Is Video Profit Machines 2.0 A Scam? Or True Viral Traffic Software?

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Wow ! It sounds like Video Profits Machine 2.0 might be a great way to drive traffic with the use of videos uploaded to instant viral traffic sources in minutes! Or is Video Profit Machines 2.0 a SCAM? Obviously, I’m not the only person who wants to know!

This image is the logo for Video Profit Machines with a tag line that reads is it a scam or legit

It would be so awesome to be able to drive traffic easily and in such a short amount of time ! I imagine that you think the same thing and that’s why you are here right? OK then! Let’s have a real and honest look at what is in Video Profit Machines 2.0 and find out the truth ! Let's get into it graphic

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So, What is Video Profit Machines 2.0 ?

Video Profit Machines 2.0 is a cloud based software that allows you to download images and create video slide shows that you can the share on social media to gain highly targeted traffic! Sounds great huh?

Let’s continue with a closer look !



  • Product: Video Profit Machines 2.0Picture of the 4 guys having great luck with Video Profit Machines 2.0
  • Creators- David Kirby
  • Price- $17
  • Marketplace- JVZoo


First Impressions of Video Profit Machines 2.0

It took a few minutes to get a first impression of the system at Video Profit Machines 2.0 ! Let me explain…

When I’m doing my research and reviews the first step is to always check the affiliate page and sales page so that I can seeCover photo of Video Profit Machines 2.0 the promises made and get a feeling of what the overall experience is before making the purchase .

Video Profit Machines 2.0 has an incredibly professional looking affiliate page and it gave me the impression that this product or service might actually be the real deal!

Then I came to the button labeled CLICK HERE to see sales page, and the wheels fell off the bus ! The button took me to a sales page called Viral commission Machines!

My first thought was that something went wrong. So I refreshed the page and did it again with the same result!

And after some looking around and doing some online research I found that Viral Commission Machines was released several months ago. Then I found that the release date for Video Profit Machines was 8/29/18 ! The day before I’m doing this review !

Image of the ssame product with different branding

So iyt appears as though Viral Commission Machines didn’t do very well on its release and subsequent several months online, and now they are attempting to re- release it with some different branding called Video Profit Machines 2.0!

This is not a good first step towards proving their product as being legit !

I was a bit confused, but I continued on to start gathering information for the review.

I wonder if they considered this before it went live just 24 hours ago?

Oops !




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More crazy issues with Video Profit Machines!

I can’t seem to find out what the price is oddly enough!

Price button of $17.00There were 3 different prices! They were all only a few dollars apart in amount, but it’s strange that they would have a different price in 3 places on the sales page!

Another price tag of $19




And of course the Up Sell Funnel!

Pretty much every product or service in the make money online niche has a very low or free entry level, but the Up Sells are very pricey and the system usually has no chance of working without the Up Sells. One of the biggest up sell offers I have reviewed was Four Percent Challenge.

But make no mistake ! This product is inexpensive on the front side to draw you in, but the back side will go after your wallet hard!

List of up sells

The up sells on the back end are always where the money is made ! Some programs will give you the initial offer or sell it for a ridiculously small amount like $1 to get you on the hook. Then they reel you in with the back end !

I have a suspicion that one of the up sells will be Click Funnels. Or it may just be that Click Funnels is part of what they tell you that you will need to succeed and then they will give you an affiliate link so that you can sign up with their Click Funnels affiliate ID.

Why do I bring up Click Funnels you ask?

One of the sales pages has a video explaining to you how to set up an opt-in page and it’s a YouTube Click Funnels video !

YouTube video of Click Funnels



This type of tactic is not unusual !

Most of the reviews I have done on these typos of products and services in the make money online niche have the same type of motive to offer you little value for your money on the front side and then barely any value for a lot of money on the back side!

Here are just a few of the reviews I speak of:

I’ve often wondered why some of these “creators” of these products and services don’t try something new! It seems like constant 3-8% conversions would get a little old after some time ! It really seems like the one who broke away from the pack with something of actual value and sold it at a reasonable price, and without up selling you to death would be the one making huge money!

Social media traffic concerns

This product claims that using the free traffic on social media is the preferred method to promote these wonderful video offers that you are going to be taught to generate. And that is possible! Especially considering that the money they are putting in front of you is very realistic! They have claims like $150 per day, and that can totally be done, but not overnight!

Some social media platforms are better than others when it comes to organic traffic. And the type of website plays a This graphic from the Video Profit Machines 2.0 claims that they make $150 a day with free viral trafficbig role in which social media platforms to concentrate your efforts on.

For instance Facebook has changed quite a bit since their latest algorithm changes. Facebook no longer plays well with bloggers, and that shows in simple blog posts being uploaded to your Facebook profile or fan pages.

Facebook treats every blog post almost the way they treat spam! If you have 2,000 friends on your profile 10 of them may be allowed to see your blog post. And I have tested this theory before and found that sometimes no one sees the blog post, even if they are tagged !


Facebook has gone deep into native content and native advertising and it shows that their users aren’t very keen on the idea! Facebook’s daily users have been dropping and Facebook and Mr Zuckerberg even lost $98 billion in one day in early August 2018!

But Facebook loves paid ads on their site!

