How to find keywords for a website- And rock it!

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When reading questions about websites and blog posts the most asked list always centers on how to find keywords for a website. That is a really good question and one that can sink many ships before the launch, because one of the most important factors is choosing the best S.E.O. optimization keywords, I’m going to help explain the importance and how you can find the best keywords for your website


Keywords and how the are used

The dictionary describes a keyword as a word or concept of great significance. And when writing blog posts, titles for YouTube, or pretty much any other content that requires search engines to find that content, that definition is the key ! Keywords define the ideas and topic of what your content is about. When typing in searches or queries into a search engine keywords are what search engines used to get you to that content you seek. Keywords connect the two.

Keywords within your content are as much an indicator about your audience and traffic as it is about the content. People may search for the same content as what you have but it may be worded in a different way. If you think about the text, images, and videos within your content, that is what your keywords should represent.

Your goal with your content is to drive traffic from search engine results to your website. And a one word misuse in a keyword phrase can be the difference in your content ranking in the search engine or not. For that reason long tail keywords are the best bet to include the information that connects someone to your page, By providing a longer phrase that stands a better chance of even further narrowing down the search and giving more possibilities of matching the search to the keywords.

How keywords should be used in your content

Keywords used in the title of your post should also be used within the first paragraph, and preferably within the first sentence of your content. The keyword should be proper English and make sense. For instance if you were to be working on blog post content about “The best airfare rates to London”, you wouldn’t want to use a keyword phrase that says “Best rates air travel London”. That may come up as a great keyword in your research, but it is unlikely that the person needing that information will ever enter a search query in that sort of broken English.

The keyword or keyword phrase should be very relevant to the topics within your content obviously! I had someone ask me why their content was getting zero traffic after the had worked and tweaked the content about 6 times trying to get it ranked and didn’t even get 1 site visit after 4 months. This exact phrase was the one that was used. The husband and wife team had a beautiful website on travel and had some fantastic content that the had worked really hard on. I urged them to do some keywords research and tweak their blog posts. They did and after about 5 months their site was starting to get some significant traffic.

Ways to do keywords research

The most common way to do keywords research is still the old tried and true Google tools and using alphabet soup routines. It is a tried and true method but is very time-consuming and pretty difficult and unreliable to get the correct numbers on websites that are competing for the same keywords as well as the SEO value, Traffic and average. These old ways are still used and work for many website owners !

I have used the time tested methods and the work to a great degree. But the good results are often a reflection of hours spent doing keywords research.

I went in search of an affordable keywords research tool, and found one that not only does the job in a few minutes versus hours, but does it more accurately and can also help with deciding on great niche ideas and domain names, all at the same time! Since time well spent is the name of the game in creating content, I started using this Keyword research tool named Jaaxy,and seldom if ever use google research anymore. It has allowed me to get much more done, and I now suggest that the people I help with their websites use it. And the have been very happy to a large degree !

Freshen up Content

Much of the time I instruct people who are having issues driving traffic to their content to freshen it up a bit and redo their keywords research. As long as the new keywords are relevant to the subject of the content this is a great way to take dormant, unranking content to a new level and give it a boost!

Along with changing or adding images this has been the best step for getting a dormant blog post up and running with some new found traffic ! You too may want to try this if you have posts, pages and video content gathering dust with no traffic. If it’s not ranked or not even getting traffic there’s really nothing to lose is there !

I have looked at some older content that was written before I had an established keyword understanding, and it may have had some really good content, I was getting nothing from it. So I re-wrote the same content with more attention to long tail keyword usage and it was getting traffic fairly soon!

Maybe you could use a different approach too!

It’s not uncommon to get a little to quick at spitting out content and not taking the proper path to keywords research. It happens to all of us! We have some great ideas and want to get three or four pieces of quality content onto our website, but the keywords research takes so long we create the content and then do the research. Then low and behold there are 4 posts and pages to research! I have literally spent 8 hours straight doing keyword research, in order to finally hit the publish button! Only to find out that the keywords I picked had a crazy high number of competing web sites and it took forever to get traffic so someone could see the amazing content I put out!

Now I can take literally minutes and do all my keywords research for my next 4 pieces of content, before I create it thanks to powerful research tools that do most of the work for me in far less time!


We have talked about what keywords are, and what long tail keywords are, how and where to use them and how to find them the old-fashioned way as well as some powerful tools that can be used for free to make the task much more time efficient as well as more accurate results.

I did a review of the Jaaxy Keyword research tool and you might want to check it out for free, if you are having the same issues I was having, After all you can never have too many tools in your tool box! Especially the ones you need the most.

Thanks a lot for reading! If you have any comments or questions please leave them in the comment section below and I will get back to you A.S.A.P.!





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5 thoughts on “How to find keywords for a website- And rock it!”

  1. Hey Mike

    Thanks for this great informative post on keywords and research. I have always struggled with the whole thing and I was told that you had to include the keyword in many locations through out the page or post in bold and italic and different fonts!!! So this is good to know. I did think it was a bit of an overkill.

    I will definitely be using Jaaxy in the future.

    Thanks again

  2. Derek Marshall

    Hi Mike,

    Thank you kindly for the lovely refresher in search engine optimization and keyword research, it is really appreciated – thanks.

    SEO is important for gaining organic (free) traffic and for affiliate marketers, that just helps out our bottom line and become more profitable. Keyword research is an integral part of SEO, I see it like market research, knowing what your customer or ideal customer wants, or in the case of keyword research what they are typing into the search engines (to find what they are interested in).

    I am not using Jaaxy just now, just a bunch of free tools, I definitely need to check that one out! Do they offer some kind of try before you buy offer?

    1. Thank you for your comment ! 

      Yes Jaaxy has a free starter with 30 searches. You’ll be able to see the tremendous value and decide what’s best for you .

      If you have any further questions, reach out to me !

      Have a great day !


  3. Hey Mike, first off, great post it really helps to clarify the whole concept of keywords. And the level of information and value that tools you refered to such as Jaaxy offer to someone who is trying to build a site really is almost immeasurable, it would be extremely difficult to ever build a site without it.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words Joe!
      Online business is predicated on keywords, and doing research is paramount to success in rankings
      and success in your website/ blog posts !
      Jaaxy is such an amazing tool for accomplishing keyword research in a much more condensed time!
      Literally EVERYONE I have told about Jaaxy has loved it and upgraded to a minimum of Pro.
      The free version of Jaaxy is amazing, but the further promotion of your time and success with Pro or Enterprise level
      Kick starts your efforts even further!


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