Is Fuego Breakout A Scam Or $200 A Day On Autopilot?

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I’ll bet you are just like me and want to find a way to make extra money online, and found The Fuego Breakout! Is the Fuego This image is a screenshot of the sales video for Fuego Breakout in the is Fuego Breakout a Scam ReviewBreakout a scam or the real deal? Trust me ! I was just as interested and excited to learn what Fuego Breakout is about!

After checking it out, I decided to review the product on my website so others who are interested can get my honest opinion.

You will get my opinion and facts of what is involved, how it works and if it’s a good source for making some money online and helping get another step towards getting rid of that 9 to 5 life sucking job!

Let’s check it out !

If you would like to see the way I actually got started with training, mentoring, and community support for FREE, you can learn more about my #1 ranked way to start online for free!


What is The Fuego Breakout?

  • Name : Fuego Breakout
  • Owner: Brendan Mace / Jono Armstrong
  • Niche: Make Money Online
  • Price :$12.95
  • Recommended: Yes


The Fuego Breakout is a product to help Affiliate marketers with traffic and campaigns.

The biggest of all the challenges to any new marketer or other online business owner is getting leads and prospective customers to see the products and services that they are promoting. Traffic and how to generate this traffic is at the forefront of this challenge. You can have the most helpful and amazing product ever created, but if you don’t get that product in front of the right eyes you will not make sales and ultimately fail in your online endeavors.

This is one of the major reasons that many affiliate marketers fail!

Fuego Breakout is basically a simple to follow training course that anyone can follow and learn the basics of a new and novel way of creating traffic to your products or services landing page According to the sales video you can start as soon as you finish the simple course!



The sales video promises

One thing I can honestly say right from the start is that Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong always have some really cool and different sales videos! This one depicts them living as secret agents and has a complete story around what they are doing and that it is shrouded in secrecy! Pretty cool and a bit corny! LOL!

The sales video is basically claiming that they have developed a way for the people who buy Fuego Breakout to make $200 per day or more on auto pilot with a completely original amd new way to make money online, that is newbie friendly and requires no techie skills or websites and supplies free traffic on demand!

That is a completely awesome sounding thought! But before we get too consumed by the well done and exciting sales video, let’s slow down and look at what is involved step by step!

One thing that de-rails affiliate marketers is getting shinny object syndrome! That is a condition where you are in the grind of building your business or side hustle and get side tracked by something that sounds great ad is really flashy and easy sounding! Let’s make sure this is on the up and up before getting too excited, OK?

If you want to learn how to make money online with the exact, FREE TRAINING, MENTORSHIP AND SUPPORT COMMUNITY that I used I invite you to see the review of my #1 ranked system below!

This image has text that reads that you can learn the right way at your own pace for free


The Fuego Breakout Sales Funnel

I hate to bore the heck out of you with this section, but you need to know what they are actually trying to sell you. It isn’t just the $12.95 Fuego Breakout!

After I paid my $12.95 and went forward to the up sells my first impression wasn’t very good! I judge that as what I think my opinion would be in the eyes of a complete newbie that had just watched the sales video and heard all the promises and read the sales page and all the promises I would get if I purchased the Fuego Breakout! Let me explain!

Like most of these sales pages and sales videos, there is more to it than what you read and watch!

The Up Sells !

  • Upsell# 1 Want it done for you? $37This upsell offers 5 done for you sales funnel campaigns. If you click “No thanks” they will offer the same product as a down sell for $17
  • Upsell #2 Unlimited Traffic $197.IThis upsell is obviously a way that you can supposedly get unlimited traffic to your promotions. I did not purchase this up sell in Fuego Breakout, but I have seen many other offers of unlimited traffic that are essentially telling you to promote your landing page on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest .

I don’t know that this is the method they are showing in this up sell because like I said,I didn’t purchase the up sell/ But all the previous products I have bought that have anything to do with unlimited traffic, have been the social media route.

