is appcoiner scam or legit

Is AppCoiner A Scam Or Legit- 3 Reasons To Run!

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Thank you for reading my honest review of AppCoiner, where honest evidence will answer the question of is AppCoiner a scam or legit.

I spend a great amount of time testing and proofing new opportunities for people to make money online, and take it very seriously! Let’s take a look at Appcoiner and see what it’s about, and if you can make money with it!

Is AppCoiner a scam or legit

And since many of my readers are new to the online business world I feel that I owe them and honest review of these products and services with a special attention give to details that will keep people from being scammed!

I have put in the hours of research and purchase of AppCoiner to offer you the best and most accurate review possible !

By keeping honesty and trust as my #1 goal, I have earned trust with many people and hope to earn your trust as well!


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Is Appcoiner a scam or legit best way to make money online


What Exactly Is AppCoiner?

AppCoiner is a service that allows the user to get new apps straight from the designer base. Then as a user you test the app and then give your opinion of the app and whether you would suggest it. Pretty simple, right ? Let’s look a little deeper before making our decision!

AppCoiner is a product that is sold through ClickBank and has seen some very high response so far from affiliates who have signed on to promote it. ClickBank keeps details of how well the products they sell convert as well as the gravity of the get paid to test appsproduct.

The gravity number represents how many affiliate marketers who are promoting AppCoiner or any other product are making sales with the product.


They boast that this brand new concept of getting paid to test apps has conversions that are insane with super low refunds and huge potential with cheap mobile traffic.

This all sounds great if you are the marketer sending traffic to this service in order to make sales, and have very low refunds in the process ! But what about the person who is thinking about using the service to make extra money?


  • Product Name – AppCoiner
  • Owner –
  • Realease Date – 9/29/2015
  • Price –$27 you can find some websites promoting for $17
  • Guarantee – 60-day money back.(ClickBank)
  • Website –
  • Rating 4 out of 10
  • Recommended?- No!


How much does AppCoiner cost to try?

The expense of AppCoiner is very low in comparison to other products in the niche of making money online. It’s low price of $17 makes it an option for pretty much any budget, but it also throws up our first red flag that needs to be checked before continuing this review.

The low price doesn’t mean that it’s not for real or a scam by any means, but could point to other things that do. Let me explain.

The pricing for AppCoiner is listed at $27, but you can get AppCoiner for the paltry price of $17. That sounded fishy to me from the start. Is AppCoiner a scam or legit pricing for Appcoiner product

Considering the results of using AppCoiner are so positive, with so many people making money using it to make money testing and reviewing apps, why would you cut the price so drastically?

After all the “special limited time offer” banner that you see here is a part of the promotional tools within their affiliate tools and has been since it was introduced !

This tells me that the product never was $27 and they just want to add a higher conceived value than what is actaually worth !

This doesn’t mean that AppCoiner is a scam. It is a marketing strategy that many companies use. It doesn’t make it honest, but it is a fact that we cannot dismiss.

Then after all this pricing confusion, my final sales price was actually $27 ! I wasn’t awfully disappointed by the price because my intentions from the beginning was to buy the product, set it up on my wife’s phone, and investigate it.

If the product was good and actually made money we would keep it, and let my wife work with it when she had down time.

If it turned out to be a scam or not perform the way it was advertised, I would sinply get a refund through ClickBank, because all products and services sold through ClickBank has a 60 day refund policy.

The difference in pricing of $10 didn’t make that big of a deal if it actually worked. But since it was another unadvertised and misleading point, I had to make it strike2 in the assessment.

Is AppCoiner for real?

AppCoiner is most definitely real ! The service works and there are people using the service to review various apps around the world. The service its self is very user-friendly and offers the means of reviewing apps at a fairly high rate. Thus optimizing your ability to test more apps and make money faster, but the rate of how much money you can make varies from report to report.

*Note- Just because something is real and you can make money using it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a scam, or that it is a good idea for someone to utilize to make money. Let me continue.

AppCoiner in many ways has the same type of feel and potential that many online survey programs have, in that the money you make is directly effected by the amount of time you spend doing reviews.Is Appcoiner a scam or legir

The best opportunities for making money online are ones that offer a way to make passive income. By going for the passive income route, you are in essence putting the work in now to generate income in the future.

Passive income allows you to make money online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

With all the online opportunities available, it doesn’t make sense to trade hours for dollars the way you would do at a physical job, because since you have limited hours you have limited earning potential! A passive income business gives you your time and life back, with unlimited earning potential!

