Is Velocitii A Scam Or A Way To Really Earn Money Online?

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Kind of strange name isn’t it? Velocitii? I wonder who came up with that! But if it’s half as good as I’ve been hearing that itThe text in this image asks the question is Velocitii a scam is, they can call it whatever they want! Is Velocitii a scam though?

Is it just another get-rich-quick scheme that has little value and a lot of rehashed fluff?

I wondered myself if Velocitii is a scam, so I purchased Velocitii to see for myself !

You might want to brace yourself! There is actually some real value in Velocitii ! With all the scams out there it’s kind of hard to believe isn’t it?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that this product will change everything or make you rich! But there is some good value in it! Let’s take a look and see what all the buzz is about!

What is Velocitii?

Velocity is an online training system that shows you how to make money online. This is a well done (yet simple) video training course and the sales page is stunning. Now if it is only for real and not a scam, we may have ourselves a keeper!

I heard about this digital training product from a member of my audience on my blog. This guy asked me to check it out and do a review on it, so I did! And now I’m ready to share those results with you!

  • Name: Velocitii
  • Owners: Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari
  • Price: $12.99 plus upsells.
  • Recommended? Yes! ( It’s not my recommendation, but it’s not a scam either)

Upsells: #1 ($37) Upsell#2 ($197) Upsell#3 ($197) Upsell#4 ($47) Upsell#5 ($77) Upsell #6 ($97 licensing rights)

The upsell funnel is kind of steep! But if you are interested, you can click no thanks and there will be a follow up offer at a much lower price on the next page.

*I purchased the main product only for $12 and didn’t get the upsells.

I have done many reviews! I sometimes wonder if I will ever find another product or service in the make money online niche that is anything but a scam! I found one with Velocitii!

If you are sick of scams and want to learn how to earn passive income the right way, let me extend an invitation to you to LEARN MORE about the exact method I used to get started online FOR FREE!

Is velocitii a scam? This is an image of a button that says how I started for free

What is inside Velocitti?

Now let me start by saying that I have done reviews on several products that have been released by Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari including Link2Vid and Blistering., and everything I have seen from Mr, Fulton and Mr. Bari has been of the utmost quality and presentable concerning their sales pages and training platforms.

The training that I have seen from Mr. Bari and Mr. Fulton has pretty much always been worth well beyond the price I have paid!

Doing reviews, I usually only buy the main product and never buy the up sells, because I don’t have time to invest in getting into long-drawn-out training and content. But if I were to buy the up sells with one of these programs, I would likely buy a product that these two gentlemen create!


The hinge pin of this product is a done for you plugin that you can install on a new wordpress website and set the integration with the autoresponder of your choosing. The name of the plugin is where the training get’s it’s name, Velocitii!

The Velocitii plugin is a built in funnel plugin that allows you to promote all 10 of the products that are owned by Mosh Bari and Jason Fulton as well as other marketers creators by simply installing and activating this plugin on a fresh WordPress site. .

  • Viral Content Creator
  • Alterzon
  • Loop it
  • Auto Vid Profit
  • Refresh-En
  • Link2 Vid
  • Insta-Minator
  • Profiteer
  • Re-Ka Ching
  • Blitering

The integration are very simple and the step by step training on how to set this plugin up is super simple and fast!

The Training in Velocitii

Free and Paid Traffic

There is also several in depth modules on different ways to drive traffic as well! Is Velocity a scam graphic

Yes some of these are the social media ways that are taught so often, but this product goes beyond where most people leave off when it comes to being descriptive on how to side of the training.


Most people stop at saying Facebook ads and Pinterest ads. These guys really get into the weeds with this and explain many things!

The part that I found most interesting in the traffic section is thoroughly explaining how Solo Ads work and they give a list of the 8 best solo ad marketplaces, along with promo codes and such to save you some money!


I really like using Solo Ads as part of my strategy for promotions, but I find it most beneficial in building my list! This section alone was well worth my $12!

How funnels work and promoting your landing page funnel

There was extra time spent explaining how to promote your landing page with a sales funnel and the reasons that you never promote an offer unless it goes through your landing page so that you can collect e-mails and build your list!

