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Is Sqribble a Scam- Or Revolutionary New Software For Making Money?

Did you see the same advertisement that I saw on Sqribble? It sounds like pretty exciting stuff that anyone would beThis Image is the logo for the Is Sqribble a scam review interested in if they want to make money online! But is Sqribble a scam? Is it a revolutionary new software to help make money online, or a waste of time and money?

Like you, I looked at this offer from Adeel Chowdrhy for a couple of days and decided that it was worth taking a look at!

I have put this honest review together to show you what I have determined and let you decide. Let’s get started, shall we?


If You have been searching for a way to get started learning how to earn passive income online, without having to sift through one scam after another, I invite you to learn more about the exact training and mentorship program I used for FREE!


What is Sqribble?

I’ll bet you have asked yourself that question! LOL I did too! The seemingly misspelled name of the product is kind of strange , but lends its self to being easily rememberable ! So let’s answer that question!

Sqribble is a software tool that helps in creating E books, in a simple and easy to understand format.


  • Name :Sqribble
  • Owner :Adeel Chowdrhy
  • Price $47 plus up sells or OTOs (One time offers)
  • Money Back guarantee? Yes
  • Recommended? Sure, why not! It works!

E-books can be a very valuable asset in online marketing and creating an E-mail list! The leverage that you can use with an E-book to use as a lead magnet offer in exchange for an E-mail address is really big! The possibilities don’t end there either!


Not only can you use an E-book as a lead magnet, you can create an E book that contains valuable information and helpful content and sell it on Amazon to people in your niche who are looking for relevant content to help them on their way in the interest or passion that they pursue.

I don’t think that a software package like this is a must, but it can be helpful in creating E-books for the aforementioned lead magnets, for sale, or for sale to others as a creation for them to sell on a website like Up Work or Fiverr!

The Sales Funnel/ Up Sells

This sales page offers the main product at a cost of $47 but also has several up sells that they refer to as OTOs or One Time Offers.

Let me say here that I seldom purchase up sells and didn’t purchase any of the up sells here either! I did get a list of what the upsells are and I will pass those along to you here.

  • Up Sell/ OTO #1 Sqribble Professional- The sales page say that it will turbo charge Sqribble with 150 more template choices than what you get in the base purchase of Sqribble. It also says that you will get an “Enhanced content engine”, Unlimited storage, as well as 1000s of images, styles, customization and more for $97
  • Up sell/ OTO #2 Sqribble Prime- This is supposed to be a private club that expands your sqribble library automatically with stunning hand crafted niche templates for a whole year. for $47
  • Up sell OTO #3 Sqribble Fantasia- Bring your E-books and reports to lifewith intelligent, interactive Flip book and 3D cover creation technology for $77
  • Up Sell/ OTO #4 Auto Job Finder- Revolutionary software that automatically gets you endless clients and freelance jobs from multiple sources with just a few clicks for $197

The text is this image describes the sales funnel in the Sqribble scam

Like I said earlier, I don’t usually purchase the up sells when I do a review. I generally concentrate on the main offer, and that is what I did here as well!



Making money online is real, but so are scams! To learn how you can get started learning about passive income today for FREE with the exact same training I used click the button below to be taken to my #1 ranked review for making money online!

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How Sqribble works

Sqribble helps you create E-books with a software that generates templates that you can use to easily change blocks of information to suit your needs.

You can use a template you like and edit the text, images and the entire content if you would like to, in order to create an E-book that suits your needs and purposes. It also appears that if you choose the up sells you will also have the option and capability to create stunning E-book covers, as well as other options that will help you to optimize your efforts.

With Sqribble you can create a professional quality Ebook in a very short time and repeat the process for other E-books over and over, whether for yourself or clients that need an E-book as a lead magent or other reason !


Compare my other reviews!

I want you to be pleased so I have listed some of my other reviews that you can look over to get a better feel of what I look for and how I review products and services.

I include this list so that you might better understand my methods and what I look for when doing a review. I take my honest reviews very seriously, and don’t call something a scam just to promote other products. I also don’t do reviews so that I can promote every product. In fact, I am not promoting Sqribble, and there are no affiliate links on this page!



My honest opinion of Sqribble

I have reviewed multiple products and services that are geared towards making money online.

I have seen everything from low quality PLR (Private Label Rights) junk to all out scams! I have also reviewed a choice few products and services that offer at least a decent level of return for your money, and even a couple of products and services that I wholeheartedly recommend!

I have created a couple of E-books for lead magnets, and to be honest the process was pretty easy. I wrote the simple yet This image asks is Sqribble a scaminformative E-book in Word and then paid $5 for a Fiverr gig to create a cover for it. Once this is done, you can then save the E-book in any of a number of formats so that it can be uploaded to your autoresponder integration or sent via E-mail to people who request it or subscribe to your E-mail list.

For my purposes there was no need for a product like Sqribble. But that may be different from person to person!

If you want a simple and attractive E-book done easily or the ability to create multiple E-books, Sqribble may be a good product to have.

sqribble is a workable product and the up sells may even optimize your efforts. But for my use, creating a simple E-book or two doesn’t warrant the need to make the purchase.

