This image describes the review of Digital Formula is a scam

Is Digital Formula A Scam ,Or Legit Way To Make $2,000 A Day?

Is there finally a system that takes the questions out of crypto?

The past few years have brought more people than ever into Cryptocurrencies ! And now there is a new system named Digital formula that brings pretty big claims!

But is Digital Formula a scam or legit way to make $2,000 a day and more than is claimed on the website? Let’s see what is inside Digital Formula and if it offers value to people who want to learn more about making money with cryptocurrencies!

This image asks if Digital Formula is a cryptocurrency goldmine or another scam


In the volatile world of cryptocurrency, the waiting game can lead to major profits, or major busts! Does Digital Formula actually give you a look behind the veil of successful crypto traders, and help complete novices make thousands of dollars a day, or is it all hot air designed to take your money?

In this completely honest Digital Formula Review we will look inside what is offered and come to a conclusion of the value to the average novice ! Lets get into this honest review of Digital Formula


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Let’s start with the basics. What is Digital Formula?

Digital formula is a system that was reportedly put together to help even a brand new novice with zero experience to be effecting and make really good money trading cryptocurrencies !

Digital Formula is a very exciting offer and the sales video makes it sound like one stop shopping for knowledge This is an image of a chart from Digital Formula that claims really high earnings from using the systemand success in cryptocurrencies ! And best of all it is tailored for the absolute beginner with no knowledge or experience with crypto !

The beginner aspect makes it the perfect source for me to review, because that is exactly what I am, a complete beginner with no experience !

Digital Formula is supposed to more than level the playing field with people who have been following, mining, and trading cryptocurrencies for a while !


  • Name: Digital Formula
  • Owner: Neil Carter
  • Price: $17
  • ClickBank Marketplace offer
  • Suggested or promoted by NOWEBEXPERIENCE.COM? NO !



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Bad Vibes From The Start!

I will attempt to conduct an honest and impartial review of Digital Formula, but it is only right that I tell you that there are some issues that worry me a bit from the start !

Everywhere you look online you can find a product or service that claims to have a “secret” or an “inside Track” to earning massive profits if you just purchase the system ! But after many reviews and my own business online, I can tell you that thereThis image has the definition of scam written on it is no such thing as one system that can automate or make a business easy and “done for you” like the claims you find in these offers!

So to say I’m interested to see this Loophole that this guy named Neil says he has found!

On e really big issue that concerns me is that Digital Formula is a product that is promoted within the marketplace at ClickBank. While many of the products in most niches at ClickBank are very good digital products and offer value that is at least on par or exceptional compared to their prices, the products in the Make Money online niche have a bad reputation!

I’m not really sure how it happens, but of the products I have reviewed that came from ClickBank, most have failed the review as considered of low value and quality. And many of those low quality offers are simply scams in the opinion of the reviewer !

If you would like more information, you can check some of these reviews and the evidence for yourself! Here are just a few examples:

Once again I will be honest and give Digital Formula a chance. After all it’s not fair to judge every product in a negative light, just because it is from Click Bank !



Crypto Rookie freindly?

Like I said above I have been interested in learning more about cryptocurrency for a while now, and I’m a complete newbie to the subject ! I have been online for some time within the field of Affiliate marketing and have no reason or wishes to changephoto of a bitcoin image that ! But I have considered learning more, so that I can use crypto within a small part of my investment portfolio.

I am actually excited to be doing this review, and you will learn as I do !

Who better to test the claims of a product that says it can make a beginner in cryptocurrencies an expert in a short time, than an actual beginner that has a long track record of exposing scams?

In case, you haven’t seen the sales video or sales page for Digital Formula, the bulk of the video is of this guy named Neil Carter telling how different cryptocurrencies have performed and how some people have made millions with crypto.

I’m not very impressed at this point, but I bought the Digital Formula offer anyway because you can’t always judge a book by its cover!


Is there any value in Digital Formula?

Well to be honest there is nothing really there but some instruction and reports of how BitCoin and some other cryptocurrencies performed over the past few years !

Cryptocurencies have done really well in recent years and there have been some huge success stories coming from peopleThis is an example of misleading claims of amounts of money being earned with Digital Formula who have gotten involved with crypto in the onset! Stories of people like Bitcoin millionaire Justin Smith bring more and more people into the crypto search every year, and 2017 was a phenomenal year for success in certain cryptocurrencies !

