Is Clickbank University A Scam? – The Investigation!

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Clickbank University 2.0 Review (Is it a Scam or is it legit?)

Hi my name is Mike and I would like to thank you for checking out my review of Graphic that asks Is Click Bank University a scam ClickBank University 2.0!  Is Click Bank University 2.0 a scam? I will take you inside on an overview of what is offered within the ClickBank University 2.0 platform and let you decide whether it is the right choice for you.

Disclaimer: All products and services reviewed at are done honestly, without preconcieved bias.

Name:Clickbank University


Price: $47 per mo. (Advertised)

Owners: Matt Hulett, Adam Horwitz & Justin Atlan

This is my Click Bank Univerity review

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Clickbank University is an 8 week online training platform that teaches its paid participants the ins and outs of using the Clickbank platform to make money promoting products within Clickbank. And then there is a 12 week course layout designed to tutor participants in the proper means and foundation of becoming a Clickbank vendor.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

The Good within Clickbank University is that it is a good source of information and training concerning all things pertaining to promoting products within Clickbank as well as being a vendor. The lessons are well laid out and concise . Marketers can learn all facets of using the Clickbank platform to make money online. From using your Email list, website, or pay ads, you can be successful and ClickBank University does a great job of explaining those strategies!

The Bad:

Like many items within Clickbank, the Clickbank University sales page is a long-drawn-out video of repetitive “you will learn this” speak, that I believe pushes people away from their sales page. But if you can deal with “the speech” you can get a lot of good out of the training.

This is a screen shot of the Click Bank University 2.0 sales video

Clickbank University offers its affiliates tools to better help in promotions . Tools such as banners, Email swipes and sales pages are common and each promotion carries its own group of conversion tested tools, templates and other helpful items to help affiliates to convert offers to sells !

Inside Clickbank University there are upsells that are intended to offer even more value. These upsells are at added cost but offer a tremendous leverage for learning the proven steps to making serious money from promoting within the

It’s no wonder affiliates are scrambling to promote this offer!

This is a graphic of the sales funnel at ClickBank University 2.0

The audience for Clickbank University are those who are new to online marketing and even for those who want to up the ante with a more well-rounded knowledge of the platform to assist in their business efforts.

And I admit that it does deliver on those promises. In fact if a beginner or intermediate affiliate marketer is looking for the best way possible to make the most money leveraging the digital products on the largest source of digital products online, Clickbank University is a fantastic training source!

The Verdict on Clickbank University!


It is so legit as a matter of fact that I actually promote their product!

Clickbank is a great source of fast track information and training and I have come to the conclusion that it is absolutely LEGIT! And if you would like to learn more about this great training, you can find out more HERE!

But starting an online business and website to promote your offers from is an important part of affiliate marketing!


my #1 ranked way to make money online is not ClickBank University 2.0


The very real world of earning money online with passive income, is at your fingertips and with the training at Clickbank University you can be well on your way to promoting digital products like E-Books, Home study courses and more within the largest marketplace of digital products on the internet! It’s easy to see why ClickBank and ClickBank University are so overwhelmingly popular among affiliate marketers around the world !

Some of the standard ways to use the ClickBank platform are to promote them with social media ads,YouTube, adsense, and solos. Because no matter how good the product, noone will see it if you don’t have traffic. And more accurately traffic that converts!

With this in mind, I still think a huge aspect of promoting ClickBank or any affiliate offer is with a website that is highly ranked in the search engines! The other forms of traffic are great. But a solo ad will cost around 35 cents minimum on UDIMI.COM . Traffic from your website is free ! If you have a good website with good traffic you can get your promotions in from of thousands of people a month! A thousand clicks on UDEMI.COM will cost you a minimum of $350 !

The natural answer is to build your own website! But it can be a time consuming road to build a traffic producing, highly ranked site, especially if you don’t know what you are doing! So that is why I have also added what I consider to be a huge asset to building your online business!

But having foundation is important!

