How To Create A Website And Blog For Fun And Profit

How To Create A Website And Blog For Fun And Profit

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Are you excited about the thought of blogging and how to create a website for fun and profit? You should be, and I will attempt to help you out with some great steps, helps and the best training so that you can maximize this awesome opportunity so you can get started today!

Off on the right foot!

Hi my name is Mike and I absolutely love my blogging for fun and profit job!How To Create A Website And Blog For Fun And Profit the right way

If you read this and take action, you too can learn and grow an online business through a blog that will allow you to add value to other people’s lives and make a passive income profit at the same time !

It is of the utmost importance to get off on the right foot and optimize your efforts from the very beginning! So let’s go!


Create a blogging website empire!

There is no reason to be turned off by being told to create a website! It is much easier than most people think and doesn’t require any of that techie stuff or code ! In fact there are ways to create a bogging website in under 30 seconds!

The website is of utmost importance and will be the base for your business as well as your home on the internet!

A website is a place for all of your content and everything else you do online for your business, like landing pages, lead magnets, and much more!

The people who try to promote get-rich-quick schemes will tell you that you don’t need a website, because they want you to use paid advertising. They want you to use paid advertising because they leave you their affiliate link to that paid advertising service!

But just watch the next time you see a get-rich-quick scammer! They will instruct you to click a link to take you to their website after they tell you that websites aren’t important!

In my experienced opinion, websites are absolutely important for online business of any sort!

To learn more about How To Create A Website And Blog For Fun And Profit you can click the button to learn exactly how I started for free!

How To Create A Website And Blog For Fun And Profit

Don’t let the term blog scare you! It’s not difficult!

Some people get instantly intimidated by simply by the word blog! They think that you must be an absolute expert on some mysterious subject to get started, and that simply isn’t the case.

Others fear the writing aspect of blogging. The truth is that if you can read and write at a middle school level, you have allHow To Create A Website And Blog For Fun And Profit that is needed to create a great blog! There is no reason to think that you are writing a high school essay every time you create a blog post, because that isn’t how it works at all!

You are writing content that helps answer peoples questions or helps them with a problem in your niche. You are writing for other people just like you, so don’t sweat it!

You need to be able to create understandable sentences to convey a thought or idea, but there is no literary grading scale involved in blogging!

To get started blogging, you merely have to have a passion or interest in a certain subject.

The reason you need to have a passion or interest is because you will be more excited and stay the course if you at least have an interest in the subject you are covering.

If you have a hobby that you are passionate about, chances are that your hobby can be your blog subject or niche as it is technically called, and you can knock it out of the park with the passion that you have !

I know people who love needlework and knitting that have blogs dedicated to the subject. And People who have made their blogging niche in various subjects such as car restoration, wood working, Pet care, and the list goes on! These people have chosen subjects that they are passionate about and start blogging on the subject where they find out that it is much more enjoyable than intimidating!

Like I was saying earlier, your blog subject or niche should be something that you are passionate or interested in. Another reason for that is that you will need to be able to come up with multiple ideas for creating blog post content and if you are interested, you will have a leg up.

If you pick a niche I always suggest that you do 2 things right off the bat, and allow yourself a week to complete these tasks.

  1. Make sure you can think of at least 30 blog post ideas before you start

  2. Make sure that there are enough relevant products to promote to account for 25% of your posts (More on this later)

If you have gotten this far, it’s very likely that you have what it takes to create a game winning blog !



Keeping it real

Writing blog post content for people in your niche should be real! By that I mean you should convey ideas and thoughts in your own words and be yourself. Your potential readers or audience will sniff out a fake at the drop of a hat so be yourself!


If your niche is salt water aquariums, and you are conveying how you do preventive maintenance on your tank, simply explain what you do and include some simple photos that you took with your smart phone or camera.

If there are sections that you want to add but don’t have the answers, Google it and get the advice of a couple of fellow bloggers. Reword their input and add it in. Research is everything!

Your next thoughts might be something like this! There are other blogs in my niche, why would someone want to visit my blog?

That’s the easiest to answer! People will visit your blog because you are the only you! You will write things and go into different details than others, so the people in your audience will connect with you.

Everyone has a different way of writing and conveying thoughts. As long as you keep it real and be yourself,I’ll bet there are plenty of like-minded people who will connect with you!


Blog post ideas and where to get them!

Even if you have a list of 30 topics to write on when you pick your blogging niche, you will come to what is known as writer’s block at some point. It will happen, but it’s not a problem ! Everyone gets to a block at some point. I’ll share some ideas on how to get beyond this block!