  • Upsell #3 Business in a box $157 I believe Business in a box is one of the previously released products, but I’m not sure of that
  • Upsell #4 “Make it 1000X Easier” $95 . If you select no thanks you will be sent to a downsell of this product for $55.
  • Upsell #5 “Steal Fuego Breakout and sell it as your own” $97 If you decline this offer and click no thanks you will be sent to the downsell of $47 for the exact same thing.
  • Upsell #6 “The inner circle” $397 This upsell gets you access to “personalized coaching”. If you turn it down and click no thanks the downsell is a two week trial of coaching for $5

I will be honest and tell you that I never purchase the up sells in the sales funnel of products that I have been asked to review. The reason is that I have a set of rules that I only work on one thing at a time on each of my 4 streams of online income.

If you work on a little of this and a little of that, it’s considered dabbling, and dabbling is one of the most surefire ways to experience failure! I have 4 different streams of income and work on them one at a time. Every 4 days I work on each one.

I tell you this, because I want to keep a level of complete honesty with my readers and also let you know that I have reviewed some good quality products and services that may have had very good options in their funnel for even better results. But to stay away from shinny object dabbling I never purchase these.

It’s only fair to state that the other levels of the funnel may be a complete scam. Once again, I don’t know because I don’t buy them.

I learned everything I know through a FREE training, mentoring and community support platform, and I am more than happy with what I am doing. If you would like to read my review on that you can find out How to start for free here.

What you get for your purchase of the Fuego Breakout!

The Fuego Breakout is a video tutorial based system of training inside of a basic member’s area.Is Fuego Breakout a scam? This is a screenshot of the Fuego Breakout member's area

Inside the member’s area there will be a list of ” training modules ” that drop down and contain the tutorial videos on the training.

Those modules are:

Module 1 – Overview and tools. This Module contains an overview of what will be taught and the list of tools such as autoresponders , landing page platforms etc that is common and needed for any type of internet marketing.

Module 2- Fuego Reconnaissance This training module is about choosing an affiliate offer that is going to convert well using Warrior plus or JV Zoo. (This training will also work well with other platforms such as ClickBank and many more )

Modlue 3- Fuego Pages This training module will explain how to set up a landing page with Lead Pages or WordPress.

Module 4- The Secret Fuego Sauce

  • Loading your Fuego Lazer Gun – This training sub module explains how to set up Google Adwords
  • Inserting Fuego Bullets – This training sub module explains how you can set up your autoresponder and set your e-mail sequences.
  • Breakout Time– This training sub module explains how to activate your funnel and push traffic with Instagram influencers.
  • The Fuego Tazer- This training sub module shows you how to create a banner for advertising on Google Adwords and getting them started.

Module 5- The Final Fuego Surge This training module discusses the proper mindset of doing internet marketing and how to scale up your efforts to achieve maximum success. There is also a button to get a special training call as well, which I didn’t use.


If you are interested in making money online and don’t want to deal with scammers or low quality offers of training, I invite you to check out my review on the exact #1 FREE training and mentoring that I started with!

This image is a graphic in the review of Fuego Breakout and says to see my review of how to start online the right way.

Can you make money with Fuego Breakout?

The claims that are made of making $200 with the methods that are taught in Fuego Breakout are very much possible!

The method is correct and the amount is very realistic, but it’s not overnight success and definitely not a get-rich-quick scheme.

You can be able to make amounts like $200 per day in a relatively short time, but it will take some effort and patience when you get started. If you can be patient and test your results you can grow a pretty good business with these methods. In fact, you can scale these methods to be quite successful over time, as long as you are patient and don’t give up!



My honest opinion of Fuego Breakout!

If you have read my review and come to this point expecting me to label Fuego Breakout a scam, you are wrong.

I got started online with what I feel is the greatest free training platform on the internet, and I love the training and Is Fuego Breakout a scam?results!

I love the training that I recieved and what it has done for me, so I use this website to help other people get started online and escape the grips of poverty or the rat race, as well as tell them how they and you can get started doing the same thing I’m doing for free.

I have people who ask me to do certain reviews on other products and since I feel that doing so also helps my readers, I do everything I can to help them.

The problem is that most of these products and services are either super low quality items or outright scams. That isn’t the case with The Fuego Breakout!

