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Is Infinitii A Scam or Legit Way To Make $355 per day?

I saw this new training product called Infinitii that is supposed to help you earn $355 per day and more with a copy paste Is Infinitii a scam or legiteasy system!

I bet you got here when you searched for the question right? Is Infinitii a scam or legit way to make $355 a day and more?

I’ll be straight up honest with you in this review, because I never promote any of these products! You won’t have to worry about me lying to you just to sell you the product or service that I am reviewing! Pretty good gig huh?

My aim is to offer nothing but a free and honest breakdown of what is being reviewed and my final opinion of the product. So if you are ready let’s jump in and see what kind of opportunity awaits with Infinitii !

I have been online helping people just like yourself learn how to earn passive income the right way and telling people about the program I used to get started online for Free ! If you would like you can click the link to learn more!

What is Infinitii ?

Infinitii is a training and copy/ paste system that allows its users to generate sales and earn $355 per day or more according to the case study that comes with the system. These sales are for products that people are already searching for, so there is no prerequisite for traffic and you never have to ship or even see anything!

  • Product/ Service- Infinitii
  • Owners- Jason Fulton, Mosh Bari
  • Price- $12.95 + upsells
  • Recommended? No (But not bad training for $12.95!)

Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari have been around for quite a while and I have reviewed some of their other products and Is Infinitii a scam or legitservices. One thing I have taken away be that the products that they sell for making money online are never scams! Yes you heard that right!

I call it like I see it and tell the truth because your trust is far too important to me than to lie to you!

I have purchased and reviewed several of the products from Jason Fulton And Mosh Bari and everything I have reviewed was a legitimate product and offered some level of value for the money spent!

I will also disclose that I have never purchased any of the up sells. It’s best to maintain honesty!

The purchases I have made have all been the main front end offers. Another thing I will tell you be that the up sells are usually needed to actually make the product work and generate the amounts of money they claim, but once again I cannot say that as the absolute truth because I have never purchased the up sells!


First Impressions- The sales video!

Look I’m not going to lie to you here! The sales video is kind of like all the other sales videos in the make money online niche, and quite unbelievable !

The biggest turn off for me is the amounts of money that is claimed to be made in the sales videos! I have used several of the products as resources and tools for doing my main thing online, but I have never devoted myself to over a couple of days to render a decision.

It takes time, effort and patience to make money and earn passive income online! I This is an image of a free ebook on how to get started and become an online entrepreneurknow this for a fact because that is exactly what I do as an affiliate marketer! To say that you can get started today and be making $355 per day in the next 30 minutes is a big red flag for me!

In these products and services the free traffic that they tell you that they will train you to use is almost always Facebook Groups and other social media platforms. They just leave out the part about having a following before you can get good traffic!

I decided that there is enough info here to say that this product is not a scam, and offers some value, even though I didn’t purchase the product. I have seen and reviewed multiple products by Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari, and have yet to find a scam.

I’m not crazy about products that make huge earnings claims, but other than that I believe that Infinitii is likely a decent product!

I never buy the up sells because I only get requests for reviews on the main product. If I were to ever purchase an up sell on one of these types of products,it would likely be from Jason and Mosh!


Check out the exact step by step training that I used to get started and earn passive income online! Click the image below to learn more! There is no Email required for this link !

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What constitutes a scam?

A scam is anything that is promoted by is Infinitii a scama fraudulent or deceptive act or operation according to Webster’s dictionary!

The reason that I didn’t purchase this product be that I saw the same types of verbiage and promotion in the sales video and sales page that I have seen in many of the other offers I have bought from Mr. Fulton and Mr. Bari. These men are not scammers, but the main products they sell are low end and you won’t succeed with them without more dedication than 10 minutes per day in my opinion.

There is always value and the products do have some good information in them! To be honest Infinitii and the other main offers from these two men come from the Warrior Plus marketplace and are only $12.95. It’s very much worth the cost to buy it and investigate for yourself. In fact that is what I recommend you do.

To get an idea of what I look for in an honest review, I have posted links to several that I have purchased and reviewed. Some of the ones listed are by Mr. Fulton and Mr. Bari.


There are far better ways to earn passive income!

Most products that teach how to make money online are based around Affiliate Marketing, and certain ways to promote affiliate offers.

The problem be that they all make it sound far easier than it is and they either neglect discussion of traffic or portray traffic to be easy to acquire. Traffic is actually the difficult part of online income with Affiliate Marketing, Drop Shipping or any other avenue that you choose!

The recommendation I always give is the same and always will be because it is the exact way I got started and I am positive that its the real deal!

I made up my mind that I will only promote products or services that I use and believe in! I don’t want to risk the trust I have with my readers due to promoting low quality products and scams. The list of products and services that I promote is short! In fact this list consists solely of necassary and needed products and services that I use.

The list is short:




My honest recommendation


Earning money with passive income takes some time, effort and patience.

If you have the correct mindset, you can be very successful with internet marketing, but it has to be done the right way! That way has nothing to do with get-rich-quick schemes !

No one has ever built a successful business and earned substantial amounts of passive income with 10 minutes per day! It takes effort!

The key to success is to pick the niche that you want to promote to, and learn as much as you can about that niche. You don’t have to be an expert, but you have to know more than the person that is asking or has a need.

