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Start Selling With Amazon FBA And With No Web Experience!

This is an image of an amazon packageI would be willing to bet that at some point in the past few years you have made a purchase from Amazon! If you haven’t you have friends or family who have ordered products from Amazon! Did you know that anyone,including you can Start Selling With Amazon FBA And With No Web Experience?

If you continue reading this article, I will explain how you too can utilize the awesome platform at Amazon to make extra money, or if you want, you can build a business that will replace your 9 to 5 and earn you money while you are doing things that you would much rather be doing than chasing a time clock!

What is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA is just one of the ways that the average person with zero experience can get started selling on Amazon. FBA stands for “Fulfillment By Amazon”.

Fulfillment By Amazon means that you simply ship your products all in one box or however many it takes to get it there. You don’t have to ship the products to the customer when they go to Amazon and make a purchase.

Amazon stores the products for you, picks and ships the product wen it sells. The fees for them to do this is taken from the profit you make on the product, so you don’t have to pay Amazon anything and this requires you to not have vast amounts of capital on hand!

Some people prefer FBM which means “Fulfilled by Merchant” which is the seller. That means that you have to store the product, pick it, package it, and ship it, which is a real pain in the butt! With FBA, you get the product and ship them all to Amazon. Then forget about them!

Neat little side note you may have not known. If you order products from amazon that have the “Prime” designation, that product was sold on Amazon by someone like us who sold it on FBA.

Getting started is the key!

Getting started at anything new is sometimes a little intimidating. So many folks try to learn everything they can before getting started. This sometimes leads to what is referred to as paralysis by analysis!

The truth is that you merely need to understand the basics to get started and you can continue to learn as you start building your presence on Amazon!

The big key to Amazon or any other venture you consider is to simply get started! Continue to learn and get better as you grow.

Let me explain how I got started the easy way! You can to if you simply follow the steps I list below!

When I got Started with Amazon FBA!

I started carving out my spot in online income with what I believe is the best and simplest way to earn passive income online. I began building niche websites and promoting affiliate products on those websites. It’s really fun and isn’t difficult to get started! I will link how you can get free training and 2 websites for tree!

More on affiliate marketing can be found by checking the link above or the button below.

This is a photo of a button that instructs you how to learn more about affiliate marketing


Amazon FBA came in when I wanted to find a way to start earning money online while I worked on my affiliate marketing business. Affiliate marketing takes some time to get to the point where you are making money, but when you do, you can get paid for quite some time for work you have already completed. That makes affiliate marketing passive income! You can make money while you sleep or anytime.

I wanted to start making money immediately so it seemed that one of the programs Amazon offers was the obvious choice, and it was !

I started reselling on Amazon and was amazed exactly how easily it was!

It’s amazing that more people haven’t gotten into selling on Amazon! After all, you don’t have to create a product to sell or work on branding, you just get started! If it sounds exciting, that’s because it is! I will explain more on how Amazon and Amazon FBA works.

Where to get products to sell on Amazon?

There is some work that you have to do when selling on Amazon. That work is called shopping.

The easiest and most common two ways to get started selling on Amazon are:

  1. Retail Arbitrage
  2. Books

Retail arbitrage is shopping for products that you can buy for cheap and sell on Amazon for a profit. This isn’t exactly rocket science because when you get an Amazon Seller account started you will download an app called the Amazon sellers app.

This Amazon Sellers app will give you the ability to scan the bar code of a product and see how well that product sells on Amazon, as well as how much it sells for and how much profit you can make, and you get all this info at a glance!

Quite a few new sellers get started selling on Amazon by going to big box stores like Wal Mart, Target and others and scanning items they find in the clearance section to find products that they can sell for a profit.

There are all sorts of business models that allow you to use retail arbitrage to grow your Amazon business! For instance there are people who locate bulk items that they can purchase on wholesale and flip on Amazon for a profit. When you have gotten started, this may be one of the chosen ways you will want to grow your business!

While I use retail arbitrage in about 10% of my business, my favorite way to sell on Amazon is selling books !

Yes that is right! Those books that you have lying around the house and find in thrift stores and garage sales actually do have value !


There are reasons that I prefer to get started with books.

