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Passive Income Goals-Don’t Dream Big, Build Big

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Set Your Goals!                                                                                                                                           

Setting goals has been a hot topic for a long time….like forever! There have been thousands of books written about it, Videos, seminars, webinars, and countless Reaching your goalsonline sites and scams based on setting goals. But it is a reality!

Any endeavor gone into without goals is a useless endeavor.

The same can be said of Passive income goals! We get too wrapped up in passive income opportunities and don’t think enough about our goals.

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By now, you have likely figured out that I am a big fan of Wealthy Affiliate! I use Wealthy Affiliate and have had many short term goals met as a direct result.

I’ve heard the idea of goals in Wealthy Affiliate as well as other places that state that you should set a goal of how much money would make you happy to earn with your Passive Income opportunity and how much would make you ecstatic.

That are the 2 goal criteria taught by many motivational speakers as well .

I much prefer to have one goal. And two time frames for reaching it. I’ll explain….

The first goal is the only goal

Set goals for your online business

I am not a fan of setting two amount goals because goals are representations of a dream. If you set a low and a high you are basically setting a default dream!

Default dreams have no place in your new online business!

Most of s have become conditioned to think that we are to work 40-48 hours a week, buy a house on credit, a car on credit, and save for anything that we need over a period of many years so that we keep working with the hope that by the time our bodies are worn out maybe our house will be paid off and we will be out of debt.

Then we can live out the rest of our lives hoping that a catastrophic illness doesn’t come along to wipe out what we have been able to save in order to finally have a little taste of a life.

If that happens, then it’s Ramen Noodles and “Welcome to Wal-Mart” for many. I really like the beef Ramen by the way. Insert smile here!

But that doesn’t have to be the scenario! If you are going to invest the time and effort into creating an online business and a better life you should dream no smaller than what your potential work income would net you, and that’s the absolute bottom goal!

If you set your goals at an extra $500 a month so that you have some wiggle room to make the house mortgage and then enough left over to go out to eat a few times a month, that aint living freind! In fact, you have traded on set of chains for another.

Sure you can keep working while you make your extra $500-$1000 a month and likely build more debt so that you can live the same life of financial bondage, just at a higher level. No! Set high, realistic and attainable goals and push for them !

What are realistic goals?

Realistic goals are different for everyone. I think a realistic goal in my case is to be able to make the same amount of money per year that I did in my regular job. That’s fair and very attainable, unless you have a job like Donald Trump.

Then that goal might be a bit unrealistic. But remember that there are levels of goals and success that are as important as money.

Being able to live a happy life without being tied to a time clock should figure into your goals.

Spend more time with Family goals

If you make $35,000 per year at your job, it’s very realistic to make that in your online business in 5 years! In fact if your yearly income is $35,000 I would double that in my goal to $70,000.

Your goals and dreams are only limited by your work ethic in most cases. There may be natural setbacks, but not goal crushers.

My 5 year goal is $100,000. That is 30% more than I make now. No I’m not wealthy. But I have a pretty decent income.

But why would you set a goal to mirror where you are now? It’s true that part of that goal can come true by giving up your 40-48 hours a week. But if you are going to put in the time and effort for that, why not put in a little more time and effort to reach for your potential?

A basketball player isn’t happy to get the ball past mid court! He’s only crossing mid court to get to the goal. The goal is the purpose.


How do you reach your goals?

reaching your money goals

It’s like the famous quote that has been credited to many people over the years says.” Perfect preparation prevents poor performance.”. You have to prepare for your goals. You have to put in the time and effort.

Time and effort means that if you don’t know what S.E.O. means you need to do some research. If you have no clue what HTML code is, you need to learn it to a point.

You have to get a little out of your comfort zone and get it done. Anyone can run an online business. Anyone can make their realistic goals with a little preparation.

Like Thomas Jefferson said so well ,

“If you want something you’ve never had
You must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”

With the vast world of online learning there is no reason not to do something you’ve never done! Jefferson sad this about standing against the British empire and giving birth to a country in the face of sure death.

The last I checked no one has faced the wrath of a king at gunpoint for starting an online business. It is so doable it’s quite profound! Just do it and don’t let doubters stand in your way!

Don’t succeed in spite of doubters and Debbie downer. Do it to spite them! Give em a big fat ‘Told you so !

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What are you going to do to accomplish your goals?

Its doable folks ! I want you to succeed in a big way, not a small way! I want to help people in whatever way I can to see that happen! If you can take 2-3 hours a day to learn and work on your business the snowball will start rolling !

But there is one thing that is for sure and will be a prerequisite for everyone starting an online business, The Grind !

It’s not overnight and will take time and hard work! But then you will get there if you work hard!

Then your confidence will soar and you will be devoting more time to it.

The laptop lifestyle is my goal. I’m not there yet, but there is progress every day in that direction!

It’s not like your trying to sell one of those pyramid schemes form the 1980s. The fact of wealth via online business has been done over and over millions of times ! Go get it!

I know your thoughts. If you are visiting a website named it means that you’re just like me ! I had no clue how I was gonna get it done either. Now I know.

I’m now in the growth arena. And as I’ve told you there is a major shortcut in your learning curve if you let the folks at Wealthy Affiliate help you! The way they are set up is that they don’t succeed unless you succeed. So you have a vast support and training group to lay it out in a step by step fashion that makes it super easy!

Trust me, I would have never figured this stuff out without them. Well truth is I might have figured it out, but it would have taken me a year or so just to get my website set up instead of 3 days. And then the easy to understand business training starts and your confidence soars. All you have to do is sign up for a free account and your off !

Whatever your path set your goals high !

Set your goals high and go after them wide open ! was born out a goal to help people that were in the same boat I was in.

There is no ulterior motive. Yes I’m here to grow a business. But the goal of this site is to help others. My main site and this site were built at

Wealthy Affiliate. My other site is Check it out when you can. It is the site I have set my goals on.

Please leave a comment below and let me know if I can help you in any way in your venture of building an online business ! Have a great and blessed day!









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