While I don’t think that anyone that uses this training will become wealthy overnight or get-rich-quick I do think that this system has value! It surprises me to say that, to be completely honest! I was expecting a scam!

The training that is found in the Fuego Breakout is very similar to one of the methods I use to gro my e-mail list and promote affiliate products, so I know for a fact that it can work!

The only issue I might have is that they make it sound a little too much like overnight success.

These methods will work and have worked for me, but there is time, effort and patience involved in doing any type of internet marketing. As long as you know this, I would recommend this product.

Thiese methods are very useful, but I consider them to be tools for your toolbox and really suggest that beginners layer their efforts to include these methods, but not use these as a standalone business plan for making money online.

One reason for that is that I use a primary traffic source that is really free through my website as well as using some paid ads in my promotions. I occasionally use paid social media ads as well as Solo Ads for traffic, but my main source is my website. And creating a website is far easier than most people think and not techie at all!

If you would like to scan over a few of my other reviews to learn more about my processes of doing the most honest reviews, I would be honored !



Pros and Cons of Fuego Breakout

There are always Pros and Cons when looking at anything, and Fuego Breakout is no different.

The Pros outweigh the cons in this review, but I would be doing a disservice by not sharing them with you anyway!


  • Easy To Use and Newbie Friendly
  • You can start with little or no money
  • makes a great tool to add to your online toolbox
  • Very inexpensive
  • Proven method that many internet marketers use


  • The training is very basic (But that’s ok because it’s for newbies and people who have never used this method to get started
  • The training makes it sound as though it is an overnight success. No business sees success overnight
  • The main sales page says that it is very easy, but the up sells say that you might fail if you don’t buy the up sell.
  • The name, branding and sales video make it seem like a scam even though it’s not.


The best way is the honest and right way!

While I believe that The Fuego Breakout is not a scam and actually has value to many people who aspire to become involved in internet marketing, it is what I consider to be a really good tool in the tool box and not what you should use as your platform!this image is a graphic that shows how to use Fuego Breakout to promote relevant niche products and services

It is incredibly easy to build niche websites for affiliate marketing! Most people think that it’s a techie thing like building a website was in the old days, but it’s very easy and only takes a few clicks and you are on your way!

The basic idea is that you build a website with step by step and click by click instruction. Then you add content to your website such as blog posts or reviews about a product and subject that you are interested in or passionate about such as a hobby. When you do that you use links to a relevant product on one of thousands of websites like Amazon.

Is The Fuego Breakout a scam or make $200 per day

When the person visits your website, clicks on that link and goes to the product you will get a commission if they purchase the product. It’s really that simple! But you need training, mentoring and support to make sure that you do everything the right way and the honest way. That way you don’t waste time and effort trying to figure it out.

Once you have built such a website you can then put in the effort to get your content ranked in the search engines. When that happens, you get free traffic!

A training like what is found in Fuego Breakout can then be very helpful in optimizing even more traffic through inexpensive methods like those within Instagram and Google ads.



I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my review of Fuego Breakout! It means a lot to me and I really appreciate it!

We have discussed the product called Fuego Breakout and how it is used. I took you into my memeber’s area and showed you exactly what it does and I hope you learned something as I did .

Fuego Breakout isn’t a scam and offers some training value, but it is still not my recommended way to get started online. I have laid out what I recommend and given you an invitation to check it out in my honest review.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions I would appreciate it if you would leave them in the comments section below! It is with your feedback that I can better serve you with content that is helpful to you!

I hope you have a wonderful day, and I would like to ask you a question as we end this review!

Have you been involved in an internet scam that wasted your time and money, and if so what was it?

Have a great and blessed day!




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  1. Hey Mike,

    Wow, $12.95 that is super affordable.  I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for 10+ years, but I love it every single day.  There is so much to learn and I learn new stuff everyday.

    The upsells do sound interesting, though.  I haven’t done a lot with Facebook (buying ads), but I know that a lot of people do it.  Do you happen to know if the Upsell 2 teaches you how to create Facebook Ads and some best practices for creating a daily budget?  Possibly split testing and tactics to get a decent ROI.

