Is The AZ Formula A Scam, or a $10K per week Gold Mine!

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As someone who used to scour the internet trying to find ways to make money online, I can understand why someone would be interested in The AZ Formula ! But I the AZ Formula a scam or a real world way to make $10,000 per week as the sales video claims?

Is The AZ Formula a scam? This is the AZ Formula logo

Let’s look inside this hot new product from the ClickBank Marketplace and see if it is for real or a scam to simply take your money! Image states lets get into it and find out. Is The AZ Code a scam


  • Name: The AZ Formula
  • Owner: Steven Cook
    Big claims made by The AZ Formula aren't true !
  • ClickBank marketplace product
  • Price : $37 + $197 Up Sell, +$297 up sell
  • Endorsed or suggested? NO


It’s a blast and really exciting to hear about products or services that offer you a way to make money like what is claimed in The AZ Formula ! And to be able to make $2K a day from home, and with little to no work would really be an awesome way to not only make a living, but to achieve the dreams of freedom and travel that most of us really want!

And while The AZ Formula makes this sound like a super exciting no brainer, one thing instantly comes to mind! It’s the same thing that is part of my process for reviewing these types of offers. And that simple thing that is perhaps most important is. “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is “!

Is it possible to make that kind of money without doing anything? No!Is The AZ Formula a scam?

My honest review will show you that The AZ Formula won’t do much if anything to get you on the road to making money online, much less the $2K a day or $10K a week they all but guarantee in their promotions !


I will stay true to my word and give you an honest overview, but it’s going to be an uphill battle for The AZ Formula to prove anything of value.


If You’re one of the many people who have been searched the internet to find a way to make money online, but tired of being scammed with all these get- rich- quick schemes, and may have decided to give up, there is hope!

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What is the AZ Formula?


The AZ Formula is yet another “system” that will supposedly teach you how you can generate massive sales and commissions leveraging Amazon ! YES ANOTHER ONE !

The real life ability to make money with Amazon offers is documented and there are many people that are making money with Amazon! From Affiliate marketing to Amazon FBA the platform at Amazon is making a lot of people wealthy! But it takes time and work, not an instant success like The AZ Formula suggests!

The AZ Formula is one of the newer and higher gravity offers on ClcikBank for making money online. It is a variant or another version of a former system for making money online by Steven Cook that I did a review on not long ago called THE AZ Code..

When I reviewed the AZ Code I didn’t suggest it either, and it was on the very edge of being called a scam! But since it Image shows a clip from the AZ Code that sounds a lot like The AZ Formulaactually explained how you can make money on Amazon, I let it pass as just a bad offer!

It could have gone either way. The main problem with the AZ code was the grand promises and claims of making huge amounts of money over night with Amazon, that simply were not true!

It sounds like Mr. Cook is at it again, and retracing the steps of Andrew Peterson’s AZ Code, but let’s give The AZ Formula a chance before calling it a scam in the interest of honesty!

The AZ Formula makes claims that you should start making money as soon as you start!


Many products and services like this make the crazy claims of instant success and big money, but seldom if ever deliver! As we continue, we will find out of this one is more of the same or a real way to make money as soon as you start, as if waving a magic wand!

There are far too many red flags for me to believe this product!

Is Steven Cook even real ?

Photo of Steven Cook taken from The AZ Formula Sales VideoA picture of the the owner of The AZ Formula found on a stock image website






Food for thought!

I suppose that there is a “possibility” that this person named Steven Cook is so wealthy and such a narcissist that he chooses to model for stock photos! Or maybe his products don’t do what they say, and he doesn’t have many sales? I don’t know. But I do find it very strange that the guy who is supposed to be Steven Cook in The AZ Formula is a stock photo !

I have heard rumors that both The AZ Code and The AZ Formula are the same products re-marketed by the same person and both sales videos have two different guys with different names and neither is the real owner. Does it sound like someone may be trying to cover their tracks in case there are legal issues ?

