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How To Make Money With ClickBank- Passive Income Gold?

It’s great that you have decided to learn how making money with CLICKBANK! If you have come here via an internet How to make money with Clickbank logosearch, I’ll take it that you may be new to the subject of affiliate marketing, or at least new to the subject of CLICKBANK. Don’t feel bad, I was too at one point and it took me a while to figure it out! But I hope to save you some of that research and discovery time !

Hi, my name is Mike and I want to share everything I have learned on the subject and explain how I have used CLICKBANK in my online business to earn passive income. I won’t bore you with needless info, but I will take the time to explain exactly what CLCIKBANK is and how you too can use it to generate income!

This isn’t a short and sweet blah, blah article to try to sell you my CLICKBANK course! This information is as complete as possible and completely free!

CLCIKBANK offers many products’ that can be promoted within many niches, and all of them have really good commission bases! So read and follow along carefully so that you don’t miss anything! I also suggest that you bookmark this article and take notes in a notebook!

If you get set up and decide to do it the right way, you can make some serious money using CLICKBANK!

Let’s Go!

If you are interested in building an affiliate marketing business and earning passive income with CLICKBANK as well as other affiliate programs, you can start FOR FREE with the exact system that I used to get started.


CLICKBANK has been around for some time, and many people have used the platformmaking some serious money! Others who have just dipped their toe into the pool in hopes of get-rich-quick money have failed miserably! I want making sure that you know how to succeed in affiliate marketing with platforms like CLICKBANK !

CLICKBANK is a website and platform for creators of digital product sand services to sell and promote those products’ and services.

CLICKBANK has been around since it’s creation in a garage located in San Diego California in 1998, because the founders saw that the internet was growing by leaps and bounds and knew that people would be interested in a marketplace where they could find the various lifestyle products’ that could be purchased online.

This platform would allow for a single location for sellers and marketers to meet in one place and conduct business, ultimately resulting in people getting access to the various products’ they may need or want.

The CLCIKBANK platform is a place where creators or mostly digital products’ can list This image is my free getting started guide their products’ and marketers known as affiliate marketers can promote the products’ through various traffic producing methods online to offer these products’ online.

When a customer sees a product relevant to his or her needs or wants, they may decide making a purchase.

If that purchase is made the affiliate that has promoted the product gets a commission of up to 75% of the purchase price of the product!

The products’ that are listed on the CLICKBANK platform are listed in multiple categories or niches, and can be promoted by anyone after they have filled out the membership application and the forms that dictate how you will get paid. It’s a very easy and fast process!

These categories range from health and fitness categories to how making money online and travel, plus many more ! Below you will find the list of niche categories that are covered on CLICKBANK.

  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Business/ Investing
  • Computer/ Internet
  • E- Business/ E- Marketing
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Fiction
  • Food, Wine and Cooking
  • Games
  • Green Products
  • Health and Fitness
  • Home and Garden
  • Languages
  • Mobile
  • Parenting and Family
  • Politics/ Current events
  • References
  • Self-Help
  • Software and Services
  • Spirituality, New Age and Alternative beliefs
  • Sports
  • Travel

As you can see there is a huge potential for making money with CLICKBANK! It really doesn’t matter much what niche or category you choose in the marketplace, there are multiple products’ that you can promote and earn income from!



How Do I start with CLICKBANK?

The very first step to get started with CLICKBANK is a simple one, but also very important! You need to decide on a niche !

Deciding which niche or category you want to promote is a very simple thing, but also very important!

Deciding on a niche is sometimes the biggest roadblock to getting started for many people, but it doesn’t have to be!

Choosing a niche category just means that you want to choose a category that you are interested in because it is much easier to spend time growing a business and earning money if you are passionate about the subject, or at least have an interest in the subject!

For instance, if you choose the home and garden niche but aren’t even interested in home and garden, you will be less likely to pursue and promote the products’ that you choose because you have no interest in these products’!

But if you are interested in showing people how to become healthier through weight loss and maybe you are presently on a diet or have lost weight in the past, this may a fantastic niche category for you to get involved with .

I have promoted a couple of products’ from the CLICKBANK marketplace myself. The niche that I chose was E-marketing because affiliate marketing is the way I monetize my websites and other online ventures. I found a couple of inexpensive products’ that can be used to help you in affiliate marketing as one of the tools in your toolbox. The one that I promoted the most is CLICKBANK University 2.0. This product is a product from CLICKBANK themselves and trains you on methods of promoting CLICKBANK products’ .

I don’t usually promote training products’ like this, but after going through it for a review, I found that the training was pretty darn good! It is a definite asset to people who want to get into affiliate marketing with CLICKBANK’s digital products’ and services, and learn how it’s done.

