The Best Training For Affiliate Marketing In 2019 With No Web Experience

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I’m sure that you have heard over and over about how many people are making huge money with affiliate marketing, But the best training for affiliate marketing in 2019 with no web experience is seldom ever discussed! Instead, they only discuss what they are selling and in most cases have no vested interest in the program or your results! The truth, is the truth!

The online world is full of people who will try to sell you on anything that there is a dollar attached to, and I’m sorry but that is tHIS PHOTO IS THE LOGOS FOR SEVERAL AFFILIATE MARKETING PROGRAMSsimply wrong !

If you are interested in the truth about passive income and the best affiliate marketing with no web experience, simply follow along and let me tell you my story!

What is Niche Websites For Affiliate Marketing?

Building niche websites for affiliate marketing is pretty simple.

Building a website on a niche, hobby, passion or simply something you are interested in is a niche website.

In these websites you create blog content based on questions, problems and helpful information that can answer a question that someone in that niche may do a web search on.

In that content you can link products from websites such as amazon or many others to a product or service that will help your readers with their questions or pursuits within that niche. If the reader decides to click on that link and purchase the product, you will get a sales commission referred to as an affiliate commission.

Read on for the rest of the story!

In the beginning!

No, I’m not about to start quoting bible versus! I’m gonna be completely honest with you and give you the details of where I came from and how I started in affiliate marketing! You decide if that same route sounds like a good fit for you.

I started my affiliate marketing business with niche websites and completely with no web experience!

I decided to pursue affiliate marketing after doing research and looking at different avenues and platforms to get started with. The best fit for me was to use niche websites to build my business!


I had no idea how to get started with niche websites or what to do because I had zero experience beyond e-mail and Facebook when I started, so the obvious thing to do was Google affiliate marketing and start there.

What I found was different programs that teach affiliate marketing and building websites to achieve that goal, so I picked one that was really simple and only $189 to take the training.

What I found was a”program that consisted on a bunch of grossly outdated videos and no help beyond that. I would have been better off using YouTube. But I trudged on kind of aimlessly in search of answers every day.


It was slow going and I eventually discovered that almost everything I had been doing was wrong. Then I got lucky and found some real help!

Real Training to the rescue!

There is so much of the same old low quality junk training online that I was very pleasantly surprised when I found a real world training that was taylor made for someone just like me !

I found the Free Training Platform at Wealthy Affiliate in January of 2018 and have been blown away by my results!

The first thing they tell you is the truth! There is no get-rich-quick scheme that actually works! You have to do the work they give you step by step training in and be patient! If you can do that, you can build a passive income business that will blow you away!


Since my goal was passive income ad building a future in earning passive income, it was right up my alley!This photo shows the commitment for affiliate marketing

The training starts from step one and guides you step by step in every step of your journey.

The training isn’t some regurgitated, stale, “same old” junk either! Every step of the training is up to date and training is being updated and added pretty much every day! I had my first website up and running in no time and was creating blog content for the website !

I really didn’t even know what blog content was when I started! I thought you had to be something like a journalist or author to write good blogs that people want to read. But Wealthy Affiliate even teaches you how create content in a step by step fashion that pretty much anyone can follow! To my amazement, it was actually pretty easy and really fun! What I had been intimidated by turned out to be a great pleasure once I understood that there was no High school essay writing grade given! The object is simply to help someone with a question or problem by helping them find the answer!

Progress at last!

I couldn’t believe the progress I was making after a short time and the efforts were paying off !

Don’t get me wrong! There is a time of building involved where you need patience!

I got so caught up in listening to all the snake oil salesmen that are online screaming about instant success and making tons of money the first month, that I set myself up for a reality check!

When you use the niche website method for affiliate marketing, you need to be prepared for the marathon and not a sprint! You need to be in it for the long haul.

The effort and content that you build today may well earn you money for years to come because people will still be searching for those same answers in the future! So go into it with that mind set! Your efforts may take some time to start paying off, but when they do, they may pay off for a long time !

