This image is a picture of mney and says is Fast Profits a scam

Is Fast Profits A Scam or A Legit Way To Earn $1,700 Per Day?

It’s no Secret that you have likely seen the crazy new way to earn money online This image is a picture of mney and says is Fast Profits a scamcalled Fast profits ! And I’ll bet that you got here because you have been wondering is Fast Profits a scam or legit!

That is why were are all here ! Let’s take a look at this awesome opportunity to see what it’s about and find out if we can actually make money using it! After all, if this is legit, it may be the most effective way to change your life that I have ever seen !

I will use the experience I have gained online with Affiliate Marketing, E commerce and other means to help you decide if this is as great of an idea as it sounds like !

Hello my name is Mike and I just wanted to let you know that all my reviews are done strictly from the standpoint of being honest and passing along the correct information as well as giving you my honest opinion of the product as stated in my review disclosure!

I seldom if ever promote any of these offers because they have to be something I believe in before I promote it to my readers! One such thing that I believe in whole heartedly is the exact training system I used to get started online! I promote that platform because I believe in it, and I’m living proof that it works !

Let’s get after it and see what’s happening with Fast Ptrofits ! Maybe it will be one of the few products I cab believe in and endorse to my readers!


What is Fast Profits?

Fast Profits is a product that is being promoted by affiliate marketers through the marketplace of The platform of Fast profits is based on teaching you principles and techniques that are used in E commerce to allow you to make up to $1700 per day!

The reason for using Fast Profits is based on a “secret” that you are shown or taught that opens the floodgates of profit and allows you to become successful in the online world of E commerce !


  • Product/ Service – Fast Profits
  • Owner- Michael Carson
  • CLICKBANK Marketplace
  • Price- $37
  • Recommended? – NO


Over time I have done many reviews on items that claim to make you rich with little or no effort. Most of these claims have fallen far short of the target for many people and end up with discouraged people who have given up because they believe they are doing something wrong! This puts most products and services on a pretty darn short leash in my book!

Let’s see how Fast Profits stacks up against the others ! Let’s see if it is different and how well it works. Can you get enough real world training and actionable material from Fast Profits to have a shot at the kinds of money that they claim you can make ? I’m excited to find out!

My first Impressions of Fast Profits

I want to be completely honest and not hide anything from you! If anything that is something I can always promise and people believe me because I stick to my word! Let me explain.

The very first idea of deciding if a product or service is something I’m willing to promote, offers some value, or is a completethis is a picture of a free guide to help get started online without Fast Profits scam is simple. Webster’s dictionary says it best when it defines exactly what a scam is !

Webster’s dictionary defines a scam as,” a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation”.

So from this we can take the understanding that a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation is a scam, and based on evidence, that is exactly what I see when I took a closer look at Fast Profits !

Many of these types of training and how to products use the same old regurgitated methods over and over with a different ab]ngle here and there, but that alone doesn’t mean that it is a scam ! You can actually get a small amount of understanding and training on how some things work, but the possibilities of earning the types of money they claim is near to impossible !

There are some very real reasons I do not trust Fast Profits as I will discuss with you in the next section. If you disagree that is OK. But experience tells me that there will be many people who go all in on Fast Profits and the results will be fast failure! Here is why say that !

My friend Karen also reviewed Fast Profits and was a little less than blown away! Check out the video below for her take !

The reason I do not trust Fast Profits!

I am very careful when pointing out my opinions of a product, because someone is using the sales of their product to support their families and make a living! I don’t take these reviews lightly!

Who is Michael Carson?

The guy who owns Fast Profits says his name is Michael Carson and supplies a photo within the sales page. But like some many other grimy owners he used a stock photo in this promotion!

It makes me wonder why so many people do this ! Why are they trying to hide their identity?

This is a photo of the owner in the Fast Profits sales page.

If someone were to create a way that you can make $1700 a day with as little as an hour’s work, they would be on every talk show and all over YouTube selling their brand !

This guy and others like him are keeping their identity hidden for some reason ! Are they trying to avoid having people hunt them down? Who knows ! This is a stock photo that is used in the Fast Profits sales video


The second Issue I saw with Fast Profits was the crazy claims of income in the sales video!

The constant claim that you can earn $1700 per day over and over is a red flag!