  • Books don’t require much of a budget because you can buy a lot of books with very little capital!
  • Books are everywhere! 
  • The ROI (Return on Investment can be huge with books! 
  • It’s really easy! 

You can make 6 figures selling books on Amazon!

Selling books on Amazon is how many people get started before moving on to other products. But many of those people who start with books grow that book business and do very well with it!

I found a thrift store where I can buy books 10 for $1! When I found this store, I went in and started scanning books and found some real winners!

I found 3 books on my first trip to that thrift store that earned me a total of $210, and numerous books that earned me $5 to $20! Don’t forget that these books cost me a dime each!

One of the main guys I followed to learn about selling books on Amazon goes by the YouTube handle Reezy Resells .Reezy/Mike got a mention by Gary Vaynerchuck on his podcast and YouTube channel for selling $615,000 in used books in a year! I have learned a lot from Mike’s YouTube channel! I suggest you check him out!

What books are best?

By far the best books are non-fiction books. The books that tell a story or how to do things are really good, but the best of the non- fiction books are text books !

Text books earn the most money through your Amazon business. I have had several books that have earned over $80 each and a few that went over $100 !

Most text books such as college text books have revisions every few years when the latest edition is published. That usually makes the person who purchased a book for $200 the year before a little beside themselves, because that book is now almost worthless right?

Not so fast!

Many of these “obsolete text books” still have great value, ans well as a market that have people pulling resources from the internet that might not be up to date where the school system is concerned, but still has the valuable information that is found in the newest version.

Many people buy used textbooks for a wide range of reasons.

Having a text book to either introduce themselves to a subject, or a text book that one might use to simply brush up on a subject are just a couple of the many reasons people buy used text books!

Some colleges and school systems are just fine with previous versions of books, and people would rather shop from home on Amazon that go out to a book store or the school book store to pick these books up!

I have had numerous times when I go out thrifting or to yard sales where I buy books anywhere from 25 cents to 2 dollars and list them on Amazon for $50 or more!

But don’t ignore other books! Novels and other books can also be valuable.

I generally look for text books first and scan them. Then I pull every book off the shelf and scan them all! This is a picture of bookshelves at a thrift store

I have a threshold of $5 profit set for the books I buy, but I’m considering lowering that to $3 on books that I can get for less than $1.

If you send 50 books to Amazon that are worth $5 each, that’s $250! If you paid less than $1 for that book, it’s easy to see why you should send it in!

The average shipment I send in sees an average book profit of $11. I plan on sending in 250 books per month for a little over $2700 in profit!

My latest adjustment to my goals has gone to purchasing every book that I can make a $3 profit on. That includes the purchase price of the book and fees such as my shipments.

After all, why leave 25 or 30 books at a thrift store that can make $3 profit and only cost 25 cents or so?

Selling books on Amazon is a very ow impact way to get started selling on Amazon! In my case it will remain the bulk of my business on Amazon!

Where to find used books that sell on Amazon?

Books are quite literally everywhere!

You might be completely surprised by your results by simply texting everyone in your contacts list and ask them if they have any dust covered books lying around that they would like to get rid of !


Books are not hard to find at all.

If you get a list of the 5 best thrift stores in your area and ask your friends and family, you may find yourself with tons and tons of books that you can make money from!

You can also go to library sales and come away with some really big scores of books at an amazingly low price!

There is a website that I really like called . I use that website and others to find book sales and library sales to optimize my efforts!

There are many references you can pull from such as social media and YouTube to learn how to constantly make your business better and better and make more and more money! Just follow everyone on Instagram and Twitter with the search Amazon FBA, and join every Facebook group in the same subject! You will be amazed what you can learn and how fast you can do it!

Retail Arbitrage and Amazon FBA !

Your Amazon selling business can go as far as you wish for it to go!

Many people naturally progress to include retail arbitrage after they have gotten a handle on books ! I use retail arbitrage, but it only accounts for 10%-15% of my business on Amazon.


Retail arbitrage is simply buying products that you can get cheaper and selling them on Amazon for profit!

The most common among retail arbitrage sellers is going to big box stores like Wal Mart and target and scanning the clearance sections for things they can purchase cheap and sell on Amazon. But it isn’t only reserved for big box clearance!

