Is Unbreakable a scam review

Is Unbreakable A Scam Or Sure Fire$139 per day?

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You might be surprised at Unbreakable! I’ll bet you have seen the new product from Bill Hugall and Kaizen Lee called Unbreakable! Wow! Is this finally a realistic way to make $130 + per day online with just a few minutes a day?


In this review we will take a look at Unbreakable and determine if it is for real or not! I purchased the product via an E mail I Is Unbreakable a scam or surefire $130+ a dayreceived promoting it. After doing a little research and watching the sales video it actually looked legit! In fact, it looked legit enough that I thought it really deserved a closer look, so I bought the system! Here is what I found !


I hope you enjoy the honest review! Please leave a comment if you recieved value from this review!


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Is Unbreakable a scam

What Is Unbreakable?

Unbreakable is a new product that comes from the Warrior Plus marketplace and is starting to be promoted by E mail marketers as a new and fresh way to make money online! The claims are that the traffic strategies don’t use the standard practices and tired old claims to make money.

It claims that there is no paid advertising, no SEO, and you don’t have to make YouTube videos! In fact, it sounds really on the up and up! So when I received this offer in my e-mail I did some research and decided to buy the product!

  • I was thinking that if it actually works I can implement it to create another income stream ! I mean who doesn’t want to make another $130 + per day?
  • Product: Unbreakable
  • You Can Check out Unbreakable here!
  • Owners: Bill Hugall Kaizen Lee and Simple Spencer
  • Warrior Plus Marketplace
  • Price: $12 (Up Sells of $27, $37, and $197)
  • Recommended? *** Yes *** (Read the rest of the review for details)

This Review may contain affiliate links


First impressions of Unbreakable

My first impressions of Unbreakable were kind of deflating to be honest with you. I thought I had found something that was totally different and I can actually used to create another passive income stream, but I was a little disappointed!

I was disappointed because the purchase of the product lead to another up sell, and then another! That is actually nothingIs Unbreakable a scam new and fresh at all! Practically every product I have ever purchased does the same thing!

Most of the time, the up sells are needed before the main product you bought even works ! Bill Hugall said that wasn’t the case here!

In fact Mr. Hugall said that Unbreakable actually works just fine without any further purchase, and that the other products were just to enhance the main product! That was a relief! Maybe we actually have a winner!

The jury is still out!

When I got through the sales funnel and clicked the final “not interested button”, I wasn’t sent to a member’s area at all! I was instructed to check my e-mail for the product download.

I went to my e-mail and downloaded the product and what I downloaded was a medium quality E book that looked to be slightly better quality that a PLR book! OMG!

This isn’t the first time that this has happened. I have bought super products before that ended up being e books! Some e books are very low quality with very little value and some have been decent quality and worth what I paid for them!

Keep in mind that this main product called Unbreakable only cost me $12, so don’t automatically assume that it is a horrible product just because it’s an e book!

Scams are pretty easy to pick out based on red flags that stick out! Red Flags such as making insane amounts of money within minutes, days or weeks is a really easy way to spot scams! Another red flag is when you see a product or service say that you can make a boat load of money with just minutes per day! That sounds good, but is a pipe dream that causes many people to fail because they expect to repeat wild expectations!

Check out these reviews for more input and information on being able to spot scams online!

  • These are some reviews I’ve done. See if you can spot the red flags I spoke of! All of them arent scams, but most are very low quality !

Not all products and services are scams. Some offer varying levels or quality and value, and still others are almost without value, but don’t qualify as a scam !

Review Disclosure




How Does Unbreakable Work?

The content inside the Unbreakable E book is actually pretty darn good for $12 ! I was completely surprised by this!Is Unbreakable a scam picture of the creators of Unbreakable

Although Unbreakable isn’t what I would recommend for someone who wants to create an online business of passive income that can replace a 9 to 5 jobs, I would suggest it to someone who would be interested in making some extra money online, and it can be far more beneficial than doing surveys or some other types of low profit business online.

The e book is a step by step process explaining how to go to a website that does gigs similar to Fiverr, but with a special difference. You can get affiliate links to promote certain gigs in certain niches. I don’t mean to sound vague, but for me to explain in detail, I would almost have to copy / paste the e book here to keep from confusing you and that is unethical and illegal.

Then they give you a step by step tutorial on how to promote the affiliate link within Facebook groups.

I will say that I have seen other products who use a “secret traffic source” name Facebook as the way they are doing this, but they never explain exactly how to do it! To my surprise Unbreakable actually does explain in full detail how this is done.

