Is EZ Bay Payday A Scam Or An Easy $180,000 Per Year?

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I’m sure that while you have been looking around the internet, you have come across the super new product called EZ Bay Is EZ Bay Payday a scamPayday!

Is Ez Bay Payday a scam or can you really make $500 per day and $180,000 per year with it? If this turns out to be a legit product, it could change the lives of many people!

With the world of E commerce growing at the breakneck rate that we see, It is awesome to see a product like EZ Bay Payday come along that shows us more about how to take a system that can be complicated and make it super easy!

When I saw this and did a little research, I had to buy it! I have been looking for a way to add another passive income stream to my online business and such a product could help me do just that! Come along as we investigate EZ Bay Payday and see if I bought a gem, or just more fools gold !


If You have been looking for a way to get started, and make money online without being worried about scams and con men that just want to sell you something, I invite you to learn how I started for FREE, with no up sells !

Is EZ Bay Payday a scam? Learn how I started For free

What is EZ Bay Payday?

  • EZ Bay Payday is one of the latest products from the ClickBank Marketplace and it is growing fast! That is one of the reasons I decided to try it out!
  • Name: EZ Bay Payday
  • Owner: Steve RichardsIs EZ Bay Payday a scam with the big claims of making money?
  • Marketplace: ClickBank
  • Website:
  • Price: $ $37 plus upsells ( More info on this later in the review)
  • Recommended? No


EZ Bay Paydays is a system that was created by Steve Richards and a popular E commerce You Tuber .


EZ Bay Payday is a system for setting up EBAY drop shipping stores. The EZ Bay Payday Course its self offers a very basic instruction on setting up an EBAY drop shipping store not unlike what you can find on You Tube for free.





I was somewhat disappointed to see the level of training that is offered in the main course at E Bay Payday, and I suppose that like so many other make money online products out there, the real value is in the up sells .

That brings me to the next aspect of this review, the up sells that are offered with EZ Bay payday. Hold on!


The Up Sells in EZ Bay Payday

Is EZ Bay Payday a scam with the rediculous up sellsWhen I signed up and paid my $37 , I figured that there would be some opportunities to level up the quality of training involved, but I didn’t think the up sell funnel would be so vast!

The first up sell is an upgrade to the premium membership that is called EZ Bay Payday Pro for $197.


These up sells are the first things you see after you pay for the main course and they keep coming after this with a total of 5 up sells that come to a grand total of $475 as close as I can tell!


Once I saw the quality of the main course and the number of up sells , I figured that each product would take you one step further until you have bought all the up sells .

I don’t know this for sure because I don’t buy up sells if the main product can’t standalone to some point. So I don’t know how they function at all. I can only go by experience where I have spent several hundred dollars and still needed the next product to make everything work properly! This product may be the same or different, I don’t really know.

The initial product really isn’t that bad and has some value. But you can get the same or better quality with a couple of free YouTube searches.


The sales video deception!

If there is one thing I absolutely hate, it is deception! In fact the definition of the word scam in Webster’s dictionary is “a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation!

EZ Bay Payday is not the highest quality product out there but it is not a scam and has at least some value. That is what makes me nuts about the deception and big, bold claims in the sales video!

This wasn’t the first time I have seen sales videos use paid actors to tell their stories of huge success.

But this dude used the same paid actors that have been in almost every sales video on ClickBank in one way or another! If these people are doing all these training courses they must be super wealthy and have 50 hour days !

This guy stays pretty busy! And he should think about changing his location from time to time !

Is Z Bay Payday a scam with fake actorsIs EZ Bay Payday a scam with paid actors



And this guy has been in more sales videos than anyone I have ever seen ! Is EZ Bay Payday a scam more actors

Is EZ Bay Payday a scam?

Like I said, I despise dishonesty when people are trying to get someone to pay them for something that is supposed to be so great!

To me this is absolutely no different that telling a lie ! It should be a business practice that these people should revise and go a different route with!

If you have a great program of training, don’t release it in so many up sells!

Release it as two up sells and make them equally valuable. I would be far more likely to buy a product that will help me with one purchase for $250 than I would 4 different purchases for the same amount, because I am going to get irritated by the never ending sales funnel after one or two steps.