Paid Facebook ads are the only way to get traffic to an offer as fast as Video Profit Machines 2.0 claims. And paid ads costs money of course!

The other social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram allow more posting content to drive traffic, but they to push the paid ads really hard!

There is nothing wrong with paid social media ads as long as you have the budget to buy them! I honestly prefer free website traffic!


Is it possible to make money with Video Profit Machines 2.0?

I think that it is very reasonable to make money with Video Profit Machines 2.0! I just don’t believe that it is as easy as they claim it to be !

Almost every product I have ever reviewed offers ways to make money online! And even some that are scams have a potential of earning money. But I don’t like the way they propose to you that you can make money!

The three step process claims that all you have to do is login, blast your affiliate links and count the money! This is very funny because there is quite a bit more to it!

Graphic with a 3 step process to blast affiliate links over social media and make $150 per day

It’s not as much the making money part that kills most of these offers as it is the unrealistic expectations and the speed at which they claim that you will make money with what they are selling. Telling people that they will be set up and making over a hundred bucks a day and doing so within an hour is totally unrealistic, without a big, quick and expensive campaign of paid ads ! So that means the claims of doing this with 100% free viral traffic are untrue!


What good will it do you if you have to spend $50 on ads to make $100? Sure you make a profit, but the content that you are making the profit with won’t be good for scaling up your campaigns ! After all, loading some images and making a slide show video isn’t going to be the best converting way to make money online!

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Who is Video Profit Machines2.0 for?

Video Profit Machines 2.0 might be a good fit for someone with some amount of knowledge in internet marketing and that person wants to spend a lot of time of social media or has the budget to spend the money for ads ! But the product its self claims that your success will be from 100% free viral traffic!

This is assuming that you can generate the content needed ad the offers without having to purchase the up sells. I wanted topicture of a man who is confused review the main offer of video Profit Machines 2.0, and didn’t buy any of the up sells! I have done that before and got burned! I’m pretty sure that there are other up sells and affiliate links to acquire those up sells, so trying this program, is at the risk of being hung out to dry!

I would suggest a far better way to earn passive income without all the song and dance of buying multiple up sells and still finding yourself hung out to dry!


My final thoughts on Video Profit Machines 2.0

I never tell anyone not to try something. That is your decision, and yours alone! You came here to see an honest review, and it’s my job to deliver that and let you decide.

If you were to ask me my opinion, I would definitely tell you that I wouldn’t touch this product in any way, shape or form!

Graphic that says rejected

Video Profit Machines 2.0 is yet another product that makes the process of making money online sound like you will be driving a Ferrari next week if you buy a certain course!

This product does have down to Earth and resonable expectations for earning ” some amount of money” But you won’t do it in a matter of a couple of hours unless you have a budget for ads!

In my opinion this is simply another make money fast product that won’t deliver ! Webster's dictionary definition of scam


The sales letter really sealed the fate of Video Profit Machines 2.0 by creating an atmosphere of a get-rich-quick scheme ! There are many get-rich-quick schemes but there are very few people getting rich except the person selling the scheme !

By the very definition of scam in Webster’s dictionary, I will label this product as such! The final decision is yours.

Get- rich- quick schemes never provide an answer!

I have talked to many people who want to get started online that tell me that they “bought a system” but failed because they didn’t know what they were doing.

The reason they failed didn’t have as much to do with no knowing what they were doing as it did buy a productScam artist image that sets you up for failure through unrealistic claims or money and the time it takes to earn money online !

It takes time and effort in ANY online endeavor! There are ways that aren’t difficult to learn and can be very lucrative, but they will take time and effort!

If you are willing to put in that time and effort read the next section carefully!

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In Conclusion

I would like to thank you for taking your valuable time to read my review of Video Profit Machines 2.0! I have gone through the research and given you what I believe to be an accurate and honest review of what is contained in this product. I urge you to not give up on your dreams of passive income!

My passion is helping others achieve their dreams of passive income and not getting hung in scams that waste their time and money!

There are real ways that you can make a passive income and achieve wealth if you are patient, and do the work outlined !

If you want to get-rich-quick I can’t help you, but if you want to take the time and do the work, you can utterly amaze yourself with the results. CLICK HERE to learn more.

If you have gotten value from this review or have questions or suggestions, It is my goal to be as helpful as possible to my audience! Please leave your feedback in the comments !

I hope you have a wonderful day, and nothing but the very best of success to you!


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  1. Hi Mike- Thank you for sharing another great review. I see 100’s of this type of thing online every day and it is such a shame people don’t do right by the online world and give people genuine opportunities like we have 🙂
    So many sams everywhere you look and it is great you are helping people to know what is online
    Thank you so much

  2. Hey, thanks for the heads up on this potential scam, I’ve been looking for a way to drive more traffic to my website and its extremely hard to tell just from their pages and there are many sub-par ways to drive traffic and its nice to see when someone does thorough research to find out which ones work and which ones don’t. Do you have any suggestions on a “noob-friendly” traffic assistant program for someone working on a tight budget?

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment and kind words! 

      The only real traffic assistance I do is basic SEO on my website, Posting blog entries to social media, and make sure I ping my site after every blog post entry. I use Feed Shark by Brain Bliss and Pingomatic for that. 

      If I can help you further just let me know! 


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