I Hate My Job, And It’s Time For A Change!

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If YOU hate your job, you’re not alone ! But there is hope !

It’s no fun if you have to go to a job that makes you miserable every day of your life, just so that you can have a job and make ends meet!

*If you read this blog post to the end, you will find out that the state of your union doesn’t have to be so bleak!

There’s a simple answer to the issue of trading time for money in a job you hate! CLICK HERE for details.

To have to force yourself to climb out of bed every day and go to a life sucking job that you absolutely hate isn’t far from psychological torture ! I know because I have been there and have nothing but respect for your plight ! I hate my job and it's time for a change !

But how did it get like this? And why are you stuck in the nine to five rat race with no options beyond hanging on in hopes that someday you might be able to retire, or possibly win the lottery?

Sometimes the task of working at a job you hate is almost more depressing than some people can take ! It sucks to have to be on the payroll and depend on living week by week, with little to look forward to but the next week!

And when you do get time away, it comes in the form of structured vacation time !

You are encouraged to take your vacation, and enjoy yourself, but only for a specified time, and then get back to work on time or you might be fired from that job you hate so much! But its not all terrible! After all you might be lucky enough to get weekends off, unless you are chasing that overtime pay!

Living for the weekend is a miserable life !

After all trading forty years of this life sucking regret is a small price to pay for being able to enjoy yourself and do what you want to do for the last few years of your life isn’t it? No!


How did I get to this point?

I was in my forties before my aha moment came! And after 25 years of trading time for money, I stopped one day and simply thought, there has to be a better way!

Picture of a girle wearing a graduation gownWhy is it that I went to school with others who took the same classes I took and graduated right beside me, and there are so many differences between us ? Some of these people went on to find themselves in the same mid level type jobs that I have found myself in, where we make pretty good money, but there’s scarcely any to save or invest. And then there are those who somehow wound up on government assistance and barely scraping by day to day !

But there are a very select few who are really killing it, and seem to be really doing great even though they work 70-80 hours a week !

There are reasons like privilege and not privileged as well as something as simple as being in the right place at the right time, and a much furthered education. But there is something else too!

The way it is supposed to be?

I’m not saying that it is a conspiracy per se, but in a sense it kind of is !

You see from the time we are born there is a standard plan put in place for almost everyone. One that plans our future out for us, because that is the way it is supposed to be ! image of a house with a mortgage and a car with car payments

Our parents usually start with grand dreams for their children that include getting a good education and then continuing that education with a college degree, so that the child can get a good paying job, and achieve a good life ! But that good life is pretty far from most people want once they start living this dream !

That dream continues on with a good job that is supported by a college education that the child gets the honor of making payments on until he/ she is well into their 30s. Then there is the Mortgage, car payments, children, and by that time hopefully a really good promotion with more money! That’s what those dreams are made of right? Not exactly!

The problem is with the meaning of money !

Money is simply payment. It has no value of its self. That money only represents the value of something else. For instance, until the United States left the Gold Standard, money represented how much value backed by gold you owned in the form of money. The money its self has no value. It only represents the amount of value you own!

So in a job, the money you earn represents the value you create for your employer. In the example above, the child grew up and achieved this perceived dream standard of achievement that has culminated in a promotion with a big raise.

But the employer hasn’t given him a raise unless he has proven to represent more value to the employer. More value to the employer usually means that there are more responsibilities and longer hours to achieve more pay!

It’s the age-old example of trading your valuable time for money! And since you only have a limited amount of time, you can only earn a limited amount of money!

The vast majority have it even worse!

For the vast majority, that initial dream has been sidetracked somewhere along the line. Instead of achieving the extreme hours and responsibility for better pay, we have to depend on terms like overtime! By working overtime the average employee can generate more value to his/ her employer. And therefore we can make more money. It’s called the overtime rate.

But just like the child who grew up to be an executive or mid level employee the money we average employees earn is directly equivalent to the amount of hours and value we have given to the employer.

I’m no different from you, a working stiff !

Is the employer to blame? If not who?

The very first person that has blame placed on them is the employer! But that makes absolutely no sense!

The employer isn’t to blame, its the whole system! From the time we are born the same people who control what is taught inphoto of a factory schools, control the various versions of the dream life that is taught in them !

These people dictate school curriculum and in large part the different opportunities that are available.

These people Are the same people who took over the poverty issue in the early 70s with the war on poverty, and have poured trillions of dollars into the coffers of welfare and other government programs, yet we have millions more people added to the poverty list every year!

ladies working at a job they hate in an officeThese people are most to blame because politicians and the super rich dictate what the dream is !

They need a constant stream of workers for their factories and companies and what better way to do it than to control education and poverty!

