How can I use You Tube in my Online Business? Vlog and Blog, The Dynamic Duo!

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You can use the exciting venue of YouTube for your affiliate marketing business !

Two of the first questions I had when I got my first site up and started building it out with blog post content was How can I use You Tube in my online business, and what do I need to do to drive traffic to my blog and start an E-mail list? They can all work together ! Especially when you are beginning an online business blog or YouTube channel.

Leveraging online video in business

How can I use YouTube in my online Buisness?
It’s no news that we live in a YouTube world. While there are people who like to consume content with the written word and some like to listen to podcasts, Visual is the most powerful medium and is consumed at an amazing rate every day and every hour of the day!

The numbers show that the total number of people who use YouTube is 1.3Billion. And making YouTube Videos on the beacha whopping 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute of the day! Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day 365 days a year! .

In an average month, 8 out of 10 18-49 year-olds watch YouTube ! Those are amazing numbers and the kind of numbers you can tap into with a YouTube presence in online business !

YouTube Launched in 2005 and has become the number three most visited website on the internet, right behind Google and FaceBook. YouTube was sold to Google in October 2006 for a whopping $1.65 Billion! Not bad profit for 18 months huh!

During that time since YouTube has grown every year and online entrepreneurs have seized the opportunity to utilize the video medium to promote themselves, their products and their brand !

In fact, It isn’t hard to see why using this free toolbox of advertising bliss has nearly become a must for people wanting to cut their space out in online business !

How can I get started with You Tube?

There are business owners that have fully equipped studios primarily for creating You Tube videos! But to get started you don’t have to rob a bank or dump your 401K either. A simple web cam on a laptop and a decent microphone is all that is needed to get started.

The “equipment issue” is a big point of fear for some people when they consider creating Online video!

Sometimes this fear of gear holds them back all together because they think that it’s a must to have the best cameras , lighting, microphones and talent! That couldn’t be further from the truth!

It is actually quite the opposite considering gear!  There are very popular YouTubers who make their videos solely with their smart phone ! And even calling it a smart Smartphone cameras phone sounds strange nowadays because it’s hard to find a phone that isn’t a smartphone!

Today’s smartphones have incredible photo and video quality, and with the purchase of a couple of simple items like a tripod and selfie stick you can be off to the races, making high quality videos to place on your YouTube channel!

Practically any 1080p digital camera with a video feature is fine for videos as well! There are cameras from less than $100 that can do a tremendous job. And for some videos the trusty old web camera that comes installed on pretty much every computer these days is more than adequate !

So the camera gear excuse isn’t really a problem!  If you want to start making YouTube videos start with what you have available and upgrade later as you need to.

If you get to a point that seems like more features and an upgrade are needed , the Cannon Vixia HF R800HD has become very popular among YouTubers and will do cannon Vixia HFR800 Cameraanything that you will ever need to accomplish your goals without breaking the bank!

Some businesses and You Tubers may opt for expensive $400 cameras but 99% of YouTubers and Vloggers will never need anything beyond the CanonnVixia HFR800!

I own the Canon, but honestly most of my video making is done with my phone and my web camera on my computer ! I use the Canon in certain situations.

Screen capture video!

Screen capture videos are very popular for tutorial type videos, and gaming videos. Some screen capture software can be quite expensive! For the most part, there is absolutely no need to go that route. You can record screen capture videos absolutely free !

OBS is a free screen capture software that can be downloaded and set up in minutes and does an amazing job !  OBS stands for Open Broadcaster Software and can be found and dowloaded for free simply by Googling OBS.

There are a few simple settings that you need to set in OBS but simple and short tutorials can be found, where else? YouTube !

Audio in video upgrade

When doing screen capture videos the microphone on your laptop may be adequate to start with. But there are a couple of reasons that you might want to upgrade your microphone  when the budget is available.

1- Using a better quality microphone will obviously give you a better sound on your videos .

2- Another great way to support your online business is by starting a podcast. A good quality microphone is essential when doing a podcast because the main and only contact with your audience is by audio. In a video the audoi is somewhat important, but not nearly as much as when you are running a podcast . (More on podcasts in a later article.)