As I have said in other reviews, I always suggest that you try the product or service yourself if you have any questions. In this case the main product of Sqribble its self is only a $47 one time fee. Your opinion and level of usefulness may be somewhat different from mine, and you may be able to get more value from Sqribble that I would.


My #1 Recommended way to earn passive income!

I hope I helped you understand Sqribble and what it does. Maybe it will help you in your online pursuit! I certainly hope so!

There are two camps when it comes to earning passive income with your efforts online. One camp thinks that chasing get-rich-quick scams and hoping for the best is the way to go. The other camp seeks passive income by using the internet as a tool to optimize their efforts the right way.

The internet and any business done online requires traffic and interested eyes to see your offer in order to generate passive income! It doesn’t matter if you are doing affiliate marketing, E commerce or any other online business, traffic is the ultimate key to success!

Just like the E books that you create with Sqribble, they won’t do you any good and you will not be able to offer them in exchange for an E-mail subscriber if no one sees it to begin with.

Most of the get-rich-quick schemes throw out an “opportunity” and then give basic instruction on using social media traffic or paid traffic to get the offer in front of interested eyes. These methods of traffic work, but can be very expensive and won’t work if you don’t know what you are doing!

That is where Free traffic takes command!

Is Sqribble a scam review and free traffic strategyThe traffic generated through SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) is the best, most targeted and of course free!

Generating free traffic gives you highly targeted and interested people to see what you are doing and if interested you can use that free traffic to generate passive income!


The method to generate this free traffic is with a niche website that you can use to promote products that are valuable and relevant to people within your niche ! But most people get turned off by the word website!

People think that in order to build a website, you must be some kind of techie expert and use Jedi mind tricks ! Trust me nothing is further from the truth! Building a website with step by step and click by click instruction is super easy, and in fact can be done within just a few clicks! It’s not scary to build a website, it;s fun!

Picking a niche and building a website is easy! But then you can learn to monetize the website and how easy that is and you are hooked ! It’s fun and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist! Trust me! If I can do it, you can do it!

If you would like to learn the exact same way I did, and not have to deal with scams and rip-offs, I would like to invite you to check it out ! You can start today with a Free membership to Wealthy Affiliate and potentially change your life!

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is Sqribble a scam? Learn to earn passive income for free!



I truly hope that you have found this review to be helpful! I hope that I’ve helped you answer some questions you might have about Sqribble and what it has to offer!

Sqribble is not a scam in any way. I can see a definite use for the product in many people’s pursuit of online income, but for myself I won’t be doing much with it. I may use it to make my present lead magnet look better and a little more professional, but I haven’t decided. It’s hard to bring myself to fix what isn’t broken!

I have also invited you to learn more about the exact training I used to learn how to make money online with free traffic! To date this is my #1 recommended product or service because I know it works and is on the up and up! I believe in Wealthy Affiliate and the value that it offers its members , because I am one of those members!

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this review, and once again, I really hope I have helped you answer some questions you might have had about Sqribble as well as how to get started online with passive income!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions I would love to hear from you! It is with your feedback that I get better at offering value to my readers! If you would like to comment below and help me out, it would be appreciated!

I would like to leave you with a question that I will be using as a tool for helping yourself and others!

Have you ever tried to get started online with passive income? If so what made you stop or give up?

Thanks and have a wonderful day!






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8 thoughts on “Is Sqribble a Scam- Or Revolutionary New Software For Making Money?”

  1. Hey Mike,

    I have not really looked into writing an e-book.  But I am thinking of it now that I read your great review of sqribble.  The first impression I had of that name was SCAM.

    We are always looking for serious names and websites and this one just told me it was another scam that had come up.

    I was pleasantly surprised as I read on that you recommend that product and I now understand why.

    Thank you for sharing it.


    1. Thanks for your comment and input Oscar! 

      That E book you are considering is a big heklp with building a list! 

      Have a great day! 


  2. Hello, I did not understand precisely if what this software does is to serve as a kind of module platform with predetermined information that you can select and edit it, or if it is a course to teach you how to write and promote books in electronic format. My other question is whether you can use this software for any niche or is it focused on the niche of making money online exclusively?

  3. Hi Mike, I also had a look at Sqribble and so I really value your thoughts on it in this great review.

    I was amazed to see all the additional costs and as you say, your book might not even sell, even after doing all the work and buying into all the extras.

    Why would we need it when we have Wealthy Affiliate. In my opinion, where is the time for all this extra work? Perhaps others are better at time management and can do both? Not I.

    1. Thanks for your comment Jill! 

      You must have gotten to my website through my Wealthy Affiliate review?

      Either way, you can rest assured that you have found the #1 way to get started with passive income online ! 


  4. Hi Mike

    Thanks for your review. I came across sqribble in the article of a flip magazine. As we all want to make some passive income I thought I’d check it out. As you say it’s less than 50 bucks. So time will tell after I try it.
    The product may do all the things it promises and I will give it the benefit of doubt. However, I was immediately turned off by the constant barrage of upsells.
    It would be nice if the vendor of sqribble gave you time to use it FIRST before trying to shove everything else down your throat.

    Have a great day


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