If you are brought up thinking that there are a limited number of possibilities for your future, you tend to accept it. And therefore you end up with millions of people struggling, and disgusted with their lives !

We deserve part of the blame for where we are !

In this crazy choreographed world of “supposed to” we seldom question anything! And when we do we are to easily intimidated into believing the structure is the only way !

The truth is that we control our future ! When you come to that realization and accept it as true you will be that

much closer to changing your future ! girl who is depressed because she hates her job

  • I’m sick of having to work when I’m sick 
  • I’m sick of having to miss family stuff like the kids school events 
  • I’m sick of being told what to do 
  • I’m sick of exactly 30 minutes for lunch 
  • I’m sick of working with a back ache 
  • I’m sick of trading my valuable time for money! 



Some of us are complacent. Some hide behind the poverty banner. And some hide behind the don’t know how wall !

And the biggest reason we don’t try to break that nine to five chain is fear!

But when we decide that enough is enough and come to grips that we have been lied to all our lives we can then realize that it doesn’t have to be like this !

This is where I was when I saw the truth !


The truth is that there are options to the rat race !

The world we live in now, offers more opportunity for the average person to achieve freedom, get out of the rat race, and stop trading time for money in human history! We just have to open our eyes to see it!

The internet is many things to many people ! Some love it, and some hate it. But one thing is for sure, and that is that its not going anywhere!

It is only going to continue to consume more and more of the physical world. So why notlady cheering because she has beaten the rat race jump on the boat now, and get a great seat !

The opportunities to make passive income with an online business is very real!

Many people write this idea off because they have some perceived idea that you have to be some sort of hacker or live in your mother’s basement and write code to make money online. But the truth couldn’t be more different!

Anyone with the ability to read and write at an 8th grade level that owns a computer and internet connection can make an income that may be far more than they could ever dream of punching a time clock! And what’s even better?

You can do it from home, vacation, or anywhere you have an internet connection!

If you think this seems like a scam or dream story, you might want to read on!

The absolute truth is that making money online is nowhere near as difficult as you might think !

The best way for the average person to earn an income online with no special education or skills is by Affiliate Marketing!

There are other options as well,like drop shipping with shopify, but the easiest way to get started is with Affiliate marketing.Young lady working on her affiliate marketing website There are tens of thousands of people making money online with affiliate marketing, and the number is growing!

And just because its growing doesn’t mean that you didn’t get there in time and there are too many people doing it! Not by a long shot!

That’s because Affiliate Marketing is the best business you can start!

With Affiliate Marketing, you are promoting someone else’s products or services, so you don’t need to have your own. When you promote a product or service, you do so by joining an affiliate program. One of the biggest affiliate programs is Amazon Associates.

When you promote an Amazon product, you sign up for a free Amazon Associates account. Then you find a product to promote and copy a special link to that product.

You promote that affiliate link by talking about it, making a review or any way you decide to discuss it. You do these promotions on YouTube, Social Media, and other ways like my favorite.

My favorite way to promote my affiliate links is with my website! Don’t freak out yet, I’ll explain how simple it is!

When you promote these affiliate links and someone clicks on the link, they are taken to the Amazon website where the ad for the product is. If they purchase that product, you get a commission !

There are thousands of Affiliate programs and millions of different products! I just used Amazon as an example because it is the most popular affiliate marketing website!

It’s awesome to do the work up front and then make passive income while you sleep! The internet and your website never sleeps, so it can make money 24/7/365!

I built my website with the mentorship, training, and community at a place named Wealthy Affiliate. And if I can do it , anyone can ! I spent the last 20 years as a maintenance man in an industrial manufacturing plant, and the only thing I could do with the internet was Facebook and check E mail !

The training and mentorship at Wealthy Affiliate walked me through it picture of the Wealthy Affiliate logostep by step, and it was easy! AND IT’S FREE !



They also teach you step by step how to do SEO (Search engine optimization)so that your website gets a higher google ranking and more people see your website blog ! And best of all it is the most fun I’ve ever had working 6-8 hours a week !


It takes some time and effort, its not a scheme !

If you decide that making money online with affiliate marketing is something that you would like to try, you can do it for free at Wealthy Affiliate ! And you don’t need a credit card, and there is no time limit. A free membership is a free membership forever if you want it! That alone proves its on the up and up and not a scam !

It will take time

It will take time to do the training and get started gaining ground. But its simple! When you start getting familiar with what you are doing it really becomes a blast, because you are making your website about something you are interested in like a hobby. It can be a niche like the following:

  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Knitting
  • Skiing
  • Drones
  • Photography
  • Raising Chickens
  • DIY projects
  • And about anything else you can think of!

I named the 8 niches I did, because those are the subjects I’ve helped people with building their business so far!

