Is Lingo Blaster A Scam Or Rank Videos In Many Languages?

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I suppose by now, you’ve heard of Lingo Blaster! I also suppose you’re asking yourself the same questions I asked. Is Lingo This image is the logo for the review of Is Lingo Blaster a scam or legitBlaster a scam, or can you really rank your videos fast regardless of language?

I have seen so many products with great claims that turned out to be B.S. I went into this being very skeptical ! But the findings of this review of Lingo Blaster may very much surprise you!

After all who would give a great product such a weird name as Lingo Blaster?

You have likely come here for a positive review and instructions on how to purchase this item Like you do with pretty much every review of products and services online. , but that’s not how it works here!

I do honest reviews and seldom if ever promote those reviews in order to make money from my readers. I generally suggest that every one look into the product or service and use you’re due diligence to make the right choice for yourself.

We will take a real and honest look at Lingo Blaster and I will give you my best and honest opinion! Let’s go!

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What is Lingo Blaster?

Lingo Blaster is a cloud based software integration that takes your videos that you upload to YouTube and changes the title to the top 100 most popular foreign language of the person who is seeing it.

The creator of Lingo Blaster claims that he has seen a 90% higher click through rate (CTR) and an increase of 3 times more traffic! Until now, you had to create a new video title for each language and rewrite the title and description as well.

This post does not contain Affiliate links!

  • Product:Lingo Blaster
  • Creator/ Owner: Ali G. , Stoica, and Vlad M.
  • Price:$37 plus 4 upsells
  • Recommended? I’m not exactly sure yet, but likely yes. (Read on for the explanation.

The Upsell funnel

  • Upsell# 1 The first upsell is an upgrade to Lingo Blaster pro. It claims to 3X to 4X traffic and earnings, and allow you to use multiple YouTube Accounts for $37
  • Upsell# 2 The second upsell is called Video Spin Blaster and it claims to create videos on the fly with the use of speech to text for $34.95
  • Upsell # 3 is Video Marketing Blaster and it is said to 8X results with SEO Titles and descriptions for $27
  • Upsell #4 Lingo Agency. This upsell allows you to have multiple YouTube accounts and allow other people to use your Lingo Blaster account to optimize other languages with their videos as well.

*There is a 60 day Money back guarantee.


When you open the cloud based software, you then pick the languages you want to translate to such as German , Russian,Graphic that asks is Lingo Blaster a scam or legit Chinese and so forth. When you click the “next ” button Lingo Blaster automatically starts translating the title and description to the chosen languages. Then all that is left to do is to click publish.

The video that you have used Lingo Blaster on will automatically be translated to other languages that you have targeted and will begin ranking in that language.

One interesting point I want to bring up here is that Ali stated that keywords such as Samsung Galaxy is much easier to rank in German, Hindi and other languages than it is in English, because there is so much competition for those types of keywords in English! It does make this software become much more interesting!



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This image text asks Is Lingo Blaster a scam, check out the way I started online


The uses for Lingo Blaster

As everyone knows, YouTube is a search engine and the searches that take place there are for wildly popular video content and videos continue to trend upward! If Lingo Blaster actually converts titles and descriptions to over 100 languages, it could be a real game changer, and a valuable tool in your pursuit of online marketing!

To have the ability to communicate your ideas to people of other languages without paying for translation services is a really, really big deal!

If you have a YouTube channel and want to increase your engagement by 75% Lingo Blaster just might be the recipe for doing just that!

Now let’s look closer at The actual nuts and bolts in Lingo Blaster and see what it really offers for different levels of video makers, if any!


What is inside Lingo Blaster?

I started this review with a little hesitation because I am not a full time video maker and my YouTube channel simply promotes what I do here at No Web Experience. My main platform is my wordpress website and I make videos for my YouTube channel for use primarily in my blog posts. So I came up with what I thought was a great idea!

I decided to let my friend Marcus test the claims that are made in Lingo Blaster and give me his opinion to add to my review since Marcus’ main platforms are YouTube and Vimeo! Perfect idea right? Not really as I will explain!

Marcus tested Lingo blaster and gave me his opinion after about 6 hours. His report was inconclusive because as he stated “I can’t find out if the videos were actually translated to different languages or not after he did the Lingo Blaster conversion”.

I was a little disappointed for two reasons!

