Is Club 365 A Scam- Or A Way To Pocket Up To $1200 Per Day

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Have you seen the sales video for Club 365? Man it looks pretty awesome and sounds almost too good to be true! In fact, is it too good to be true? Is Club 365 a scam or a way to pocket up to $1200 a day like Justin Powell promises?The text on this image asks is Club 365 a scam?

At least Justin told us in the sales video that Club 365 didn’t consist of a bunch of low quality, stale E books ! So that’s a good start!

How can you possibly fail with complete training modules on Affiliate Marketing, ECommerce and Cryptocurrency ? Well, sometimes what sound too good to be true can be real! But most of the time it’s not!

Let’s dive in and let me show you what Club 365 has to offer from the inside !

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We will take an in depth look at the following:

  • What is Club 365?
  • What’s inside Club 365
  • Member’s area
  • Can you make money with Club 365?
  • My opinion of Club 365!
  • There is a better way!
  • My personal recommendation for making money online!

What is Club 365?

Club 365 is a product / service that has content and training on the various aspects of making money online. It has training on Affiliate marketing, E commerce , and Cryptocurrency, as well as training on building an E mail list and the training to take that list from 1-10,000 subscribers!

Sound pretty freaking awesome doesn’t it!

If you can make over $1200 per day with this training, people that aspire to make money online will flock to this offer won’t they? Let’s look a little closer at what you get before you get too excited.


  • Product: Club 365
  • Owner:Justin Powel (C.E.O. Club365)
  • Training: Affiliate Marketing, E commerce, Cryptocurrency and E mail lists!
  • Price: $27 plus up sells of $197 and $137
  • Recommended? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Club 365 is supposed to give you training and be updated every month in four different aspects of online business! Let’s see what it inside Club 365 and let you make up your own mind !


This image has writing that says is club 365 a scam


What’s inside Club 365?

The sales video for Club 365 has a little special something that most don’t! It sounds believable!

After watching the very convincing sales video, I made the purchase for Club 365 and of course navigated through the standard list of up sells in their Sales funnel!

I’m not really turned off by being put through the sales funnel. In fact I have become very used to sales funnels after doing quite a few reviews on these types of products!


The big deal for me is if the items in the sales funnel actually represent value that is equal or greater than the price paid for them. Since I didn’t purchase the up sells, I can’t answer that question. But after this review you will have a pretty good idea!


Once I got done with the purchase and sales funnel I was sent to the member’s area where I was really shocked at what I found in the training modules!

The first stop in the member’s area is the welcome area where they give you the congratulations speech and welcome you, and there you will find a banner to download your free BESPOKE website.


The website is a cheesy little booger with another link extension to choose the hosting that you want, of course! I am assuming that the different hosting options are all affiliate links to Justin Powell, but I’m not sure of that. Since I was obviously not interested in the website, I continued on.

The member’s area has the following modules:

  • Welcome
  • Cryptocurrency
  • E commerce
  • Schedule


It is very plain and not professional looking at all, but that doesn’t mean that the content is bad! But it is!

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This image says learn how I started online for free in the is Club 365 a scam review
Learn More !

The Member’s area

I started on the first module which was Cryptocurrency. I’m not a Cryptocurrency expert, but I really didn’t need to be!

The Cryptocurrency training module consisted of an E book named Air Drop Secrets – Get free cryptocurrencies that Screenshot of the members area in Club 365made most of the PLR stuff I have seen look like they are over the top professional! The first thing I thought of was the sales video where Justin Powell said that Club 365 was totally different and didn’t consist of a bunch of stale E books!

The E book for cryptocurrency had a basic rundown of the cryptocurrency world in a cliff’s notes fashion and didn’t really go anywhere beyond the basics as far as I could tell! But like I said, I’m not a Cryptocurrency guy!

Next up is the Millionaire’s calendar which is a Google doc with 65 different Cryptocurrency websites that you can leverage to get free crypto coins. I opened several of them to investigate further , but didn’t sign up for any.

That was it for Cryptocurrency! That is the only thing you get!


Next up E commerce!

The next training module was labeled The Ultimate Guide to Shopify (Video Training ) But when I opened it up there was no video training! There was only another super basic step by step E book explaining how to set up a Shopify store!

The E commerce Kickstart section was of course another low quality E book that explained the very basics of getting an Amazon Associates account, and the basics on a website and traffic type stuff! I swear this has to be PLR! But I can’t prove it!

The next Module was eBay eCommerce Secrets,

And yes, you guessed it! Another ugly E book that explained the basics of starting an Ebay store! OMG!

The next module is called The Amazon Rush.

You won’t believe this, but it’s true! It was the same freaking E book they had in the E commerce Kickstart module!

How about the Email list Building Secrets section?

There was no E mail List Building Section! Wow!

How about the free software ?

There was no free software downloads either! (Unless they consider the cheesy free website software!) There was a notice that they are finalizing the software agreements, but that wasn’t the claims on the sales video!

I am completely amazed at the quality of this product, or should I say the lack of quality! Talk about a disapointment!



Can You make money with Club 365?

The training in this product is so cheesy and stale, I think the only way you could make money with it is to print out the e books and recycle the paper!

There is some basic training in the modules, but there is so much more to making money online that it isn’t funny! You have to do quite a bit of work and get traffic to any E commerce offers whether it’s affiliate marketing or Shopify!


