Is Blistering A Scam , Or Legit Way To Make Money? The Shocking Truth!

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I found this new Warrior Plus product called Blistering that sounds great! But, is Blistering a scam, or legit way to make money? Let’s have a look!

I’m sure that there are many people who read this who just want to find a legit way to make some extra money online, or This graphic asks the question, is Blistering a Scammaybe you want to escape the 9 to 5 with an online income, but are really discouraged by all the Get-Rich Quick scams out there!

In the interest of honesty, I had never even heard of this hot new Warrior Plus product and was asked about it myself! So I actually came across it and started with the exact same questions that you have. Lets get into this offer that claims to be able to help you get started with “Blistering fast” ways to get started making money online ! This graphic says lets get into it!

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What Is Blistering?

  • Blistering is a hot selling new product found in the Warrior Plus marketplace and is supposed to help people make money online instantly, because as the sales video states “most people get discouraged and give up because it takes to long to make money online and give up!
  • Name: BlisteringThis image is a graphic from the Blistering sales page
  • Owners: Jason Fulton and MoshBari
  • Price: $13 (Plus Up Sells)
  • Recommended? No!

I would be less than honest if I said that I wasn’t a little skeptical of Blistering right from the start! It has all the classic signs that I see in many of these “make money online” offers that I have reviewed and used over time.

I will be giving this online course a fair chance, for two reasons:

  1. I present findings from an honest point of view, and relay the information to my audience so they can make a truly informed decision based on the truth!
  2. Once I started looking into Blistering, there are some interestingly different aspects of the product that may actually make it a worthwhile venture for making money online!

What Is Blistering supposed to do?

The content in Blistering is supposed to give you a copy/ paste campaign that is complete with software andThis image is a graphic that explains what Blistering will do for you , to help you start making hundreds of dollars a day within a few hours plugins to start making money within a few hours from now !

I haven’t started discussing what you get in Blistering yet, but I would like to explain something for the people who are looking for their first every attempt at making money online.

The simple truth is that EVERY product I have reviewed to this point has offered instant results, and that just isn’t the case!

Building an online business like Affiliate marketing takes some time and effort, but can be very rewarding and profitable !

The idea and learning how it works isn’t that complicated, but it takes some effort! I know people who have done the work and in a year to two years are making over $8,000 per month!

And when it gets to this point it can grow very, very fast! $20,000 per month isn’t at all uncommon, but it doesn’t happen overnight, or as Blistering claims “in a couple of hours”!



I will put links to some other products/ services I have reviewed below so that you can have a reference to draw from!

What I learned right from the start

When I first got started I learned that there are several Up Sells involved in the Product that I didn’t expect from the sales Video.

I’m not completely against Up Sells, and they don’t make a product or service a bad one or a scam just because they are there! But in order to view these Up Sells as a legit part of a product, the product its self has to offer value and do what it says it will do.

The Up Sells have to enhance the product, and not be a needed part of the equation to make the product work. If you have to purchase an Up Sell to get the good out of the original offer, that brings the legit score way down on the original product! But that may not be the case.

So I purchased Blistering!

I made the purchase, and before I could click on the offer the Up Sells kicked in ! I turned them down and started on theThis is my receipt for the purchase of Blistering Blistering review prep but was a little taken back by the last upsell!

Another graphic popped up telling me not to leave without buying the Up Sell. That is standard procedure in a sales funnel, but what it said next is strike one against it!

The graphic said that I can go through the Blistering course over and over and fail every time until I figure out what to do, or I can pay them for a proven, premade campaign!

That is nothing like what the sales letter or sales video claimed ! They both claimed that by purchasing Blistering I would be making $100-$200 per day within hours !

This graphic explains how I will fail with Blistering unless I pay them for the UpSell!This is a low down tactic that is used by most online get-rich- quick schemes!

You read every sentence on the sales page and then watch the sales video two or three times, only to find out that there is no value in the main offer.


So You have to purchase the Up Sell to get anything out of it! But you won’t get much, because they still have four more Up Sells to try to sell you!

This graphic explains how I can make money iof I pay Blistering for the Upsells

At this point it is pretty obvious that Blistering is simply going to be the same old, same old get-rich-quick scam, but I haven’t given up yet !