  1. I seldom ever test something like this for 6 hours unless it has the tell-tale signs of being an obvious low quality scam. IThis image is a graphic that says 2.2.billion searches in YouTube are not in english in the ,Is Lingo Blaster a scam or a real way to translate video descriptions and get ranked review at least give the product a shot.
  2. I was disappointed in myself for getting someone else to do a review for me! That is not how I like to do things!

I had my doubts about Marcus’ Lingo Blaster reports, so I bought it and tested it myself !

After purchasing Lingo Blaster I was actually impressed by the quality and ease of use !

I used one video on my channel and followed the step by step instructions that are super simple to translate and “Rankerize” my video into Spanish, German, Hindi, Romanian, French and Italian. It was very, very simple!

When I checked my YouTube channel after using Lingo Blaster I was able to see the video I had just translated in every language that I translated to!

The one thing that I can’t report is how the Rankerizing function works because as you know it can take time for videos and blog posts to rank. I will update this review with the results when they are available.

The review portion of Lingo Blaster where the use of the software is used is very simple because it’s just a few clicks to get your YouTube account included and get videos optimized into other languages!

My biggest Concern at this point!

I will add this section to the review as a means to pass along a warning about Lingo Blaster! It may not be a big deal, but just This image contains the text asking Is Lingo Blaster a scam that hurts your original language ranking on YouTubelike the ranking in other languages, it might take some time to determine if it is an issue.

When you get ready to “Rankerize” the video, you will get a popup window that warns you that rankerizing the video may hurt the rankings in the original language.

I had planned to do multiple videos so that I had a larger sample size to show you, but I didn’t want to risk screwing up the rankings I already had in English, so I just translated one video until I see the actual results, which might take a couple of months. I will return to this review and update the results at that time.

My Opinion of Lingo Blaster

Like I said before, I always suggest that you try the product out for yourself if you have any doubts about my review. That is ultimately the best way to really understand if a product or service is a good fit for you or not!

My reviews are based on my opinion of many products that I have tested over time. For something to be a scam, it has to meet the requirements of a scam as it states in my review policy. I do not fail a product or service solely to promote something else, and I don’t give products or services a good report in order to promote it!

That being said…..

Like you, I was very skeptical of Lingo Blaster when I started this review!

After the review, there are still questions to be answered, concerning whether the ranking of your video goes up, orIs Lingo Blaster a Scam or legit whether translating your videos with Lingo Blaster will hurt the rankings of your video in its original language.

I plan to update this review when those questions have been answered!

The basic claims and use of Lingo Blaster is exactly as stated in the sales video and promotions! I had no trouble at all translating and Rankerizing a video! In fact, it took less than a minute from start to finish! I’m not a seasoned veteran by any means with video! So if I can do it and it’s easy, you can too!

I believe that Lingo Blaster can be a very valuable tool in promoting videos and getting videos ranked in over 100 different languages! The updated information will tell the entire tale when available!

I wouldn’t take this as an end all be all product until further results are in, but like I said above, it will make another tool to put in the tool box.

If you would like to see some other reviews I have done on make money online products and services to better understand my methods I invite you to view some of the reviews listed below !




How I started online !

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You don’t need to know any of that stuff!

I had no idea what making money online was, much less how to start! So I ended up falling for a couple of really bad scams that made claims of instant income. The claim was the usual internet scam claims of making $1000 a week on auto pilot in 10 minutes a day, and it said that I can start making money today ! Needless to say all those claims are lies!

It actually takes some time and effort to make money online, unless you have a lot of money to invest to start with, and I didn’t!

There are people who start making money online really fast by promoting affiliate products with paid advertising like Google Adwords PPC (Pay per click), Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Pinterest ads and Solo Ads CPA (Cost Per Action).

None of the paid ads methods were relevant to me because I was starting from ground zero and had no budget for advertising!

The training platform I used taught me every single step! It went step by step with no stone left unturned !

The great thing about learning how to earn passive income online the right way is that you only get the truth, with no scams and fluff ! You learn how hundreds of thousands of online entrepreneurs generate passive income every day and you don’t have to scam anyone to do it! In fact, it’s the exact opposite of scamming!

Helping other people with answers to problems and interests is the intent of the information super highway!

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The course and training is a complete, step by step system but I still enjoy learning all sorts of new and helpful information!

You can learn what I learned with no special education or experience! And did I mention..IT’S FREE!