The basic value in Digital Formula is Mr. Carter giving flashback info on people who have done well with Bitcoin and other crypto ! But that is very easy to learn information by doing a few Google searches !

The claims of his “students” having great success with Digital Formula are dishonest and fraudulent ! How do I know this you ask?

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The good old fake testimonial videos !

There are few things that make something as easy to call a scam as fake testimonials and outright dishonesty ! Digital Formula has plenty of both!

I almost have to laugh when I see these people put together sales videos with fake testimonials using actors that have done sales videos on almost every ClickBank offer there is ! You would think that they would at least put a little more thought and planning into their presentation before letting it go live and trying to make money with it !

Picture of a paid Fiverr actors from the Digital Formula and Kindle Sniper videos



Fake actor fiverr profile

fake fiverr actor from the digital formula sales video testimonials








There were a couple of the other testimonial actors who had Fiverr profiles and former gigs on get-rich-quick schemes as well, but you get the idea, I’m sure ! So I only included two of them in this review

Deceptive promotions and lies are the usual means of making money for people who create these useless offers !

This is a picture of one of the paid actors in the Digital Formula sales video giving their fake testimonialThey make money by keeping the price low and hoping that more people either forget about it, or simply don’t request a refund after they find that they have been duped by another scheme to get in their pockets !


It’s a bit sad to see so many of these sales letters that obviously have little or nothing to offer in the area of value, stoop to such levels !

This is a picture of the Fiverr profile of the fake sales letter actor

People fall for these schemes and tactics all the time, because they believe these fake actors!

You can’t really blame the actors because they are doing what their gig states in the Fiverr marketplace! But the crooks who sell these terrible products obviously have no sense of right and wrong!



The Price point study!

Most of the sellers of these terribly dishonest products have one goal, and that goal isn’t to provide value! The goal is to simply make money and they don’t care how !


The same can be said of the affiliates who promote these offers that are easily found on ClickBank. They will spam these image of market studiestrash offers all over the internet because some will stick ! These people do studies and testing to make the offers as appealing as possible .

There is even research that has gone into the color and test of a button to optimize conversions on these offers within their landing pages.


And I had a gentleman who has been doing business online for a long time tell me that there are considerable amounts of research and testing on the pricing of such products and services as those found on ClickBank !

But the pricing research isn’t as much about getting a price that people will pay as it is getting a price that will be least likely to end up with a request for a refund !

market study graphs on a computerHave you ever noticed how most of these scams have a price that ends with the number 7? One product will be $17 and another will be $37. But you seldom see one that goes over $47 on the front end !


It’s because research has shown that the number 7 has the lowest refund rate and as long as the price doesn’t go over $50, your chances of getting some people to forget about it or simply not think it’s worth the hassle of requesting a refund .

Even the upsells will usually end with the number 7 for the same reason.

And if a product or service is priced above $50, the possibilities of a refund rise by almost 60%, so most of these con men and scammers keep the price low because they know that the value of what they are peddling will in no way be valuable enough to warrant a change in customer tedency to request refunds!

I still don’t know much about cryptocurrencies!

I am still in the dark about Crypto, but that’s OK because it’s more of a fad and a slight interest in crypto from an investing stand point anyway !

I will say that you won’t learn anything of value with The Digital Formula ! Maybe if you have never heard about crypto and just want to save a 10 minute Google search, it’s worth $17 to you, but not to me! I’m not that interested in crypto to chase down the information even after I have paid for it!


I may do some more research into Crypto as a sideline, but it is far too volatile for me to invest much time and money into anyway, so maybe this scam actually helped me in a strange way!

There are far better and more profitable ways to make money online!


My favorite strategy for making money online !

I have been in affiliate marketing online for a while, and I have found it to be the easiest form of online business to learn and excell in as well as generating some very nice profit !

The biggest issue I have seen in any aspect of making money online and online business is bad information and scams Image of a tablet with an info graphic on it that explains websites and SEOaimed at people who want to get started ! The example we are reviewing here is no exception!

The two easiest ways to get started making money online are also the least expensive two options !