After all I promised you an honest review and that is what I’m going to give you!

Let’s carry on!



I have reviewed many different products and services to make money online, If You would like to LEARN MORE ABOUT MY #1 RATED WAY TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE, Click the button to learn about this FREE MEMBERSHIP!


This image says learn how I started online for free in the is Blistering a Scam Review
Learn More !


More about the dishonest Up Sells/ Down Sells!

I have only begun to get to the Up Sells at this point!

There are actually 5 up sells in the Blistering sales funnel ! That is a pretty high number for a product that starts at $13! But This graphic asks if Blistering is Legit, or a scamlet’s take a look at the Up Sells and you can decide if the investment is worth your time and money.

  1. Upsells, or as they call them OTOs (One Time Offers)
  • $37 – OTO#1
  • $197- OTO#2
  • $47 – OTO #3
  • $77 – OTO #4
  • $97 – OTO #5 Grand Total of $455 in Up Sells!

2. If you opt not to take the OTO up sells you will then be offered 4 lower value down sells.

  • $17 Down sell #1
  • $27 Down sell #2
  • $47 Down sell #3
  • $47 Down sell #4 Grand Total of $138 in Down Sells!

The Up Sells and Down Sells in this product shines a little light on why the original offer of $13 is so cheap! 


*One of these up sells is supposed to be a “special traffic generation strategy” that is a virtually untapped and unknown source of free traffic for your ads, or at least that is what it is supposed to be. I didn’t buy the up sells so I can’t honestly say for sure.

The Earnings claims

This screen shot image claims that the case study sudent made $3,479.42 in a week

In most every product or service that helps you make money online the offer and sales video has bold claims of making big money.

This offer also has some pretty bold claims that these earnings can all come from free traffic.

I’m not so sure about making amounts of money like this with an offer that uses no website or paid ads ! The reason for my doubts is that from experience I know for a fact that the traffic that makes your business is either organic Website traffic, YouTube traffic or social media traffic or paid ads!

There are a few ways you can generate small amounts of traffic to your website or offer other than those mentioned, but they are virtually a waste of time ! This image graphic claims that Blistering will generate $10K to $15K every month like clock work

I want to use a few choice words here to explain how much of an untruth there is in this statement, but since there may be youngsters here I will refrain from calling this pile of broken promises what I really think it is !

You see there is no way you can hit the ground running like that unless you promote the heck out of it with paid advertising, which Jason Fulton said wasn’t needed in the sales video!


What is inside Blistering?

Blistering starts with a video Labeled “How Blistering works”. where Mosh Bari explains what Affiliate marketing is. I’m Not kidding!

Then he goes on to tell you why the tactics for promoting products like PPC and such don’t work anymore, and in order to make sales in affiliate marketing you need his “sales pages” to promote your offers. This is an image of the member area in Blistering

These sale pages are very difficult to design and he pays thousands of dollars to designers to design these pages that he uses.

He has already said that he uses CLICK FUNNELS to promote his sales pages, so I know it’s not hard at all!

When you get into the member area an Mosh has explained what affiliate marketing is, you then progress through the video walk throughs .

I will admit that the bonus page builder plugin is pretty neat and he has some very cool bonus pages that are automatically uploaded for you to promote 10 different products with 10 different bonus pages! This is an image of one of the affiliate programs in Blistering

You change the bonus pages to your image and other changes if you want.

You follow the step by step instructional video that shows you how to edit the content of the bonus pages.

This is a pretty neat and trouble free way to promote an affiliate product with most of the work done for you.

At some point I am sensing that there will need to be a software integration for this to actually work, because a naked sales page in a WordPress plugin site isn’t going to get it done for you.

Also, these affiliate promotions that are set up for you are at JVZoo and there are instructions on how to get approved for your affiliate link to add to the bonus pages.

These affiliate offers are the property of Mosh Bari amd Jason Fulton. And that is pretty smart if you ask me! They sell you Blistering which is theor product that shows you how to promote their products ! This is in many ways simular to the way Four Percent works .


If You are tired of sifting through get rich quick scams and want to learn how to make money online the right way, Click the button below to be taken to my ALL TIME #1 WAY TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE WITH PASSIVE INCOME! And what’s even better is that it’s really FREE !