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This image text asks Is Lingo Blaster a scam, check out the way I started online


Thank you very much for reading this review of Lingo Blaster! I appreciate your time and effort in learning more !

I have determined that Lingo Blaster is legit at this point, but I will update this review with the end results as soon as they are available ! While I don’t think Lingo Blaster is the end all be all of online business, I think it can be a valued tool to help build your efforts online !

Like you, I have been very skeptical of many of these types of products, and it is unusual to find one that actually does what it says it will do, or at least one that looks like it will at this point!

I strongly recommend that you take a training and mentoring course to learn all the ins and outs of earning passive income the right way! I have extended you an invitation to learn how I got started online for free, with no scams and upsells!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions I would greatly appreciate it if you left them in the comments below! It is with your feedback that I can better serve my audience!

Have you ever used a video optimization software or been scammed by one?



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  1. The first time I heard about Lingo Blaster was when I received an email invitation to check out the website. To be honest, I don’t see how this product would be relevant to me since I am not involved in video marketing. After you mentioned about all the automation that’s involved in this software, I am beginning to have doubts if this will be another type of spinning program that will lead people to misuse for other less favorable purposes. Interesting how new stuff are always coming up to grab our attention. 

  2. Mike, great review. I’ve paid a lot of money in the past to do translations, but Lingo Blaster does it seamlessly. I was actually looking at it, but honestly, I just found that it was unbelievable. So I passed. But I’m so glad you went through with it, wrote a great review and discussed how easy it really was to do the translation and upload.  Keep up the great articles. 

    1. Thank you for your comment and Kind words JB! 

      As I stated in the review, everything works seamlessly like they claim it does. But I will have to wait to update until

      I can get some analytics on the video I’m testing on! 

      Have a great day, and if I can help you further just let me know! 

      Best of success to you! 


  3. It does make sense that the original video’s ranking would be affected. It’s about the same subject after all. I see it also has upsells, but the prices are reasonable. Are they one-time fees or monthly?

    I also want to know whether there is a trial associated with Lingo Blaster, or whether there is a money back guarantee. Would love to use it for my videos.

    1. Thank you for the comment Reyhana!

      There is no trial, it is a one time fee for the main product and the Upsells. 

      There is also a money back guarantee! 

      Thanks and have a great day! 


  4. Mike,

    This LingoBlaster concept sounds really awesome! It would be amazing if that worked! Basically what LingoBlaster does is translate the entire video with the click of a button, or is it only translating the title and description?  If it’s just the title and description, wouldn’t it disappoint the user once they click the video and it’s spoken in English? I love the concept and I’m sure someone will perfect this concept soon, which is very exciting when considering how efficient it will be in the future to communicate a message to anyone in the world!

    1. Thanks for taking your time to read my review!

      I too am excited to see the results of Lingo Blaster! I’ll post the results as soon as they are available! 


  5. Hi Mike,

    I am just about to start making videos and your site is among the first ones luckily that I bumped into.

    I am really concerned as you probably have the same experience, Google is most likely among the best online translators and even there, in most cases if it is not English or any main language, it makes so stupid mistakes and cannot even be understood.

    So, what I am thinking about is that even if it ranks good who would click on my video if it’s title cannot be understood or does not really make sense or is full with mistakes…

    Anyway, let us know how much it helped your ranking, I am really-really curious!

  6. I like your detailed review especially that you lay out the upsells. Personally I don’t think it’s a good idea. Even if the title is translated, the video is still in English. It would bait a lot of clicks and help with ranking, but those traffic do not convert. At the end of the day, ranking and traffic are just means to an end. Sales is the ultimate goal. I just don’t see how this software could bring more sales. Of course, I’ll keep an open mind. Let me know if I’m wrong about the concept.

    Thanks for the review.

    1. Thanks for your comment Wei! 

      I’ll post an update in a couple of weeks and see if Lingo Blaster actually helped the ranking of the 2 videos that I translated.

      Best of success to you! 


  7. Hello, I have a website, relatively new, I’m just starting, but as I do many reviews and things like that I thought about creating a Youtube channel, since YouTube is practically the first place where people look for information (including me). I only have one question, that I am not very clear, this program translates the titles of the videos to other languages, but what about the video itself? Do you add subtitles in those languages? or the video stays in the original language and only translates the title?

    1. The only work you do to your existing video is run it through the cloud based software. Lingo Blaster changes the title and description.

