Outsourcing can help with website design and branding

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Knock It Out Of The Park With Outsourcing !

Just in case you are anything like me your CAD (Computer Aided Design) abilities are limited or non-existent. And where I stand with limited ability the act of something as simple as the design of a professional looking logo is time-consuming and tedious.Virtual assistant

Help with website design is always welcome! So when you want that logo, opt-in page, banner, page or entire website, would it be worth 5 bucks to you?

Yes that’s right, I said $5, and here’s how it works!

Time and effort better spent elsewhere.

Time, effort and money are all commodities that I want to spend wisely!

So when it comes to the design and formats of such things as a professional looking logo, I find it better to leave that in the hands of experts that actually know what they are doing and do a great job of it so I can spend my time on other things that are associated with my online business.

And if I can get a knockout product for $5 that makes it make even more sense!

I’m not at all about throwing money away! I’m actually very conscious of where my money goes and where the best places to put investments are. An investment, whether advertising or services shouldn’t be throwing money away.

It should be measured in R.O.I. (Return on investment) and outsourcing design work for a very small investment is a great way to get ahead.

Fiverr.com and how it works

There are several sites that you can leverage to get work done that you either don’t have time and experience for, or don’t want to invest in software to do it. But the bet site I’ve dealt with is Fiverr.com

A partial list of what you can have outsourced at Fiverr…

  • Logos
  • Web Design
  • Info Graphics
  • Banners
  • E Book covers
  • YouTube Thumb nails
  • Videos recorded
  • Video intro and outro recordings
  • Landing Pages
  • Much, Much more !

Fiverr YouTube thumbnail gigs

Fiverr,com is a micro outsourcing site that has people from all over the world selling their work as described as “gigs” .

And the work ranges from Logo design, landing page design, website design, SEO, and much, much more. You can actually use Fiverr.com to build your entire site, drive likes to your website’s Facebook page, do SEO, and much more . Check it out. You can get a lot of work done for a very reasonable price!

A friend had his site built by a professional designer here in the U.S. complete with squeeze pages and landing pages and a one off design that looks awesome. It cost him $3500. All he has to do is post content, and pay his web designer a $200 per month maintenance fee.

When you compare that to doing the same thing with 3-4 Fiverr gigs at $460 one time fee with 1 year maintenance and you’ll see the value of getting the work done at Fiverr.

You may be asking how the designers at Fiverr can do it so much cheaper than a state side designer. That is super simple! The cost of living in Manilla and Pakistan is far lower than what we have in the U.S. and therefore they can do it for far less ! And at this time the question of taking advantage of underpaid people comes in. Let me explain .


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The overseas outsourcing questions

Its kind of natural for people to assume that a lady in Manilla in the Philippines is being taken advantage of by Fiverr. Not at all. Fiverr.com makes $1 off most all gigs that are done as their commision.The person who is creating the gig makes the full $5 or $10 so the purchaser pays an extra dollar. If you buy a $5 gig it will total $6.

Now lets look at the Philippines as an example. In the Philippines the cost of living is very low! The average income in the city of Manilla is $207 per month.

A construction worker earns an average $180 per month and a brain surgeon makes an average of $320 per month. If a person who sells gigs on Fiverr sells 2 gigs a day to make $5 logos they have an income of $300 per month.

So they can earn more than a brain surgeon by making 2 logos per day! If that is taking advantage of someone, I wish more people would take advantage of me !

The inflation and cost of living in the U.S. and United Kingdom have priced many digital designers and web service designers out of competition. If you live in the U.S. or U.K. I’m sure you would love to pay a fellow citizen to do the work. I would too! But with high quality options available you can get far more bang for your buck with outsourcing overseas.

More Outsourcing ideas

Micro Outsourcing services like you find at Fiverr.com are just the tip of the ice berg! In fact you can almost run your online business on auto pilot using outsourcing! Many more established affiliate marketers use outsourcing as a means of running their business.

There are sources that can hep with article content writing and many more items. Some of these sources are :

From copy writing content, to building an e-mail list and posting on social media, they employ outsourced employees to do most of the work while they concentrate on growth.

Using Craigslist Manilla you can post a job ad. (Help wanted if you will) Your primary goals are that the prospective employee must speak very good English or the language you speak. And they must have their own computer and intenet connection.