The essence of building an online business is building from a firm foundation. If all you are after is merely building for today so that you can promote a platform like the ultra successful Clickbank University, your foundation isn’t as important. But you will likely have to spend a lot of time building foundations in the future and paying fees for traffic now. Every time you create a promotion you in essence have to build another foundation. But there is one fantastic option, and its actually FREE!

Is Click Bank University 2.0 a scam?

The Best way to build a skyscraper is to start with a solid and well-built foundation! If you want to dabble here and there a pile of sand will work as a foundation. No matter what online business you are pursuing, whether its affiliate marketing or drop shipping or any of the other options a well-built authority website is a must !

If you are thinking that there are tons of ways that you can build a website these days, you are absolutely correct! But to build an authority website you need to have an understanding of what is needed and the training getting to that point! If you start like I did, you have no idea what is required to build an online business. You can only trust that “if you build it they will come”, and then you find that they don’t.

The best choice for starting an online business!

Wealthy Affiliate is a better option to make money online over Click Bank University 2.0There’s no reason that 90% of online businesses fail! The person starting the online business with no foundation and dreams of getting rich quick. When it doesn’t happen quickly, they give up. And then there are the people who build an online business with a training program that they shelled out thousands of dollars for, only to find out that when they get stuck, there is little or no support to help them get back on track! Once again the person starts to lose their dream simply because they didn’t know what to do getting back on track!

Wealthy Affiliate University doesn’t leave you to figure it out alone ! In fact, they encourage you to ask questions and follow simple point and click type training! Add to that a community of hundreds of thousands of students at all levels and you have a winning combination to follow and drastically drop that failure rate! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that you can start today for FREE!

What makes Wealthy Affiliate so much better that the competition?Get trained on the best way to use Click Bank University 2.0

That is the easiest question of all to answer, because there is no one that competes with Wealthy Affiliate University!

Like I said before, if you buy one of the digital video courses you are pretty much on your own when it comes to one of the many questions that aren’t covered by the video. But the Platform at Wealthy Affiliate excels because it also helps you excel!

Some reasons Wealthy Affiliate smokes the other so called sources of training!:

  • Your Revenue Sources Are Unlimited.
  • Build Beautiful, Profit Ready Websites.
  • Transform Your Ideas into Profits.
  • Proven Strategies to Attract Loads of Traffic.
  • Wealthy Affiliate Powers Affiliate Marketers Worldwide.
  • Real People. Real Feedback. Not just videos with no Q and A
  • Get expert coaching when you need help or advice.
  • Master affiliate marketing, with an industry leading education
  • Find millions of keywords, niches and spy on your competition.
  • Fully customizable website, choose from over 3,000 theme designs.
  • Run a million dollar businesses from fast, secure & reliable hosting.
  • Instantly network a rolodex of 1.4 million elite affiliate marketers.
  • Endless Opportunity. Zero Risk.!

Why should you choose an online training format like wealthy affiliate?


is Click Bank University 2.0 a scam?

Building an online business as a newbie is a daunting task and there is a learning curve. With the platform at Wealthy Affiliate every stone is turned over and every task that awaits is addressed! To simply decide to pursue a real online Is Click Bank University 2.0 a Scam?business without the knowledge contained inside Wealthy Affiliate is a long term project full of pitfalls for someone who has to learn all the different aspects for himself or herself. If that person gets stuck there is a gauntlet of get-rich-quick traps in the online world just waiting to take advantage of you!

If you access one of these get-rich-quick schemes it will only make matters worse, andgraphic of ideas for Click Bank University 2.0 you will likely see your dreams of owning an online business and beating the rat race disappear.

The completely risk free option of a free starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t even collect paypal or credit card info from you! What are you waiting for?

What is holding you back?

Image of the four steps of creating an online business that aren'r Click Bank University 2.0


There is absolutely no risk involved in checking out Wealthy Affiliate.

#1 ranked way to make money online is not Click Bank University 2.0

Getting up and heading to a soul draining job that you hate is not living! It’s merely surviving!

Steve Harvey

“If you don’t build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs.”

