Is CB Cash Code a scam?

Is CB Cash Code A Scam or A Legit Way To Make $8000 Per Day?


I have to admit that CB Cash Code sounds like just the ticket to start making money online ! Is CB Cash Code a scam or can Is CB Cash Code a scamyou really make $8,000 per day with it?

After all it is a highly ranked and popular product from the ClickBank marketplace, so there has to be something good going on right?

Let’s look at the CB Cash Code and see if what they are selling is worth your time and money, or if it is just another pipe dream!

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What Is CB Cash Code ?

  • CB Cash Code is a product that is a part of the ClickBank marketplace and being promoted by affiliate marketers through multiple means. You may have heard about CB Cash Code by a YouTube video, Website, E mail, or other ways, and decided that you want to learn more! That is what we are here to do ! Give you an honest review !
  • Name: CB Cash Code (ClickBank Cash Code)
  • Owner: George Patterson
  • CB Cash Code
  • Type: To affiliate Marketing digital product promotions
  • Recommended? NO !


We will start with the sales video that you may or may not have already watched and work our way forward to get a good overview and idea of what is contained in this product from the ClickBank marketplace! Is CB Cash Code a scam with big claims

The CB Cash Code is supposed to be a product that you can use to learn how to create a life of comfort and even wealth by leveraging ClickBank and the products in its marketplace to make money online!

In fact the sales video even says that without this product, it is virtually impossible to be successful with ClickBank!

That is a pretty big statement considering that the entire process of promoting ClickBank products is as simple as choosing a product and then copying the affiliate link! Then the big challenge is getting traffic to your affiliate link so that people can see the offer and hopefully purchase it!

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Is CB Cash Code a scam alternative training

My first impressions of CB Cash Code

My initial impressions of CB Cash Code are not exactly favorable !

One of the biggest drawbacks to many products in the “Make money online” niche of ClickBank are the earnings claims that are promoted as typical by idea if not by words!


The common legal practice is to have a disclaimer somewhere that states that the types of earnings given by example are not typical and that results will have many outcomes across a wide open range.

And these products do have these types of disclaimers, but they are always in the small print and never in the open, because that would defeat the purpose of the long-winded sales videos !

These products are like reruns of the same thing in my opinion ! They make big promises and anyone who has any Is CB Cash Code a scam in ten minutes per day?experience at all knows that making money online doesn’t work that way!


CB Cash Code even claims that these types of results can be had for a paltry 10 minutes per day of your time!

I won’t say that this is impossible ! In fact it is possible if you spend a lot of money on paid advertising!

But you can also lose a lot of money with paid advertising if you don’t really know what you are doing! I always suggest that you get some really good training before you attempt to run paid advertising campaigns such as Google adwords or CPA solo ads and such!

You cannot get instant success with SEO and Google ranking that fast! Ranking a website or YouTube is a great way to get free traffic, but it takes some time and effort!


Dishonesty and Deception

Dishonesty and deception are my biggest pet peaves when it comes to these types of products !

Paid actors are a part of life. When you watch TV or listen to the radio paid actors are used to sell products and services all the time. You don’t have to like it, but it’s a fact of life!

The big difference with the types of products and services is that these people are selling you a product or service in the make money online niche and employ paid actors to give you unbelievably large results testimonials!

There will always be a certain number of people who believe these paid actors and by the product for that reason !

Is CB Cash Code a scam with paid actors


As a rule I check out the testimonials in these sales videos and do a little research into the people that appear in them!


This guy is a Fiverr actor who has appeared in quite a few sales videos on many product reviews I’ve done!


Is CB Cash Code a scam with fake testimonials

Does paid actors and fake testimonials in the sales video automatically make a product a scam? No! It absolutely doesn’t!

It’s just like a paid actor in a Coke commercial doesn’t make Coke a scam!

But it does take the most influential part of the sales video and completely dismiss it as being fake.


If the only part of the sales video that influences a purchase is dismissed as fake, the sales video is nothing more than talking with nothing to back it up!

Remember what I said about deception being one of my pet peaves? Here is the definition of scam from Webster’s dictionary!

