Is Income League A Scam- Or An Easy $1000 Per Day?

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One of the latest and greatest Products for making money online is called Income League! And I have to admit that it sounds great! But is Income League A Scam, or an easy $1000 a day?

After all it is the dream of many people to be able to make $1000 a day or more doing something as simple as posting ads on the internet, right?

Is Income League a scam or easy way to make $1000 a day?

Let’s take a look at this latest product from the Click Bank Marketplace! If this is the real deal, it could change the way we make money online! But honestly I’m going to start on this one with reservations, because I have been here and done this before only to find out that something that seemed too good to be true actually was too good to be true!

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What is Income League?

The sales video starts off with two affiliate marketing “gurus” discussing Income League. One sounds like he is trying to convince the other. But these guys are actually partners in Income League!

Well we see right from the get go that there is quite a bit of secrecy in the sales video for the Income League! I guess a certain amount of secrecy is to be expected, because if you are selling a product, you don’t want to give it all away right off the bat! But secrecy also makes people suspect of the product and in my opinion get’s off on the wrong foot with potential customers!

  • There is reason to be optimistic so let’s continue!Is Income League a scam with their claims of $1000 per day
  • Name: Income League
  • Creator/ Owner: Matthew Neer and Jamie Lewis
  • Price: $47 plus up sells ( More on this in the next section)
  • Recommended? No!

Review Disclosure


Let’s start with the sales video before we get inside Income League!

Income League is a system that allows you to log into the members’ area and get small ads to place across the internet. Matthew Neer claims that he is selling 20 products a day and making over $1000 a day on average and some months as much as $50.000! They claimed that it has nothing to do with PPC or SEO, but it gets better!


In the sales video Matthew Neer and Jamie Lewis make like Matthew is explaining the system to Jamie, and Jamie is a really good actor because he acts completely surprised and in awe of the system and the Click Bank statements that Matthew is showing him. That is kind of funny because Matthew and Jamie are the owners of the system.

Then came the purchase and things started going down hill really fast!

The dreaded Up sell funnel!

I’m noit a very big fan of the back end up sell traps that so many of these Make Money Online products that are found on sites like Click Bank, JV Zoo and Warrior Plus have !

I have no issue with Up Sells at all! In fact I expect them in certain instances. But they should be up front and have value in addition to the main offer! I just don’t feel that it is ethical to claim that the front end offer is all that is needed to make something work, and then once you make the purchase you find out that there are other facets to the system that aren’t included and you must make other pricey purchases in order to get them !


If I buy a car, I understand that there will be up sells. There are options to which engine you get, paint colors, and other equipment. Those are up sells. But these up sells are part of the product up front. If you get the V8 engine you know up front what you are getting and how much it will cost. But not these online up sell funnels !


These up sells total $493 as a one time fee, or down sales totaling $158 !

Is Income League A scam sales funnel


Like I said before, I am not crazy about hidden up sells and down sells ! They are not ethical and thus exceed the scope of honety in my book! Is Income League a Scam strike 1

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  • The up sell sales funnel game is nothing new! Check out some of my other reviews of similar products to see examples of what multiple up sell funnels look like !

As you can see from this short list, there are many offers on the internet that tell you they can fast track your earnings when they teach you their method to make money online. But The real focus isn’t teaching you, it’s the sales funnel!


What do you get for your money with Income League?

So, I’ll bet you are wondering what you actually get for your $47 when you purchase the Income League! Well the short and sweet answer to that question is not much! This is a low value product to say the least!


The entire system you get is a log in to the members’ area and some videos that give you an over view of the system, but there are no truly actionable items in that video tutorial set up! The real value if there is any is in the up sells! And I will be honest when I tell you that I didn’t purchase the up sells !

If there is no value or very little value in the main product, why in the world would someone purchase the up sells?

To be honest, Income League might be a little more enticing if they made the video tutorials part of the sales pitch for free and Is Income League a scam with no valuethen charged for the rest of the up sells as one price of around $100! Then you could see what you are going to be getting up front and without paying $47 for an outline of what to do, without the training of how to do it!


But the low quality up front leaves you with what is pretty much the same old when it comes to these products that are promoted from the various marketplaces!

What is being taught and the secret that Matthew Neer keeps pushing as “posting free ads” is simple, and the most basic layout of affiliate income league a scam strike 2




The way Income League works!

The training and what Matthew is telling you how to do is the simplest form of affiliate marketing! And it isn’t rocket science!

  1. You create a landing page and send it out on various social media platforms to try to get opt-ins and promote an affiliate link for one of the products
  2. You then build an E mail list from the opt ins
  3. You promote products to your E mail list
  4. The products that you promote are the products within Income League

There is a little more to it than that. But you see a really basic over view of how the system works!

To be honest it’s like Affiliate Marketing 101! It’s a similar process to what I and other affiliate marketers do, but with a few differences! Such as:

  • I use a free lead magnet to build my list
  • I only offer valuable content within the lead magnet. (Something that is helpful)
  • I then communicate with the subscribers in my list with other content such as blog posts, lists, cheat sheets etc.
  • I buy, and vet any offer I send to my list! I won’t risk sending them low value junk, just to make a dollar because This will hurt your relationship with the people on your list, and you will lose trust!
  • I never go beyond a two-step sales funnel. Both offers are complete alone and both have to compliment each other. But the largest percentage of the times I mail an offer to my list, the offer is a 1 step funnel!

By using E mail marketing the way I do it, I build trust with my subscribers and give away value on a regular basis before I ask them to buy something. These people are receiving value and relevant content on a regular basis.