Once you have chosen a niche you are there to help them with their problem or pain point. The content such as blog posts, Videos, Podcasts, social media or other platforms has to address a need and then you can use relevant products to promote within that content that will help.

For instance if someone is into sewing and they are looking up reviews for a new sewing machine, you are helping them with your review of the latest, greatest, or most budget friendly sewing machine.

That is where my first recommendation comes in!

I joined Wealthy Affiliate and started learning about Affiliate marketing and all the platforms, integrations and ways to be successful, and I started with no credit card because its free!

That is an important part of my recommendation because I know that there are a lot of people who want to change their lives by escaping the rat race, pulling themselves out of poverty and achieving freedom in their lives that don’t have the budget to drop money on something that they aren’t sure about! Wealthy Affiliate bridges that gap, by offering a way to get started for free!

If you would like to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate and how you can get your free account, click on the button below. I won’t ask you for an E mail or anything like that to Learn about what Wealthy Affiliate is and what it will help you with. That is my niche! Helping people escape the rat race and poverty with online income!

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Let me first say thank you for taking your valuable time to read my review of Infinitii. We have determined that although it is not my recommendation, it is still very affordable and you can check it out for yourself. I feel that the time and effort that is required is far more than 10 minutes per day like they said in the sales video, and they make it sound far too simple.

I also extended an invitation to learn more about the all-inclusive training, support and community at Wealthy Affiliate.

The most important thing be that if you don’t try Wealthy Affiliate, that whatever you do go in with the mindset that you will put in the time, effort and patience needed to succeed!

It is also a great idea to start a policy that you only promote products and services that you believe in! Trust is a fragile thing and once its lost it is difficult or impossible to re-establish trust.

Thank you again! I f you have any comments , questions or suggestions, I would absolutely love to hear from you by putting your feedback in the comments below. Your feedback greatly helps me to better serve my readers!

Have a blessed and wonderful day!



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8 thoughts on “Is Infinitii A Scam or Legit Way To Make $355 per day?”

  1. I certainly wouldn’t mind making $355 per day, but it was interesting to see if Infinitii could really deliver that. I had never heard of Inifinitii before I read this review and even though you said the training itself isn’t bad, it still sounds like what they offer is generally a lot of hype. Just 10 minutes a day and you can make that much? No, things take much more effort. I think I’ll steer clear Infinitii even though the price isn’t too bad at $12.95, but I don’t want to be bombarded with upsells. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Hello Mike. Your blog is such an awesome blog telling us what works and what does not work. Thank you for sharing this review on Infinitii. As I usually do say, no one will make good money online without putting in efforts and enough time. To succeed online requires learning in the right Platform and getting all the support and Tools that are required. I don’t think Infinitii is the way to go + I dislike Products with upsells.

    1. I could not agree more Barry! 

      That is why I only recommend one way to learn to earn passive income online! It’s the exact training, mentoring and live community platform that I used to get started and know for a fact that it is the best and most awesome way to get started and succeed!

      Best of success! 


  3. All I see is RED FLAG after RED FLAG!

    Your comment that Infiniti is not a scam because they do offer value and by using the upsells you could possibly make money may be true. However, there is a BIG RED FLAG there.

    When these fellows make comments about earning $355 a day and say that you can get started today and be making $355 per day in the next 30 minutes is to me very misleading.

    Without experience in the affiliate marketing you refer to, I can tell you that when someone makes such a comment, my immediate reaction is to RUN!

    I read your review because I do wish to pursue the internet marketing world and have heard (maybe I should say “read” things online) about affiliate marketing. To this end I am glad to see that you have also seen a red flag and advised potential newcomers to affiliate marketing of these issues.

    I will be looking into the four products that you sell and continue to move into the affiliate world.

    1. This review of Infinitii as well as others are to offer information to people who are looking for ways to get started. But the only platform I recommend is the exact one I used Steve.

      From the simple step by step and click by click training in pretty much every conceivable aspect of affiliate marketing, to the mentoring, and a community of literally hundreds of thousands of fellow members at all levels of success, there is nothing even remotely close to Wealthy Affiliate! And add to that the fact that you can get a free membership with no credit card info, and it’s really a no brainer! 

      Thanks a lot for your comment and feedback Steve ! 


  4. Hi, thanks for sharing this review.

    I found the Infinitii program on a Facebook post and the sales video is really promising a lot. Before going to spend the money I decided to check some reviews first.

    You say it is only a training, how to make $300 plus a day, This I don’t need. If it was easy to learn how to make that much money I think everybody would already do it.

    Does your real recommendation offer good training for internet business?

    1. Thanks for your comment and feedback Stefan!

      The training that I recommend is the exact training that I used to get started and therefore I know it works, and that is why I recommend it to people who want to learn to make money online! 

      The training at Wealthy Affiliate offers complete an comprehensive training on every aspect of online business. Training on traffic, Websites, YouTube, Affiliate Marketing, and much , much more! It’s crazy! But then you add a live community of people who are at all levels of success from beginners to ultra successful affiliate marketers and it makes Wealthy Affiliate an insane option to get started making money online!

      Best of success to you! 


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