There is no way you can guarantee that anyone can earn anything in any business, let alone an online business in E commerce! In fact the sales video never comes out and says that “you will earn $1700 per day”!

But the impressions that are left lead the people watching the video to that conclusion! But that alone doesn’t mean that it’s a scam!


The video testimonial trick!

Many products have sales videos with testimonials. If you watch TV you will see them as well as seeing them online. For instance, I don’t believe the testimonials when I see an A list actor say that Mountain Dew changed their life ! But there is something different about a testimonial video that makes claims that you can earn a lot of money, if you directly pay them money!

Then you find that the actors in the sales video are giving fake testimonials ! That doesn’s sit well with me at all, because unlike most videos you don’t have an idea of what you are buying ! You are depending on the testimonials for evidence that the mystery method you are buying works !

Fast Profits was no different! The fake Fiverr actors in the video destroy the idea that there is real success !

this is a screen shot of a paid actor in the is Fast Profits a scam review

This guy has been in multiple other sales videos claiming to have made huge earnings with multiple different products that happen to be make money online products!


The guy in the sales video isn’t really to be blamed! He is simply trying to make a living as an actor!



This is a picture of the Fiverr profile of paid actors in the is Fast Profits a scam review

If the guy in the photos were really using all the different products and services that he has claims to have made huge money with, he wouldn’t have time to make videos !

This is one of the sealing facts that brings back the definition of scam in Webster’s dictionary ! “A fraudulent or deceptive act or operation”.

I am interested to see what I will see him in next ! I guess it will be the next make money online product that can’t find any real success stories to make a video of!


If you are interested in earning passive income online and have the time, effort and patience mindset, the only system I ever recommend is the same one I used to get started online. You can learn more about how you can start learning how with a FREE MEMBERSHIP today! There is no Email Sign up connected with this button!

This is a picture that is limked to the best training alternative to the Fast Profits scam


We should really expect this !

I can tell you for an absolute fact that earning money online is not a get-rich-quick proposition !

It truly takes time and effort to make money online! There are ways that are quicker and much more beneficial than others, but it still takes time !

Many people who aspire to earn passive income online come into these simple little training and how to products and get excited to give it a try! But then they don’t see any results and quickly give up!

Likewise people who start the right way but have no idea what they should do to best optimize their efforts and build their business the right way also get frustrated and give up. Many of these people would have far better success with a great training program that can help you achieve success quicker !

Before you jump into anything, you should decide what your goals are and work towards those goals with the mindset that success comes with time, effort and patience !

You can see for yourself !

I always suggest that you try the product for yourself if you have any doubts about what I am telling you. If you do you may learn some amount of information that might help you in the future, but I seriously doubt that you will ever make any substantial money! The cost is only $37 and it is refundable through CLICKBANK, so there isn’t anything to lose but your time !

I have included links to some of my other reviews so that you can see how I carry reviews out and determine how to explain them to my readers. I actually buy and work with many of the products I do reviews on, but Fast Profits isn’t one of them. I could tell all I needed from the deceptive sales video.

I recommend you do it the right and honest way!

If you have been scammed before don’t feel alone because I was too when I started ! That is in fact a major part of the reason that I started this blog when I finally started finding success ! I want to try to help as many people as possible to find the real way to succeed online with passive income and avoid the scams !

That being said, If you really want to earn passive income and do it the right way, I can make a suggestion based on my own results !

I have been in affiliate marketing for about one year and have seen small success along the way. Now I’m really starting to see some success that I had hoped for when I started and it is very much exciting !

Like I said, I thought that making money online was as easy as the scammers who sold me products sad it was ! But the truth is something far different! The truth is that the processes that you have to use are actually very easy in themselves, but you have to learn what these processes are to be successful !

While the process is pretty simple and easy to learn, it takes time, patience and effort in using these processes to see success !


Sometimes You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know !


It would be possible to learn what you need to learn online by searching Google and watching YouTube videos, but it isn’t very realistic!

Like I said, it is possible to learn the things you need to know, but it isn’t very probable because you don’t know what you don’t know.

If you knew what you needed to learn you could simply research it. But the issue is that if you don’t know and you don’t have any experience , you don’t know what to research! That is where a great quality training and mentoring program comes in!

With a great training and mentoring program you can avoid the pitfalls and time-consuming lack of progress that doom many people who try to start earning money online ! And when you add a live community of helpers and people who are at all stages of success to that equation, you have a recipe for success!

