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Let’s talk Passive Income !

Creating passive income takes passive income investment, and that’s what we will discuss here! But first things first !

Let’s be honest and face the facts from the start ! You don’t know much about me or No Web Experience and are approaching the idea of letting me help you get started with skepticism. I don’t blame you !

That might actually be a very good thing! There are people out there that will take complete advantage of people just for a dollar!

If I have to prove myself and earn your trust , that sounds great! 

Getting acquainted!

My name is Mike and I started my online business from the ground up with absolutely zero experience, and am getting closer to my goals every day!

I am not selling you a course or want you to buy this an that from me , I actually want to offer some real advice if you are thinking about getting started in the online world !

I would be skeptical of anything I found online that claimed to want to help me start a profitable business. So going forward it is my job to build the trust between myself and my readers, and that starts and ends with the absolute truth in each contact I have withge you.

My interest here is simply to help you past the hurdles of building a website and starting a profitable passive income with absolutely zero experience.

And the passive income investment can range from free to as much money as you want to spend, as far as money is concerned.


No matter how much monetary investment you make, you will have to invest time and effort. And that is not debatable.

The monetary cost of building your business and earning passive income online is pretty much not an issue, because you can get started for little or nothing! .

If you have  the knowledge to access your Facebook account and upload photos, you can build a website and make income with it, so there’s no issue there either!

But when you don’t know what the first step is, it’s kind of intimidating ! Trust me, I know ! It wasn’t long ago that I was in the exact same spot. I didn’t want to ask stupid questions, and depended on YouTube and the internet to help me, but only became more frustrated!

Were gonna help you out with that, and you can avoid my peril !

A little back story

Like I stated it was a short time ago that I was the guy who would check my e mail , look at Facebook for a bit and surf the YouTube vortex. That’s it . I had no website experience, had no idea what WordPress was , had never heard of SEO and no idea where to start.

All I had was the excitement for the idea of creating a passive income with a website based on a YouTube video I had watched that lead to fifty more videos, and by the time the night was over I was learning how to grow Chickens in Uganda !

The good old YouTube Vortex sure enough!

The excitement was more than I could bear ! I went to the hosting site the videos were promoting and signed up, bought a domain, and was hopelessly LOST !


If you want to avoid the scams and con men and learn how to earn money online through passive income, click the button below to be taken to my #1 ranked way to learn , and do it absolutely FREE!

Passive Income investment and training



Rough Start

I managed to use Google and YouTube to get a start of sorts with an initial post that had some photos. But for some reason a web search for the site brought up nothing.

Then the terminal snowball gained speed as frustration and irritation multiplied finally ending up with saying THE HECK WITH IT and giving up ! .

The draw to have an online business simmered as I doubted I would ever be able to get my first post to at least index so that I could find it !

Then I talked to a guy who gave me a list of books to purchase that would make starting an online business a piece of cake! So I bought them through links to Amazon he sent me. Affiliate links that is . But more on Affiliate links later.

I once again went head first into my floundering web site and online business dreams with $128 worth of useless books ! It wasn’t that the books were truly useless.

It was the fact that they were written for someone who had already graduated online Kindergarten and was well into elementary school ! I was still in the hospital nursery as a new born !

It took several starts and stops for me to finally give up completely !

This is a similar story many people have. They try for a short time and get no traction. After a while the frustration is too much and they give up. That Is why most affiliate marketers fail! 

I did however renew my dream of an online business but was skeptical of it ever happening.  I saved up and paid someone to build and design my website for me so I could get a leg up.

It worked and eventually became a useful tool in my online business, but I was never really happy with it because it wasn’t what I wanted and simply wasn’t me. The guy who built the site wanted $250 just to make a couple of changes!

I paid the guy and I was on my way , so I thought!

Success was very minimal and once again I had to learn another lesson. The lesson was  that there is more to it that what I was doing. Running a full time business and spending my spare time elsewhere it became easier and easier to slip away from what I wanted ,or should I say let it slip away.

Although my dream business finally turned around you can see that it was a very difficult road! And that road was made more difficult because I was stubborn and believed the get rich quick guys that are selling everything from e books to donuts!

I will elaborate on what turned it around coming up !

The online business hype machine

Wanting to some day give up my job and work for myself with a laptop instead of blood sweat and tears made me feel a sense of panic to hurry up and get things rolling while wasting over a year and getting discouraged enough to quit 3 times .

But everytime I would revisit the subject online or through the YouTube vortex.   They made it sound so simple that I knew I just had to be missing that one simple step that would bring it all together !

