Is Take Surveys For Cash a Scam or Legit -You Might Be Shocked !

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Wow ! Did I just find a Jem of an offer online, Or just more hot air?

While searching the internet for ways to make money online, You may have happened across a product called Take Surveys for Cash. I found it and was kind of surprised because I thought all you had to do to take surveys was log into a website and go! But I wanted to learn more! Like is take surveys for cash legit?

The Take Surveys For Cash Banner

I wanted to take a closer look at Take Surveys for cash because I keep hearing that there are some pretty good survey sites out there now, yet I haven’t found any! But this site says that you can make $3500 per month with their system! If that is true,I want to know ! So I decided to give it a go and find out and this is what I learned! Let's get into this honest review

What’s the Info on Take Surveys For Cash?


  • Product: Take Surveys For CashImage of a check for $500 for doing one survey
  • Website-
  • Owner- Jason White
  • Price – $39
  • Suggested? – NO!

Although I have done many surveys online and investigated many with very little to show for it, the lure of as much as $500 for doing one survey caught my eye and made me decide to investigate further!

I mean who in their right mind wouldn’t want to make an extra $500 for doing something as simple as filling in surveys and getting paid good money to do it?

But I had a sinking feeling early on that this was just another penny here and there website, because most of them are ! I have done surveys on the last survey offer I found and worked like a man with his hair on fire for 5 hours and made a few cents over $2 for 5 hours !

What’s worse, I finally got to a $25 survey that said it would take 22 minutes. I was excited! But after a little over 30 minutes a prompt popped up saying that I wasn’t eligible for that particular survey! I could have screamed ! But maybe Take Surveys For Cash is different? We will see !

Let’s be honest! We all know that when something sounds too good to be true it pretty much always is ! So if you want to stop sifting through scams to make money online, I would like to invite you to learn more about the #1 rated way to make money online and unlike these scams, IT’S REAL AND IT’S FREE !

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Exactly what is Take Surveys for cash?

Take Surveys For Cash is a website owned by Jason White, that is essentially a 2-page sales letter with some crazy claims photos of checks that are supposed to prove that Jason White makes $500 per surveyof really big earnings from taking surveys!

The claim that Jason White makes about going from $3 surveys to $500 surveys every day is a bit hard to believe to be honest with you !

I mean if he made that kind of money doing surveys and it were possible, wouldn’t more people be reporting amazing success with his product? Yes they would!

To be absolutely honest when I see a huge sales page like the one on this website with the crazy claims Mr. White makes,it screams scam ! It isn’t the first time I have seen this and unfortunately won’t be the last !

I was trying to be optimistic until I seen the claims that he has made $279,000 doing surveys ! That was the point I lost any hope I had for Take Surveys For Cash! I mean, you would think the guy could at least make the effort to keep it believable for as long as possible ! But obviously not!

By the time you finally get to the bottom of the second sales page that looks like a carnival flier, you find out that the price is $39. Well you might say” $39 isn’t that bad, maybe I will give it a try”. All the $39 gets you is a long list of online survey! sites! Let me say that again! You are paying this guy $39 for a list of survey sites! Now $39 sounds a little more like a scam doesn’t it?

Big money claims give it away every time !

Have you ever noticed how legitimate products and services usually state that there are no guarantees how much money you will make, but scams always play up the big money with no chance of losing? It’s usually a dead give This picture shows a check that claims that the person made $121,000 from doing surveysaway!

What makes this a double slap in the face is that this list of survey sites can be found online with a simple Google search and you will make the same amount of chump change, but it won’t cost you $39 on top of it!

Pictures of checks that can easily be photishopped prove nothing beyond the fact that you are really trying to sell this offer and swinging for the fences Mr. White.

I wonder how many people have fallen for this because they believed that they could make these ridiculous amounts of money doing surveys !

And let’s not forget the “Secret Trick” that is involved in most scams ! picture that claims a secret trick for making money with online surveys!


And even the audacity to claim that someone will be free is sad !

You won’t be free with doing online surveys ! If you do online surveys at the beach,(like the picture shows) you will be makingThis picture makes claims of financial freedom and freedom of time that aren't true chump change while everyone else is enjoying themselves !

Trading time for money is never freedom! But doing online surveys and thinking that you will achieve any type of freedom is ridiculous !




Surveys are not big money makers!