That is the reason that I only recommend Wealthy Affiliate to people who are trying to get started online with passive this is the Wealthy Affiliate logo for free training in the Fast Profits reviewincome! The training, video courses, weekly live webinar training, mentoring, and awesome community are what helped me go from posting photos on Facebook to now owning 3 websites and growing in my passive income journey every day !

I can honestly tell you that without Wealthy Affiliate, I would have long since given up because I wouldn’t have known where to start, and surely wouldn’t have had a clue what step 2 was!

You can get lesser value training programs online that are nothing more than video courses and do it pretty cheap at around $597 plus up sells that help you going forward. But there is no other online training and community system that is live 24 hours per day 365 days per year like Wealthy Affiliate, ad it’s FREE! If you have a question, you simply click the, ask a question button, and usually within a few minutes you will have one of the instructors or more advanced entrepreneurs answer your question!

With Wealthy Affiliate there is pretty much no way you can get stuck as long as you ask questions and follow the training ! It’s hard to ask a video tutorial a question at $597 ! But wait till you read the next paragraph if you are waiting for that jaw dropping tidbit of information!

You can use the link posted below to get your membership today and get started making money online……FOR FREE!

There are no credit cards or PayPal info when you sign up and no risk, because there is no charge to get started ! I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true ! Over 1 million people have made the decision to get their free membership and start building anew future!


To Learn More with no E mail sign up, click the button below !

This picture is linked to the best alternative to a scam like Fast Profit


Thanks for reading this article and the review of Fast Profits !

We have discussed the platform and the deceipt and shortcomings of such products as well as the exact way I got started online!

It is my intention to never lie to anyone or mislead anyone, and that is the reason that Wealthy Affiliate is the only platform I recommend to start earning passive income online! I can do that with a clean conscience because I am a firm believer and know that Wealthy Affiliate is exactly what it says it is, because I used the tremendous platform to get started and am still a member today!

If you have gotten any value from this article I would apprecite it if you would leave a comment, question or suggestion in the comments box below. It is with your feedback that I can better serve my readers .

I will leave you with a question today! Just leave your answer in the comments .

Have you ever tried to make money online with bad results?

It was great to have this discussion with you!

Have a fantastic day!





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30 thoughts on “Is Fast Profits A Scam or A Legit Way To Earn $1,700 Per Day?”

  1. It really infuriates me that these scams are allowed to flourish online like this and take advantage of people who don’t know better.  I am so grateful for people like you who do the research and provide the information to let us know.  They have the nerve to use stock photos and fiver actors for testimonials?  That is absolutely terrible.  The people that sign up for these programs can become totally discouraged with online marketing, when if they had found a great program like Wealthy Affiliate first, they would have a positive, educational, supportive experience.  Thanks for the review!  You’ve done a great service for people!

  2. Hey Mike,

    Awesome overview of affiliate marketing and your thoughts on the “Fast Profits” program. Although, I’ve never heard of that specific company, I know there are many like it that exist. Unfortunately, making substantial income claims seems to be quite common place now in marketing. But luckily people like you go through and review these programs for what they really are and share the results with everyone. 

    In the end, you end up recommending WA as a much better alternative and legitimate way to learn how to make money online. I can wholeheartedly agree that WA is a superb platform that is specifically designed for beginners to get started with affiliate marketing. I have been using them for over 2 years and manage multiple sites through them without any major problems. The support, training, and community are all excellent benefits to joining WA. 

    Although, there is never any guarantee that you will make money with WA either,  I would agree with you that they are a honest and legitimate company who truly cares about your success. 

    Thanks again Mike for this informative article. 

    All the best,


    1. Thanks a lot for your comment and feedback David!

      I hope you have the very best of success! If there is anything I can do to help please reach out and let me know ! 


  3. Hi, 

    Thanks for writing a review on Fast Profits. It is crazy how people will do unethical things just to make a money. 

    I hope you don’t mind me asking but how are you able to determine his photo is a stock photo and the testimonials are Fiverr actors. I am asking because I probably would have believed that the photo he is using is his and the testimonials are from Fiverr. Anyways thanks for spotting that again. 

    Do you know what type of training he is providing? I know the fake profile picture plus fake testimonials are already a red flag, but if it is a scam wouldn’t Clickbank flag it already? Now I have doubts how trustworthy Clickbank is. 

