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Is You Targetr a Scam Or Legit Way To Rank Videos And Earn Money?

Much like you I came across and intriguing new product called You Tragetr that is supposed to be a key to getting video


This is an image that is the logo for the is You Targetr a scam reviewsearch rankings by leveraging other people’s video to push your video in front! But,is You Targetr a scam or legit way to rank videos and earn money? That is what we will look at here !

There are many people searching a scouring the internet every day for ways to get a leg up and come in out front in the search rankings for website content and YouTube videos! This might just be the ticket to get those video rankings by leveraging other peoples content!

Let’s see what this is all about!

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What is You Targetr?

You Targetr is a cloud based software that is supposed to let you turn $5 into a $98,000 per year income! I kind of have my doubts about that! But let’s continue.

You Targetr is a way to leverage the video content that is posted and ranking in the search engines to push your own video content ahead of the leveraged content.

Sounds a little too good to be true but let’s look at it! It would be a shame to miss the bus on a great new way to rank videos and earn money with Affiliate Marketing!

  • Name : YOU TARGETRThis is a picture of Jason who created You Targetr
  • Owner: Jason Fulton
  • Price: $12 plus up sells
  • Marketplace: Warrior Plus
  • Comes With a free lifetime membership of VidRepurposer.
  • Recommended? No!

Jason Fulton has many products that are sold by affiliate through the Warrior Plus Marketplace, and honestly I have seen some varying amounts of value in the products that he and his often times partner Mosh Bari has released. Products like Velocitii have proven in my reviews to offer some level of training and experience, although I don’t think that any I have reviewed are very good as standalone types of business plans!

These guys give you enough value to make it difficult to call the product a scam without devoting quite an amount of time to the process, and that just isn’t what is best for me to do!

I answer requests for reviews that I receive from my readers and offer the most honest and telling review possible as stated in my review disclosure. Much of the time I can’t call the product I am reviewing an outright scam, because I am busy doing the day to day processes and content that have gotten me to this point!

I will also be truthful when I tell you that there are very few products that I ever recommend to my readers because my name and reputation is one the line, and I don’t want to be known as a scam artist myself !

One product that I have found that is very similar to this one, but made the rank as a learning experience that I recommend is a product called UNbreakable. It too offers some amount of value in the way that it sets up a set of affiliate campaigns and gives you the traffic sources etc. That stuff is good information for anyone who is getting started online, but it’s not a standalone product that will bring much success in my opinion.

The only review I have ever done that actually showed great promise and is something that I absolutely recommend to anyone is Wealthy Affiliate !

I recommend Wealthy Affiliate for several reasons! Each one of those reasons is based on the unparalleled value and quality of everything in Wealthy Affiliate. From the training, weekly webinars, mentoring, free tools like Hosting and keyword research as well as a long list of other value, it is hands down the best platform I have ever found for earning passive income online, and it isn’t close !


My first impression of You Targetr

As I told you my first impression of You Targetr is kind of the same old same old variety. It does offer some value but is merely a learning tool in my opinion and should be treated as such! It’s not a scam by any means, but it isn’t the most honest and accurate product online either in my opinion!

In the sales video Mr. Fulton claims that it is absolutely accurate that this software can take $5 and turn it into a $98,000 per year income! That is bold claims !


The purchase of You Targetr comes with lifetime access to VIDRepurposer, another product that I have reviewed and found to be somewhat cut from the same cloth as this one. The strange part is that Jason Fulton wasn’t listed as the owner of VIDRepurposer. It is owned by Ben Murray, Rohan Chaudhari ,and Harshal Jadhav.

I assume that Jason Fulton bought the VIDRepurposer product and the licensing upsell, so he is offering it as a bonus in You Targetr.

While I do say that this product offers some value, but I don’t recommend it, the product only costs $12. If you have any doubts you can easily spend the $12 and test it for yourself! In fact that is exactly what I would recommend that you d, because I would like for you to see firsthand what I am sharing with you so that you aren’t tempted to think that I am just shooting holes in the product for no reason other than telling you about Wealthy Affiliate ! That is not my goal!

My goal is to help you with the best possible information and recommendations possible in an honest and accurate way!


Lynne does a good job explaining how people are fooled by online scams in the video!


Bold Earnings Claims in the Sales Video!

One of my biggest pet peaves is the bold claims of huge earnings that many of the make money online products carry, and You Targeter is really not much different!

