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Start Blogging For Beginners- It’s Easier Than You Think

So you think Blogging is not for you?

Not so long ago I would have completely agreed with you, if you say that blogging isn’t for you! Not Anymore!

I wanted to create a space to take my thoughts and energy online and hopefully find a way to monetize it, and after being scammed several times with get rich quick schemes that don’t work I gave up!  I had thought about blogging, but dismissed it every time , because I really didn’t understand the concept completely.

Thankfully it wasn’t long after that I started to get past some of my preconceived ideas about what I thought blogging was, and have Image of a typewritercome to enjoy blogging as much as anything I do! I enjoy it even better than what I blog about sometimes ! You can do it too!

Enormous advantages of a blog!

Building a blog and the act of blogging are enormous benefits if you are interested in developing pretty much any sort of presence online !

Sure there are other platforms and other ways to generate a following and drive traffic. But I truly believe that blogging and spending a little time on S.E.O. is the best leverage that the average person can use to get started online, no matter the desired result!

These concepts sound a little foreign at first but with the free training a friend of mine told me about, it was actually what I was looking for and didn’t even know it!

In my opinion niche blogging is the very best way to break into and build an online business !

You can make a Passive Income and escape the rat race while having a blast doing it!


If You would like to start a blog based on your passion, hobby or simply something that interests you, I would like to invite you to check out the same training and community platform I used to LEARN FOR FREE!



You can build an audience with others in your niche !

A niche is simply a specific focus on a passion, hobby, or interest. And your aim with a niche blog is to simply help people and solve problems! It’s really that simple!

My wife and I met a couple a while back. Brad and Yvette are a great couple and they love the outdoors as I do! In fact our same love ofThis image shows a man working on a blog post with his laptop the outdoors is how we actually met. My wife Debra and I went to Cabelas in search of some new fishing gear and a couple of sleeping bags, and we bumped into Brad and Yvette there.

This couple were both very friendly with an almost infectious magnetism that drew us in, and before we knew it we were engaged in a forty-five-minute discussion of camping.

That’s where I learned that this couple had been into homesteading for a few years and were running two blogs based on homesteading and everything in the world of sustainability.

Brad showed me the most successful blog on sustainable living on his iPhone and then a blog post where he had done a review about a year earlier on a solar panel they had purchased and installed on their mountain cabin.

Considering they had no electricity at the cabin, he shared his enthusiasm and the fact that he was pleased with the quality and function of the new solar setup with his blog audience.

The really awesome part was that he was averaging over $700 per month from the Amazon Affiliate links in that one post!

As he opened post after post on his iPhone, my spirits started to soar because I was working in the grinding stage of my blog, and this gave me some solid hope that my blog on hunting too might be successful!

This couple was earning over $13,000 per month doing something they loved and helping others in the sustainable living niche with problems they were having. All this because this couple had spent the time and effort required to build their Blog and affiliate marketing business the right way!

I’m thankful for that chance meeting and the subsequent friendship we have shared since! I was at a slow time and motivation and procrastination had me at a point of questioning why I was working on my blog.

Since that time My Hunting website blog has done very well, and I started this blog at No Web Experience to help others realize their potential ! I am blessed and thankful!

Misconceptions about blogging

There are many misconceptions people have about blogging, and the biggest is that they think you have to be a seasoned writer or that you aced your high school essay !

Misconception #1

Actually nothing could be further from the truth !

Blogging is simply communicating with people in your niche, and doing it in your own words and with your own personality. Nothing more.

Correct spelling and grammar are important, but it’s not like you will get an F on your essay, and you have a crutch called spellcheck that you didn’t get to use on that high school essay ! With that fear put to rest, all that is left is communicating with your audience just like you would with a note to a friend ! This graphic says that anyone can blog with no experience

Misconception #2

There are misconceptions that building a website blog is somehow an instant success, and then when that success hasn’t been realized withing a short time, motivation takes a hit and that is usually followed by quitting at the point that success is building!

Building an online business to gain an audience and make passive income takes some time and work !

Mostly this mindset is caused by so much misinformation and get-rich-quick schemes that are floating around online!

It takes some time to gain site trust and get rankings in the search engines. It’s just a fact of life on the internet, but there are always those who believe that a certain program makes money instantly because a sales page says so. That simply is not true ! These people who are telling you the lies that are everywhere online are saying this to get you to buy something.


The only way to get traffic without website traffic and SEO(Search Engine Optimization ) is with paid traffic. And as I learned early on, using paid ads if you don’t know what you are doing is a risky proposition! I lost a good chunk of money doing so !

You can learn more about SEO and ranking your website as you grow and improve. There is no need to worry about that immediately!



If you think you would like to learn more about this FREE TRAINING on building your own niche blog and making money from it, simply click the button below to be taken to a full and risk free explanation!

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The secret to blogging is great content!

Making great, relevant and helpful content is the key to having a great blog, and the search engines agree !

It used to be that only the people that could afford to pay big money for advertising could get the big traffic on the search engines, not anymore !

The latest Google algorithm focuses more on the content and less on SEO than ever, and it will continue to trend that way. These days it’s easy to outrank the big money people with your blog post on raising chickens or whatever your niche just because yo are making great content, and people like what you say!

If you do a Google search for information about something, the top search results are usually blogs. There’s a reason for it!

Would you rather hear someone like yourself talk about something and explain it, or some corporations explain it? I would far more rather hear the opinion of a blogger!


It’s simple to get started

If you think a blog would be a great idea for you, but you don’t really have a niche in mind, there’s no problem!

I talked to a young guy named Derrick via Skype last year, and Derrick was very interested in starting a blog and monetizingThis is an image of a drone that Derrick started his niche website blog about it with affiliate marketing links within helpful content.