    About Wealthy Affiliate, is $597 per month, per year or one-time membership fee? Is there no other pricing structure available for Wealthy Affiliate? 

    Thanks in advance. John Greg

    1. The $597 was for other products that offer video tutorials only.

      The pricing structure at Wealthy Affiliate offers a completely risk free , FREE MEMBERSHIP! 

      That is why there is no other online training platform that can compete ! 

      Thanks for your comment and question !

      Best of success ! 


  4. Beauty In A Maze

    Thank you so much for sharing such a detailed and honest review, Mike! I too was turned off by the ridiculously high income claims after such a short period of time and I think that if there really was such a thing that created so much money in such a short period of time, then there would be even more rich people in the world. 

    Unfortunately, scams like this prey on those in desperate situations and even though it sounds too good to be true (and is) people go for it thinking “just maybe it’s real”… 

    Creating an online business is definitely time consuming because it takes training and a whole lotta work! Most people aren’t willing to do what it takes to earn a healthy online income, but like the idea of a quick “push button” method instead. 

  5. Well I know over the years I have fallen for these not good opportunities.  Its great however now that there are articles like this one.  We can finally expose these ludicrous opportunities for what they really are.

    I love that you have the total honesty because we all can focus on educating the people because thats what its going to take to shut these people down.

    I get crazy when I see these paid actors in every different opportunity and they all make the same false claims.

    Great job on this article and great job on getting involved with Wealthy Affiliate.


    1. Thanks for your comment Dale! And congratulations on getting your passive income business with affiliate marketing off the ground with Wealthy AFfiliate!

      If you ever need help PM me. My username is MikeC69 at Wealthy Affiliate.

      The very best of success to you!


  6. Hello,

    As a person who searched high and low for online money making opportunities, it is refreshing to know that there is someone looking out for the small folks (myself). I know there is money to be made online, but finding the opportunities is the kicker. I have been jacked a few times and being cautious is an understatement!

    I appreciate a few things about the presence of your review:

    1- It saved me a great deal of time, because I am still looking for an online money making opportunity and I am certain I would have come across “Fast Profits” and wasted a bit of time checking it out. Not now, I can move on from them.

    2- I appreciate your honest review, it came across like you wanted people to know it is very possible that Fast Profit would not hold up to what they advertised. I believe you!

    3- Your review validated my research. I researched affiliate marketing and came to the conclusion that it can be a fairly lucrative industry in terms of making money online and because of that discovery it brought me to Wealthy Affiliate. To know that you recommend them is great!

    Please know that I bookmarked your site, because you have some very relevant articles I’d like to reference back to!

    Thank you for your honest thorough review of Fast Profits!


    1. Hey, thanks for your feedback Diane! 

      It’s great to see that you have started growing with Wealthy Affiliate! You found the absolute best platform for creating a passive income with affiliate marketing!

      If I can help in any way just shoot me a PM and I’ll be happy to help ya out! My Wealthy Affiliate username is MikeC69.

      The very best of success to you!


  7. Hi Mike,

    Your review about Fast Profits is spot on. It upsets me that people have no qualms when it comes to scamming others. While you can get your money back on ClickBank once you realise that Fast Profits is a scam, I am sure that there will be quite a number of people who never claim their money back. 

    This is because they have been duped by all the hype of earning $1700 per day and the false testimonials. The consumer then thinks that they themselves are the ones at fault, rather than due to the short comings of the training.

    When starting an online business, it is so important to get the right training! But like you mentioned in your review  “you don’t know what you don’t know” which makes it difficult for a newbie to realize that the training in Fast profits is insufficient. 

    I too am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and believe that WA has the best training in the world, especially for a beginner as the training is in a step-by-step process. I suppose we are lucky because having had WA’s training, we can spot a scam for a mile. That’s why it is important for people like yourself to review deceptive products so that others can be aware and not be taken in by them.

    Keep up the good work.


    1. Thanks for your comment and feedback Suzie! 

      It’;s great to hear that you are building something special at Wealthy Affiliate! If you need some input or assistance, make sure to let me know! My username is MikeC69!

      Tell everyone you know about the awesome training and community at Wealthy Affiliate! It is Definitely a great way to improve your life and freedom if you are willing to invest some time and effort!

      Have a great day! 


