works with your auto responder. And makes the process of collecting e mails, sales and back end sales much more efficient. 

      For instance , if you have a freebie you are giving away for someone’s e mail, when they click on the button the system sends them to a landing page, where you can direct them to a sales page with another call to action button. That will take them to a sales page where you can then offer them a product. It can be your priduct, a clickbank or Amazon product or whatever you are promoting. Then as part of the funnel they either buy or dont. If they don’t you can send them to another offer that may be cheaper or whatever. 

      There are many ways to set up sales funnels. But the best thing to do is model one that is already out there..Not copy it, model it. You can check the conversions on the sales of the competitors funnel and use the same type layouts etc. 

      If you want more instruction on different funnels check out cluckfunnels.com they are the masters!


  3. I think converting reader to a purchaser is a really big step and I am wondering whether I am doing a good job or not. I will definitely switch green button to yellow. However what is a good conversion ratio? I could not find a decent answer for it and does the subject really matter?

    1. Thanks for your comment Furkan!

      Conversion ratios are a really good subject ! There are usually affiliate help in promotions on sites such as Clickbank. You can find out the usual conversion ratio and try to get close to it. Then by split testing your landing pages and sales pages you can test what converts the best and tweak your funnel for improved conversions .


  4. Hi Mike, I found this article to be really helpful. I had no idea about the importance of the colour of the opt-in button. Very interesting and incredible to think that something so simple could have that effect on the amount of sign ups.

    I am in the process of setting up a YouTube channel. Do you recommend the channel to be in my own name or the name of my website?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Whether the cannel is in your name or website name is your call. I chose to put mine in my name for branding purposes. 

      I have 3 websites that I do co-content with between the websites and YouTube. The niches are hunting, online business training, and CNC Maintenance . I didn’t want to make it WildWerx after my first site knowing that the others were coming. So I chose to brand all three sites with my YouTube account under my name.

      Did this help you?


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