  1. Drop Shipping
  2. Affiliate Marketing

Drop Shipping is the choice of many people that want to break into online business ! Drop shipping is a great way to get started, not difficult to learn, and can be very profitable!

But when I started looking into online business I ruled it out for a few reasons that made drop shipping an avenue that I didn’t want to travel!

  • Drop Shipping is never completely passive income, because you have to keep orders processed and you have to constantly deal with customers and you have to deal with the source shippers. There will be some people who will disagree, but if you don’t babysit the customer and the shipper, you are asking for trouble, because there are issues that come up like a product being out of stock.
  • Drop shipping can be started for very little investment, but if you want the type of business that will allow you to escape the rat race or defeat poverty, you have to pour money into it in the form of paid ads. If you have a drop shipping store on a platform like Shopify and you can achieve an R.O.I. of 50% that is wonderful! But it means that in order to make $10,000 per month in profit, you have to spend $10,000 on ads and hope for $20,000 in sales. Not my cup of tea!

Affiliate Marketing is an option that you can start for little or no money down, and keep it that way if you so choose! By using SEO (Search Engine Optimization and your website, you can generate a very good amount of traffic for free !

And as you continue to grow and add content to your website you increase your search engine rankings and the traffic continues to grow. The only thing you have to deal with is:

  • It’s not an overnight success, it takes a little time. But within 6 months you can be getting pretty good website traffic and haven’t spent anything to get it!
  • You have to work on your website and business to get to the level of success that you want. But I think anyone who has ever done labor intensive work for a job will agree that wearing flip-flops and sitting at a laptop is not exactly what we call work!

After my website started getting traffic, I started small C.P.A.(Cost Per Action Solo Ads at about $50 per month to drive even more traffic. But it isn’t needed!

It’s not as difficult as it sounds! In fact, it’s fun!

The best way to start any online business and make money online is to first ignore the con men and scam artists on websites Lady working on her website and checking her phonethat want to sell you the “secret formula” or the “one time offer” !

Anyone can do this! The con artists want you to think it takes Jedi mind tricks because that makes you need their home study course they will sell you after they direct you to their webinar!

All you need is step by step training, and a mentor based training to take you by the hand and teach you step by step what to do!

And it helps to be surrounded by hundreds of thousands of others who are like yourself and learning as well as very successful people in online business !



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We have looked at Dgital Formula and determined that the value given and deceipt in promoting it makes it a scam and a product that I do not suggest at all!



We have also discussed the best two options to make real money online and build an online business, where I explained why my favorite method is Affiliate marketing, and it isn’t close ! I have provided links to my review on the #1 rated way to start an online business and how you can get a FREE MEMBERSHIP today and start !

I want to thank you for reading this review and only have one request of you. If you would leave a comment, question, or suggestion I would appreciate it! Your feedback helps me to better serve my audience!

I hope you have a wonderful day, and nothing but the best of success to you!




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4 thoughts on “Is Digital Formula A Scam ,Or Legit Way To Make $2,000 A Day?”

  1. Thanks for this very informative review on Digital Formula. People fall prey to scams every day for different reasons but two reasons are probably lack of World Wide Web experience and greed. Your article lets people know to avoid Digital Formula as well as several other products from Clickbank. I think it will also make people wary of any website that promises an easy way to earn lots of money quickly. I’m sure there are people who are glad they read your review.

  2. Hi Mike:

    $2,000 a day! Wow. I believe that works out to $730,000 per year! When I saw that, reds flags were thrown up all over the place!

    Ouch, using actors in their testimonial videos? That’s choice! Like you said, if they are going to promote the product, they should at least put some thought into it.

    However, I’m sure they know there are just enough vulnerable people out there who want to get-rich-quick!

    I was once an actor but long before the internet was a reality. I wonder if I would have taken one of these gigs?

    Very interesting what you say about the number 7. I didn’t know that.

    Thank you for this informative post and for reminding us of the value of Wealthy Affiliate!

    1. Thanks for your comment Christopher! 

      The audacity of some of these scams amazes me ! I am constantly amazed at how many people fall into the path of these people and actually go for what they are selling! The value isn’t there and seldom is! I have almost completely lost faith in the marketplace at Click Bank and Warrior Plus! It seems that almost every product or service on there is a scam or of very low quality with mega up sells these days! 

      If you have further questions or comments I would love to hear from you!


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