      If I can help you more just let me know!


  8. I don’t know anything about Lingo Blaster but if it can translate in such languages surely it would be a great program and anyone could wish to use it to attract traffic from different languages but i am not sure if it is perfect as it appears. I have only tried Wealthy Affiliate and i can say yes, i am in good way of making money. With Lingo Blaster i don’t know if it is real until i try it too. Thank you for the review

    1. I will update this post in a couple of weeks Julienne! 

      I translated 2 videos with Lingo Blaster and we will see if it helps the ranking over a few weeks time.

      Best of success, and thanks for your comment! 


  9. Great Post! I am surprised that this is not in fact a scam! You are right in saying the name is a bit weird, it sounds like an arcade game or something. My scam senses usual trigger when I see the word Upsells. In this case the upsells seem surprisingly affordable which is an unusual characteristic for Upsells as they usually occur.

    I can see why you have not made a definite yes or no decision on this as it displays scam characteristics but it seems to actually be a legitimate opportunity. I think you are right in saying that people should always try things out before they buy and commit thousands to scam systems.

    Be safe out there!

    1. Renton, thanks for taking the time to read my review! Thanks as well for your comments and kind words! 

      I will be updating the review shortly. I used Lingo Blaster to translate 2 videos and want to give it a little time to help the rankings before I do the update! 

      Thanks again! 


  10. Hi Mike, this is an excellent page! I think the domain name is great in that it is welcoming to newcomers and found myself immediately interested in what information I may find at this site. I did not know anything about this particular product before reading your review. 

    Your review was very thorough and easy to read. I was able to easily understand what the product was for, what some of the obstacles for those products can be and how this product functioned comparatively. Your review was conclusive enough to make most people looking for this type of product comfortable buying it, knowing exactly what to expect and honest enough to state that you didn’t have all the complete statistics back to make a final judgement. These are the exact types of reviews I hope to find when making decisions about products I am not familiar with. 

    Also, the overall layout of the page and site are clean and interesting and easy to navigate, which is great for a site targeted to those with no or little web experience (but also suitable for people with lots of experience). I found the writing to be thorough, informative, engaging and not overly complicated. Keep up the inspirational work!

  11. The lingo blaster sounds really interesting from what you have told me. I am curious how it would translate an entire longtail keyword into other languages. I know when translating English into other languages that not all phrases translate perfectly or they have slight variations. I’d figure these would alter the keyword a little bit in terms of how it’s found.

    1. Thanks for your comment Jessie!

      I’m not sure how the software works, but I have been told that it is based off a free version.


  12. Hi Mike,

    I am currently not utilizing YouTube the way I would like to.  Improving my YouTube presence is next on my list of things to do.  Lingo Blaster seems like a great idea but it is only a great idea if it works.  I am really interested in giving them a try but am not sure what you are paying for.  I notice you mention $37 and some upsells.  What is the $37 for and what can you do for this amount on Lingo Blaster?  Can you upload unlimited videos?

    Thanks for sharing your honest opinion with us! 

    1. Thanks for your comment and your question Rika!

      The $37 version of Lingo Blaster has a limited number of videos and other restrictions that are taken off when you purchase the upsells which I don’t plan on!  

      Have a great day!


  13. Unfortunately I have never heard of (Lingo Blaster) until reading your page. Now I know some information of the product service. I can appreciate the information on your page. Video is a huge market and I think it’s important to know all the functions of getting started with online video’s.

    Seems you brought that to us with a company you believe has a positive reputation. Great! My concerns would be if they are transparent and developing tools that give great quality translation in the languages they list. 

    Do you know of any other companies out there with a great reputation for (Video’s), that’s has great ratings such as Wealth Affiliate?

    Information is good but 50 / 50 

    Best of success to you Always!

  14. Hey Mike,

    Thank you for taking your time to review and tested this translator software called Lingo Blaster. It’s interesting to note from their sale page that the software able to translate any video (title and description) with 3 clicks into 100 languages and get targeted traffic and lead within 60 second, which l highly doubted.

    I’m so eager to know what is your conclusion because l am doing some video marketing lately, targeting some foreign countries.

    Great post and l have bookmarked your post for reference in near future.

    Best wishes.

    Shui Hyen

    1. Thank yoiu for your comment and kind words Shui!

      If I can help you with your decison on getting started online or you have any other questions just let me know ! 

      Have a great day! 


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