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In the online world traffic is the big subject ! Nothing you do online or offline will come too much without that coveted traffic! In this Udimi Review we will talk about a lesser known traffic source and a way to grow your list fast!Udimi Review- Grow your list fast!

So sit back and follow along as I share with you an inexpensive traffic source that I have used to add subscribers to my e-mail list as well as get sales on some of my promotions!




What is Udimi

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Udimi is a website where people with large e-mail lists sell e-mail promotions

These e-mail promotions are CPA (Cost per action) promotions called Solo Ads. And the traffic is predominantly in the make money online niche.

Solo ads are some of the least expensive versions of paid advertising or paid traffic a can be very effective when you have a product or service promotion and want to grow your e-mail list !

  • Name: Udimi
  • Website:https://udimi.com/
  • Price: Free to sign up – Pay for campaigns as you go ( More on this in the review)
  • Recommended? Yes
  • Rating: 92 out of 100

Using Solo Ads to promote affiliate products and services as well as build your e-mail list can be a very effective tool, especially to the beginner who has built a website and is waiting for rankings to send traffic their way!

I know all levels of internet marketers and e-commerce website owners who use solo ads to bolster their traffic and start growing their e-mail list ahead of the traffic curve!

Udimi Review

Udimi review and how I got started


Pros and cons of Udimi solo ads

It is my opinion that the pros far outweigh the cons when it comes to Udimi solo ads! But after reading this honest review, I suggest that you make your own decision use the paid traffic methods that best work for you.


  • Literally anyone can use Udimi solo ads and get set up for your first campaign in minutes !
  • You control your budget and can get a solo ad campaign
  • I have run many solo ad campaigns for as little as $21
  • You can find sellers who have a large quantity of tier 1 traffic such as the US, Canada, England etc
  • Udimi allows beginners to start building their e-mail list immediately
  • The traffic you get is targeted at one specific nich



  • There are people online who say that the traffic you get is not very well targeted, but my experience has been quite good. I suggest that you try a couple of inexpensive campaigns and make up your own mind .
  • You can get sellers from all around the world, so it’s best to do a solo ad campaign on Sunday night through Wednesday night.( I will explain why coming up)

The reason I state that you should send solo ads between Sunday night and Wednesday night is due to my testing.

People seldom open or even check their e-mails on the weekends, so sending an e-mail on Thursday through Saturday is nowhere near as effective as it is on the other nights of the week.

I also don’t do solo ad campaigns on Thursday night because, depending on where the seller is in the world the e-mails may not be completed in time to escape that weekend period.

My favorite solo ad campaign practice is to send them on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. That way I know that they will be delivered in most cases no later than Wednesday or Thursday.


How does Udimi work?

That is another fantastic part of Udimi! It is super simple to use and pretty much anyone can get started in just a few minutesUdimi Review with their first campaign!

When the results start coming in, it is exciting to see the percentage of delivered e-mails grow until it reaches the end!

Usually if you purchase a certain number of e-mails, the vendor will intentionally over deliver by 25% or so to earn your repeat business !


This also helps to get bigger orders because 25% isn’t that many over delivered e-mails if you bought 50 e-mails. But if you buy 300 e-mails that is an additional 75 e-mails for free !

The best practices when setting up a solo ads campaign and choosing a seller is easy!

  • Set your budget (Never spend over $50 on an unproven landing page, test then scale up)
  • Create your Email swipe with the link to your landing page
  • Choose your seller
  • Pay with pay pal.
  • When you have tested and have a 20% or better opt in rate, scale to spend what you can afford.

Criteria for choosing the right seller

  • The sellers with the best list will usually be around $0.50 per e-mail and up
  • Choose a seller that has an average of 20% or more customers with sales
  • Look at the number of solos they have done and choose the ones with the most thumbs up

You are after the subscriber not actually the sale with this initial e-mail!

Research shows that someone usually has to see an offer at least 6 times before they buy it. The fact that they click on your e-mail (solo ad) tells you that they were interested.

Build a simple list of 6 follow up e-mails in your autoresponder to be sent out over the next 6 days. If they don’t purchase after 6 days never show them that product or service again. They are now a valuable subscriber for the future!

I usually get about a 28% opt in rate from my landing page. That means for every 100 e-mails I add 28 to my list. Out of that 28 I will usually have 2-5 people buy the product.

After all testing and overhead, I actually double my money, or close to it, and get 28 subscribers !

My biggest single solo campaign so far was 500 E mails for $250. I got 154 subscribers and had 22 sales/ referrals of the only online training that I support for a total of $517 per month ! And everything is honest and ethical!

Filters and how they work

When you are choosing a seller and getting your e-mail swipe ready, you will be given the option of using different filters toUdimi Review and filters achieve the best results. You can also choose to become a prime member for $19 per month .

By becoming a prime member you will automatically get all the prime filtering options and consequently better conversions. You will also earn more as an affiliate.

It is not a must, to join as a prime member. Most of my solos have been done as a non- prime member and I only recently took the prime membership because I wanted all the prime filters on my solos.


I have noticed an increase in quality of conversions and traffic that has n=more than covered my prime membership, but I would recommend that you start and do a few campaigns before you decide to go prime.