This is information that is usually an afterthought and seldom explained in a simple and easy to understand way like it is done inside Velocitii.

Basics Of Making Money From Internet

This is a basic and easy to understand video on the basics of how a sales funnel works. It is basic but actually good and will provide value and understanding for someone who is a beginner in internet marketing.

In this section there is also a video that explains what a bridge page is and how to use it in marketing. Again it’s very simple, but has great value to someone who may be just getting started.

2 Bonuses

The two bonuses when you buy Velocitii are ”

  1. Fast Implementation Checklist – A Google doc with a simple checklist (Not very good)
  2. Community and Coaching group- Invitation to join the Facebook group (Not very good)

To be honest the bonuses are just free bonuses that aren’t of very good quality.

Can you make money online with Velocitii?

The training and content in Velocity absolutely gives you the tools to make money online. I’m not super crazy about promoting affiliate offers simply to make a dollar without knowing the products and giving them a test drive! The methods and integration are sound and you should be able to make money with it.

I will say however that I never like throwing out numbers the way they do in the sales page, because everyone is different.

If I don’t know you how can I make a guess concerning your abilities to understand and take action on a plan or method? I can’t. So therefor I won’t back up the claims that you can make certain amounts of money with it, but you can make money if you follow along and do it correctly.


This image says learn how I started online for free in the is Velocitti a  scam Review

Who is Velocitii the best fit for?

Velocitii is a good fit for pretty much anyone who wants to make money online to be honest. I see the training in Velocitii best than a tool for people to incorporate into their other marketing efforts, but than a standalone tarining program, it offers real value .

Velocitii is not actually a program that I would recommend if I were asked about the best way to learn, but it is a good deal with some good training, especially for a little over $12!

Velocitii offers much more value than many products I have reviewed that cost 4 times as much.


My final opinion of Velocitii

I suppose you have been able to tell that I think Velocitii is a good product, and I do! I don’t think it’s some sort of Earth shattering content that will change internet marketing or make it profitable for everyone, but it is an actionable product where everything is supplied for you and there is value to it!

There are some steps in this content that I practice and really like! But overall I wouldn’t be interested in promoting theseThis is a screenshot in the review for is Velocitii a scam products because I don’t know what some of them are, and I never promote anything without being sure! My audience is far too important to me for that!

I also wouldn’t promote these products with the plugin because I have set my mind on one certain recommendation that I promote on my website!

I promote that system because it’s the one I used to get started online and I’m still a member as of this day!


I promote this free training and mentoring system because I believe in it and can prove that it works!

Anyone who wants to learn how to make money online can follow this Velocitii training and I’m sure that it will work. But don’t expect results beyond what is in the sales video, and even that might be a little over board.

I have done many reviews on products and services. If you would like to take a look at a few of those to better understand what I look for in a review, you will find links to them below.


How I earn passive income!

My online business and the way I earn passive income online is with affiliate marketing!

There is a right way and a wrong way to build a business and earn income with affiliate marketing. The difference between the 2 are very important! They are important because one way to do affiliate marketing is to provide value and helpful stuff in the beginning and benefit from it for a long time to come, even while you sleep!

What I consider the wrong way is just blindly promoting stuff in hopes that someone buys it, when you don’t even know if it works yourself. This method will keep you spamming links over and over and will never be passive income. But the biggest problem with dishonesty is the same whether it’s life offline or life online.

Lies and deceipt to make a dollar will end with people not trusting you, and you will never have a base of real friends and followers!

My idea of making money online is more centered around highly targeted and free traffic from my website. That is one reason I don’t do a lot of promotions of various products and services that I find at places like JV Zoo, Warrior Plus, and ClickBank.


I have a targeted audience that I try to give content and value to on a regular basis! I don’t send every affiliate offer to my E mail list either. I send them a blog post, video or something every week. When I send them some information I want to beIs Velocitii a scam? The text says would you like my help? sure that it is useful! Not constant spamming!

Then when I send something that can make their lives better in the form of an affiliate offer, they tend to be more receptive to it, because they know that I’m all about helping someone out now and giving away the benefit, then if they are interested maybe I will get the opportunity to benefit later !