Tony A, Gaskins Jr,

These words are the absolute truth! It doesn’t make you greedy to want a better life, it makes you intelligent! If you want to earn passive income that makes you money while you sleep, it is attainable. If you are sick of the rat race it is possible to escape that doom!

A REAL online business has tobe built. A skyscraper needs a foundation. This means that there are no get-rich-quick schemes involved. It takeswork and time. But as you are enjoying the ride and having fun, you are building something that is real! I hope that everyone who reads this takes this advice! I built my business through the training at Wealthy Affiliate, and I plan on being there from now on! My only regret is that I waited so long to start!

You can CLICK HERE to learn about Wealthy Affiliate. Kick the tires and take it for a test drive. There is absolutely no risk in checking it out. But there is a giant risk to your future and online business dreams if you don’t take action and get that business going! Wealthy Affiliate is the best option for doing just that !


Thank you for reading my assessment of Clickbank University as well as offering you my honest opinion of building a foundation for your online business and the best platform for doing so!

If you have questions or comments, I would appreciate it if you left them in the comments below and I will get back to you ASAP!









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28 thoughts on “Is Clickbank University A Scam? – The Investigation!”

  1. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I love it here. I have seen the Clickbank University ads all over the place and thought it to be a scam. I thank you for this article. It tells me there are some decent programs out there. However for now Im going to stick with the best program.

    1. Thanks for your reply Dale!

      I don’t blame you at all! Wealthy Affiliate is a one in a million! 

      I just wish more people took advantage of this awesome opportunity! 

      The Clickbank University training is separate and actually different. It teaches the best way to promote Clickbank offers. It can actually be a way to use the tremendous training at Wealthy Affiliate.

      Have a great evening! 


  2. I agree that whole clickbank university might be a good product to promote with reasonable training — it’s best to learn how to build a proper business before you jump right into things.

    Like you said, wealthy affiliate helps complete beginners build a profitable business online on any subject matter they want — and the price to join is very reasonable.

    I’ve been a member for about 2 years and am very happy with them.

  3. You make a totally good point. This training may be great to promote ClickBank products and offers but one needs to have a good foundation and understanding of how affiliate marketing works.

    But I must say that this program has a very good affiliate program. The only downside are the upsells and downsells, which I am not a fan of. I will need to think whether it would still be good to promote this program or not.

  4. Clickbank is one of the largest stop shops for affiliate programs. There are so many that it is hard to choose what is the good one.

    One such strategy that I think will work is first to find out what niche you are in. This can really help I did feel stuck sometimes because of a large number of affiliate programs that is available.

    Most of them are useless. There is no way to tell if a product is good unless there is good rating on the internet.

    Clickbank does its job quite well to an extent because you will be able to choose the affiliate program that will work best for you.

    1. Thank you for your comment Sheikave !

      Clickbank University, combined with a thourough education and application training you receive at Wealthy Affiliate is like doing great in English and Math in school! They are both awesome subjects that go a long way to help you succeed ! 

      If you want to know more, have further comments or just want to ask a question, I would love to hear from you! 


  5. Marios Tofarides

    Hello Mike!

    I have seen many ads about the ClickBank University, but I, too, wasn’t sure whether It was a scam or not.
    Being a member of Wealthy Affiliate myself as well, I strive to find products to promote, and ClickBank is a great resource for that.
    Seeing that it is not a scam makes me want to follow the course, in order to maximize the utilization of this platform.
    My question is a kind of chicken and egg one: in your opinion, should I research Clickbank to see whether there are available products for my niche and then join CU, or join CU with the basic package to find out how to promote lucrative products?
    Also, what are the upsells of the product?



    1. Thank you for your Comment Marios ! 

      Clickbank University isn’t a substitute for creating and awesome website with tremendous Affiliate marketing training like you receive at Wealthy Affiliate! In fact nothing is. The training and support you receive from Wealthy Affiliate is second to none in that field ! 

      Clickbank is the reason you set that awesome site up! 