The main sources for this traffic is using SEO (Search Engine optimization) to get rankings in the search engines or paid advertising through social media or PPC (Pay Per Click)


This training, together with more info and training could possibly make some money, but that wasn’t what the sales video is selling! They are selling big results with the use of this training!

In my opinion, you will likely make more money saving your soft drink cans!

My opinion of Club 365!

In case you haven’t figured out what my opinion is of Club 365, I think it’s another scam to take advantage of people who are wanting to find a way to make money online with some low quality material and promises of material that isn’t even in the product!

This image has text that says beware of scams like Club 365

There is no way I would recommend this product to my readers!

In my honest opinion, products like this are the biggest reason that so many people fail in affiliate marketing and other online business opportunities!

They think that these products are real and after they do it a while and see no success they give up!

I’ve done many reviews and you can look at some of the others to see what I judge products and services on. And as you can tell, I don’t call everything a scam, just to promote something else! Some of these are not called scams at all!

If you are interested in finding a way to make money online, there is a better way to do it with passive income and do it the right way, with no scams and low quality products and services !


If you want to learn how to make money online the right way, I invite you to learn more about the exact system I used and the only online training that I recommend!

This is an image that says how I got started online without Club 365



There is a better way!

The real way that people make passive income online doesn’t have anything to do with scams and low quality training products and services!

Passive income is not a get- rich- quick scheme, or overnight success. It takes time and effort to get started earning passive income!

It’s not difficult, but it takes patience, time, and effort. If you go the correct route to make money online, you will put in all the work up front, and kick back and enjoy the benefits later!

To get started the right way, you don’t need any special education or experience, you just have to want to do it and not quit before you see success!

The way to recognize scams is easy! If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is! If you buy training products that promise instant income and huge numbers you will fail, because it isn’t true!



My Personal Recommendation for making money online!

If you have fallen for scams in the past, don’t feel bad, I did too!

To be honest I bought into a system of up sells that made huge promises and wasted quite a bit of time and over $1000 to figure out that I had been duped! But that wasn’t the biggest issue when I got started!

I waited for some time to try again because I wanted to take my time this time and research everything really well so that I made the right decision.

But the second time around I made a bigger mistake and wasted even more time and money on one of the products that I have listed above in my example reviews!


The issue was that I simply didn’t know what I didn’t know! I jumped right back in to the same type of downward spiral that I had gotten involved with the first time around. The big difference was that this time I quit!

I stayed out of the online world in everything but Facebook for about a year and a half and then it happened!

My friend came to visit from Charleston SC and asked me how it was going online, and I had to reluctantly tell him that I had quit. That was tough because I knew he made a pretty good second income online and was doing well. And in fact he is full time online now and doing six figures a year!


He told me about the training, mentoring and community system that he had used when he got started, and the selling point was that I could get started that day for free! I jumped on the opportunity, and I’m so glad I did! I now have two passive income streams and hope to be full time online within the next year!

I believe in passing along good fortune, and the golden rule so I am going to share the exact same training, mentoring and This image has the text that says Is Club 365 a scam? Check out Wealthy Affiliatecommunity program he shared with me !

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With the powerful and free system at Wealthy Affiliate I finally found out how to earn passive income online the right way, and didn’t have to worry about scams and having a desktop full of useless E books !

If you are interested in making money online through passive income, I invite you to check out my honest Wealthy Affiliate Review. These links do not collect your E mail address either like the scammers do!


I want to thank you for taking the time to read my review of Club 365! We have discussed what it has to offer someone who wants to learn how to make money online, and in my honest opinion it isn’t much at all!

I also introduced you to the exact system of training, mentoring and community that I used to get started the right way at Wealthy Affiliate!

I want to once again thank you for taking the time to read my honest review of Club 365! If you would like to leave a comment, question, or suggestion I would appreciate it! Your feedback greatly helps me to better serve my audience!

Have a wonderful and blessed day!



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  1. I haven’t personally heard of Club 365 even though I’ve been heavy into the cryptocurrency space as many people are nowadays. That’s exactly why I know it’s scarier than ever to realize that something so popular yet so new creates a breeding ground for many many scams like this. To the uninformed person it can be easy bait or even someone like myself. I’m always glad to see the truth come about about these scams and more awareness for others. With that being said, I appreciate the in depth insight of this scam and it does even amuse me to see the specifics. Great read!

    1. Thank you for your comment Ryan! 

      You have pretty much hit the nail on the head! The people out there that will take advantage of others for a dollar is amazing and sickening at the same time! 

      Best of success to you! 


  2. Wow! Thank you for trying out Club 365 so we don’t have to. It sounds like a complete gyp to me. It’s sad how so many people feel they can reuse PLR products and make shoddy sites to make money. 

    This reminds me of a scheme my dad told me about. When he was a kid, there was an ad in the paper saying that you could send $1 and the person would send you a book on how to earn $100. So he did. The book was a folded piece of paper that said, “Do what I did.” I suspect that is how this guy is making money, by convincing people to sign up and bam, there’s his $1,200.

    1. You have pretty much hit the nail on the head Genesis! 

      You will even come across some of these people who will tell you in the training that their goal is to collect E mails and hope that no more than 50% of the people who buy their product request a refund ! That is awful !

      A large majority of these product owners create the system they are selling and include their clickbank earnings statement. Although they say that these earnings were from using the system, it’s actually from selling the system! 

      Thanks for your comment, and if I can answer any questions or help you in your online pursuit, just let me know! 

      Best of success! 


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