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Is AppCoiner a scam or legit

First impression after purchase

Although I still want to give AppCoiner a fair shake at this point, it has a definite first strike in the first impression category ! Let me explain how my impressions became so negatively impacted so quickly!

I decided to purchase AppCoiner after one of my readers was the 6th person to ask me about the product. This person was looking for a way to make a few extra dollars a week online and wanted to know if it was legit. I then scoured the internet to decide if it was worth purchasing in order to try it .

Is Appcoiner a scam or legit

Online reviews can be a tricky landscape to travel when making a final decision on a product or service, based solely on reviews.

There are as many scam reviews as there are scams being reviewed. But there are still a ton of people with an ounce of honesty that are truly interested in giving quality and value to their readers, so they go that extra mile.

I go that extra mile by first checking at least the entire first page of search results in Google for a given query. If all the reviews are bad, I don’t label it a scam, in fact I won’t pursue the report at all.

If the reviews are all good (which will never happen) I’ll definitely have a look. But usually the products I purchase and review for people have to have a 50-50 or worse result.

Then I will purchase the product and see what it’s all about. And usually you have to spend some time with a product to make a decision, but, as I said earlier AppCoiner got it’s first strike on the initial purchase page.

As soon as I purchased the item, it hit me with the first $27 up sell that makes the initial purchase function better. I declined. Then they slammed me with up sell #2 at $47, which I also declined! This is horrible business from a marketing standpoint. It hits the customer with three attacks at their wallet before you have given the very first hint of value !

What I got for my moneyIs Appcoiner a scam or legit bang for your buck

Once I got past all the up sells, and price discrepancies, what waited on the other side told a different story than the one that was used in the grand claims of making money that I purchased! (But isn’t that always the case)

As it turns out there is more to the process than is claimed in the advertisements! Much more !

The up sells are actually things that make “your website “ more effective for an additional $27. And for $47 “your website” comes with a bunch of bonus reviews that are already done for you ! Did anyone else read anything about a website in the promo? I didn’t either!

Here is a cropped screenshot of my AppCoiner website!

Is Appcoiner a scam or legit my AppCoiner Website

After the process is done then you find out what is happening! And it is nothing like what is advertised!


How does AppCoiner REALLY WORK?

Well, simply put, it’s nothing even remotely like what is advertised! And for that reason AppCoiner receives it’s third and final strike !

When you start your new AppCoiner “career”, you do indeed go to the database and download apps that are submitted for testing by app designers. You do indeed test them and determine their usefulness.

But at this point you go to your AppCoiner Website and write a blog post review of the app that is much like what I am doing here!

Then as traffic (visitors) go to your website that you knew nothing about to start with, you earn money. The more reviews you do, the more money you make!Is Appcoiner a scam or legit scam warning

As it turns out this is one of those products that I don’t have an issue with determining a clear cut answer on!

Websters Dictionary defines a scam as – a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation

So based solely on the exact definition of a scam………………….


Where do we go from here?

Since the AppCoiner product has been bought and paid for, my wife is planning to use it to see if you can really make money with it at any level. But I know from experience that it takes time and effort to get a website ranked in the search engines, and that is truly not an overnight success story!

Furthermore, if I were going to go the route of writing blog post reviews and SEO (search engine optimization) it wouldn’t be for nickle and dime app reviews or surveys !

My guess is that after a couple of weeks we will be telling ClickBank that we want a refund and all will be well, because after all anything is worth testing as long as there is no risk, isn’t it? Not AppCoiner, because we now know that it’s a scam !

I would like to invite you to learn what an actual opportunity to make money online looks like, instead of wasting your time and money on fly-by-night, get-rich-quick schemes that turn out to be nothing more than just another scam!

If you click the link below, you will learn how to make money online without trading hours for dollars, and do it like a Boss! Earning money online with a truly passive income is a life changing experience !

When you can make money while you sleep you know that you have beaten the system and no longer have to bow down to a boss or the life sucking 9 to 5 rat race in order to make an income and pursue wealth!


Is AppCoiner a scam or legit

I hope you got value from my honest review!

In this review we learned how the AppCoiner product from ClickBank is set up and how it works and doesn’t work. In the end it was a pretty easy task to determine that it is a scam based solely on the deceptive acts of operation in getting people to buy the product.

I also shared the exact online training source for making passive income that I started with, still use and will continue to use, and you can get a FREE MEMBERSHIP that is free forever with no credit card, no PayPal, and no time limit!

Thank you for reading this honest review of AppCoiner! Your input is important to me, so if you have questions, comments, or suggestions please leave them in the comments and I will get back to you as soon as possible !

If you have a product or service that you would like to see reviewed, please leave it in the comments. Allow for a week or two to be complete, because I actually test the products and services I review.