  8. Hi Mike,

    I really appreciate your reviews.

    I am looking for legitimate programs that can help me create income online as I travel a lot all over Asia.

    It really helps weed out the rubbish when we see real people do real test on products and share their results to save us wasting time and money.

    When I was in my last personal development program we were talking about feelings we get.

    When you look at someone your gut tells you if you like them or not. These feeling are based on something.

    If it was not there you could not feel it. so in order for you not to instantly like someone, they have to be sending a signal that gives you a reason not to like them…

    Stay with me there is a meaning to this…

    In your review you felt there was something wrong…

    In order for you to feel that there has to be something wrong…

    Listen to that intuition…

    If i look at something and fell there is something wrong…

    Then there is something wrong!

    So don’t do it!

    Thanks for a great review.

    I won’t be doing it because you felt there was something wrong!



  9. Wonderful writeups about Fast profit review. Honestly, I didn’t have high hopes for this program because the name already made it seem like a get-rich-quick scheme. I mean, whenever I hear of something that means “making money fast”, the word “scam” comes to mind because earning money online is not something you can do quickly.

    1. You are absolutely correct! Anything worth doing takes time, and this is no different.

      The best of success to you!


  10. Hi Mike, you have done an excellent and truthfully unbiased review here on fast money, let me say, anybody willingly to make money online should By now after reading your must have know that fast, money is an ugly scam with no intention of offering any financial freedom with their products, reading through their page, and the self acclaimed making of $1700 per day makes it a turning off point for me. About your question, I have tried making money online sometimes through some surveying sites and I ended up not, getting payment but ever since I joined wealthy affiliate, it’s my best decision so far

    1. Just remember that if it seems too good to be true it likely is!

      Thanks for your positive feedback!

      The best of success to you!


  11. I think everyone has tried to make money online with a bad experience. I was bought a product, for a good value at first, only to register and find out I have to pay even more to benefit fully. Of course, I did no have the required amount, so it was a waste. The fast profit is a scam in my opinion. Of your business is legit, you won’t associate anything fake to it. Thanks for sharing Mike, don’t show mercy on this guys, expose them for what they are.

  12. Mere looking at the name is enough to scare a wise person. I like the review you provided. I have never heard of a business that pays that high (1700) in a day. I see fast profit more of a scam than a real company. Just take a look at Wealthy Affiliates, you would see the pictures of Carson and Kyle compared to the owner of fast profit. If he is sure of his product, he would hide his real picture. WA is a better alternative to fast profit. You can start with a free account. 

  13. Sammynathaniels

    Hi Mike.

    First of all, let me thank you for being honest and objective in your review, this is what we hardly find these days because most reviews are paid and they mislead customers into scam websites and platforms.  In my own opinion, websites and platforms that promise outrageous income is a red flag to watch out for because it is likely to be scam. As far as affiliate marketing and other e-commerce issues are concerned, one needs to work hard and also be consistent before he can earn a dollar. 

    In summay, nowebexperience is not recommended at all as it has failed all basic scam tests.

    1. I think you meant that Fast profits wasn’t recommended? LOL

      That’s cool I understand what you mean.

      Thanks for your comment and have a great day! 


  14. Thanks for your honest review of this fast profit. It’s obviously a scam $1700 per day! It’s so painful how people fall for such cheap lies all in the name of want to make money online. You can make money online but it requires effort and time to be successful in the business just like in any other business be it online or offline. The get rich quick syndrome is the only reason people get scammed by people like Michael Carson if that’s even his name. My philosophy has always been “If it’s too good to be true then it’s not true”. Once I see unreasonable and unrealistic promise or return I always take cover!
    Wealthy affiliate is the only platform o have been on for the past few months and I have not gotten a reason to regret. I learn and make money. I love the training on WA. You are right….. You don’t know what you don’t know!

  15. HI Mike, there are so many products that are being marketed on the internet that ends up not delivering their sales promise like they promised. The first red flag is when they promise one of making hundreds of dollars in a day without doing any substantive work. Just like you said, why would they hide their identity by using a stock photo?I always advice newbies to do thorough research on any product they have interest in before purchasing to avoid wasting their money and time. Your review is great and will be of immense benefit to those that want to know more about the product Fast Profits being getting entangled with it.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I am so happy you got some value from this article ! 

      Best of success to you! 


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