This image says learn how I started online for free in the is Blistering a Scam Review
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How does Blistering teach traffic promotion?

It’s obvious that any online or physical sales promotion needs traffic ! You need traffic through your front door or website to make sales. That doesn’t change whether you are doing business online or in the physical world !


Traffic is the one and only name of the game in sales! Some people like to argue that conversions are more importantChart that explains traffic methods in Blistering than traffic. But if you don’t have traffic to begin with, there will be no conversions !

Blistering lays out the traffic producing methods in order from 1 to 5 and I will explain :

The original sales video made 2 points distinctly:

  1. No Paid ads
  2. Make money within hours

As it turns out, one of the traffic sources they promote is paid solo ads! So much for that part of the promise !

But then the rest of the traffic sources are all variations of Facebook Groups, Pages, and Profile! Simple huh? Not so much!


Facebook and Facebook groups are very sensitive to spamming links and offers everywhere ! I have even had one of my students tell me that he was promoting with a picture, and instructing people to message him for details, and he lost his account !

It is possible to promote with Facebook effectively, but if I were choosing a platform it would likely be Instagram and Snapchat !

The main reason for me to buy this product was the traffic sources. And it comes to reason that there is nothing new there, as I thought would be the case!

The Up Sells Explained :

As In stated earlier, I didn’t purchase any of the Blistering Up Sells, because my initial point of interest is to come to a conclusion if Blistering is a scam, or a real way to make money. But I have made a list of the Upgrades in case you areThis is a graphic with the chart of listed upgrades for Blistering interested in learning more.



  1. Done for you campaigns
  2. Blistering Money Machine
  3. Get 10X results w/ Blistering advanced secrets
  4. 100% Automatic Blistering
  5. Sell Blistering and keep 100% of the revenue

The sell Blistering and keep 100% of the revenue upgrade is a licensing agreement for you to sell Blistering as a product called Profiteer.

This graphic shows the option to buy a licensing agreement to sell Blistering as your own product



If You are tired of sifting through get rich quick scams and want to learn how to make money online the right way, Click the button below to be taken to my ALL TIME #1 WAY TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE WITH PASSIVE INCOME! And what’s even better is that it’s really FREE !

This image says learn how I started online for free in the is Blistering a Scam Review
Learn More !


The Conclusion!

This was one of the more time- consuming reviews I have done in a while ! I hope you got value out of it, because I did my best to give you my honest point of view and opinion based on experience .

We looked at Blistering and what is inside. There were many things I didn’t like about the product in the beginning, and was This image states that I don't find Blistering to be a scam, but I don't suggest italmost ready to push the scam button.

While I’m not crazy about the product, it does offer some value.

While the value is not exactly amazing, it has some aspects that make it interesting and I believe that if someone were to take the time to really get into it and work with it, they can make some money.

I do however totally disagree with the promotion and Upsell management of Blistering!

The traffic statements they made in their sales video were not true, and the fact that they said that you could make big money within hours is quite far- fetched!

When the dust settled I wasn’t prepared to call Blistering a Scam, even though I came close!

There are far better ways to make money online with proven techniques and principles and without all the spammy promotions like are seen in Blistering. If You would like to learn More CLICK HERE !


Thank you for taking the time to read this review of the Warrior Plus marketplace product Blistering!

If you have questions, comments or suggestions I would appreciate hearing from you ! Your feedback helps me to better serve my audience !

Have a wonderful day, and the very best of success to you!


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  1. Excellent article. I love reading business idea and opportunities.
    I also love marketing concepts and ideologies that are different from mainstream.
    That does not mean I agree or would ever partake in any of them, but I have taken concepts and used them in my custom chrome plating shop.
    Blistering was a new introduction to me by you. I appreciate the detailed description you had for it. I have a greater grasp for it.
    I recommend you checking out Dan Lok’s High Ticket Closer. I would love to see an unbiased review by you on him and his program.

    1. Thank you very much for your comment Jake ! 

      I have added High Ticket Closer to the agenda. It may be a few days, because I’m in the middle of going through The Lost Code right now. It is taking quite a while because of so many up sells and down sells! 

      I will get to it ! Check back in a few days .

      Thanks !