You can purchase an Audio Technica ATR2100- USB MIcrophone with a pop filter and headphones from online for around $89. And it is a super high quality microphone for the money! The microphone is even more imortant than a camera in certain situations believe it or not!

Most Modern web cameras are more than sufficient for you tube, but a quality microphone is essential and will also be a bonus if you decide to aslso start a podcast!

 Audio Technica ATR2100- USB MIcrophone

In fact a good microphone and a free Audacity download is all you need to start a good podcast. But unlike the simple setup for a podcast, you should work toward graduating up from your laptop web cam for a quality YouTube presence.

It’s OK to start but the quality of the videos won’t be as good as it can be, and to most people watching someone sit at their computer is more than boring and will result in a pretty high bounce rate unless the video is for training and spiced up a bit within the first 5 seconds.

When you upgrade from your simple laptop web cam , don’t go crazy buying a camera! Once you are at a place where you need a camera that cost a thousand dollars you will know it. (But it’s unlikely) I suggest getting a camera that can be used for your YouTube videos, but also for hunting, fishing, a day at the park or any other ordinary time you would like to use an HD camera to record family and friends type memories as well as doing YouTube !

As you go you can step up the quality of your camera but start with what you have.

Don’t overspend. Use the extra money for a cheap lighting setup or something worth your money.

Getting started with YouTube is very easy, and there are video tutorials for each and every step.

Below is an example of screen capture videos made with the free OBS software!

Once you have your account set up just watch the video tutorials and follow along. You’ll be posting videos to your account in no time!

What should my videos be about?

Your content of your videos should be about subjects within your niche. You can make the video and place the URL to the post on your website that you want to drive traffic to. Whether it’s an opt-in for E mail lists or an Affiliate offer. Just remember to put the links you need in the box or you are losing the entire purpose.

Make your videos shorter and to the point at first. Maybe try sticking to the 2-3 minute range until you get more comfortable and start generating more views and subscribers.

While you are making the video, use your hands to articulate and engage the audience. The longer you keep them on the video and engaged the lower your bounce rate on both your website and your YouTube channel .

Use a clear spoken voice with some energy in your explanations. No one wants to sit and watch a 3-minute Ben Stein video!

Try printing your logo, page size and gluing it to a white poster board for your back ground, with an eye towards making each video and the background set better every time you make a new video.

One trick that I see done often is intentionally mispronouncing something, look to the side like you are looking to speak to someone else in the room and say something like “what was that”, then laugh it off and begin again with the correct pronunciation of the word.

This sounds strange, but it helps to keep the viewer engaged and engagement is the name of the game ! And by all means make the best video you can, but don’t try to make a perfect one! Edit the video and spend some time cleaning it p and post it. You will never get anything done if you look for perfection in everything!

You can download music snippets to insert at the beginning and close of your videos with a well-spoken voice announcing your name, business, and what you will be talking about. You can get someone you know who as a great voice to record this if you don’t feel that you can. Try to keep it below 7-8 seconds. And as I said at the beginning, stay on topic and get the point across as soon as you can without being in a hurry.

You can succeed in having a YouTube presence online to build your business. But remember that the number 1 rule is not to make money, it’s to offer good, valuable content for your audience. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 video views and 5 of them visit your offer and 1 buys it, if 9 of them never return ! It’s part of building your tribe !

Getting over the nerves

Being nervous and getting comfortable will take some time. There are people who have done you tube for years who still aren’t comfortable. But as you go you will get better and getting better breeds confidence, It might not seem like it but it will.

A good trick is to practice for a few minutes in a dark room with no camera and rehearse the opening lines of what you say. You can script your content or set up a simple teleprompter scenario with a laptop, but that makes your video feel fake and not organic if you don’t engage with your viewer. At some point it will be obvious that you are reading what you are saying.

Get yourself a cheap dry erase board and write down the bullet point outline of what you want to convey, and then just talk. It will get more natural as you go and you can spend more time looking at the camera lens.

Your first videos will suck….sorry! Everyones first videos suck!