It’s not easy sometimes to try something new. But this is an opportunity that can absolutely change your life , its changing mine!


My story

My name is Mike ! I own NOWEBEXPERIENCE.COM and I am not rich!

I started my online business with Affiliate Marketing with Wealthy Affiliate’s step by step training and mentorship community! There was no other way I could have done it, because I have no online expertise, and I am not at all a techie kind of person! I'm Mike and this is my picture I have had a lot of fun with the training and have built 2 websites. My other website is my passion of hunting called WILD WERX.

After I built that website I had quite a few people asking me how I did it and I gave them suggestions and help. When someone says thanks for helping them it feels really good! I won’t lie !

I liked that feeling and the more people asked me the more I thought about a second website where I help people do what I have done! And that’s what I did!

If you look at other content on this website, you will see Wealthy Affiliate suggested in quite a few posts. The reason is that I used it and still do. I beleive in it and its the only training program I suggest! There are 1.5 million other members at Wealthy Affiliate that can atest to that!

As I said I am not rich, but I am building fast! My results are climbing very quickly, and at the time I’m writing this I am making an average of $1,800 per month. It has increased fast over the past few months.

I figure at the rate of growth I’m seeing, I should be over $5,000 per month within another 6-8 months. At that point I will be quitting my job and doing this full time! I’m excited about that ! I am most excited to get my freedom back!

If You want to learn more about how you too can escape that life sucking job you hate, or escape the grips of poverty, click on the button below, to be taken to my complete explanation and honest review of Wealthy Affiliate and what they offer!

learn more about the best way to learn online business for free 


My Goals going forward

Going forward I want to get to the point that I quit my job, and go full time to 10 hours per week online business! That will give me time to help other people get their freedom back as well!

Then I want to do some seminars, High Schools and community centers to help other people see that they can escape the rat race and the grips of poverty with online business !

That’s it! That’s what I want to do.


We have talked about being brought up to accept a future that we do not have to accept! I have given you some ideas about how to beat the rat race and escape poverty.

If you hate what you do and want your freedom I’ve given you some options to try, but if you don’t try them, you will be in the same place a year from now. I urge you to give it a try, and change your life !

If you would leave a comment, question or suggestion in the comments I would appreciate it! That feedback is one way I learn to better serve my audience !

Thanks and best of success to you!


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  1. I don’t love my job, but I guess I don’t hate it either. Having said that, I have been cut from 5 to 2 days per week, so I am still looking for odd jobs to do.
    I watch my grandbabies 5 days per week, and my daughter works different hours each week, so it’s hard to get work at a brick and mortar place, because I never know what hours I need to be off until the week before.
    I thought about babysitting, but I don’t have enough room in my vehicle.
    I can’t find another employer who will work with my hours like my current boss, so the only thing I can do is either quit babysitting my babies, or work at home. I’m not going to quit watching my little ones, so that leaves working at home.
    I am a new Amazon affiliate and am building up my website as we speak, but I’m looking other areas too.
    Do you have more information on Shopify? My husband had mentioned Doba drop shipping, but when I looked at the price I’m suggested to sell the items for, they were outrageous. My purchase price was around the same as what I could buy in a store. I’m still looking for a drop shipping company that doesn’t try to rob people. Any information you could give me would be very much appreciated.

    1. I always suggest that someone who is serious about making money online and wants passive income and freedom on autopilot to go with Affiliate marketing.

      Shopify is a great source to set up an online store with chinese imports such as Alibaba and TradeTang .

      I would not try doing both as startups at the same time. It will make both grow very slowly instead of putting your effiorts on one thing at a time .

      This guy is “the guy” on shopify and can help you learn more! 

      Thanks for your comment and best of success to you!


  2. Hey Mike, I’m Rachael and I am a proud Wealthy Affiliate Member like yourself, although you seem to have secured yourself with the Affiliate Marketing biz much more than me. What a powerful article. I love your perspective I’m sure it will reach to many who are in the same boat who have the mindset. Your wording is thought provoking and I’m sure this will be a powerful article in terms of converting well with people who are in that endless cycle of working for someone else. Well done by the way your success is really inspirational and makes me keen to follow in your footsteps. Sometimes it seems like I’ll never get anywhere but it’s great reading stories such as yours and knowing how well the system works. Could you recommend to someone like myself who is partway through the bootcamp training at WA and who hasn’t achieved that first sale or conversion yet, how to keep the inspiration alive so that I don’t just give up and quit?

    1. Thank you for your comment and your kind words Rachael! 

      The best advice I can give you is to put your head down and work like you want it!  Don’t pay attention to analytics and continue with the training and don’t deviate ! 

      The key to bringing everything together is being honest ! Be honest and treat your audience of readers like gold, and you will do well ! 

      Best of success ! 


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