He understood the basics and was eager to get started, but he wanted to discuss one problem with me, and so we hooked up on Skype.

His big problem he thought he had was that he had no niche in mind and he had made himself frustrated with the brainstorming process, because he would come up with an idea and change the idea to something he thought was better before he could get started.

I told him the same thing I will tell you!

If you are interested in blogging, you need to pick your niche based on how much time you can spend on it and how much you are willing to learn while researching for blog posts. You also need to make sure that there is interest in your small niche and that you can think of a minimum of 30-50 topic ideas that you can blog about.

Derrick was still stuck and I could tell that he was getting frustrated when he said that he would think about it and run some ideas by me the next evening.

Then Derrick said he had to go to bed because he had an early morning coming up the next day, because he and a couple of friends were going to the coast to do some filming of light houses with their drones. Niche identified !

I asked about his drone photography and come to find out, he was very passionate about it! He started talking and I started making short hand notes as he talked. He would say something and I would ask a question. This went on for about 10 minutes. When he said he had to go get in bed I surprised him by telling him to wait a minute!

I told him 33 blog post ideas that he could blog about based on his love of drone photography and the question and answer discussion we had just had. There was a moment of silence, and then an explosion of optimism !

This is a picture of a black board with the words think outside the box“I didn’t know that I could use that as a niche” he said ! Of course you can I told him. A niche is anything that you are passionate about, a hobby, or just very interested in!


Anything can be a niche as long as you know just a little more than the person who is reading your blog! And the further you go blogging and the more research you do, you can become an expert within your niche !


Derrick now has a blog about drone photography that is doing very well and an eCommerce store for all things drones !


I’m sure that there is something that you are passionate about or at least interested in, that would make a great blog!


The turning point for me

The turning point for me came with the trip to Cabelas I told you about earlier !

I had been blogging in my hunting niche for a while and wasn’t really getting anywhere. I was blogging with blogger and really didn’t know what I was doing, because all I knew to do came from Goggle searches and YouTube Videos. And that works fairly well ! But there is a problem with it too. Because you don’t know what you don’t know !


I wasn’t aware of certain things that were important, and because I wasn’t aware of them, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. In other words I didn’t know all the different aspects of things that I needed to search and learn.

Brad told me about a website where they would teach me every aspect and how to get everything setup in a step by step way. I am thankful for everything and my training at Wealthy Affiliate has made the difference !


I decided to go with Brad’s idea because I wanted to get my own domain name and give it my best shot. So I went to this website named Wealthy Affiliate and started the training! I was amazed that it was actually free and they didn’t even ask for a credit card or PayPal account!

And unlike most online learning sites, Wealthy Affiliate”s Free membership is free forever if you want it! There’s no 14 day trial or anything !

After you get started and spend some time on the site, you will see that it’s totally on the up and up ! There are no scams, salesmen or con artists at Wealthy Affiliate.


I decided after about 2 weeks to upgrade to the premium membership for $49 per month and haven’t looked back! For the price of a soft drink per day I have built 2 websites and generate a handsome side income that will become my full time wealthy affiliate logobusiness within the next year if it continues at this pace !

The best thing about making this my full time business is that once it is set up and you start making money, you continue to make money because the internet never sleeps ! I can even get affiliate commissions while I sleep!


If you are interested in checking out Wealthy Affiliate and getting a free membership, you can learn everything about it HERE!

I don’t support or promote anything I don’t believe in! I believe in Wealthy Affiliate because You are reading this on part of the proof that it works to teach people to be successful with blogging!


In Conclusion

We have discussed the basics of why you should start a website blog! From gaining an audience and making money with passive income to branching out in other directions, a website blog is the perfect home online !

I strongly suggest that you think about starting a website blog and online business yourself! The freedom of passive income is well worth the time, and once it is built you can work when you want to.

Thank you very much for reading this post ! I would appreciate it if you left a comment, question, or suggestion in the comments section. Your input and feedback helps me to better serve my audience !

Have a great day!




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6 thoughts on “Start Blogging For Beginners- It’s Easier Than You Think”

  1. Hi Mike,
    Before 2013, if you had told me about blogging, I wouldn’t say it wasn’t for me but I would have asked you what it was. Thatis where your article becomes important because there are still people like me to learn from such articles. Yes, a blog has enormous disadvantages that is why I’m still sticking with it. Yes, blogging let’s you build audiences with others, that’s why I’m reading your article. I learnt a lot from your misconceptions about blogging. And the rest of your article is very powerful too. Will you one day develop the different parts? That will be very valuable for readers.

    1. I’m working on a blog content construction strategy post as we speak! 

      Should be done tomorrow ! 

      Have a great day! 


  2. Hi Mike!

    I love your simple explanation of how easy it is to get starting with a blog. I think the hardest thing for a lot of people is picking their niche and devising a content plan.

    For me, it’s imperative to choose a niche that you’re actually passionate about. You don’t necessarily need to be an expert in that niche, but you have to (at the very least) be interested in researching and learning more about your niche area.

    Then, it can be as simple as identifying a few low-competition keywords and writing the first draft. It’s amazing how your writing will improve over time if you just write and write and write!!

    1. Thanks for your comment Tucker! 

      If you have further questions, comments or suggestions I would love to hear them !

      Have a great day!


  3. this post is very informative and written in an easy-to-read language.

    I missed this post when I started creating my blog. And because I was so new to it, I took the help of a web design company to create it for me!
    Now I am only posting once a week on topics of my interest.

    1. Thanks for your comment Sukanya!
      Having a set schedule for posting and sticking to it will be your best ally.
      If you are posting once a week , that is fine. The problem occurs when you have a set schedule and go for a few weeks without posting.
      It will hurt your rankings when you do that.
      Best of success to you!

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