I don’t usually promote training offers because I have found that most do very little to help you and incur rather large expenses for beginners.

Instead, I only promote the exact same system that I used to get started online. You can get started for free. And the quality of the training, mentoring, and live community is far beyond anything else I have ever found ! When you add that to the most important aspect,it’s unbeatable! What aspect is that, you ask? I know it works and is 100% legit!

If you try to get started in affiliate marketing with CLICKBANK or any other affiliate program, you need step by step training making sure you optimize your time and effort as well as enjoy the experience! Read my honest Wealthy Affiliate Review to learn more! Back to CLICKBANK.


Setting up your CLICKBANK account.

Once you have decided on the niche that you want to promote products’ to, you will need to set up a CLICKBANK account. This is super easy!

All you need to do is go to and click on “Create an account” in the top right corner. You will then be taken to a three-page sign up.

The first page is basic name and address type stuff. Then you will go to the banking information page where you will put in the information so that you can get paid for your commissions. The last page is just where you will go to tweak your account settings such as passwords etc. It’s that simple !

Now let the fun begin!


When you log in to your account, you will be taken to a page that will have a listing of your sales and income. You can also access your insights from this page to track various activities within your account. This will be very helpful, especially if you use a funnel system such as Click Funnels or link tracking software like Click Magick.

Once you have reached your log in page it is recommended that you surf around and get used to the format and platform, as a whole. There are tons of products’ that you can promote, and if you take a little time to browse through the products’ you may decide that you want to promote a different niche or category of products’ once you see what they have to offer. It has happened !

It’s best that you take the time to check out the entire website and browse all the categories.

Once you have taken a look around you can then start looking for the products’ that you want to promote!

At the top of the web page you will see where it says Marketplace in small writing. Click there to be taken to the categories.

In the example you see below, I chose the green products’ category just as an example. This would actually be an amazing line of products’ for anyone who wants to be in the green niche or maybe homesteading, off grid living, or prepper type niche! This is a screenshot of the different niches in ClickBank

As you can see there is three subheadings under the green products’ category, and they all have potential offers for you to promote ! For this example we will stay with Alternative energy .

Once you have chosen your niche and category the rest is really a piece of cake, but I will run over it with you making sure you know how to navigate the offers to find the best ones !


How do I know if a product is a good one ?

I will take this time to suggest to you that whenever possible it is best to promote products’ that you have used otr have experience with.

You can absolutely promote a product that you have never used, but you should do very good research on the product before you promote it, and always be honest! If you want to see your business and sales go into a death spiral, all you will need to do is let your potential customers catch you being dishonest or telling an outright lie! Trust me, you don’t want to do that!

It is very easy to see the product and know what the potential for sales is before you put in the effort thanks to the very well explanation of choosing clickbank products to promotelaid out and easy to navigate site at CLICKBANK!

Once you have found a promising product to promote, you should check it out and see how it has been doing. You can do this by simply sorting the results by “Gravity”.

When you choose gravity to sort product information by you will know how well it is doing because the gravity number is the number of people / affiliate who are getting sales with the product.

The best products’ tend to fall between 20 and 100 gravity.

20-100 is a wide range so I will explain.

I prefer a minimum of a 20 score on gravity because if it has the least a 20 I know that there is interest and the product has gotten some eyes on it.

I’m not crazy about anything over 100 gravity because many times you will see the product has been over saturated and you may be spinning your wheels if you try to promote it.

The Commission rate?

The commission rate on this product is 75% as are the commissions on most CLCIKBANK products’. If you consider that the sales price is $43.70 and you are getting 75% that is an awesome deal just on the main offer!


Check the Sales page and/ or sales video

Screenshot of the sales video example from ClickbankWhen promoting CLICKBANK products’ the sales page and/ or sales video is usually the selling point and is provided with the landing page link via your affiliate link.

It is a good idea to check out the sales page/ sales video when considering the product that you will promote.

By checking the sales video you can learn even more about the product and whether or not it is the product that you want to promote.


I have changed my decision for and against products’ based on the sales video on a couple of occasions. My rule of thumb is that if the sales page doesn’t speak to me it most likely won’t speak to the people that I promote the product to either.



Promotional Tools for affiliates

When you are considering a product, make sure you check the affiliate page for promotional tools like banners, E-mail swipes and other graphics that you can use to promote the product!

Having affiliate tools that are already tested and convert well will be a major bonus and see your opportunities of making as much money from your promotion have the best success possible .

The affiliate tools that are found in the CLICKBANK marketplace are usually much better than those found in other affiliate marketplaces like JV Zoo and Warrior Plus .

