Survey Junkie, Take Online Surveys For Cash- Scam or Legit?

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I was asked by someone who is interested in starting an online business about Survey Junkie online surveys for cash. Honestly I have had no experience with surveys, so I launched an investigation. I wanted to do the research and find the absolute truth so that I could answer that question honestly and give a review on the Survey Junkie site as one example of the process and making money online leveraging their program.

This was a task that I found to be likely the most boring investigation for a review I have done to date! The reason was that when you sign up for the membership, you then have to go through a series of surveys to determine your profile setup that qualifies you for the best surveys. Subjects from health care, politics, religion and college sports are just a few of the metrics used to create your profile. Once you get that far there is an endless list of answers and choices in each of the different surveys. The subject of one survey may start with the type toothpaste you use and end with a question like, have you ever owned a Mercedes?

I progressed through this setup survey system because I wanted to validate whether the program at Survey Junkie would be a viable option for people who are unemployed or disabled like the person who asked me about them to start with. So I went the extra mile to make sure there was an honest review of the likelihood of using Survey Junkie as a means of online income.

Let’s dig in to the nuts and bolts of the program to check the validity of their claims!

My initial impressions of Survey Junkie.

My initial impressions of Survey Junkie was that it is very user-friendly and super easy to sign up! You can even sign up by simply clicking once on the sign in with Facebook button! Then you progress through a few quick and easy questions and you’re off to the races !

Once I had my new account set up, I was surprised to see the number of surveys available and the ease of the system! Could it be that this survey stuff is really a viable option for online business ? It sure looked like it !

I then proceeded to spend some time on the site doing surveys. Some surveys in the beginning are like a part of setting up your profile, and take a little time. Actually quite a bit of time!

The surveys you do are paid off in points. And those points are the representation of the amount of money you make for doing that survey. As you can see from the screen shot below some surveys are 25 points and some are 90 points etc. That means for a 25 point survey that takes 17 minutes you are paid almost 1.5 cents per minute ( 90 cents per hour) .

For a 95 point (95 cents ) survey they estimate that it will take 25 minutes. And that brings the pay rate to a staggering $2.28 per hour ! After 3 and a half hours of my life I can never recover, My total was 226 points or $2.26 (As shown in the screen shot.) I could not force myself to go further ! As you will see the ring around my point total on the left is about 25% green which indicates something. What? I decided to find out !


Push forward into Survey world !

After a cup of coffee to keep me awake and avoid collecting the keys of my laptop into my forehead I continued to forge on ! When I started this quest for truth and justice reporting in the online space known as the internet, I decided that I would look at all angles and be fair to both the service and the reader ! I don’t want B.S. pushed on me and I am not about to do it to my audience !

I completed about 30 minutes of the next survey that was estimated to take 22 minutes.(I suppose they don’t account for the time it takes to actually read the questions and answers) At about that 30 minute mark, I received a pop up that said “Thanks for your participation. Unfortunately, your profile does not match the requirement of this survey. Good news is that we have a new survey available for you just now: it will take approximately 23 minutes to complete.” I almost did the mic drop with my coffee cup! Here is the screenshot below:

To tell the truth there was no way I was even going to consider starting this or any other survey over ! I gave Survey Junkie a chance and did an honest and optimistic test and it was over!

I spent all together about 4 hours of doing something that honestly I would rather spend that time pushing needles into my eyes ! I made $2,26, but the greatest thing I recieved was a lesson ! I can’t say that all online survey sites are the same, but the research I’ve done suggests that they are very close to SurveyJunkie ! While not a complete waste of time, it is about as close as you can get !

What did I learn from this research on Survey Junkie?

First and foremost, this is the most distant aspect of online business from a Passive income that there is ! To go a step further, this is an insane waste of time ! But it’s like poking needles in your eyes !

Yes ! You can make money! But to be able to ever create an income that is a tangible asset from this is simply not going to happen ! NEVER! NADA! NEGATIVE! There are simply not enough hours in the day to drink enough coffee to keep you awake ! And if you tried really hard and worked 16 hour days doing this, the average of around $1.60 per hour will get you a big old $25 a day for 16 hours work! You can walk the neighborhood and pick up aluminum soft drink cans and make much more than that! It’s hard to call this a scam, because you can make a little money. But it’s likely not going to be enough to pay your internet bill !

There is a much, much better way !