Thanks again, and have a great day!


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17 thoughts on “Is AppCoiner A Scam Or Legit- 3 Reasons To Run!”

  1. Great post/review on AppCoiner. This is my first time finding out about this app and you provided just enough details and information about it. Yes, certain aspects such as lower pricing does raise some red flags and yes it may potentially be a way of earning income; however, deceptive practices, and the need to have a website in order to earn income through visitors seem a bit too much, especially, since it isn’t disclosed prior to purchasing app. I agree, this is fraudulent and well, classifies it as a scam . You did make a good point about spending hours for dollars being a not so efficient way of making money. And I like the fact that you included that passive income is more than likely your best option when it comes to making money and it provides you with the added bonus of having time to do other things.

    Great job on reviewing this app and thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for your comment! 

      It seems like these reviews run together sometimes with 80% or more being absolute scams.

      But there is that occasional diamond burried with the trash that keeps me interested in it! 

      Have  a great day! 


  2. Matron Okoye B.N

    Hi mike thanks for this wonderful review
    This is my first time hearing about the app, but with your review I think I will just classify it as a scam, from the pricing confusion to the amount of money it tries to get from you after purchase I think that is real extortion.

    1. Thanks for your comment Matron! 

      This is one of the most obvious scams I’ve come accross in some time ! 


  3. Appcoiner sounds promising, and it would be a legitimate money making opportunity if they did not cover it up as something else. I do not understand why they do not just tell you the truth from the start. I guess people want to be offered the easy solution. Testing apps is not a bad idea to make some extra cash but writing a review and getting traffic while utilizing SEO is a whole different story.

    1. Thanks for your comment John!

      These scams and get rich wuick schemes are the answer that never manifests its self to many people ! They buy these insane little tricks thinking they can bypass the work and get to the profits. After they waste a few months trying a buncj of failed so called opportunities they could have gotten a great foothold doing things the right way !


  4. Hi Mike,

    That was an extremely interesting review. Like someone commented earlier, the base principle of Appcoiner seems legit – reviewing apps to earn some extra income. What I appreciate about your review is how you methodically take apart the “opportunity” and reveal the lack of transparency in the offer. Writing reviews is work and can be time-consuming. To do it for nickels and dimes isn’t my idea of an “opportunity”.

    Thanks, and I look forward to reading more of your reviews in the future.



  5. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the warning!

    I really don’t understand how some product owners and marketers work. Some people are desperate in looking for money making opportunities, and then someone comes in to scam them and make them do what they already do in the daily job, but this time for less money! Literally for pennies! This reminds me of Swagbucks.

    I agree, no one should trade their time for money. They should build assets that keeps generating passive income on the long run.

    You recommend affiliate marketing as the best way to make a passive income. How long does it take to start earning, let’s say, a 4-Figure, so that you can focus more on it and maybe quit the 9-5 job?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Thanks for your comments and kind words Amjad! 

      The process of building an online business is one that takes some time and effort. It isn’t hard, but you have to stick with it and you will see the rewards.

      You can start today and learn how to get free traffic which is my favorite method or you can also learn how to use paid advertising the right way with the same training! 

      The time of when you start making money is really up to you! The harder you work at it the faster and bigger the success! You can also do some paid advertising campaigns and social media campaigns to start seeing some success early! But nothing compares to building that sky scraper with free traffic! 

      Thanks again, and best of success to you! 


    1. No reason to be down about it Jose! AppCoiner is one of those things that pulls you in.
      You didn’t know me and that’s Ok ! I hope I have earned some trust with you!
      The very best of success to you!

  6. Hi Mike, 

    Thank you again for so much work done. Another one down the drain. No AppCoiner for me thank you.

    Your hard work is very much appreciated. Especially being so new to the online world, I really value what you are teaching me and many others.

    Am so scared of making the wrong decision in trying out all these new ways of making money. Think I will just stick to Wealthy Affiliate and continue learning the right and safe way to make money. 

    1. You don’t have anything to worry about Jill! 

      I am so happy when I get a comment from someone who has chosen Wealthy Affiliate and not some scam to start their online venture with! That is the exact same training, mentoring and community platform I used when I started and I know that it is the meaning of legit! 

      That is the reason that Wealthy Affiliate is the only online program for making passive income that I recommend! 

      I could make tons of money promoting get rich quick schemes with my website and YouTube channel, but I am not into scamming people! I want to give them the truth and value! They remember you if you are a scammer and they remember you if you are legit! I would rather be remembered for the latter!

      Best of success to you and have a great day! 


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