  2. Thanks for this in-depth review about blistering. I think though the second I saw that upsell that claimed if you did not buy it you would you fail hundreds of times … I would of asked for my money back immediately.

    I really dislike programs like this that say one thing in heir sales video, then after you buy it do something completely different.

    So I’ll be sure to not buy this product, and warn everyone else I know not to as well.

    1. Thanks for your comment Michael !

      If I can be of assistance or you have questions about your pursuit 

      of making money online, let me know! 


  3. I don’t agree with blistering’s method of getting traffic through Facebook. It makes sense that you are more inclined to go for Instagram and Snapchat. I’ve heard Facebook is only exposing your content as long as you pay for an ad.

    Is there any part of their training that might be outdated? I’ve looked at some other related online opportunities related to website traffic and some of them teach outdated methods.

    1. you are very observant Jessie! 

      The training in Blistering is very elementary and outdated . It has been rehashed and re released many times and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see it again under another name soon! 

      Best wishes and have a wonderful day!


  4. Dear Mike Chappell,

    To be honest when I come across the statements like “Fast money, Quick cash, Big money, just work 30 minutes a day, Earn $1000 per day, easy money” etc., I will just close the sales page because we all know there is no easy money or free lunch in this world. It takes time and effort to make money online.

    Yes, there are people making $100’s, $500’s even $1000’s a day but before coming to this point of earning they have invested many Months and Year’s of continuous learning and effort.

    People often fall as a victim to these shiny object syndrome and I too lost some money trying few programs.

    OMG… Too many upsells I personally hate upsells… For me, if there is an upsell it means the product is not complete.

    After reading your detailed review of Blistering… For me its a NO NO.

    Thanks a lot for saving people time and effort.


    1. Thank you Paul! 

      I always love to hear the positive feedback from my readers! If you have any further questions or comments I would love to hear from you! Your feedback is how I better serve my audience ! 

      Best of success to you and have a great day! 


  5. Mike, you have done a great job of explaining Blistering. There is always a new idea for some reason, isn’t there? As you point out, if one were to put time and effort into it, maybe it would pan out. However, I have tried a few companies and two of them started out by telling you that you would pay just a low entry fee and be good to go; then once they have you locked in, they start telling you about all the other programs you need to purchase. Nope — done with companies that don’t tell it as it is from day 1, page 1. Thanks for the revelation.

    1. Thank you so much Fran!
      The almighty up sell is a sly tactic that these people use all the time, and to be completely honest is one of the red flags I look for in reviews.
      If they are going to have up sells they better be of super good value , or their product will be judged harshly on it!
      Best of success !

  6. Mike, thanks very much for your thorough report on “blistering.”  It does not sound like my cup of tea, though it is good of you to point out that some of it is okay.  However, I’ve tried two companies that got you signed up and then started bringing out all the other programs you needed to purchase.  No, thank you!  I am done with that.  Give me a company that tells you from day one exactly what they offer and what you can expect.  I appreciate your shedding some light on this new online marketing scheme.  It’s good to have such information about something new.  

    1. Thank you for your comment Fran! 

      I always suggest the same platform for people who want to carve out their own niche online and aren’t just in it to scam people out of their money! If you see the recommendation in the review you will find out why wealthy Affiliate is the only system I recommend ! And it’s the only one I use myself !

      Best of success to you!


  7. Hey Mike, how are you?

    Very interesting your review about blistering. With allots of SCAMS out there, we see shine we think is aluminum foil. Sometimes we let go good things because we are so tired to see so many people that try to take a vantage of us that’s hurts.

    Keep up the good work and cheers to our success.


    1. Thank you very much Telma!

      If you have any questions or comments please feel free to let me know! In fact I would appreciate it, because your feedback helps me to better serve my readers ! 

      Have a great day and the best of success to you! 


  8. Thanks for this review of Blistering. I hadn’t heard of it before until I read the review, but as you said, it’s a pretty new product that’s being sold. While you said that Blistering may not be an outright scam and that if people spend enough time with it they might make money, some big red flags for me were the claims that you can make lots of money in mere hours and also the many upsells that are thrown at you upon purchase. Thank you for this very thorough review, I think I’ll stay away from it and stick to what has actually made me some money. 