The best way to avoid writer’s block is to plan your content!

When you are in downtime mode or when it seems like you are coming up with ideas off the top of your head with no problem, your best friend is a simple 5 subject notebook!

I use Google Docs and Word Docs quite a bit. But using a notebook and pen is like a blogging super power that you will find to not only be a great tool, but your best blogging friend!

The reason a notebook is so useful is that you have to write your ideas down. Writing something down has a more creative aspect that simply typing ad saving a file!

Plus you can make sub notes under your ideas and use post it notes on the pages to further add the artistic touch and add How To Create A Website And Blog For Fun And Profitto the creative juices !

I have multiple notebooks that I keep in my laptop backpack and always have, because I use them in multiple ways. I have a couple of 5 subject notebooks that I utilize for blog post content ideas. And I have multiple single subject notebooks that I use for notes .

I will use a page or two to jot notes down on the content I’m creating so I don’t forget to add something. If you use notebooks this way, you will be glad you did!

I usually keep a list of at least 20 blog post ideas ahead of what I am writing! I’ll do a brain dump after every third or fourth blog post and get as many ideas down as possible in a 30 minute window.

I like to use set amounts of time, because it helps me fight procrastination and wasting time.

If you find yourself stuck and without any ideas, don’t worry! It won’t be the last time. I use the following ideas to get blog content ideas with regularity and it helps quite a bit!

  • Go to the magazine isle at Wal-Mart and surf magazines for a few minutes

  • Use websites like Answer The Public to get ideas by typing in a keyword and getting hundreds of questions!
  • Search the internet for relevant blogs and see what other people are writing about. (Never Copy!) Use the ideas to model your own ideas.
  • You can use websites like Blog Biz Boss to help with ideas and grow your list of future content.
  • There are many sources in social media like this one on Pinterest to get content ideas.
  • Join as many Facebook groups in your niche as possible. Go to those groups and type a query into the search bar such as “how to”, “Why” etc and then check the content on their group.
  • Another great website for blog post ideas is Pro Blogger ! I suggest you get the download and refer back to it from time to time.

If you find yourself stuck on content ideas these and many others can help get you back on track without a problem!

Social media engagement

Social media is a great source of added traffic !

How To Create A Website And Blog For Fun And Profit with social mediaIf you don’t know the impact that social media has had over the past 10 years you must have been on another planet!

Social media is the most amazing venue for sharing thoughts and content in history, and sharing your blog posts and website content on the various social media platforms is a really big bonus !



My favorites are Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook bringing up the rear.

I use these platforms to connect with people and engage with them by commenting on their posts and such. Then when I post one of my blog posts these people see it as more than just building website ranking and click on it in an organic way and giving my blog traffic!


While it isn’t wise to spam affiliate links on social media, you can promote your website and drive traffic to it as long as you do it organically !


How to monetize your blog

Creating helpful and relevant content is the key to success online! Content is always the king when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization and getting your website ranked higher in Google and the other search engines. The end game is to make your blog a passive income and create freedom for you so that you don’t have to trade time for money!

It’s OK ! You can say it! You want to make money with your blog, and that’s not a problem.

Wanting to generate a passive income stream or multiple passive income streams is the goal, but just keep in mind that the content and help you present to others is what will get you to that monetization.


So doing a good job is extremely important! Doing a great job can make your blog profitable beyond your wildest dreams !

There are several ways to monetize your blog. But the one that I think is best is by using the practices of affiliate marketing!

I really like affiliate marketing because you don’t need a product because you simply promote other people’s products through affiliate links in your blog content! You write a blog post with a relevant and helpful product. The website visitor clicks on your link. If they make a purchase you get a commission!

Creating quality content on your website helps build your search engine rankings and creates a system of free traffic to your content and affiliate promotions!


It is widely believed and I believe it to be a fact that affiliate marketing in the online space is the single best and easiest way for the average person to earn passive income and create wealth in the online space !

There are millions of products that can be used to monetize your blog and earn affiliate commissions ! You simply need to create the content and pick a product that fits your content!


The most popular way to promote affiliate links and get commissions is to do product review posts on products that are relevant to your niche!

Always do honest reviews and whenever possible do reviews on products that you have used. You don’t have to always use the products you review.


But you should replace the experience of using them with research on the product so that you can give an accurate representation of what the product does, how much it costs, and if it is a good product and worth the time and money for your readers to buy it!