I don’t know, It might be completely legit in some weird way! But my grandpa always told me if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, swims like a duck, and flys like a duck, it’ most likely is a duck! This is strike one on our review of The AZ Formula

What about the success stories in the video?

Well there should be some truth to the claims of big bucks overnight with The AZ Formula since there are testimonials included in the sales video right ?

Unless I am mistaken every sales video for every product like this I have reviewed has had some very positive testimonials claiming huge success in the sales video! But most of those have been found to be fake videos done by paid actors on sites like Fiverr . The AZ Formula is no different !

Picture of paid actress in The AZ Formula sales video

You may remember the pretty blonde lady in The AZ Formula sales video !

She was quite believable in giving her testimonials as to the amazing success she has achieved in a very short time using The AZ Formula as her blueprint!

Too bad it’s not at all real !

photo of a paid actress on fiverr who gives the testimonials for The AZ Formulamore testimonials of huge earnings with no work






At this point I don’t see any way that can be argued that The AZ Formula is for real ! The testimonials of huge earnings have now been proven to be done by paid actors, and this was the only thread of evidence that the system Mr. Cook is selling is even real ! But we honestly can’t even prove that Mr. Cook is real by previous information we saw above !

Picture of paid fiverr actor in the AZ Code sales video



I went through the sales video and found that 3 of the 4 testimonials are fdone by fake actors ! I quit looking after that and didn’t post images of the others because fake is fake ! On image or 4 doesn’t change that fact ! Strike 2 on the scam review of The AZ Formula

Photo og lady on fiverr as an actress for hire, who appears on The AZ Formula sales video!







If You’re one of the many people who have been searched the internet to find a way to make money online, but are tired of being scammed with all these get- rich-quick schemes, and may have decided to give up, there is hope!

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What makes something a scam?

The definition of scam might mean different things to different people. I view a scam as anything that offers someone a fake system or untrue outcome to make money, The AZ Formula offers that and more !

Webster’s dictionary has this to say in their definition of SCAM.

WEBSTERS dictionary definiation of a scam is a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation

When you have a system that is offered by someone who hides behind fake personas and offers extreme promises of success without ever telling you what they are actually offering, that should be a red flag to pretty much anyone !

Right now The AZ Formula has a gravity rating of 42. Anything that has a gravity rating of over 30 is considered to be a real The findings of this review is that The AZ Formula is a scammoney maker to affiliates promoting it! That rating of 42 means that there are 42 affiliates making sales of this system online! So if you are looking at reviews of this program because a marketer e mailed you with the sales letter, he is trying to get you to buy a scam for a commission!

My advice to you is to unsubscribe to anyone’s list who sends you such garbage !

There is more to making money online than they tell !

Making money online isn’t an overnight success story, but it can happen pretty quickly !

There are aspects of making money online that these scam programs don’t want to talk about, because these things are true and their little broken promise systems don’t have an answer for !

One of the most obvious facts with ANY online venture to make money is traffic. Pure and simple answers to questions like how do I get traffic are avoided like the plague with these rip offs !

There are only two basic ways to get traffic to any offer you are promoting!

  1. Paid advertising traffic
  2. FREE organic traffic from your website and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

That’s pretty much it!

Paid Traffic 101

If you use paid traffic such as Google adwords, Facebook Ads, YouTube ads and so forth, it will cost you.

If you want to target 1000 people with an ad promoting whatever you are selling with paid ads, that campaign is going to cost a minimum of $500! And that is with less than targeted traffic !

If you want better targeted traffic the clicks will cost about $1.00 each. That means 1000 people see your offer and the advertising costs $1000! If you have a great converting offer you can make serious money. If you are new and unsure you can lose a lot of money FAST!



When you go for free traffic the best way is through building a website, posting great content and doing a little SEO (Search engine Optimization work) That’s it!

The results can be phenomenal!