I found that Walgreens stores have a section of playing cards that is really neat! They have a;ll sorts of specialty playing cards that are seldom on clearance or on sale, but when I started scanning them I found that a standard price type of playing card that sells for $6 at Walgreens, sells for $14 on Amazon with a profit of $5 per pack and a great sales rank that can all be learned by simply scanning with the Amazon sellers app. I bought 26 packs of playing cards and at the time of writing this all of them but 3 have sold in 1 month!

Another example is an item like cereal!

I found a cereal that was new and unique that cost $3.98 per box at Wal Mart and sells on Amazon for $14 per box with a This is a picture of a type of cereal that can be sold on Amazonprofit of $7 per box !

You may be restricted from selling grocery and toys when you start with Amazon. I was. But after you sell some of your books, cards, and whatever you find you will start seeing restrictions get dropped. Then you have a wider range of items that you can sell!

Certain brands like Nike, Addidas and others take at least 6 months to get permission, and sometimes longer. These brands are big money brands with a lot on the line. Amazon and these brands just want to make sure that you are for real before you start selling their products and aren’t trying to game the system or sell fakes. But thats OK!

There are millions of products that you can sell and aren’t restricted in! Go after those when you start!

How much time and money does it take to sell on Amazon?

That has to be my most asked question, and it’s one that most people don’t like the answer to.

Time and money is really up to you! There is no set recipe.

The freedom of Amazon is what makes it such a great platform to get started selling on!

If you have some capital and you want to start with retail arbitrage you can. But if you are strapped for cash you can still get started and make great money with 25 cent books ! And with the awesome profit margins on books you can make even more! That is why the bulk of my business remains and will remain in books!

Time is your wildcard!

You can honestly use 1 day per week to source books and list them and make some good extra money! But if you want to have a life altering business and quit the 9 to 5 you need to invest some time !


As I said in the beginning, my main income stream is my niche websites and affiliate marketing through that platform. I usually spend 2 to 3 days a week on my Amazon FBA and EBay business and 2-3 days a week on my affiliate marketing business through creating content.

I’m sure some of you are thinking that spending 5 or so days a week is like having a full time job and you would be correct! But I love doing what I do and I average about 30 hours per week doing it! If I want to take a week off, I don’t have to beg anyone for it!


Keep it smple!

You will watch videos and read other people’s stuff and hear a lot about different apps, scanners, label printers and such to optimize your efforts. They are true and I use them now. But you don’t need that stuff in the beginning!

Just stick to the Free Amazon sellers app!


By sticking with the free scanning stuff, it’s not as fast. But that can be a great thing! Until you learn how to get the info you need from the apps you don’t need 2 or 3 scanning apps at $49 each per month!

Just think about it. If you scan 25 books and make mistakes on 10 of them, it’s a lot easier to donate 10 books back to the thrift store than to get a blue tooth scanner and a fancy app. Then that mistake might mean that you have 100 books to donate back because you made a mistake !

Once again books are great to start and build with because of the low cost! And if you do make some mistakes (which we all did) when getting started it’s no big deal! 10 books at 25 cents is only $2.50.

If you start with retail arbitrage and make a mistake on 10 products at $12 each, you just lost $120!

Resources to help you get started!

I will place some links to what I see as the most helpful people in each subject below. I consume a lot of information through video, so that is what most will be.

Affiliate Marketing

No Web Experience .com (Website)

No Web Experience (YouTube)

Pat Flynn- Smart Passive Income

Neil Patel


Amazon FBA

The Bearded Picker


Reezy Resells

Rise and Grind Picker


Raiken Profit


Ralli Roots

Craigslist Hunter

Thrift Hunter

One thing at a time !

I started AmazonFBA and Ebay selling because I wanted a way to start generating income as I build my affiliate marketing business. Ebay was started for selling some of those used gems I find when sourcing books. Like Nike and other products!

My next content will be on how I started and grew my EBay business. But it wasn’t all at one time!

I started my first affiliate marketing niche website and after it was running, i kept building one thing at a time !


