Is Link2Vid a scam?

Is Link 2 Vid A Scam or a way to get Easy traffic with Videos?

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If you have been looking around online for ways to make money, I’ll bet you have heard of the new product called Link 2Is Link 2 Vid a ScamVid! As great as it sounds I wonder, Is Link2Vid a scam, or a realistic way to generate traffic on demand

I wondered the same thing, and being a multiple website owner I decided to give it a try and see what it’s all about!

After all, if I can utilize YouTube videos to drive traffic and make money without actually having to create videos the standard way, that can be a fantastic addition to any online business !

In this honest review I’ll share with you what I found and what I’ve learned about this amazing sounding product!

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What Is Link2Vid?

Link 2 Vid is supposed to be a cloud based software that allows you to turn links and keywords into video based content that can achieve some amazingly fast traffic returns in a very short amount of time.

  • The most interesting thing I saw when I started looking at it was that Link 2 Vid is very user-friendly! Let’s look a little closer and see what this hot new way to make money online offers that even a newbie can do!
  • Name:Link2Vid
  • Owner: Mark Bishop
  • Using Link2 Vid software to create videos from content, articles etc
  • Price $17 + Up sells
  • Recommended?

According to the sales video, Link2Vid is a special software that allows you to take content such as blog posts and articles that you may have or can find via Keywords and convert them to YouTube or Vimeo videos very easily! In fact it claims that the process only takes 5 minutes!

Is Link2Vid a scam that is supposed to only take five minutes?

There are training tutorials that total about 30 minutes and show you exactly how to use the software and best optimize the usefulness of Link2Vid!

You can edit to add royalty free images to content that you have turned into a slide show or other options to create a video and then get it ranked within the search engines!

If you have a website or blog, this can be a tremendous tool to drive traffic to your website and optimize your earning potential !

If you would like to check out some other reviews, I will list some others below, so that you will have an idea of what I look for and how I come to my conclusions about products and services in the make money online and online business niche.


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Is Link2 Vid a scam

How does Link2Vid work?

According to the sales page, All you have to do is log-in to LINK2VID… watch the Step by Step Training, choose a niche, grab a link or drop in a keyword and you’re all set.

LINK2VID will generate a Content Video in Minutes… as soon as it generates your new content video, click to upload it to YouTube and SEO the video from the dash… Then rinse & repeat.

That sounds really easy, but is it? I mean the hard part of generating traffic to any website, blog, or YouTube video is the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) involved to rank higher in the search engines.

You accomplish the use of Link2Vid with 4 easy steps!

  1. Enter a link or keyword
  2. Edit and Upload
  3. SEO (Follow the SEO content video formula and no other SEO needed to rank videos)
  4. Pull in traffic from highly ranked videos


What do you get with Link2Vid?

When you buy Link2Vid for $17 you are getting value that is quite good for the money, since it is only $17!

Following is a list of features that are included in the package :

  • Full access to Link2Vid Software
  • Transform any content URL into a content video that you can use
  • You can turn any Keyword into a video
  • You get YouTube and Vimeo API integration
  • You get the full editing suite
  • 10,000 DFY Content database, and you can use as many as you like to create videos
  • Music Loops and background music
  • Video and PDF tutorials
  • Access to content video success formula
  • 15 professional templates included
  • Eye catching animated elements
  • Create up to 30 videos per month
  • You get all Link2Vid Features

Who is Link2Vid a good fit for?

Look, I’m not easily impressed, but this product has utterly surprised me to say the least! I don’t do many reviews that have favorable findings in the make money online niche! Link2Vid is one of the few!

I’m not saying that this super simple and basic video creation software is a technological revolution or anything! It’s just a simple way to create simple slide videos with images and music or voice-overs. But it does work and isn’t a scam!

Is Link2Vid a scam aimed at newbies?

While I’m not ready to trade my online business in for Link2Vid, I have to admit that there is value and usability in it that can be used by people from complete newbies to experienced and successful internet marketers and really anyone who does business online !

My honest opinion of Link2Vid

I find myself in a position that doesn’t happen very often! I have reviewed a make money online product that isn’t a scam and actually has value! I am amazed, because it doesn’t happen very often!

Now I’m not saying that Link2Vid is the best way to start making money online and create passive income for the future!

Link2Vid is a simple and inexpensive way to create very simple videos for people who otherwise wouldn’t because of the technical fears or being camera shy.