The One Place You’ll Actually Love Traffic!

No matter what you do online, traffic is the absolute key! Getting the eyes on your content is what will start your earning potential to becoming reality! But traffic takes some time!

It takes some time for search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo to start really getting behind your content! You have to build site trust by getting helpful content indexed into that search engine and not stopping.

The traffic key is the one key that causes you to be patient! It won’t happen overnight but it will happen as long as you follow the right traffic strategies that are also a big part of the training and community at Wealthy Affiliate!

The free training and community at Wealthy Affiliate will guide you through everything needed to build a traffic producing website!

What makes Wealthy Affiliate so much better?

Of all the training platforms I have found, none have even come close to what Wealthy Affiliate offers! There are a couple of This photo is the Wealthy Affiliate logodecent ones out there that may cost you $600 or more. But they don’t offer the up to date, step by step training that Wealthy Affiliate offers!

But there are some other aspects that make Wealthy Affiliate stand on its own and all by its self with no one else even close!

The training at Wealthy Affiliate is awesome to say the very least! But when you add a live community of like-minded people into the mix that you can access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, its check mate for the other guys!

To be able to communicate with other people who at your level as well as people who have become millionaires in affiliate marketing is crazy! And what’s more, everyone wants to help and answer your questions !

Even if Wealthy Affiliate was only about the training and live community it would be #1 hands down! But wait, THERE’S MORE! LOL

In addition to the training and community at Wealthy Affiliate, there is a group of trainers who you can access any time by simply clicking a button that says “Ask a Question”.

If you get stuck or do something wrong on one of your websites, you can simply click another button that says “site support” and turn what you may have thought was a terminal mistake into a few minutes of inconvenience. Because Site Support will have you back up and running quick!

Free Websites, Hosting and Keyword Research Tool!

It might be hard to believe that something this awesome is actually free, but it is! No catch ! No Tricks ! No Credit card info required !

The free membership at Wealthy Affiliate allows you to build 2 websites with the training, support, community and so much more for the amazing price of $0!


Over 1.4 million people did what I did and signed up for a free membership to Wealthy affiliate, and many have gone on to create an awesome online business that they can run from anywhere they have an internet connection!

My business is still a work in progress, but I have seen huge increases in my successes and my income since arriving at Wealthy Affiliate, and it is all due to being able to get started right away for free and the kind of training and other help that takes you by the hand and walks you through each step of the process, because I had no idea whay I was doing when I started!


I got started in affiliate marketing for a few reasons, but the center of each of those reasons is the same. I wanted to find a way to earn passive income and create a life of freedom so that I could earn money and leave the 9 to 5 rat race.

There are people who have become millionaires with affiliate marketing, but that isn’t my goal and never has been.

While I earn money in affiliate marketing, my skyscraper is still being built and I’m happier every day with the process !

If you are someone who would like to create your own goals and start building your skyscraper, there is no better way to get started than with the free membership at Wealthy Affiliate ! It is working for me and it can for you too!

Thanks for taking the time to read my article on what I truly believe is the very best training for affiliate marketing in 2019!

If you have any questions, please feel free to put them in the comments, and I will get back to you. If you have any suggestions I would like to hear about those as well! I better serve my readers with your feedback!

Have a great and blessed day!


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  1. That is an excellent testimonial to Wealthy Affiliate.  I am a Premium member myself, and I can’t tell you how much it has changed my business and my life!  I searched the internet a lot before I found Wealthy Affiliate, and so many other programs were just full of empty promises and a bunch of upsells.  It was getting tiring.  Now I have a real program with real owners and thousands of members.  We build each other up, help with each other’s websites, and the learning never stops.  I love the free weekly live training and the bootcamp in the Premium membership.  It really is the best training for affiliate marketing in 2019!

    1. Thanks for your comment and feedback!

      I looked and failed for some time before finding Wealthy Affiliate.

      I hope more people take advantage of this tremendous platform!

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