After all I had bought the traffic strategy that was supposed to fix things and I had gotten my affiliate links from Click Bank! I should be on my way!

I told you I was ignorant, right?

The light finally came on!

I finally decided that I wasn’t smart enough to figure out all the steps needed to become successful. So I followed the advice of a friend and joined a Training and mentoring system called Wealthy Affiliate where they teach exactly what I wanted to do!

Passive Income Investment and training image

It was a breath of fresh air and I have never looked back!

Watching YouTube videos that had claims of $5,000 a day and only takes 3-5 hours a week kept me on the hook . At least until I got to the point of realizing that these were bogus videos and I would start doubting.

Massive income is a possibility but it takes time investment and work investment. You see making money online is not a get rich quick scheme .

In fact anything that is legal usually isn’t . There is no easy button you press and things just happen. It takes planning, patience and content, content, content!

Content can mean many things in an online business . The post I am typing here is content.

Those YouTube videos I watched is content. An E book is content. You see just building a bodacious looking website won’t do much. The content of that website is the real key !

So take those exciting Videos with a grain of salt . An online business is a business where you sell yourself. You take something you are passionate about or at least have a valid interest in and learn more about it and share it with the world in a way that helps other people.

You continue to learn more and share it until you become an expert. Maybe you are so invested in you passion that you’re already an expert. That only helps!

Building a web based online business is exciting and the hype is true! But it comes with that investment of time and effort!

Websites aren’t that hard but are an absolute necessity !

To do anything online you have to have a website. Your URL is the address of you business just like the street address is the address of the business in you city or town that is a restaurant or sells tires.

It’s impossible to run a restaurant without a kitchen that has an address. The same holds true for an online business. The website is your kitchen. When you make good food you will build a trusted business with some time websites are importantand you will see return customers who love what you are cooking.

You can’t put up a sign stating your restaurant has the best breakfast in town and retire wealthy the next day, The same holds true for your online business.

Where the biggest difference comes in is that when your website is built and people are visiting your website you might be asleep, or on vacation while making money. That’s why it’s called passive income.

You aren’t investing time for a paycheck. You invest your time, talent and passion up front for returns later. That restaurant has to be open, and someone has to be there cooking, waiting tables and washing dishes to make money.

Monetizing your website

The key to being successful online is to take the money off the plate at the beginning and offer help and value !

That is what I wasn’t learning through You Tube !

The honest goal is to make money online. It’s OK to say it!  But that money will come after the effort and time, not before.

Like I said, I wanted to use affiliate marketing strategies to build my business , but had no clue how to get started until I was actually engaged in learning how!

R.O.I (Return on investment)

I’ve seen websites devoted to the subject of building an online business where the visitors leave comments or ask in a forum how much money they can make.

I totally expect you to ask the same thing, or at least wonder about it. If not, you might want to think about starting a restaurant. The answer is profoundly simple.

Ask yourself how much money you want to make. Set a goal and go after it. But set that goal with lofty expectations! Don’t set a goal of $500 a month. Life goals should be lofty but realistic and attainable.

Maybe you say that your goal is to make a billion dollars in 10 years. it’s possible but not likely.

I set a goal of what I would be happy with at $100.000 a year and would be elated at$250.000 per year. Your goals might be less or more. Your goals are relative to what you want and you invest. Am I sounding vague? Ok put it this way, Remember the investments we discussed earlier?

What kind of time investment are you willing to make to acheive your goals? The more time invested, the greater your potential R.O.I. Sound simple? It’s because it is !

What you need to do as soon as you finish reading this is step K1. Decide what you think is a fair investment of time to achieve your goals, and then set those goals. If you goals are to make the money for that really good yearly vacation, tha’s good!

Let’s Say goals are a million dollars a year, that’s great as well! Your goals belong to your business. You may decide that you would be happy at $10,000 a year and be an overachiever at $25.000 . But when you set those goals they need to become as important as any part of you business.

This post is a simple one, Set your goals! We will get deeper. But for now concentrate on what you want and if you’re willing to go after it .

Passive Income investment and training

In Conclusion

I want you to succeed! You can make money online if you have an internet connection. If you don’t have an internet connection you can go to McDonalds and soak up WiFi. Your goals are the direct results of your input and willingness to make it happen !

I look forward to future topics as we get further into proving everyone doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to make money online ! Questions or comment? I would love to hear frrom you. Leave a comment below.



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  1. Awesome and straight to the point Mike. It’s hard to achieve something if you don’t know what it is you are trying to achieve!

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