You can use the banners and affiliate links to promote via your website or use banner advertising and optimize your promotional efforts with very little work.

Many people choose to use strictly the affiliate tools and banners and save time and effort. And there are also those who prefer to customize the banners and tools supplied or completely make their own advertising tools. The best practice pretty much depends on each individual situation.

My experience is that the supplied and split tested tools that are supplied convert as good as anything you can make or have made on Fiverr.

I must also mention that the banner graphics and promotional tools made via an outsourcer have not been split tested. That can be an issue if you plan on running your promotion with traffic via PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising and Solo Ads.

By using untested materials and graphics you are betting the expense of your pay per click advertising against your returns. In such a case I would definitely run several small campaigns before committing to anything over $50. That way if it turns out that the materials you have outsourced don’t convert, you can make changes and test again without losing a lot of money.


Likewise, the graphics and other materials that are supplied can be used with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) efforts. In the case of SEO, you can easily make changes as you go without spending a lot of time or money doing so.


Another rule of thumb in my efforts and campaigns will be to use small PPC ads using the supplied materials. If the campaign convert well, I then scale the ads up and use the same materials on my website blog since I know it convert well and I get a good click through rate.

The CLICKBANK money back guarantee!

Make sure your promotions make use of the CLICKBANK money back guarantee as ofThis is an image of the Clickbank Money back guaranteeten as need be!

In most cases the affiliate link and affiliate tools provided are more than enough to get great results because the no questions 60-day money back guarantee from CLICKBANK is included in the sales page and sales videos.

But when you are promoting via your website and using SEO to drive traffic to the offer, it is best making sure that you mention the 60-day money back guarantee in your blog post or landing page on your website.


It makes people feel more comfortable to know that they have zero risk when they try the product, and using this information in blog post reviews has increased my conversions quite a bit!

The money back guarantee can also be useful to affiliates!

Another thing to remember is that as an affiliate, you too can also make use of the money back guarantee !

I like to buy and test the products’ that I think I would like to promote. If the product isn’t what I thought it was or I decide that it isn’t a product that I want to promote because the risk of advertising dollars or creating a blog post review on my website, I too request a refund and pretty much always receive the refund within 24-48 hours.

But on the other hand, if the product is something that I think I might want to promote, I will not ask for a refund because I feel that doing that is dishonest! After all most of these front side / main offers aren’t expensive. If you get the value that is promised and learn something from it, in the interest of remaining an ethical affiliate marketer, it’s best to consider it money well spent!


Information and my story on how you can get started online get my free guide!

This is my free getting started guide in the Click Bank article



The best results I’ve had in affiliate marketing!

When I got started online with affiliate marketing, I floundered for a while and almost gave up! The reason I almost gave up was because I started with a couple of different get-rich-quick schemes that were geared toward nothing but taking my money!

I spent some time and got nowhere! I guess it would be better described as I wasted my time, because that is exactly what happened!

I would have likely given up if not for a friend that told me about Wealthy Affiliate!

I decided after a month or two to give it one last try to give it a real chance, so I joined and got my free membership to Wealthy Affiliate. It didn’t take long for me to realize that there was something completely different about Wealthy Affiliate over everything else I had heard about and done research on!

The first thing that really caught my attention was a live community of hundreds of thousands of fellow members who are at various stages of success in affiliate marketing! There were newbies like I was as well as extremely successful people and all stages in between!

Once I was sure that this was on the up and up I decided to go all in and see what happens! And to say that I was amazed is a complete understatement! Every aspect of affiliate marketing was covered with no stone left unturned! It was easy to follow the step by step training and build on my affiliate marketing success with free traffic through SEO as well as a complete and easy to understand training on getting started with PPC the right way, and on the cheap!

I have to admit that the free traffic strategy is by far my favorite and I completely enjoy it!

You can use this free training to promote any product in any niche!

You can use the exact same training that I received to learn everything you need to optimize your efforts for success! The training gives you complete, step by step and click by click training in….

  1. Choosing a niche
  2. Building a beautiful niche website
  3. Building tons of free traffic
  4. Monetizing your website with millions of affiliate products’ and services


I am really glad that I took my opportunity to get into affiliate marketing the right way! If you would like the exact same FREE opportunity you can learn more about Wealthy Affiliate below and get a special bonus when you sign up for your free account by clicking on the banner below. There is no e mail required for learning more!



Let me start by saying thank you for taking your time to read my article on CLICKBANK!

I hope I have explained how CLICKBANK works and passed along the information you need to succeed in promoting CLCIKBANK products’!

CLICKBANK can definitely be an asset to anyone who wants to optimize their affiliate marketing efforts and earn passive income online !


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