      Your website is the traffic and ClickBank is the offer! The only thing left is conversions that lead to sales.

      That’s where ClickBank University steps in!  They train you on promotion and conversions.

      I like to look at it like school. You can’t get your diploma or degree by just taking math. You need multiple subjects to get an education and succeed in life! 

      That “other course of study” at ClickBank University has increased my conversions by 40% ! 

      If you have further comments of questions, I would love to hear from you! 


      1. Mike,

        Thanks for the reply!
        My concern about joining this program is that there might not be a sufficient number of products for my niche. I’m not sure if the investment is worth it.


        1. That’s a fair question ! It really depends on your niche.
          And a niche is whatever you want it to be. You can change niche ideas to suit\
          your business plans as well!
          Just Google “affiliate programs for_____”
          You might be amazed ! There are hundreds of millions of promote-able products !

          If I can help you with more detail, just let me know !

  6. Thanks for the review of the Clickbank University. I am already an affiliate for some of the Clickbank products but have never really understood the benefit of paying for the Clickbank University.

    I guess this is because I am already building my website with Wealthy Affiliate.
    As a member of both do you think I would also benefit from the Clickbank University?

    1. In any online endeavor or business the name of the game is the 3 crucial steps!

      Wealthy Affiliate is the vehicle for creating an awesome affiliate marketing website. And when it gets ranked you have FREE traffic! In many cases that free traffic means thousands of visitors a month that can see your helpful content, including offers such as the ones on Clickbank.Without that traffic, you have to use PPC traffic that can get pretty expensive ! 

      Clickbank products are what you are promoting to your audience with that traffic. 

      But in order to have economic gains you have to convert that traffic. That’s where Clickbank University steps in! The training in ClickBank University not only gives you multiple ways to get traffic and present the product, but also helps you convert and get sales.I’m seeing a tremendous improvement ! 

      Thanks for your comment! If I can help further, please let me know!


    2. Thanks for your comment Karen!
      I really think that the big plus for ClickBank University is conversion!
      I’ve paid for clicks with solo ads several times with no results other than a few optins.
      I have been taking part in the training and have learned many various ways to promote with
      and without the use of my website. But getting conversions has completely turned around!
      Thanks again!
      Any further questions or comments would be great !

  7. Great review on Clickbank University, I’ve always wanted to learn how to effectively promote a Clickbank product because I know that there’s lots of money to be made. However, WealthyAffiliate looks promising, I think it’s great that they allow you to sign up for free. How long have you been a member of WealthyAffiliate? Is there anything that you dislike about the program?

    1. Wealthy Affiliate is the one standard that I stand by !The training and community are second to none !

      If there was one thing that could possibly be considered a negative, it’s the sheer amount if information that is available to the members! If you don’t follow the training course, all that info can be consuming and you can feel over come. The best thing to do is follow the training.


  8. Hi Mike,
    Thank you for sharing,
    I’ve already heard about ClickBank University. In fact, they promoted it to me when I first signed up to Click Bank.
    The issue that I encountered when looking for products to promote is that many companies don’t offer banners of their products. Do we have to learn to make them personally? Does ClickBank University teach you how to do it?

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Marta! 

      Everything is covered within the training at Clickbank University! And most of the time (with a few exceptions) there are banners, Email swipes and other materials supplied by the seller. You have to look under the affiliate help link on their promotion. 

      The folks within Clickbank University teach how to really rock it with Clickbank products! You can be successful even without a website. But if you have a website with a few thousand visitors a month or more, you can really supercharge the training! 

      Thanks again! If you have more questions please leave them in the comments and I will make sure I get back to you ASAP! 


  9. You said that wealthy affiliate have expert coaches and we can talk to them when we need. However I have an important question about this. Does each one have expertise on single or multiple subjects? For example someone is good at email marketing but sucks at seo.

    Basically can I ask my questions to the same person?

  10. This is a really insightful review of ClickBank University. I really like the product range that ClickBank offers but haven’t ever looked into ClickBank University. With so many options out there about how to learn online marketing, it’s hard to make a choice with confidence. It’s great to see honest reviews like this. Thanks Mike!