If you build an average niche website and after several months you start getting site trust and ranking in the search engines, you could see 10,000 visitors a month easy. Which is traffic that is very targeted! They are very targeted because they got to your website by searching for content relevant to what you post to start with. So they are interested !

I know many people who’s websites have 30,000-40,000 visitors a month without even working very hard at it!

If you had to pay for that targeted traffic to an offer it would cost $30,000-$40,000 !

I know this sounds confusing if you have never done it, but it really isn’t! It’s quite easy to understand . It just takes some time and work to get there ! But the potential traffic is worth an amazing amount of money!

If you would like to learn more and make this easy to understand I want to invite you to check out my #1 honest review on the training platform at Wealthy Affiliate by CLICKING THE LINK BELOW !

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There are far more legit ways to make money online !

Making money online is not a secret ! There are many people making a part time income, full time income and even becoming very wealthy with a REAL ONLINE BUSINESS !

The problems that most people have with a real online business that is tailored to make money online and earn passive building a real online business isn't easy, but it is simpleincome is that they don’t want to do anything to get it! They have been conditioned by the crazy amount of misinformation on the internet that they believe they can instantly make huge amounts of money online without doing anything to achieve that.

Then when these people accept that there is work involved they work on it until they get stuck the first time, or they haven’t made a million bucks the first month, then they give up!

The main reason for both scenarios of failure is not knowing what steps should come next, how to optimize your work, and what success looks like.

That is why it is important to have a mentor or several mentors to help lead you along your path and keep you on that path! By having someone to stay accountable to and be able to ask questions you don’t have as many issues with getting stuck, and you don’t have to stay stuck when you do get stuck! The guidance is the most important factor to success !

If you are interested in a mentorship, training and guidance in building Your online business, the best suggestion I can give Picture of the Wealthy Affiliate logois the exact one that I used to get started and I’m still a part of during my continued growth and helping coach others who are getting started! It’s called Wealthy Affiliate and it’s been around for 14 years and the #1 training program on the internet with over 1.4 million members !

You can take part of the active community of thousands of people who are just starting out and at every other stage of online business right up to the ultra successful ! You can……..


In Conclusion

We have covered The AZ Formula and how it works as well as how it doesn’t work .

There are far better ways to make money online and the only one I suggest and endorse is the training platform at Wealthy Affiliate ! The reason that I only promote one online business training platform is because I only promote what I use and believe in ! In fact I used the training program at Wealthy Affiliate to build the website you are reading this review on ! I only promote what I believe in because my job is to earn the trust of my audience !

I have found several lucrative offers that I can promote, but none even get close to what Wealthy Affiliate offers !

I want to thank you for your time in reading this review ! It was done in honesty and to present the best information to my audience !

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions I would appreciate it if you left them in the comments section below ! Your feedback helps me to better serve my audience !

Have a great day!




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  1. Hey, there fellow internet scourer! I too search for ways to make money online and that’s probably what landed me at this site.

    I have been scammed in the past and it really sucked, but that didn’t put me off pursuing my goal of financial freedom.

    Like you say if you think it’s too good to be true it probably is. It is quite difficult to sift through all the scams by yourself especially if you are new.

    That’s why a site like your is very helpful for a newbie like me. Great post.

    1. Thanks for your kind words Renton! 

      My own experience with being scammed has given birth to this website to both warn others of scams and help people actually get started in online business ! \


  2. What I find so amazing about these scams is how they seek to hype their product by telling fake stories just to get your hard earned money and the sad part is that the internet is filled with these type of program. Thanks so much for sharing and sound the alarm so that people can be aware of these programs.

    1. You are very welcome Norman ! 

      While there are some very legit ways to start an online business and make money, there are many , many scams out there as well! 

      Take your time and vet them well ! Of you check out reviews , check out several and make sure you aren’t being taken in by a scam review promoting the scam too! 

      Best of success ! 


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