What I am saying is that if it is your goal to make money online and earn passive income, Link2Vid can be a helpful tool in Is Link2Vid a scam?the online video content space and help create a space for your efforts on YouTube !

You can use this product alone in an effort to make money online with internet marketing or other niches.

But if you combine Link2Vid with your website/ Blog you can see some substantial traffic increases with the use of very easy to make and use videos.

If you happen to be someone who doesn’t feel comfortable in front of a camera, this can help a lot!


  • Link2Vid helps people who aren’r familiar with editing and YouTube videos to make attractive slide type videos very easily.
  • As stated above it is super easy to use
  • You can create videos from old content that you re-purpose from your website or blog
  • Great starter way to get started within YouTube and leverage YouTube to drive traffic to all your online business platforms and social media!
  • It is only a one time fee of $17, so it makes the software very economical!


  • Link2Vid is a very basic version of video Making software, and you can get other versions online that are more powerful and offer far more bells and whistles
  • The advertising states that you can upload videos to YouTube or Vimeo, but when you get to the training tutorials you are told that the Vimeo upload doesn’t work and the only option is YouTube.
  • In the tutorials there is a URL used by a dog food company that the instructor says that he will use,”but all URL content on the web can’t be used”. That leads to some issues about what can and can’t be used to make videos because of copywriter laws, and the subject is never discussed.
  • I believe that the bulk of the value is obviously in the up sells! (I didn’t purchase the up sells so I am not sure.

Overall Link2Vid is a neat little simple software tool that you can use to create simple slide show type videos with images and voice over or music. In my opinion it is worth the $17 it costs, but there are some better versions online.








How I got started online, and now earn a passive income!

In my opinion anything you do to make money online should be something that creates a way to make passive income and be able to run on auto- pilot!




When I got started online, I started with a couple of different products and services that can only be described as scams, and of course I failed! Failed is actually a very mild way to put it!

I got tied up in an affiliate marketing training that did nothing but tell you how to promote their product by spamming social media andIs Link2Vid a scam and how i got started then buying CPA Solo ads with no training so that I could start building an e-mail list and spam that e-mail list to death!

Not knowing better I believed it and poured time and money into it by the bucket full!


I continued to try until one day I realized it wasn’t working. I got 3-4 sales and made commissions totaling around $80, but I had lost money!

Counting the course I bought and the cost of failed solo ads I was out about $1300, and saw no reason to go on with it! I quit and stayed out of online business and making money online for several years!

But then I learned that what I was doing not only felt wrong, it was wrong! I was spamming people just like the other people who paid $497 for the course and getting few sales, but the guy who scammed us was cleaning up!

I learned some tough lessons and then found out the truth!

Making money online the right way!

Thanks to a friend who had used a training course and mentoring program, I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. And it was everything!

I wasn’t offering people any kind of value, and I wasn’t helping anyone with a need or answering a question. All I was doing was selling, selling, selling and not getting any buyers!

The right way to make money online is all about the Golden rule! Treat others the way you want to be treated!

I took my friend Bob’s advice and started the training and mentoring course and my eyes were open!

When I was spamming links everywhere and hoping someone would say yes, I had no clue how it actually works, and regretfully that is how just about every make money online scam works. These guys and gals want you to buy their course, program or system where they get you to work your butt off and spend your money to make them rich!

Passive income doesn’t work that way! You actually do the work on the front side and never touch it again while it earns passive income on auto-pilot. It doesn’t get much easier than that does it?

Real passive income is not difficult, but it takes a little time and effort. In the long run what you do today can make money for years, and you get to help others in the process!

If you are sick of scams and would like to learn how to earn passive income FOR FREE, I would like to invite you to click the button below to learn how I started! (You don’t have to enter e-mail)

Alternative to is Link2Vid a scam






In Conclusion

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my review on Link2Vid! I have done this review in the most honest way possible and presented it to you for you to make your own decisions.


I make a concsious and ethical attempt to alwys follow my Review Policy and give only truthful information to the best of my ability. And in the end what you get is my experienced Opinion.

In this review we looked at what is a simple and easy to use software platform for making simple slide show type videos from a content URL or keyword. Link2Vid is not a scam, but it is also not a training or business builder that you can leverage as such. Link2Vid is a tool to add to your tool box to help with your online business.

You can give Link2Vid a try for $17 and if you don’t like it, you can always get a refund because it has a money back guarantee.

If you would like to leave a comment, question or suggestion about this and other reviews and content, I welcome it, and would greatly appreciate it! Your feedback helps me to better serve my readers and audience!