I know for a fact that it takes time to make money online, because I have an online business and do it every day! The get-richThis is an image of an earning report in the You Targetr scam report-quick attitude and bold claims of huge earnings only discourage people and cause them to give up, because they aren’t acheiving the kind of success that is claimed in these sales videos.

You can seriously make money online with passive income, that’s no doubt! But if you do it the right way and aren’t peddling scams and get-rich-quick schemes, it takes time, patience and effort! It isn’t hard, but it also isn’t a get rich quick kind of venture!

I personally know several people who are successful online and one thing I can tell you with great authority is that they didn’t become successful overnight and they didn’t peddle scams to get there either!


My final thoughts on You Targetr

It is not beyond the realm of reason that you try the product out and then request a refund if you aren’t satisfied.

Although I believe that the products that are created by Mr. Fulton are of decent quality and offer some level of value, I also do not recommend it, because my opinion hasn’t changed. I belive it to be a waste of time.

Right now there are several of the make money online product creators out there re purposing , re branding and reconstituting an older version of the same stuff that is found on many of these make money online marketplaces. I actually wouldn’t recommend those either, because I have done many reviews and have seen re branding with different names and such on multiple occasions!


If you would like to read or scan over several of my other reviews I would be happy to see you do that so that you can get a better feel for what I look for and how I come to a conclusion when doing these reviews.


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Is Online success attainable for anyone?


The online space is a remarkable land of opportunity for success that has only been available for a relatively short time.

The various online platforms that are associated with digital marketing are very powerful sources that allow the average person to achieve success, as long as that person is willing to input the time, patience and effort in building something that can be very special!

Whether the choice is E commerce, Affiliate marketing or any other avenue to passive and non- passive income, the doors are wide open to everyone!

My favorite means of earning passive income is by far affiliate marketing, because anyone can get started with zero experience and education! If you have a middle school reading and writing ability you can earn extra money and even become very successful into the six and seven figure range! And with the right training, mentoring and support you can get from point A to point B far quicker and with far fewer mistakes !

Age doesn’t matter if you want to get started with earning passive income online. No matter how young or how old, you can really be successful based on passion and effort!

There is a right way to earn money online!

There is a right way to get where you want to be! It takes time, effort and patience, but if you are in it to win it there is no reason it should be hard!

The basis for using many of the make money online products that are all over the internet is very shallow in my opinion! They promise the world and they promise it instantly, but that isn’t the case!

It takes time to build an online sky scraper! But once that sky scraper is there it will be standing for a long time! In other words you learn the process and do the work now, and reap the benefits for your work for a long time to come! In many cases for years and years ! But a passive income business like that isn’t built overnight! No high earning business is built overnight, whether in the physical world or online world.

My preferred method is with affiliate marketing.

Now hold on! I’m not talking about the kind of affiliate marketing that people spam links all over the internet with, I’m talking about honest, and ethical means of promoting real and digital products and services through your blogging and/ or Video content!

Don’t strip a gear! It sounds more intimidating than it actually is! And when you combine the knowledge, mentoring and community at Wealthy Affiliate it becomes so much easier, it’s hard to believe!

It’s true that you can succeed without a dynamic training and support group like Wealthy Affiliate. But it will take much, much longer and the chances of failure are far greater! The chances become far less likely for success.

To say that doing it the right way is my recommendation is an understatement!

There are people who get involved every day with affiliate marketing, and most of those go the route of promoting products based solely on earning money.

Earning money is the ultimate goal and anyone who says otherwise is likely being untrue to others ass well as themselves. But the way to get to those earnings is by helping others with information and products and services that will improve their lives!

The internet in its self is the information super highway, and that is what people go to the internet for. So if you can find a way to tap into providing that information, and helping people with information and products that make their lives better, you will be in the wheelhouse of passive income that can earn money for a long time after you do the work!

The best way to accomplish this is to use your hobby or passion to create a niche website where you can give people information and products .

When many people hear the word website they instantly become uncomfortable if they have never created a website. But there is nothing to fear if you have the right information in a training, mentoring and support program! In fact, it is so simple. you can build a website in as little as 30 seconds !


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We have discussed the product called You Targetr and I have given you my opinion that I don’t recommend it, but urge you to try it for $12 if you have an interest. You can learn some lessons and grow your knowledge with such a program, but the likelihood of accomplishing the types of earnings that are suggested by simply using the cloud based software is very unrealistic .