I never work on my affiliate marketing business and my reselling business in the same day. If I wake up with plans to do a blog post, that is what I do. I don’t work on that for 3 hours and them switch over to reselling. Each day is devoted to one thing and one thing only!


I hope that you have gotten some value from what you have read here!

If your goal is to get started reselling on Amazon and want to create multiple streams of income I hope you get value from this article !

Just remember that you get out of it what you put in. If you want a new life and better circumstances, you have to be willing to do what has to be done to get there. And I wish you all the best in your efforts !

If I can be of assistance or if you have comments or suggestions I would appreciate it if you left them in the comments section ! Your help greatly helps me better serve my readers!

The very best of success to you!


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14 thoughts on “Start Selling With Amazon FBA And With No Web Experience!”

  1. Emmanuel Buysse

    I’ve heard about this but never went through it deeper. It seems to be a very good thing to have, especially if you’re tired of your job and you want a replacement. Ill consider about this, and perhaps I give this a try. Now, one suestion: how long does it take to have profit from this? Thanks a lot for sharing! 

    1. Thanks for your comment Emmanuel! 

      To answer your question, it depends on a few things as to how long it takes to start making money with amazon fba.

      If you choose to send in products with a good sales rank, they will usually be up and listed on amazon within a week or so.

      The very first shipment I sent in was 44 books. I got my first sale 8 days later.

      If you make it a habit to ship products every week, the snowball grows and so does your earnings.

      Thanks , and the best of success to you! 


  2. I knew what FBM was but did not know its name. Meaning, I knew the description. This was only because ne time, I got a job offer through Remote that was straight from amazon. I would receive the packets that are sent to Amazon to make sure everything that said that was going to be sent, is sent. I would review each item and repack it and send it to Amazon. The only reason why I did not do this is because I wondered if someone would send a weapon. Just kidding. I did not take it because the packages might be really heavy and I am tiny. 

    1. Hey thanks for your comment!

      If there is anything I can do to help, just let me know!

      The very best of success to you!



    Wow! This is beautiful, FBM is really amazing because is just another source of getting income online. Getting products and selling on Amazon is really a nice idea,have always craved to start a business soon with amazon ,going through post and the steps involved in the business is really cool. Have visited some of the links you dropped to get more information  and watch videos about it.

  4. Hi Mike. Thanks to you for writing this great article about Amazon FBA and marketing affiliate. I’m currently working on my first website but still trying to figure out on how I can generate income. Well, you just made it so easy for me. I’m adding the site to my favorite bookmarks and I’ll be looking forward to new posts. Thanks for sharing 

  5. Hi Mike,

    It is a really helpful and awesome article. I never had any idea about FBA or reselling this through Amazon. I was wondering about how Amazon gets the products they sell. I feel interested in selling through FBA. I will check the links you added here for more information. So, one thing I like to know is, finding out the most demanded items. Could you share any tips or suggestion about this?
    Well, thanks a lot for this beneficial post.


    1. Thanks for your comment!

      There are many different ways to find the best products.

      But as a beginner I would suggest scanning products and checking the profit and sales rank to make sure it’s a product that will be profitable and sell quickly, so that you can get your return on investment quickly!

      Scanning books and clearance are the best and easiest ways to get started and not be overly consumed.

      Once you have shipped some items , then start learning more. But don’t get paralyzed by analyzing too much too soon.

      If I can be of further assistance, just let me know!

      Thanks again!


  6. Thanks for me this wonderful article because it has really been interesting because I have got to know another way how to earn more profits online and its by selling with Amazon FBA and another interesting thing is that you can start selling with Amazon if though you are not such experienced which is a good idea and I have also loved the guide lines or links you have provided for help thanks for sharing with us

  7. Thank you for your post. It is a timely article for me. I started my online business for a while now and am actively looking for money-making opportunities. Recently I have a friend in China, who manufacture some products and ask me if I want help him to sell them at Amazon. I am slightly hesitant.

    Here comes your article. I particularly like the description you made on the FBA part. Looks it is not so difficult for me to start Amazon FBA business. Using FBA, the products can be transported directly from China to a Amazon facility in USA, which saves a lot of hustle to me.

    I think I am going to start my Amazon FBA business. It is kind of you sharing your knowledge with us.

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