Within days you will start receiving resumes in the form of CDs and DVDs with job interviews on them. You pick the 3-4 that sound the best and do a skype interview with them. Pick your employee.

I used Manilla, Philippines as an example because most of these people are well versed in the duties you require, have higher education, and it’s viewed as as a prominent occupation to have an American or European boss. And in return you have a top notch employee that does all the time consuming tasks and technical tasks for you. And they are very loyal! All for $200-$250 per month !

In fact Mark Anastasi, author of Laptop Millionaire uses Fiverr.com gigs and Philippines outsourcing to a science. He has as many as 35 outsourced employess at a time managing all the tasks of 6500 websites. While that level isn’t part of my goals, I can see a definate advantage of 2-3 outsource employees.

How does Outsourcing figure into your online business?

As we all begin our online business outsourcing a full time employee over seas isn’t likely to be a need. At least not yet. But it is an option to put on the back burner for later. Paying someone $250 per month to do 90% of the work can be a huge return on investment!

But even as a beginner, branding and a nice looking home page or web site is very much a reason to look into a Fiverr gig! A professional logo goes a long way towards your long term branding, and $5-$10 is a drop in the bucket!

So have a look for yourself and you might find that the daunting task of creating an online business with no web experience is made much easier with their services!

If you have any questions at all feel free to leave a comment .

Have a wonderful day!





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12 thoughts on “Outsourcing can help with website design and branding”

  1. Great information here, you really broke it down and helped me (and I assume many others) understand this well! This makes me want to pursue other areas that not only could help me, but especially help others. Keep up the good work!

  2. michel duhamel

    Awesome post and straight to the point!
    I used Fiverr several times whether it e polishing an autoresponder series, generating content or creating an e-book cover you can find some amazing talent there and done within a reasonable time frame as well.

    Thanks again for reminding me how great the service is and not to forget to use them again 🙂


  3. I hadn’t considered outsourcing until I read this post. Would the quality be just the same as you would expect than hiring someone from the U.S. or U.K.?

    1. Thank you for your comment Owain! In most circumstances the quality of work is even better because the person that is doing it is using it as their full time job and they keep that job and progress further through your good graces for a job well done. The outsourcing I have used so far I’ve been delighted with and feel that the cost is a real bargain!
      If you have anymore questions or need more info feel free to let me know.

  4. I’ve heard of Fiverr before but have yet taken a look at what it offers. It certainly seems good value for money. We are about to launch our third site and to be honest, it was such a struggle with our other two that I’m thinking of getting some help.
    I really do like the idea of ourtsourcing to a country where people will get a good living out of their gigs.
    We have been down the road of employing a website designer in the UK and it was not a good experience. The site was quite good but it was very clunky and we could change nothing ourselves. We had to pay an hourly rate of £68 (minimum). That included simple things like changing the date and prices.
    Another drawback with web designers is they own the design so to get out of the contract we had to lose the site and start again from scratch after paying out thousands of pounds. Aggh!!
    Thanks for the information!

    1. The inflation rate and stupid politics have priced the U.K and U.S. out of a lot of digital business! When you find someone to do the work as you described, they have no choice but to charge outrageous fees in order to make a living.  Fiverr and their community can do anything you need from website design, landing pages, and logos to full on SEO and Social media for your site . And you can get the entire thing for a fraction of what you paid a U.K. based designer to get your site to the published stage. I would lover to keep that business in country! But can’t really afford to and likely wouldn’t pay those insane prices if I could. 

      Thanks for your comment !


  5. Hi Mike,

    Outsourcing is definitely something I want to look into. Especially with branding as my site is still a bit plain as its very new.

    The ideas you have shared, especially with Fiverr I will definitely try to use to my advantage.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas.

    All the best,


    1. Thanks for your comment Tom ! 

      I definitely think that outsourcing and micro outsourcing resources such as Fiverr.com are a gold mine! The services offered at Fiverr are of great quality and very inexpensive. For the beginner, that is essential ! If you start with a logo and then progress to a sales page template when you start your e mail list , you will save hundreds of dollars ! 

      I have an affiliate link on that post for Fiverr. But if someone were  skeptical of Fiverr, I would still say it’s a great service, even if they aren’t using my link .

      Have a great day sir! 


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