Who is Udimi for?

Udimi is for anyone in the make money online niche.

All you need to get started is an autoresponder so that you can capture subscribers ! I’ve tried several autoresponders and by far my favorite is AWEBER! I tried several different autoresponders and found Aweber to be the easiest to use , the most bang for your buck, and very low cost to get started at only $19.


I strongly recommend Aweber but if you already have an autoresponder Udimi Solo Ads will work with any of them !

Anyone can build a list with Udimi solo ads and get started quick! The expense is directly controllable and you can scale up on pretty much any campaign you want.



The Best tactics and methods to use with Udimi solo ads !

Solo ads are great options for Cost per action (CPA) advertising! What makes them so good is the ease and expense of using the solo ads for promoting products and building your e-mail list at pretty much any budget level!


Let me help you get started with my basic setup!

  1. The number one thing I look for when doing a solo ad campaign is to find sellers that are at least 80% Tier one traffic! This is traffic from the US, Canada, Western Europe etc. In many cases you can find sellers who only have US traffic.
  2. Look at the number of people who have gotten sales on each seller’s profile. I suggest that they have a minimum of 20%, although I have had very good luck with new sellers who don’t even have any stats. These sellers will over deliver best because they are trying to make an impression!
  3. If you are using a new campaign and landing page, never spend over $50 on a test campaign. I personally will do two campaigns at about $21 instead of 1 at $50. Even if you have a much larger budget, stay with the $50 test rule, it will keep you from wasting money on a campaign that doesn’t convert. If you get at least 25% subscribers, you can then throw your budget at it.
  4. If you have great success with one seller and wish to use them again, send them a message beforehand and tell them, so they know to send your campaign to a different segment of their list.
  5. Quality is better than quantity on larger campaigns. If you have a bigger budget, It is best to find a great seller at $0.75 per e-mail and get 200 e-mails for $150 than to find a mediocre seller at $0.35 and get 400 e-mails for $150.


You can become an affiliate for Udimi if you chose!

When you sign up for your account you will automatically be given an affiliate link to promote Udimi if you wish. By becoming Udimi review and the benefits of prime membershipan affiliate for Udimi, you will get a commission for every campaign that someone who signs up under your link runs !

The rates are 15% of all sales lifetime and 50% of all people who opt for prime filters.

These are usually not huge commissions but it is another stream of passive income to add to your portfolio and do so honestly!


My Final opinion of Udimi

My final opinion is that Udimi is a tool that can help you with promotions from the time you start as a beginner and every step of success beyond ! You control your budget and can realistically start building your list for as little as $21 per paid advertising campaign.

As a beginner Solo ads can help you to start E mail marketing and building your list really fast! I do suggest that you start slowly and build your way up as you build confidence and test your landing pages.

Getting started and set up with your first campaign is very easy and if you don’t have a landing page, you can use one of the templates at Udimi!


Udimi - Buy Solo Ads


How I got started online and earn passive income!

I was happy to find tools that I can use like Udimi solo ads when I started my online business! I still use Udimi and have a monthly budget set aside strictly for solo ads. My use of Udimi is as another tool in my tool box !

After I got taken by a couple of scams I was at the point of giving up until I found an awesome online training and mentoring program called Wealthy Affiliate that helped me start a real online business where I earn passive income!

I was relieved because they teach the ins and outs in an easy click by click way that anyone can follow and understand!

But the biggest selling point for me was that Wealthy Affiliate teaches and builds your online business with you, right on their website, and they do it the right way!

If you would like to learn how you can start making passive income online and not worry about scams and unethical people and practices, I would like to invite you to check out the same free training I used by clicking the button below!

Udimi review and how to start online


There are no real get rich quick schemes out there that work folks! And the unethical practices that some of them teach you Udimi Reviewto do leave you feeling like you should get a shower!

The methods and training at Wealthy Affiliate teaches you the real way and that happens to be a way that many people don’t want to do.

It takes time, effort and patience to build something that will let you live the laptop lifestyle on the back end.

With the effort needed you can build a business that gets free advertising to bolster your paid advertising campaigns!

You do the work on the front side and the results come later. Most people want instant results right now and that doesn’t exist in the real world and in any business !

I love what I do and enjoy it more than anything I’ve ever done ! I’m not rich by any means, but I am seeing freedom that I haven’t seen in my life, and earning passive income at the same time!

My efforts have reached the point where my income is rising every single month and I should be able to start traveling with my laptop lifestyle in the near future!

I’m excited for the results I am seeing and excited for you to learn of a way you can do it too!



I want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read my review of the Solo ad website known as Udimi!

We have discussed the uses and how to use Udimi, and I think it is an awesome way for beginners or experienced marketers and online business people to promote products and services as well as build your e-mail list fast ! I have been using Udimi solo ads as one of the tools in my tool box for some time now and have had some really good results!

I usually get 28% opt ins and get some sales as my list grows and my business gets stronger !

I really hope I helped to answer any questions you may have had about Udimi and solo ads !


If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please leave them in the comments section below! Your input greatly helps me to provide great content for my readers and offer value!

Have a great day and the very best of success to you!



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