If you don’t want to risk being scammed, but you want to learn how to build an affiliate marketing business like I did, the best suggestion I have is to use the same training, mentoring and community support program I used! And did I mention that you can start right now for FREE? Just click the button below to learn more! (There is no E mail captured with this button)

This text in the is Velocitii a scam review is asking for the reader to click the button to learn more about the training and help I got to build my blog


We have discussed the product called Velocitii in this review and I hope that you have gotten the help you were looking for in making a decision.

I think Velocitii offers some good training and there is potential to start making some money with it. But I view the training more than a tool that can help you in earning passive income instead of just a standalone business!

I have also given you a brief explanation of what I do and how I got started. If you would like a more detailed explanation you can Click here for my full review !

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this review. If you have comments, questions, or suggestions please leave them in the comments section below! It is with your feedback that I can better serve my audience!

Have a great and blessed day!


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  1. Thanks for the review on Velocitii, I was contemplating it, but was really unsure of what I would be getting into and whether or not it was a scam….there are a few of them out there.  You have really done a great review with lots of important information.  Thanks, it will make it much easier to make a decision now.  

  2. This is my first time to hear about Velocitii. For sure, there are a lot of materials like this online. It’s nice that you bought and tried it so that people will know if it’s a scam or a real earning strategy. There are people out there who did the same thing as you did. Do you think if you settled with Velocitii and haven’t seen other affiliate marketing system out there, will you stick with it? I know you said you prefer Wealthy Affiliate over this. It is just a question. I’m curious of your answer.

    1. Thanks for your comment Eli! 

      To answer your question, If I didn’t know any better and was just getting started online, I would likley think Velocitii was a great product. There is enough value to make a little money, but it isn’t in the same subject with Wealthy Affiliate ! 

      Have a great day!


  3. With so many get rich-quick schemes online, it’s refreshing to read a review that isn’t a scam! 

    I haven’t heard of Velocitti before but it does seem like it has potential and I like the fact the starting price is quite low compared to most that I’ve seen. Plus, it offers quite a bit of training for the price you pay,

    i liked your honest approach in the review particularly with the amounts of money you can make with this. Thanks for the review.

    1. You are absolutely correct with your assessment Teresa! 

      I appreciate your review and kind words ! If I can help you in the future, please let me know! I would be honored to help you in any way possible! 

      Have a wonderful day! 


  4. Hi Mike,

    Your review about Velocitii is great. I agree with you when said that the best training is in Wealthy Affiliate but is good to know other programs or options to go inside the online business.

    The first price of $12.00 looks good, it is as I understood for the training. Is the training as good as the one in Wealthy Affiliate? How long does it take? Was it useful for you? Which are the up sells?

    I liked your review, it was good to know about Velocitii. Thank you for sharing in your site 😊

    1. Thank you so much for your comments! 

      If you have any questions about this review or would like to see reviews done on other products and services please get in touch!

      Have a wonderful day! 


  5. Great post and indeed it looks like Velocitii isn’t a scam.

    I wonder if there is some program on the internet that will get you rich overnight, I don’t think so.

    However, even after reading this and knowing it isn’t a scam, I will leave it aside, since I’ve tried many of these platform, and the earnings weren’t great.

    I found another interesting things, such as you also mentioned, the affiliate marketing.

    I think there lies the money.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing it!

    1. Thanks for your comment and your input Emmanuel!

      While Velocitii is not a product that I can promote to my audience, it is also not a scam! There is some value to it, and for the small price it is worth a look!

      If I can help with any questions you may have just let me know ! 

      Thanks again! 


  6. I bought a lot of products like this in the past. Also bought from Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari. While their training is good in essence, I have a very big issue with their model (what it was years ago). These guys are launching every month/6 weeks and the products are always pretty much the same with only slight differences. They totally burn their list (Jason used to teach that you should mail your list 2-3 times per day every day) and all they do is promote mediocre products by other marketers. 

    I’m not saying that this product is bad, as I haven’t seen it, but with my experience with these guys I certainly wouldn’t buy it. 

    I do however wholeheartedly agree with you recommending WA. Since I landed there 2 years ago, I haven’t looked back and I rarely purchased any of these WSO’s.

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