Scam: a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation

If you want to really learn how to make money online the right way and not worry about scams and con men, you can learn more by clicking the button below and learning about my All Time #1 ranked way to learn FOR FREE!

Is CB Cash Code a scam my alternative


Who is CB Cash Code for?

Beginners into affiliate marketing can get some amount of value from the very general training that is inside CB Cash Code. But by in large I wouldn’t recommend that anyone except the people at the very beginning of learning To affiliate Marketing get the product, because in my opinion there just isn’t enough value built in!


I wouldn’t honestly recommend this product for beginners, but since it is cheap and there is some value you can give it a try if you want.

After all there is a 60-day money back guarantee from ClickBank.

It’s possible that there is more value with the up sells, but I won’t be reviewing the up sells because I already have a feeling that I know what is in them!


My final opinion of CB Cash Code

I guess it’s no surprise that I’m not overly impressed by CB Cash Code! I won’t say that it’s a scam, because it doesn’t offer value. I’m calling it a scam because it is wrapped in misleading and deceiving claims that aren’t true in my opinion! . I don’t like the way it is promoted and I wouldn’t recommend CB Cash Code!


I don’t recommend any product or service based on money! It would be easy to just grab the affiliate link and tell you that this is a great product to try to get sales like many website owners do! The big difference is that I only recommend what I have used and truly believe in!

You can compare CB Cash Code with some of the other reviews I have done and judge for yourself the amount of products out there that are low quality or scams!

For more information about scams from the Better Business Bureau 



There is a far better way to get started

There is a much better way to get started and learn how to make money online the right way!

Unlike what you hear in most scams, it isn’t as difficult as they want you to think it is! With the right training and mentoring Is CB Cash Code a scam for online business?you will have all the tools you need to reach any level of success you would like!

The key to turning your dreams into reality is effort! Wouldn’t it be great to do what you love for a living?

Building a passive income online isn’t difficult at all. But it does take effort and a little time. The stories you hear about immediate success that comes in a few days is absolutely not true! You can build that income, but it’s a process!

If you want to build something special that can get your freedom back isn’t it worth the effort ?

The best ways to build an online business doesn’t require a bunch of money, experience or education. It merely requires your effort. There are no “secrets” like the scam artists, con men, and low quality product owners want you to think there is!


My method for building a skyscraper of passive income!

The best practices are the ones that you won’t hear people talking about much!

 Affiliate Marketing is the best way for the average person to create passive income with no experience and no special education!

The best blueprint for passive income is simple and consists of four steps!

  1. Choose a niche that you are passionate about, like a hobby or simply something that you are interested enough in to do some Goggle searches and research!
  2. Build a beautiful website! Don’t freak out here ! There is no techie stuff required. The free training has a step by step and click by clcik process for doing this ! You simply follow the instructions ! Doesn’t get much easier.
  3. The training instructs you how to attract free traffic to your website
  4. Monetize your website with your choices of thousands of affiliate programs!

When you follow this blueprint, people come to your website searching for content that you put on your site. They then find a relevant product in the form of a review or mention in other content. If they click on the link to that product and purchase it, you get a commission!

This is the basics of a blueprint that has made many people free again with passive income and if you are willing toIs CB Cash Code a scam? put forth the effort can result in great wealth!


Nothing is guaranteed! I won’t say that you can become rich or that you will make $10,000 per month! I know people who are doing that! I am one of those !

The reason I can’t give you guarantees is that I don’t know you and the amount of effort you want to put into your passive income online! If you want it and put in the effort you can really be surprised at how far you can go!

If you want to learn more about the free training and the exact method I used to get started and make passive income, I would like to invite you to learn more about the FREE Training by clicking the button below! I will not collect your e-mail either!

Is CB Cash Code a scam alternative training



In Conclusion

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my honest review of CB Cash Code! I know you have things to do and I appreciate your time!

We have talked about yet another attempt to make money online product that delivers some value, but in the long run doesn’t offer the kind of content and value that would be expected by the claims of success in the faked sales video!

I have also given you an invitation to the exact training and free membership that I used to start my online business! I Is CB Cash Code a scam to avoid?recommend the training, mentoring and community at Wealthy Affiliate over all others because I know first hand the value that this program contains and I’m living proof that it works ! In short, I believe in the Wealthy Affiliate platform !