That is the point that I will likely start thinking about things like a fake sales video and get completely detached from the product!

Other product reviews like this

I have linked some other reviews I have done so that you can see simularities between them and EZ Bay Payday.


If You have been looking for a way to get started, and make money online without being worried about scams and con men that just want to sell you something, I invite you to learn how I started for FREE, with no up sells !

Is EZ Bay Payday a scam with my favorite way to get started

Inside the member’s area of EZ Bay Payday

Once inside the member’s area I was most glad to be done with the sales funnel and clicking “No Thank You” buttons ! Is EZ Bay Payday a scam in the member's area

The training that is offered in the course is very simple and elementary in nature to say the least ! The training modules consist of a series of videos that explain who , what, when , where and how type info but no real actionable things you can do to get going .

Don’t misread me here! This training is great first step type traning for someone who might be thinking about E-Commerce and getting started online. I just think that if someone buys the product and they don’t know that it’s about drop shipping until you get to its member’s area, it’s very likely that the training isn’t even what they are looking for !

That being said, if you want to try the product out and purchase the first up sell or two, you may be satisfied with the outcome. I didn’t purchase the up sells because I’m not interested.



My final thoughts on EZ Bay Payday

I will start by saying again that this product is not a scam. I would actually like to but I can’t. It does offer some value for people who want very basic information on starting a drop shipping store on EBAY.

What I don’t like about EZ Bay Payday:

  1. A low amount of value that can be matched or surpassed with a couple of free YouTube videos
  2. Deceiving sales videos with fake testimonials
  3. You have to purchase multiple up sells to get full function of the product
  4. The earnings claims are not realistic with the product. EZ Bay Payday takes you far enough to get lost and confused, and in my opinion you can’t get to $180,000 per year without further training and help.

What I do like about EZ Bay Payday:



  1. The training and concept is very much real, but low quality and incomplete
  2. That’s about it……….

Is EZ Bay Payday a scam with rediculous earnings reports?

There are far better ways to get started and build a means of making passive income online than EZ Bay Payday! I tried for quite some time to earn passive income money online with no success at all. Failure after failure made me so jaded that I finally came to the conclusion that making money online and getting my freedom back was little more than a dream!


I ended up quitting after a while because I was depending on low quality training that wasn’t complete and actually bought in to a couple of get-rich-quick scams that set me back quite a way!

I was about to give up when I found a program that seemed like it was legit, and I jumped on it quick! What I had found was a MLM pyramid scheme that took me a while to realize was a scam from one end to the other!


How I finally found my way online !

I floundered for some time before giving up, and had no plans on trying to find a way to actually make money online! I was done with it! A couple of thousand dollars and a huge amount of wasted time was more than I could actually bear to repeat!

But as luck would have it, I befriended a guy and his wife who were living what I considered the dream!

They were living in Charleston S.C. and would leave for a couple of weeks of travel every couple of months to places all over the country as well as abroad! They are both very nice people and didn’t take offense when I asked the question that had been burning inside me for weeks !

When I asked what they did, my friend Bob told me that he had done software for the military, and was a day trader. When I heard that I was underwhelmed. No wonder you guys have such a free lifestyle and are able to travel and live on your own terms I said. But Bob stopped me and said that he no longer did the software and day trading gigs. He said “we make our money online”. I almost passed out! Not again!

But he explained what he was doing and it was nothing like what I had tried, and by the end of the night I understood where I had messed up! Bob was all about building a tribe and offering value on the front end and earning passive income for a long time to come for hiw work!

I was trying to chase get-rich-quick schemes and scams and push whatever I could in the name of making a dollar, and I honestly didn’t care how ! I just wanted to go to bed and not set an alarm clock!

Thankfully Bob then told me about a place I could get the step by step training and mentoring I needed to help me succeed and keep me on the right track! I was still a little skeptical , but I decided to give it a try. Before long, I was in love with what I was doing!


My new path and success at last!

I had been chasing get-rich-quick schemes and doing whatever I heard would work to try to make money, and it didn’t work! In fact that isn’t how anyone makes money online except for the con men who sell the schemes like the ones I bought!

The way people make money online and build on success is by helping other people with a problem and offering relevant content that answers a question and makes their lives better! It’s actually a good guy game, not a bunch of scams that make people successful!