I have also told you about the exact same training, mentoring and support program I used at Wealthy Affiliate, and given you links on how you can get started for free!

I thank you for taking your valuable time to read this review ! I really hoped I have helped you with your questions. If you have further questions, comments or suggestions, I would love to hear from you in the comments! It is with your feedback that I can better help my readers!

I would like to ask you a question in closing, and if you would please answer it in the comments I would appreciate it!

Have you ever made videos for internet marketing through a niche ?

Thanks Again!


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14 thoughts on “Is You Targetr a Scam Or Legit Way To Rank Videos And Earn Money?”

  1. The product name or title seems odd “You Targetr” already. That’s one red flag for me to think that it is kind of scam. But thanks for your honest review of it. And you’re right $12.00 is definitely not a big hurdle to test it out  and see for ourselves. Thank you for sharing such good information.

  2. Affiliate marketing through Wealthy affiliate is the only way to go.  If you actually fail it will most likely be your own fault.  You are given all the tools you will need with all the training for those tools.  how you use the tools and training is all on you.

    I love the honesty of your article because we need to get the education out there to make people aware.  I feel so bad for the newbies coming online that are desperate to make some money.  These not so great marketers push not so great opportunities on people and all that happens is one person gets rich and the other loses more money.

    Lets all work together to call out all these terrible opportunities.

    once again thank you for the great review and the great info


  3. Great read Mike. I suppose that having been a member of Wealthy Affiliate myself for just over a year now I find it has all the resources I need. Somewhere in the future I may look outside, but as you mentioned value for money and the traing here , you just don’t need anythingealse especially newbies to affiliate marketing.

    Good one mate


    1. Thanks for the comment and feedback Paul! 

      It’s great to hear that you have been with Wealthy Affiliate for a year and doing well! 

      If I can ever help or answer a question, my username is MikeC69 . Shoot me a PM! 

      Have a great day! 


  4. The issue I have with some of these products sold online is the outrageous claims of been able to make a lot of money within a short period of time and like you said, when you put such an idea into people’s mind and they get your product but are unable to achieve your outrageous claims, it makes them to quit because you did not tell them as it is that it takes much more than expected to earn such an amount online. 

    I would have to say that from your review, the targetr does not seem like a scam because one can still get some knowledge from the product itself and the price to get the product is pretty low and therefore can be bought without much regrets. Also if one is unsatisfied, you can always ask for a refund. I probably would be doing that so I can see first hand exactly how the product works.

    To answer your question, I have not yet made videos for internet marketing. Although I plan to in the future.

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment as well as your feedback on the video question! 

      If I can be of assistance in your journey you need only to reach out. I would be honored! 

      Best of success to you! 


  5. This article is exceptionally rich in information, this is an exhaustive and helpful article indeed! I must commend you for taking your time to experience every action to revealing these secrets. Although i havent tried you targetr but it seems the cons outweighs its pros which does not makes it recommendable  at all. thanks for the eye ooener

    1. These type of low value training and how to offers lead many people to think that it is easy to make money online or drive traffic as long as you have their course. That simply isn’t the case! 

      Thanks for your comment! 


  6. Hi, Mike,

    I find your review on “You Targetr” very clear and open. I know that not everything has to be named a full scam thing, but sometimes there are products out there which are walking a very thin line and I personally have the feeling, yes, just my gut feeling, that You targetr is such a product walking this thin line.

    However, even though I am very interested in video marketing myself I wouldn’t, personally, go for it and yet, I am curious though to spend the $ 12 to see what it is all about.

    I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate for over 4 years and I really learned so much about affiliate marketing and with lots of hard work turn it into success, which still can be improved. 🙂

    I thank you for the review and I will think about if I check it out, just for the fun. 

    I will let you know for sure what I have experienced.

    Thank you for sharing


    1. Thank you for your comment! 

      I am glad you was able to get some insight and help through the article! 

      Best of success to you! 


  7. The You Targertr on line marketing business, I don’t see it as a legit business. It may have its way of learning process. I see You targetrtr online business like a viral pay that does not mean well for its customers but to extort them. There are several ways of making money online through product creators repositioning, rebranding and reconstituting an older vision of the same stuff. There is a right way to get where you want to be. It takes time, effort and patience but if you are in it to win, there is no reason it should be hard. Note please, I have never made videos for internet market through a niche before.

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment! 

      I look forward to bringing more and more helpful content such as “how to” and review based content! 

      If you need any help or have a question, please feel free to let me know! 


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