If it’s a bad product, you should also report that! I know it sounds counter-productive to give bad reviews if you are making money from commissions, but you will build trust in your community by telling the truth, and in many cases that will be far more beneficial in the future than faking a review and getting called out for it!


To learn more about How To Create A Website And Blog For Fun And Profit you can click the button to learn exactly how I started for free!

How To Create A Website And Blog For Fun And Profit

Support your blog with affiliate marketing the right way!

I decided that it would be best to add more about affiliate marketing because there are some important points to make here that you really need to know !

Depending on the niche you chose there will be scams out there that you will have the opportunity to promote or pass on. No niche has more scams and get-rich-quick schemes from the “Make money online” niche.

I guess this website falls into the category of the make money online niche because I try to help people start their own business and earn passive income with a blog and affiliate marketing. But there is also a darker side to this niche!

There are people out there who use the make money online niche to prey on people who are trying to make money online and create a better life. These people are scammers and con men!

These scammers and con men are no different from the snake oil salesmen in the 1800s ! The biggest difference is that instead of going after a few people in a small town, they go after millions of people online.


The chosen platform of choice for these people is usually sales funnels promoted with paid traffic, because they don’t want to take the time to build a website that creates free traffic. These people will promote multiple products and services and building a website is not in their best interest.

There are a few of these scammers who build websites and if you read their website, every post it seems is promoting a new and different scam.

Don’t be that person! These people are always promoting different scams and using paid advertising because the products they promote might make a little money for a short time, but are not sustainable for the future like a niche website with free traffic is.

If you build your business on quality and honesty, you will have a long term passive income plan that doesn’t require scams !

YOU, can succeed with a passive income blog too!

There is absolutely no reason that you can’t build a successful online business with a passive income blog like I and many others have done !

I own 3 passive income blogs and love every second of what I do while I earn money via passive income ! When I started my first website I was nervous and had a lot of doubts about my ability to do it!

But it wasn”t nearly as difficult as I thought it would be and in very short order I was having as much fun with it as I was excited about passive income!

I will admit that I had a lot of help when I got started. I followed the training and mentoring at a free website to get started. But there was no replacing the value and experience of building a website with click by click tutorials! If you are interested in building a passive income blog you can use the exact same training I did to get started.

You can become free again and earn passive income if you stay the course ! Don’t get discouraged and give up! Many people make the mistake of giving up just as they were about to see a breakthrough!

The method is simple!

  1. Stay focused on your goals
  2. Be patient
  3. Follow instructions
  4. Put in the effort

It’s as simple as that!

I will admit that it sounds easier than it is. There are times when you will doubt what you are doing, because there isn’t a weekly paycheck involved when you get started! That is really what makes it so special. So many people give up too soon that it leaves wide open opportunity to generate something special from the 3.5 billion people who are on the internet!


We have talked about what it takes to build a website blog and monetize it with affiliate marketing methods.

I have laid out the basic plan for getting a website blog up and running as well as how to monetize it. It is absolutely something anyone can do and succeed at! That fact alone amazes me why more people don’t do it!

If you are interested in building your own online empire of passive income you can learn how to do it where I started my online business!

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my article on How To Create A Website And Blog For Fun And Profit!

If you have comments, questions, or suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it if you left them in the comments section below! Your feedback is how I better serve my audience!

Thanks and have a fantastic day!


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4 thoughts on “How To Create A Website And Blog For Fun And Profit”

  1. Thanks for the advise on getting over writers block. I’ve been working on my site for a little less than a month now, and I could use all the help I can get to keep my content rolling. Keeping a notebook of subjects to write about is a great idea. 

    1. Thanks for the kind words and your comments! 

      If I can help you in your journey to success online, please feel free to let me know ! 

      Have a great day ! 


  2. Hey Mike,

    what a great article I just read here.  I remember a few years ago that I told one of my former college friend that I wanted to be a writer some day and that I dreamed about it.  She said that I should go for it because she thought that I could do it.

    I have started to blog a year ago, and it happened that just tonight, I told my wife that sometimes I write in the middle of night, and I cannot stop doing it because I am following a passion.  Blogging is something great to do, but yes, the writers block is not good, and I sometimes have it too.  

    You outlined such great ways to eliminate the writers block!  I will revisit those ideas whenever it will happen again.

    Thanks for sharing a great to blog and even make money doing so,


    1. Thanks for the kind words and your comments! 

      If I can help you in your journey to success online, please feel free to let me know ! 

      Have a great day ! 


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