Just to make a point here. If you are not sure exactly how to promote on Facebook groups the right way, this tutorial will explain that. What is most valuable about this fact is that you can use these principles to promote anything, not just the affiliate link you get from this training !

Think about it that way! $12 for training on how to properly promote on Facebook Groups no matter the product or service. That aspect alone makes Unbreakable worth $12! Unbreakable is $12 well spent!


If you are interested in making money online the right way, let me invite you to learn more about the same free training I started with For Free by Clicking the link below!

Is Unbreakable a scam review and the #1 way to make money online


Who Is Unbreakable For?

Unbreakable is the type of product that would be a good source of creating an online income that can easily out earn online opportunities like surveys!

Unbreakable is something anyone can do, and be successful at. It can also be an added revenue stream for established marketers and other people seeking opportunities to make money online !


Is Unbreakable a scam or legit?

After looking over the product and going through every step of the tutorial e book that comprises Unbreakable, I Is Unbreakable a scam with money back guaranteecan tell you that Unbreakable is absolutely not a scam!

Unbreakable isn’t the type of product I would recommend for a base business for making money online by earning passive income, but it is a good option for someone who wants to create another income stream of $60 and up per week!

Unbreakable is easy to follow and implement, and can be up and running in a short time !


My recommended way to make money online!

My preferred method of making money online is with Affiliate marketing! I choose affiliate marketing because it’s easy, you don’t have to worry with storing products, and shipping as well as the fact that anyone with an 8th grade education can do it without any experience!

Affiliate marketing can give you a life of freedom and the true laptop lifestyle that many people only dream of, and it can be done for free, or very close to it!

I used an online training and mentoring program that also has a huge and helpful community to learn everything I know, and still learn something almost every day, because I am still a member there!, and have no plans to leave!

Making money by building a simple and beautiful website and then monetizing it has been one of the most fun things I have ever done and quite profitable as well!

I have built 2 websites with the training I received. The first one is in the outdoors niche of hunting, and the website is called Wild Werx!

After starting that website I had quite a few people asking me how I did it and asking for tips on starting their own website. That was the reason I started No Web Experience. So that I could help other beginners start their own money making online business and help them avoid the many internet scams that are around every corner!

The sign of a good training program is if they make the training simple. Well simple is an understatement! I learned how to build a simple and great looking website and then how to make money from it with a simple step by step, and click by click training! Then followed the training to get the websites ranked high in the Google Search engine!

I learned how to use some paid advertising like Solo Ads to help boost my efforts, but over all I prefer the thousands of free visitors with the SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) training I received!

Since joining and taking the training I have learned how to build websites, as well as how to monetize them with affiliate offers. I’ve also learned and started my E mail list, which many people consider the most valuable asset of online business if you handle and manage it well!


We have talked about the new product known as Unbreakable and what it consists of. The findings were quite surprising being that it is a $12 product that does actually offer value and quality that I feel more than covers the $12 fee! I have left a couple of links to the sales page in case you are interested in taking a look!

I still have a favorite training and mentoring program that I recommend solely for starting a real online business with passive income, but I think that Unbreakable can offer a great deal of value and the possibilities of making $130 a day isn’t unrealistic with the training tutorials you get!

If you are interested in making money online the right way, and without scams and con men let me invite you to learn more about the same free training I started with For Free by Clicking the link below!

Is Unbreakable a scam here is real online business training


I would like to thank you very much for your time and for reading my honest review of the new product known as Unbreakable ! I would like to wish you the absolute best in your endeavor to make money online as well as offer a little advice!


When you get started online, keep your aim to the future. If you become like so many others and only want to make big money really fast, you will burn bright for a short time and then burn out! Keep your content honest and ethical and keep your future on growth. You will grow and build a skyscraper of passive income while the others flounder!

If you have further comments, questions or suggestions I would love to hear about them in the comments section. Your input greatly helps me better serve my audience and I would appreciate it!

Have a great day and nothing but the very best of success to you!



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16 thoughts on “Is Unbreakable A Scam Or Sure Fire$139 per day?”

  1. It looks like Unbreakable can help me to make some pocket money, instead of doing online survey.
    No…. that is not for me.
    I am aiming for big money with recurring commission month after month, year after year.
    May be it is suitable for student to have such kind of pocket money for their daily expenses but not big enough for me.
    The other program you suggested sound more interesting to me, and I will be exploring further to it. I understand all business takes risk, efforts and time to grow it and I am willing to spend on the program which give me the huge potential.