I would appreciate it if you left your comments, questions and suggestions in the comments section because your feedback helps me better serve my audience!

I hope you have a great day, and the very best of success to you!


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12 thoughts on “Is CB Cash Code A Scam or A Legit Way To Make $8000 Per Day?”

  1. Hello Mike I enjoyed your aritcal it was very informative. I have heard about click bank cash code and by me being New or a beginner Affiliate marketers what would be a stopping point to how much Marketing knowledge you know before you would say not to get this product. When do you stop being a beginner?
    Thank you for the information.

    1. Thanks for your comment Quinn! 

      My suggestion to you is to never stop being a beginner! 

      By that, I mean that you should always look at everything with an eye to investigation, and learning something new.



  2. Hey Mike,

    I was looking for a great review of CB Cash Code and I’m so grateful that I found yours online. The high ranking in Clickbank of this product can be such confusing, but thanks to your review I’m not going to loose some money. I’m not interested just to learn the basics of Affiliate marketing, I want to invest in a program that could learn me everything, all tips and tricks.

    You are highly suggesting Wealthy Affiliate, are you using this program for yourself? Do you see any benefit by being a member in it?

    1. Thank you for your kind comments Leo!

      As far as Wealthy Affiliate is concerned I am far beyond satisfied with it! It has been a real game changer for me and many others who want to create a life of passive income and freedom! I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate on 7 months  and created two niche websites that are climbing ! This month my income increased by $400 to $1871  The traffic and income increase every month! I’ve never been as excited about the possibilities of earning a living without a time clock as I am right now!


  3. I’ve heard of CB Cash Code before and I had been tempted to join, but I’ve done some research and some people were unhappy with it and so I decided to stay away from it. With your review of it, I now know that I made the right call for sure. I think that’s pretty brassy to say that you can’t be successful with Clickbank if you don’t use CB Cash Code. That’s a big turn off of this product for me right there. Finding out that it uses paid actors is another big flag right there. I’ll always steer clear of CB Cash Code. Thank you for sharing this. 

    1. Thanks a lot for your input Brian! 

      The CB Cash Code is nothing more valuable than the free training and content you can get from YouTube! 

      Best of luck to you! 


  4. Reading your post has play an important game in my advertising. I have been promoting Cb passive income all these ways without trying it. All I have learnt from reading this post will stop me from promoting them any longer, how will I mislead the newbie who know nothing about online business. Though from your view cb passive income is not scam but it hard to make money from them. Today am going to remove them from my site. I checked your number 1 make money in fact, I agree totally with you which is wealthy affiliate. Thank to offer this kind of advice.

    1. Thank you for your feedback! Hearing from my readers and getting feedback helps to better serve my readers! 

      Have a wonderful day! 


  5. Thank you for this great review about CB Cash Code. We all know that scam is everywhere and this product is one of them. Most of the scam product promise thousands of dollars per day but In reality they are not true! This review is very helpful specially to people who are seeking on how earn money online.

  6. Mike, hello. You gently inform us that this site may be a scam. 

    Now my comments. I used to fall for fraud, so I know who it feels. Cash Code comes with very bold promises, for example, to earn $ 80,000 a month easily and quickly. 

    On the other hand, the actor tells the invented story  to touch me emotionally and and cause pity. This is a standard trick.

    Further, the CB Cash Code video is full of screenshots of $ 8,000 daily payouts that seem fake to me. Generally, payment screenshots can be faked and edited.

    As for learning, I am happy that I got to the university of the Wealthy Affiliate. 

    Thank you for the article. Regards Mark

    1. Thank you very much Mark! 

      I am happy to learn that you have made the decision to build your online platform with Wealthy Affiliate! You can’t possibly go wrong. I could spend days gushing about Wealthy Affiliate because I believe in the training and community wholeheartedly! I got my start online at Wealthy Affiliate and unlike these low quality scammers, I can prove that it is by far the best! 

      If I can help in any way, reach out! I would love the opportunity to answer any questions you may have ! 

      Best of success to you! 


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