Thanks again, and have a wonderful day!















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16 thoughts on “Is Link 2 Vid A Scam or a way to get Easy traffic with Videos?”

  1. A very good article that is written very well and very interesting.

    I had never heard of Link2Vid, thankyou for your honest review on the product. 

    I am definitely going to be checking this out and seeing what it can do for me. Lately I have been giving some thought to starting to look into creating slide type videos for my website so its definitely of interest to me! 

     I have book marked this article -)

    1. Thank you for the kind words Dianne ! 

      I have spent a lot of time reviewing these types of systems and I honestly can’t say that they are all scams , but most are either scams of such low quality that it makes me feel bad for the people who waste their time and money. To find a relatively good product is a breath of fresh air! 

      Link2Vid can be of use and is actually pretty simple to use ! 

      I wish you the very best of success! 


  2. Wow…some amazing information here. I’ve actually never heard of link2vid, but have used slideshare. Is link2vid similar to slide share in any way. I also adobe premiere and I have been wondering how to use that to make videos for online marketing, but you have given me some ideas. Premiere was quite expensive whereas this program is on $17. 

    Is link2vid have content which actually shows up as word formats on the web or is it image based?

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment Jag! 

      Link2Vid is actually 100% video content! 

      If you would like to see an example of the types of videos that you can create you can find many on you tube! But here is a link to one of my YouTube videos as a reference!

      Have a great day ! 


  3. LearnToEarn Admin

    Before I came across your website, I had not heard of Link2Vid at all.  It sounds like a very interesting concept and a viable investment.  I was particularly drawn to your Pros and Cons in the review as these give one a pretty good idea if one would want to engage in researching to find out if this is a worthwhile venture or not.

    One thing that struck me which is a very good point, is that this product could very well be something that people who are camera shy would snap up in an instant.  It can be quite daunting to have to make a video when you don’t feel adequately equipped or skilled to complete the project.  LInk2Vid sounds like it would do all the work for them and they just need to upload it to their website.  Great advice for the camera shy person!

    The fact that in the Cons you mention Vimeo is not working and you would have to use YouTube, is there not a possibility to contact the support people and ask them to look into this issue and to have them resolve it?

    Thank you for your review on Link2Vid, it was informative and a very new and different concept to mull over.  I wish you all the best in your endeavours online and may you go from strength to strength!


    1. Thank you for your kind words and your comment! 

      If you have any questions, please reach out and let me know ! 

      Have a wonderful day! 


  4. I hadnt heard of link 2vid before now! Thank you for this great description and honest review, I feel very clued in now on this topic. I agree, its not nice on the people who pay into scams , they lose money, time and I can imagine they feel violated. 

  5. Thanks for the tips as always Mike. I’m glad you found this one not to be a scam! Im interesting in giving this a go, because if theres one thing I struggle with it’s traffic. So any tips and help would be great with that! 

    Making videos is a hobby of mine though, so I’m thinking this is definitely the way for me to drive traffic and use for marketing!

  6. I’ll admit, I’ve at times wanted to create simple content videos but just don’t know where to start. Your review of Link 2 Vid as me very interested and you said that it’s something that has surprised even you with what it offers. I like that it’s only $17 and that it has software for you, although basic, that makes it easy to create simple slide videos. Do you know of others who have used Link 2 Vid?

    1. Thanks so much for your comment on my review Brian! 

      If you have any further questions feel free to let me know! I’ll be looking forward to the next time we meet! 


  7. Great post.  thanks for writing and sharing.  I had never heard of link2vid but it sounds really interesting and a handy tool in the toolbelt. I have used some similar software and it is always fun to make.  Although, I always end up wasting far too much of my time on them.  Facebook and Instagram seem to love it when you share videos.  Their algorithm favours it.  

  8. Dear Mike,

    Thanks a lot for the helpful review post on Link 2 Vid.

    Indeed I came across about this product and your review gave me clear insights into this product.

    Being a blogger I am aware of the importance of Video content and next to Google, Youtube brings more traffic but I am yet to lay my hands on Youtube after reading your post with the help of  Link 2 Vid I believe I can start my promotions on Youtube. 

    Since I know about you… Your recommendations means a lot to me!

    Thanks again for the detailed and in-depth review post.


    1. Thanks for your comment and input Paul!

      If there is anything I can help you with or you have further questions, I would love to hear from you! 

      Have a great and successful day!


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