The idea of being able to make extra income from a part time business or full time business online is that it should be Passive income, instead of trading hours for dollars ! Because just like we see in this waste of time survey format, you only have so many hours! If you made $1.60 per hour and had 100 hours a day to work on it, you could do something substantial with it! But that is simply asinine to even say!

Passive income is achieved by setting up a business where you work hard on the front side of the business and reap the financial benefits on the back side ! Sure it takes time! In a world where we seek instant gratification from all things on the internet, that can be hard to wrap our brains around some time ! But All the many successful people online have had to build their business, and it takes time and hard work! The big difference is that in a year or two the guy who builds a passive income can have unlimited business opportunities and unlimited income streams, while the folks submitting surveys are creating value for someone else with little or nothing to show for it!

I started not so long ago with absolutely no experience beyond being the average Facebook and YouTube junkie !

A friend told me about

the best Mentoring, training and website building Community on the internet! At first, I thought he was crazy! But after a while I decided to give it a try with a free account. And as they say the rest is history !

Now before I said that building an online business based on passive income took some time and work. That is completely true. But coming from a manufacturing maintenance background of 30 years, That type of hard work and this type is completely different! It’s hard for me to seriously view the work I do on my laptop as hard ! I haven’t broken a sweat yet and the days I work on the laptop are spent with a t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops !

I just got tired enough of the rat race and trading time for money that I decided I had to do something about it! I was sick of the cookie cutter lifelong struggle, in hopes to have a few years at the end to do something before I die! If I could afford to do it! I’m thankful as I can be that I didn’t find the dead end Survey racket like this, and I had a real friend tell me to build a passive income business !

Let’s sum this Survey stuff up !

I actually signed up for an account even though several people who had done it told me that it was a dead end! I tried it and found out for myself that he was pretty much right, to say it nicely! Are there sites out there other than Survey Junkie that might offer a better deal? Possibly, but I highly doubt you will find one that is worth your time! And that time is the real factor here! There is only so much of it!

I want to build something that I can spend that time building up front and then work on it 3-4n hours a week while it generates a passive income while I sleep, and give me the very real potential to be successful beyond my wildest dreams !

I now have 2 websites that are growing and generating revenue! And not long ago, knew nothing beyond Facebook posts, and YouTube searches. If I can do it anyone can! But it won’t be done with surveys !

Just like I did if you would like to learn more about creating a passive income business .……



Thank you so much for reading this post! I appreciate it!

I strive to provide my readers with helpful and relevant content ! So would you please leave a message in the comments and let me know how I am doing? It’s only with your help that I can make this site into what I and you want !

Thanks and have a blessed day!






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  1. Omg. I think you just saved my life.
    I had heard about Survey Junkie and was going to try it out when I came across your review.
    So of course I decided to check your review out first. Thank goodness I did.
    I have heard that most survey sites aren’t worth the time they take, but had heard that Survey Junkie wasn’t like the rest. Hmm, I reckon it wasn’t a very honest person or maybe they stood to profit from talking me into it?
    Either way I think I might look into this other passive income business you have.
    Thank you again from saving me from the pain and agony of the surveys.

  2. Hi Mike,

    Thank you kindly for this thorough and detailed investigation of survey junkie, it is truly appreciated. Thanks.

    Online surveys have been around since the dawn of the commercial internet – talking about 25 years or so now and yet..never freaking seem to die off! Yet it is incredibly difficult to make any amount of reasonable money from them, as you have indicated.

    – Gotta be a lot of suckers out there to keep ’em going is my best guess as to the longevity of them!

  3. I was thinking of joining it and after reading your writing I realized there is a better way to earn money online. I wonder how long I should work for achieving a full time business. What are your experiences with it? By the way I can work a couple of hours every day.

  4. I really want to achieve passive full time income and you are definitely right about hard work. I want to ask you some questions about it. I am thinking of working a couple of hours every week. Is this enough? Also how long does it take to reach earn full time with a legit internet business?

    1. In would never dodge anyone’s questions about building an online business, so when I tell you that it’s totally up to you, it’s because it is.

      I say this because I don’t know you, and how much you want it. A burning desire and hard work is the ingredients for success in online business . You should always start with writing down your goals and thinking about them. If your goal is to make online business your full time job and replace your present income that is a great goal. You can go as far as you want and are willing to work for. You can make progress working on it a couple of hours a week, but it will take a long time if ever to make it a full time business.

      My suggestion for you is to write down those goals and evaluate how bad you want them. Then work accordingly.

      If I can hep you with more exact metrics let me know. Or if you have questions or comments leave them in the comments section and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible ! 


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