    1. Thank you for your comment Brian! 

      If you have found a legit way to carve out a niche for yourself online , you are a step ahead of the game ! Just remember that it takes some time, effort and patience and stay true . Don’t get taken in by scammers! 

      Best of success to you! 


  9. Hi Mike!Had a great feeling after reading your Unbiased review on Blistering platform although I am not aware of this platform before.  Even, I had a few bad experiences with scam sites similar to Blistering and lost my money as well. Your review rather would stop people from being fooled by sites like Blistering. The first sign of Scam site is forced upsells. We can find only very few sites which are reliable in the market for learning internet marketing. Therefore, one should thoroughly study and watch the site before signing up before losing their money.

    I am amazed by your words “While I’m not crazy about the product, it does offer some value.” shows your concern about Blistering , besides your some negative thoughts! Thanks for a great review.

    1. Thanks for your kind words and your comment Prabakaran! 

      In looked at this product for the reason of supplemental online income, and found that it wasn’t what I thought it was ! I thought it might be a simple way to make some added revenue without pushing scams on people and create another passive income stream, Obviously you can see why I didn’t! 

      If you have any questions or just want to get in touch let me know ! 

      Best of success to you! 


  10. Thanks for the honest review, Mike. Hopefully, they had some kind of money back guarantee so you can get your $13 back! LOL

    It sounds like this is a not-quite-scam for beginners, low $$ amount and then just gradually builds you in to the extra payments and before you know it $500 is down the drain. What I think is actually the biggest flag for me is that even the the overall cost is under $500, they are not up front about it. That tells me they don’t even feel confident that the program is worth $500. And it’s probably not, so they might just be breaking it down to avoid a class action lawsuit for trying to sell a whole lot of nothing.

    1. Thanks for your comment Kat! 

      I really appreciate that you take the time to leave a comment! This is the feedback I use to help me better serve my audience! 

      If you have any further questions that I can help you with, I would love to hear from you! 

      Have a wonderful day! 


  11. Oh, how I loathe upsells especially when they are a must have to make the initial product work and not complementary to the initial promises made promises kept.

    Blistering makes huge promises in their sales video just to get you in their upsell funnel without building trust. Without building trust and teaching others to build trust, they are wasting everyone’s time and just lining their own pockets.

    Hey Mike, you really know a lot about building trust with your audience – seems like it comes down to following the golden rule of internet marketing – all marketing really – to be helpful to others with honesty and being authentic.

    Thanks for the thorough review.

    1. Thank you Alexander! 

      I appreciate the kind words sir! If you have more questions or comments about this or any other reviews I would love to hear from you!


  12. This is a great review, thank you for your honest opinion on this. I like how you aren’t just trying to sell something by being positive all the time ,you’re in fact expressing the negatives too which I think is very real and shows trust! I trust the review.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Jayde!

      It means a lot to hear that the work I do helps someone and is appreciated! 

      If you have any questions about this or another product, please let me know! 

      Have a great day! 


  13. You’ve provided quite an interesting review on Blistering.  I’d not heard of it before, and you’ve provided ample information for us to steer clear of it because of it’s up-sells.

    I find it unethical to make someone pay for something only to make them pay more for it once they’ve joined to receive what they already believed they would receive the first time round.

    For me when an opportunity talks about making money online quickly, that already has warning bells going off for me and then the sirens start blaring when there are so many up-sells just to get your money and provide very little return on the investment.

    As you have so rightly said, there are many other opportunities out there that are more beneficial and lucrative.

    Thank you for alerting us to the ploys and tactics of Blistering – glad we didn’t get burned by that one, no blistering for us! 🙂


    1. Thanks for your comment Edu!

      If I can help you with anything, or you have any questions please feel free to reach out! I would love to hear from you! 


  14. I’ve never heard of Blistering before, so thanks for the 411! 

    But question is… is it worth it to let them do it for you?

    Assuming that you are a proponent based upon your personal success, can you give me an idea of why a small investment on my part would be a sure fire investment in my future marketing products on the internet?

    1. The done for you option is an up sell. I didn’t buy the up sell and seldom do. I look at the main product . If it is low quality or a scam, I think I would steer clear of the up sell.

      Thanks for your comment!