    1. Thanks for your comment Garen! 

      The only social that is taught is Instagram influencers. You can use Instagram influencers to do promotions for a better price than Facebook ads many times .

      If you want to try Instagram or any other ad system I suggest that you use something inexpensive to tracj clicks and split test like ClickMagick. I love it and it is pretty much all you need !

      Have a great day! 


  2. Hello Mike,

    I came across your site as I am part of the Wealthy Affiliate website.

    I am looking for other ways to make money online, so I was interested in your review about Fuego Breakout.

    Firstly I think you have a very great review. It comes from someone who has actually bought and used it. There are so many reviews from people who have no experience with the products they review!

    Personal experience always wins.

    It seems you have had some success with it.

    Can I ask how long did it take you to:

    1) Recover the purchase cost

    2) Get to $200 a day?

    It would be great to know so I can calculate how long my level of success will be.

    Thank you


    1. I actually tested the integrations and the training. I didn’t follow them because I already do what is is taught in some levels , so I know it works.

      I promote affiliate offers that are relevant to my audience with free traffic from my website, and then boost traffic with some social media and solo ad traffic.

      Have a great day ! 


  3. Thanks for the peek into Fuego Breakout, Mike.  I always like to check out programs that will help improve my traffic and, of course, add to my income diversification.

    But I got a bit lost in the upsell/downsell explanations.  I couldn’t grasp what I get for my $12.95.  Is it a one-time fee?  Is there a free membership option for me to check it out first?  I was interested in accessing its training modules – are these for paid members only?

    Thanks a lot,

    1. There actually isn’t a “membership” per se. It’s just a one time fee .

      It’s not a ground breaking training, but it can be another tool in the toolbox.

      Have a great day! 


  4. Thanks for sharing your review on Fuego Breakout. I always hear and read people say that the key to making money online is traffic . After all, you cannot make any sales unless your get people on your site. So I’m not surprised that people will come up with training and courses that will help affiliate marketers drive traffic.

    I have no doubt that it is possible to make $200 a day with the Fuego Breakout but this isn’t for me. At first glance, $12.95 seems affordable but I have to be honest, I hate up sells. They pretty much turn me off and make me leave the site immediately. I believe that there are other means to drive traffic to one’s website and eventually make money.

  5. Great post and good info.

    The platform seems to be good, but I would never do the up sells as you told, since the downsell is so much cheaper, it is really unbelievable.

    About the training they give, it looks nice but I already found another platform like Fuego Breakout, Wealthy Affiliate as you know.

    For me nothing compares to this platform.

    Thanks for sharing ot anyway and showing it isn’t a scam!

    1. Thanks for your comment and kind words Emmanuel!

      I agree 100%! I have done many reviews and have never seen anything that is even in the same league with Wealthy Affiliate! 

      Something like The Fuego Breakout would be a good tool for the toolbox, but is not even comparable to what Wealthy Affiliate offers! 

      Have  a great day! 


  6. Thank you for this wonderful review on Fuego Breakout.As many people are looking for internet related business and many of them tried many times and failed due to scams, it is very difficult to trust any website . After reading how Fuego Breakout works, i can say that people can take as scam but for me it is not. I say this because these days people are used to earning money in a difficult way ad when it comes to making money quick and easily, they directly think that they get another scam as usual.With Fuego breakout people can make money and yes much money but it is all about hard work and persistence which i like in it.

    It is better to try it and get our own judgement after .Fuego Breakout is not a scam

  7. Hmmm… Seriously, I thought it was another bigggg scam! But sure it isn’t. I hate it when I see these products promising over night riches. These promises are strategies anyways;  strategies to get quick sales because everyone wants to get rich quick lol. I hate purchasing a Training that doesn’t state there are upsells and damn downsells if you click no. Anyways if you recommend it, I think it’s good. But as for me, I can’t go for such a crap because if I don’t purchase the upsells, I wouldn’t get full value

  8. I hadn’t heard of Fuego Breakout until I read this article of whether it’s a scam or not. I did see immediately that you recommended it so that gave me some hope that this might actually be a good product to invest in. The $12.95 price point isn’t bad at all. I don’t like the upsells though and I’m glad you listed all of the ones you’ll be offered as soon as you pay for Fuego Breakout. I’m glad to know that it’s not a get rich quick scheme and I like that you broke down what to expect in all 5 modules of the video tutorials. Have you had any success with it yet or know of others who have?