    1. Thank You for your reply! 

      Clickbank University is only one of two products or services that I have ever given a passing grade with the other being the awesome platform at Wealthy Affiliate ! 


  11. I’ve been browsing your website and suggested that there is probably better training platforms out there than daily cash syphon.

    ClickBank university seems like a sensible platform to compliment clickbank as they know their product and the price tag to join seems reasonable for the training. However I really don’t like upsells as much as I understand their relevance.

    I prefer Wealthy Affiliate as all their training and web hosting is covered under one monthly subscription with no upsells.  

    You can use clickbsnk in WA as well so it makes sense but it’s down to the personal choice at the end of the day. 


    1. Thanks for reading my review and commenting Darren! 

      I agree completely! I see more and more people like yourself who have chosen to create an honest and ethical business with the training, mentoring and community at Wealthy Affiliate , and that is what it is about, giving honest content to people and letting them decide! It seems you have made a great decision! 

      I am not a big fan of some of what is ,in my opinion unethical products on ClickBank. But this review was about ClickBank University. It works, but promoting low quality products and services isn’t my thing.

      Have a great day and best of success to you!


  12. In my eyes ClickBank is still one of the more popular affiliate networks. I can see why you rate Clickbank University so highly.

    My only issue with Clickbank is that I find some of their products to be of low quality, and I just don’t feel right promoting those mediocre products.

    Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand provides excellent training and as you’ve said, offer a free membership so it is worth it to join and even promote this program.

    1. I completely agree Lucas! 

      The review was on ClickBank University, not what they promote! That is a completely different ball of wax there ! 

      The products in the ClickBank marketplace are very diverse. But it seems like the Make Money Online niche is chock full of scammy products and services! Many of the other categories and niches have some great products and services. 

      Stay tuned for the upcoming ClickBank review! You might find that one interesting! 

      Best of success to you! 


  13. Hi Mike! I didn’t realize Clickbank had a good training program. I have seen so many products that come from people on the platform that have been scams, so I assumed that since that component of their site is not regulated will, everything they have is not regulated well. Based on what you’re saying in your review is there are good opportunities with Clickbank, but I guess you have to sort thru it all. I’ve been to the Clickbank University sales page, and I agree with you that it’s a complete turn off. Thanks for this review. I’m always trying to develop myself as a better digital marketer, and your review shows that there’s value at Clickbank University that I may have overlooked.

    1. Thanks for your comment Tiffany!

      There is a lot of value with ClickBank University, but it isn’t a stand alone option for online business at all.

      It makes a very good complimentary component of business along side a great traffic producing resource like a niche blog or YouTube channel.

      Have  a great day! 


  14. Hi Mike thanks for your review on Clickbank University. Before joining Wealthy Affiliates, I browsed the internet reading how to start affiliate marketing. Though I was looking for a program that seemed a good fit, I was also keeping an eye on price point. When I landed on the Wealthy Affiliate and I found that is was free to join, I chose to join them. Free meant and opportunity to see if it was right for me, before I started spending money.

    I am glad you did this Clickbank review, I have heard about them but did not know the finer points about them. Is it possible to join Clickbank without taking the the training? My understanding is that I can also promote products that are with Clickbank. Is this true and is it worth doing when you are a member at WA?


    1. That”s awesome Mary! You are about the third person who has commented this weekend and said that you already have experience with Wealthy Affiliate! That is great! 

      Clickbank University 2.0 isn’t the type of passive income builder Wealthy Affiliate is. But it can be used as a tool together with Wealthy Affiliate as a means of bettering your conversions and earning.

      Just remember to make sure that you check the product or service out really well before you promote it! There is a lot of great offers on ClickBank, but there are a lot of what I consider scams! 

      If you promote scams to your readers, you may lose their trust and they wont be back! Opt instead for an honest and ethical approach that keeps the needs and wants of your audience as the #1 thing! 

      Have a great and blessed day! 

      The best of success to you! 


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