When you practice the sale, sale, sale method you aren’t providing value to your subscribers. You are only selling and re selling! This is a bad business practice and results in high numbers of people unsubscribing from your list!

The Traffic problem

No matter what you do online or offline, traffic is the name of the game!

Is Income League a scam with no trafficIf you start a hardware store and no one comes into the store, you have no traffic and therefore no customers! The exact same issue faces you when you start an online business. If no one sees what you are doing or selling you have no customers.

This is the biggest problem with most of these low quality products. They all claim to have a super easy and super secret traffic source! But they don’t! There is no such thing. There are ways to get traffic to your offers and campaigns but none of them are super secret. You either build your traffic for free, or you pay for it. Those are the choices, and what makes these products like Income League something I will never recommend to my readers!

There are real ways to optimize your traffic!

Paid Traffic

Paid traffic can be done several ways. You can use paid social media ads Like those on Facebook to drive traffic to your products, or use PPC(Pay Per Click) like Google Adwords or CPA( Cost per action) like solo ads, where you pay someone to E mail thier list of subscribers on your behalf. These traffic methods work well, but can cost you a great deal of money if you don’t know what you are doing!

Free Traffic

Free traffic is the method I use and I get real good conversions. Mainly because I don’t promote scams !

You can use social media like Facebook pages and groups, Instagram, Pinterest and others without paying for their ads, but it is very hit-and-miss and very low quality.

Free traffics like what you get with a Website or You Tube is a great way to get tons of very targeted free traffic! It takes some time to learn how to get higher rankings and organic traffic, but the trade is great!

Using paid ads to get the kind of results that allow you to do online business full time will cost you thousands of dollars! The type of traffic I use and what is taught at Wealthy Affiliate is FREE !

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The Income League verdict!

Income league is a product that is real, but that doesn’t mean it’s “For Real”!

When it’s all said and done, this system could make you some money but it’s not going to reach the $1,000 a day that he says. Not with the amount of effort that he claims is required and the speed it happens!

The initial sale of $47 is a list of video tutorials that are quite honestly what you can get in a few YouTube videos for free! The practices that are taught are actual affiliate marketing practices and there is at least some small amount of value. But then the up sells start kicking in and it loses me completely! is income league a scam strike 3


Matthew Neer has been in this niche selling these types of products for some time and has hundreds and possibly Is Income League a scam and waste of time and moneythousands of affiliates promoting his products. Most of these products seem to be mainly re-boxed and regurgitated versions of the same group of methods and ideas.

Income League is not a Scam per se, but the methods taught and the results that are discussed are simply not the norm! In fact, they seem quite fictitious!

When Matthew Neer shows screenshots of his earnings, there is likely a good reason for the crazy numbers that you see !

Many of these gurus who create training programs will show you their actual Click Bank, JV Zoo or Warrior Plus profile earnings! But those earings aren’t made from following the methods he is selling you. These results are the sales of his product! That is how many of these claims can be made! They don’t want to tell you that these earnings are not typical and it’s based on your effort, but they have to legally!


I will close out the review portion by simply stating that I wouldn’t waste my time and money on Income League! It’s your choice, and you can get a refund if you don’t like it. But You can spend that time getting started in Affiliate marketing much easier! You can get the mentoring, training and a community of hundreds of thousands of people just like you, and get started right and you don’t have to worry about getting scammed!

Oh yeah! Did I mention that it’s the exact training I used, and IT’S FREE?

There is a far better way to get started making money online!

You don’t have to search out these low quality products that supposedly train you in a way to make money online! In fact, you can get a very high quality training and mentoring program that is absolutely free!

When you make the decision to get started online there are many working parts that are actually easy to learn! But if you don’t know what you don’t know, it makes it very difficult to get started!

While you are working on your start up it’s also nice to have mentors and trainers that are just a click away in order to get quick answers to your questions. If you are anything like me, I love to have a support group of other newbies that I can communicate with and bounce ideas off of, as well as super successful people who have also used the system and know the ropes, and will help you as well!

What I am describing is a super valuable training and mentoring program, and you can get a free membership! That program is called Wealthy Affiliate, and we are waiting to help you get started!

If you are using a low quality product to learn how to get started, you won’t get the truth!

The truth is that while making money online isn’t difficult, it takes some time and effort! is Income league a scam unlike Wealthy Affiliate

People get different results because your success isn’t based on the training.

It’s based on your effort, and goals. If you set your goals, follow the training step by step and put in the effort required, there is no reason you can’t be successful and achieve your goals!

By following this method of doing things the right way, you won’t have to worry about being considered a scammer!


You will build trust with the people you are interacting with and have a money making business that will not only be successful for many years, it will continue to grow !

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is Income League a scam, learn more about the right way



In conclusion, I would like to thank you very much for reading my review on Income League! We talked about the system and the value that it represents. While it is not a scam and I believe that you can make some money with it, you will never make the crazy amounts they claim with the quality of training provided !

I have invited you to check out the free training at Wealthy Affiliate as well! It is the exact training that I used to get started and I’m still a member today! If you decide to sign up for Your Free Account, look me up! I would love to hear from you! My username is MikeC69 and I look forward to seeing you there!

Again thanks for your valuable time and for reading my review! I was as honest as possible and hope you received a great amount of value from the content! If you have comments, questions or suggestions I would love to hear from you in the comment section below! Your feedback helps me improve my service to my audience!

Have a wonderful day!







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