In the earlier days of the internet if you saw an online survey site, it was pretty much guaranteed to be a scam! But in recent years they have become more legit.

Various companies and businesses of all sorts have noticed the value of survey information and have bought into it with atA picture of a man doing a survey least a percentage of their research budget. It’s worth it to them to get the information online from a wide variety of people and from different demographics! But the budget they allocate will never offer the kinds of income that Jason White is claiming !

By the time that budget gets shredded between a few thousand people doing surveys, it is a very small piece of the pie that it originally was.

There are some website owners who recruit people to do surveys that they generate for the customer. The customer pays the site owner well and the site owner pays the people who are actually doing the surveys peanuts !


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My thoughts about Surveys and making money online

I really hate to see people waste their time on doing surveys and think that they will achieve some high level of income like what is talked about in this review ! It makes me angry when I see people get taken advantage of in hopes that they can improve their lives with something that will actually do little more than waste their time !

Why would someone want to waste their time doing surveys when they can experience the freedom that earning a passive income through a real online business can bring?

It takes a little work, but it’s not difficult to learn! In fact,if you have a computer and an internet connection you can build something that will make income and last the rest of your life ! You will be building a future that will pay you long after the work is done !

The opposite of passive income is trading time for money like you do with surveys ! And if I had a choice, I would rather trade that time at McDonalds than make $! and hour doing surveys !

I love my online business and wouldn’t trade it for anything I can think of! ESPECIALLY NOT ONLINE SURVEYS!


Instead of wasting time and money, invest the time to build online income the right way!

Like we were discussing earlier, it’s not difficult to start an online business ! It does take time and some work, but it’s far from being hard! How hard can something be that you can do from any location you have an internet connection?

I always suggest that the best way to start an online business is through Affiliate Marketing with a niche website !

By building this type of online business, you can scale your efforts and go as far as you want. All you really need to take that Photo of an ipad being used in internet marketing as a better alternative to surveysfirst step is an idea ! An idea of what group of people you want to create content for and sell to!

Almost any hobby, something you are passionate about or interest can be the idea you need!

Then you can build a website and create helpful relevant content for the people who come to your website with the goal of helping people with a problem or helping to explain how to do something. It sounds difficult! But it isn’t!

Then you can monetize your website with affiliate links to a website like Amazon, and when someone clicks on your link to Amazon and makes a purchase, you get a commission! It’s that easy! And the website you build will be open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And Wealthy Affiliate will guide you on the best ways to get your site ranked in the search engines, Even when you are sleeping or on vacation people can be buying products and services with your affiliate link and you are making money!

Does it sound difficult? It isn’t!

The key to building an affiliate marketing website isn’t having boat loads of experience and know how! In fact you can be very successful if you merely have the skills to manage your Facebook page! It is actually no more difficult than that ! And that can be accomplished much easier than you think!

When you have a real training program, and a community of hundreds of thousands of people just like you as well as veryThis is a photo of a real way to make money online and not doing surveys successful affiliate marketers to help you along the way it becomes even easier !

That’s why the program at Wealthy Affiliate was built! To train people how to really make money online and not waste money and time doing things like online surveys that you will never get any benefit from!

Unlike the scams that are found at every turn online, you are welcome to know every aspect of Wealthy Affiliate ahead of time and the ability to get started could not be easier !

Because you see Wealthy Affiliate has a FREE STARTER MEMBERSHIP that you can sign up for without any risk! There is no credit card information required and no PayPal information requested when you sign up!

And unlike the scams that hope you forget about it before the first payment is due, there are no payments in your FREE STARTER MEMBERSHIP! And there is no 7 day ,or 14 day trial period either. You can stay forever as a FREE MEMBER is that is what you want!

If you would like to learn more about this tremendous value known as Wealthy Affiliate, click the button below to be taken to my absolutely honest review where everything is laid out and you can see and understand what you are getting!

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In Conclusion

You likely found this website because you were searching for a way to make money online. I have discussed with you how I feel about wasting time on surveys and scams !

I would like to invite you to try the training and community at wealthy Affiliate for yourself FOR FREE! Unlike these scams I am hiding nothing, and you will see the entire process by simply clicking one of the buttons provided on this page.

I hope that you got value from this review and it helped you make your decision!

If you would leave a comment and let me know how your experience was I would greatly appreciate it! If you have questions or suggestions they would be appreciated as well! Feedback helps me to better serve my audience.

Have a great day!












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