  15. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the very informative review of Blistering. There are so many online get rich quicks out there now so reading your reviews were great and very useful. I felt that their scheme did kind of sound quite scammy to me but that’s my personal view. I guess it comes down to that old saying that if it sounds too good to be true it probably is! 

    I get really annoyed when schemes try to upsell (or downsell) to hook you into spending more money – why not just be upfront and say this is going to cost $500 but here is what you get. I would find that far better but I guess offering a lower “Hook” is the idea and once they have your details they bombard the crap out of you until you give in!.

    Anyway – thanks for the review and I look forward to reading some more of them.



    1. Thanks for your comment Melanie! 

      It’s great to see that you got some value out of this review! 

      If you have any more questions, please feel free to let me know! 

      Have a wonderful day! 


  16. The first thing that would make me sceptical of this program is the statement of making money within hours. In my experience I know that it is almost impossible to make any money online within a few hours.Then there are the upsells.Another no no for me, any company worth its salt gives you the full monty right from the beginning without hiding essential must have tools.The other thing I notice is they use a copy and paste format of proven campaigns, wouldn’t that be a case of duplicate content?This is a very fair appraisal of “Blistering” and  the way you explained the way the company works I for one would be happy to give them a wide berth.

    1. Thank you for your input sir. I appetite it!

      The copy/paste system they refer to is simply a metaphore. 

      Have a great day!


  17. Hey i really enjoyed this article, i hate programs like that with a passion.  I also review scams like that on my site but i have not came across that one.  I hate all them upsells they try to get you with, its sad that they are so dishonest with there first video to try an get you in.  I know now what red flags to look for in a program!

  18. Thank you for your reveal on Blistering. It is important that a clear understanding is made available to the marketplace, there are many honest people looking to make an honest living online and deserve to the told the truth upfront. This is a very insightful article, giving the reader what they need to make an informed decision. Really appreciate your take and effort in creating a platform that can lead us to the best places to make money online.

  19. Thank you for your reveal on Blistering.  It is important that a clear understanding is made available to the marketplace, there are many honest people looking to make an honest living online and deserve to the told the truth upfront.  This is a very insightful article, giving the reader what they need to make an informed decision.  Really appreciate your time and effort in creating a platform that can lead us to the best places to make money.

    1. Thanks for your comment and input on my review of Blistering Louise!

      If you have any other questions, please feel free to let me know! 

      Best of success! 


  20. Mike thanks for your detailed review of Blistering ! Up sell down sell oh boy I hear that and its scary ! The other thing they try to tell you how to make thousands of dollars  almost instantly in a few hours is trying to suck the people who are totally ignorant on the subject of online marketing.

    They bare people selling websites that are making money, so you could buy them but if they are making good money you will have to pay many thousands of dollars and then you will make money right away, however most people don;t have that kind of money.

    That’s what I like about Wealthy Affiliate they have one up sell premium membership which grandfathers you in and has not had a price increase in years . W.A. is straight forward and honest and shows you how to start a website build a website and so much training that would cost you thousands of dollars in college fees.

    I like the way you give the reader an opportunity to check out W.A. with your well placed plug ins, keep up the good work Mike ! It’s not nice to take peoples money in a sneaky way kind of childish when you think of it.

    1. Thanks for your comment and kind words John! 

      It’s true that there are few if any platforms for making money online with affiliate marketing that can touch Wealthy Affiliate! I’m glad to see that you have started your journey at Wealthy Affiliate! 

      If you need any help just let me know! My username is MikeC69 in the community.

      Best of success to you! 


  21. Hey Mike,

    Thank you for your initiative to review Blistering and highlighting their modus operandi. Most of these program used the same tactics – copy & paste – luring you in with their low cost frontend product and once you’re locked in they will pressurize you to purchase their upsell in order to accelerate your income generation.

    But in the case of Blistering, they know that most people won’t buy their expensive upsells instead they to down sell the products. Either way they are making money from you. I really disgusted with the hidden upsells, outright l will not buying anything from them even how good they.

    Whenever, you saw hyped up advertisement, flashing of huge cash, standing in front of a Mansion or Lamborghini and fake testimonials programs, you better RUN as fast as you can.

    Keep up the good job, Mike

    Best wishes.

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