You can make it online doing just about anything in any niche that you can imagine as long as you have a passion for what you are doing, or are at least interested enough to grow with online research and a little work!

I am still in affiliate marketing, but I’m no longer looking for the get-rich-quick schemes or looking for someone to scam ! I am offering value to people. And the more value to give people, the more successful you become !

I’m having a blast, and would likely be doing this even if I weren’t making money doing it!

The recipe is super simple !

I used the training and mentoring to build a website in a niche that I am passionate about, hunting. I then added content in the form of a blog and monetized the website with reviews and affiliate offers. It’s that simple ! When people search for information I have covered in my blog, the search results bring them to my content. If they like the content and click on a product I am promoting and make a purchase, I get a commission! It’s awesome !

Meanwhilebuilding a niche websiteand following the simple steps to get better Goggle rankings is super fun!

Not long after I built that website, I had a few people show interest and ask me what I was doing and how to get started. That is when I started my second website that you are reading now ! The goal of this website is to help people get started online and not fall for scams along the way like I did! The results have been completely awesome and I wouldn’t change a thing!

I went from a guy who was intent to take someone to the cleaners in order to make money, and failing, to a guy who now actually helps people I connect with and have a following of happy people who I’m proud to call my audience, and I’m actually succeeding !

I now have 2 websites that are monetized and an E mail list full of leads!


If you would like the information to get started the right way with the exact same training I used, click the button below to learn more! It’s great to not have to be concerned with scams along the way!

Is EZ Bay Payday a scam? Hre's the alternative


First I want to thank you for taking your valuable time to read my honest review of EZ Bay Payday ! I really appreciate it!

We have talked about a product that I don’t recommend named EZ Bay Payday. Although the training course isn’t a scam and offers at least some value, it falls far short on being actionable for people who are interested in getting started online with an EBAY drop shipping store!

I also told you the story about how I started online and let you the invitation to access more information on the training and mentoring program I used .

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, I would appreciate it if you left them in the comments section below! Your feedback helps me to better serve my readers and audience!

Have a great day, and the best of success to you!


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  1. I really like your story of how you ran up against scams and then your friend Bob showed you what you actually needed to be successful online.

    It seems like a full time job covering so many scams and low quality semi-scams, but it provides a lot of value for someone like me who is very new to affiliate marketing.

    How do you get traffic to your websites? Do you just focus on providing plenty of quality content and wait for the search engines to take notice or are you doing something extra?

    Thank you so much, Mike.

    1. Thank you for your comments, questions and kind words Alexander!

      I am driving traffic to my website strictly with SEO practices, social media marketing, and a few solo ads! 

      If I can help you out further ,please let me know !


  2. Mike, 

    Thank you for your honest review and story about your research into EZ Bay Payday. Saves me a step from having to find out for myself. I like that you also included the story about your friend Bob, and how you used his help and guidance  to follow your dreams in a way that is actually successful. I am hoping to follow you down that road as well. 

    In terms of the site itself, I like how you have a nice picture of yourself at the top. It makes me feel like I know you, which of course I do not, but having a face to go with the content is nice. You have tons of great information on your site, and I will definitely reference it in the future. Everything is easy to read and understand. 

    Thanks and take care! -Kate

    1. Thank you so much for your comment and kind words Kate!

      I hope that the articles and posts on this website help people along their way and help them to avoid scams in their search for a place of passive income online!


  3. That is too much of an amount to upgrade after you barely have learned anything with the $37 you have put out. It shouldn’t be like that unless you have gained training on the basics and want to take the next step. That’s crazy that the amounts keep getting higher and higher but you don’t know what you are going to get out of it. I thought it would at least tell you what all you would learn in the next steps. 

    1. Thanks for your comment Rachel! 

      It seems that this is the norm for these types of products! They seem to want to reel in as many fish as they can before the fish figure out how to get off the hook! 

      If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear from you! 

      Best of success!


  4. Thanks for writting a honest review on EZ bay payday. Like most of the shinny products this course is there to steal money from people who wants to make money by a secret tricks or easy way. It doesn’t exist and yes you can make $500/month or even $5000/month online but not just buying this EZ bay. It need lots of hard work to get there.

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