  9. Hey Mike!  I really enjoyed happening upon your post about the pros and cons of Fuego. I am a newbie to internet marketing and it can be an overwhelming process trying to find which avenue to take and what is a scam and what isn’t.  I appreciate that you are distilling this information in an honest and straight up way based on your own personal experience and given I am the newbie with a more knowledge to gain, I will definitely check it out!  I appreciate the time and effort you put in to take care of the legwork and sharing your results.  I especially gained from hearing about your approach to your 4 streams and focussing on each one per day to yield more successful and consistent results. It is an inspired approach to adopt.  All the very best of continued and exponential success to you good sir and thank you again!

    1. Thank you for your comment and Kind words ! 

      If you have any questions or suggestions please let me know! 

      Best of success to you! 


  10. Great post and good info.

    I heard about Fuego before, and what i can say is that isn’t a scam, but I wouodn’t buy the upsells.

    You can have free trainings on other platforms.

    But for the price, Fuego offers a very good experience, but I have a better alternative.

    This is called Wealthy Affiliate, and for me it is the best one ever.

    Thanks for sharing it anyway!

    1. Thanks for the input Emmanuel! 

      I appreciate your time to read my review! 

      I am also impressed that you have already gotten started at Wealthy Affiliate! There is no online business training program that even comes close to what you get at Wealthy Affiliate! If you follow the training and put in the effort, you will be amazed at the possibilities! 



  11. Without trying out the Fuego Breakout, no one will know what it is. To spend time and money on it is a stab in the dark. While we are in Wealthy Affiliate and doing our due diligence to learn, adding Fuego Breakout will scatter us thin.

    1) What is in Fuego Breakout that is NOT in Wealthy Affiliate?
    2) I have read that Fuego Breakout is a PAID TRAFFIC campaign. If so, why not buy paid traffic while in Wealthy Affiliate if TRAFFIC is what Fuego Breakout is strong at.
    3) Would it be practical for newbies to look at Fuego B while working on WA lessons?
    4) The shiny object I see is not a product. It is the promise of $200 per day while we sit on our butt. ; )
    5) If Fuego B is good for the tool box, why not do something similar while in WA?



    1. Thanks for your comment and input Joe!
      I’m glad to see that you took action on our last conversation and joined the free training at Wealthy Affiliate!
      Don’t forget to PM me when you get to the first month, or if you have questions before then!

      Fuego breakout is considered a tool for the tool box in my review because what is taught works and is a basic platform for traffic.
      It isn’t part of the training at Wealthy Affiliate because the main source of traffic is through SEO at Wealthy Affiliate and also a full training on PPC in case some people are interested.
      I’m glad that you are now a member at Wealthy Affiliate and privy to the huge bank of training that is available there! But we have to remember that there will be people who are searching for a review on Fuego Breakout that aren’t Wealthy Affiliate members, and don’t have access to all the answers and training concerning traffic. I hope they will consider Wealthy Affiliate , but in the mean time, this is a simple tool that they can use .
      I hope this helps Joe
      Best of success to you!

  12. 1) What is in Fuego Breakout that is not in Wealthy Affiliate? 2)  I read that Fuego B is focused on PAID TRAFFIC, can we do PAID TRAFFIC while in WA?  3) CONTENT PLUS TRAFFIC is the ideal situation, how will Fuego Breakout  help with tons of PAID TRAFFIC but a horrible content?  

    Just my ten cents.


    Joe / JosonInc

    1. Thanks For your comment Joe! 

      The training in the Wealthy Affiliate focuses on every aspect of free traffic and SEO. But it also has a complete and comprehensive training on paid advertising as well. In short, if there is a question about online marketing that you can ask, it is covered at Wealthy Affiliate.

      Best of success to you! 


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