    1. Thanks for your comment my friend! 

      The Unbreakable product can help make some really decent money of you follow the instructions step by step! It’s a good and sound method. You wont make tons of money with it, but it is something that you can realistically do to make $30 – $150 a day with minimal effort.

      The value offered and the earning potential of Wealthy Affiliate far exceeds Unbreakable, but at least Unbreakable isn’t a scam like so many other products!



  2. Fantastic review. As an affiliate marketer myself I’m always looking for other ways to earn extra income.
    I came across your article and very impressed with your honest review. I like the way for only $12 you can as you said make at least $60 a week and at the same time learn better ways to use Facebook for maybe my existing business. I hate the survey taking it takes forever and most of the time make nothing but a couple dollars. Again thank you so much for this review and may just give them a try for myself.

    1. Thank you very much for the kind words and comment David! 

      It is my hope to give people value and help new people to avoid scams and take advantage of the occasional good products.

      Best of success to you! 


  3. Mike,

    Looks like a decent product to make a little extra money on the side with and much better than doing survey sites where if your lucky you might end up with $5.00 or $10.00 at the end of a month spending 30 to 40 hours a week doing them.

    I like the fact they teach you how to promote on Facebook, Social Media has become a great way of getting organic traffic for affiliate marketing.  The investment for this product is not very much either $12.00 anyone could skip the Starbucks coffee for a couple days and afford to buy this instead.

    Thanks for taking the time to check this one out looks and feels like a winner in my book without all the up sales.


    1. Thank you for your comment and kind words Susan! 

      I hope you have a wonderful day! If there is anything I can help you with, just let me know! 


  4. Interesting…might be worth a $12 shot.  I am watching, though, to see what you come up with next.  The one thing that really appeals to me is the information on promoting on Facebook groups.  For me, that might be worth the money right there.  I’ll keep unbreakable in mind and see what you come up with next.  Thanks for the research!

    1. Thanks Fran! 

      The actual value that I find in unbreakable is the training on how they teach you to promote a website that is similar to Fiverr.

      When you learn the promotion techniques they can be applied to anything in your promotions in affiliate marketing.

      Have a wonderful day!


  5. Hey i really enjoyed your review, i have never heard of this product.  I always hate seeing more up sells within the program but what makes me more mad is when they dont tell you that there are more up sells within.  It does sound like maybe the training is worth the 12 dollars.  I didnt really understand what you was comparing to Fiverr because i actually have gigs on Fiverr myself.  Overall good review!

    1. Thanks Justin! 

      I appreciate your comment! The mention of Fiverr wasn’t in comparison to Unbreakable. The comparison was to the website that unbreakable teaches you to create promotions for ! 

      This website has an affiliate program that you promote and get commissions from. The website that you are promoting is very similar to what Fiverr does with the same type gig setup! 



  6. You’ve gotten me interested in Unbreakable.  

    Is it really easy for a No Web Experience person like me?  I really need simple step-by-step instructions to follow; and in my current circumstances, even $30/day would be fantastic!  I would be most disappointed if the success to making $30/day is reliant on purchasing an upsell product.  Does it?

    1. Thanks for your comments ! 

      The main product Unbreakable doesn’t require that you purchase anything else to work. It is actually a way to really generate modest amounts of income if you follow the training. It’s pretty easy too! 



  7. Seems like you are an expert on the avenues one should take to successfully create a passive income online.  I encountered your site 3 posts ago and am enraptured by your content given the thorough research and honest manner in which you assess the quality of the options available to a newbie trying to make an income online. I have bookmarked your site Mike and am delving in further to the information and links you provide.  Thank you for the research and distilling all this really helpful information.  You are taking a good lot of work out of someone having to do their due diligence in determining what is a scam and what is legit in terms of building an online business!  Thank you so much!

  8. You’ve got me very intrigued with your review of Unbreakable. I like that it cost $12 dollars and comes in the form of an e-book. It’s awesome that it teaches you how to make some extra income online, but at the same time not to expect to get rich from it. I’ve always wanted to know the proper way to post affiliate links or helpful content to Facebook Groups and I’m glad to hear that this teaches you exactly how to do that. I hate that with products from the Warrior Forum, there are upsells after you click the buy button, but it’s also nice to know they are not needed for Unbreakable. I think I will definitely give this a try. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment and input Brian! 

      I hope you do very well in your online future! 

      If you ever need help,let me know! I would be honored! 


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