After you have been making videos for a while and the quality gets better and better you will look back on your first few videos and say the same thing everyone else does about their first videos. Man they suck! But it’s part of a progression and a valuable part of online business.

My first videos are very cringe worthy when I look back at them now. And to be honest the improvement is moving slowly.

Blogging was a pretty big hurdle for me to get over! In fact, I got writers block during all of my first 4-5 posts on my website. But it got better and better and I got less and fewer writers block. The same can be said of starting with video. The more you work at it the better you will get. Just stick with it and do some practice video between making videos to put on your channel.

Watch out for the perfection bug though. Your videos are likely to never be perfect and look like a professional studio did them. And to be honest that is best! You are communicating to people in your niche, not Hollywood. You are conveying thoughts and offering valuable content just like blogging.

There will be mean comments on your videos from time to time. Don’t let it get you down. Every body gets them. There are trolls who apparently get their jollies by wasting time and trolling and spamming rude and distasteful comments. Just delete the comments if they are too distasteful or vulgar, and go on.

If you make the attempt to have fun with it instead of having a sense of dred you will get better much faster and enjoy the process !

Building S.E.O. and YouTube cross promotion

Once you have established your You Tube channel and started getting some page views and likes, it is fairly easy to message another YouTuber in a closely related niche and ask if he would like to do some content sharing!

First do a little browsing to find someone with at least 1000 subscribers and as close to a million of more views and send them a simple message that reads like this:

(Hello my name is ? ,and I’ve been admiring what you do with your YouTube channel. I hope to learn and get that good one day. Would you perhaps be interested in doing a cross promotion with me? I will promote your link and give you a shout out on one of my videos if you will do the same. I will benefit and you will benefit. I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day!)

You will be surprised how many people will take you up on it! While you are getting the biggest benefit, they are getting a potential bump in views and subscriptions as well. When you do this make sure the link you share with the other person is a link to your site where you have an affiliate offer or an opt in.

Never post Affiliate links directly below the video! Link the video to a landing page or your blog instead.

If you post a link that routes the potential customer directly to an affiliate offer they will usually show you what a high bounce rate is, and while you might make a few commissions you have lost all exposure and traffic to your site.

Remember who your YouTube friends are and pay them back later by putting their content up without asking for anything in return. Then the next time you want to do another cross promotion they will be even more receptive than the first time.

The possibilities are endless !

For every new tool you put into your tool box you increase the potential traffic many times over! The addition of YouTube can be an incredible asset, and in fact it can be one of your biggest assets!

Blogging, Podcasts and YouTube are ways to humanize yourself to your audience. You do it with your blog by presenting your audience with value and content that you care There are some great possibilities with videos on YouTubeabout, and they will see this. But YouTube and podcasts do it completely differently! They actually prove that you are a human !

When you speak to people with respect and show them that you have something to offer them it’s a powerful thing!


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read this blog post. I am truly honored to have you here! And in return, if there is anything you need help with or have a question I can answer I would be happy to help you with it. Just leave your questions and comments below in the comments section and I will get back to you A.S.A.P.

Have a great day !





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14 thoughts on “How can I use You Tube in my Online Business? Vlog and Blog, The Dynamic Duo!”

  1. Hey really good article, i have always used youtube and i wanted to become a big youtuber before until i figured out how hard it was. I love watching youtube, thats all i do. But it is a lot harder to make it and gain a big following because of all the new rules and you cant monetize your content until you are at 1k subs and 4000 hours watch time.

    1. YouTube is still a huge asset for driving traffic and growing an E mail list.

      Thanks for your comment! If I can be of assistance just let me know !


  2. jessie palaypay

    I have a blog and I am thinking about getting into doing YouTube videos to get more exposure to my blog. Exactly how much traffic would I be missing out on if I chose not to create a YouTube account? Would it be best to show my face if my videos were strictly how to tutorials?

    1. To start I believe that the most comfortable plan is what’s best. But being on your video for at least a couple of seconds for the intro helps in conversions and bounce rates. If you don’t feel comfortable with that try using a photo of yourself during the intro . Later, when you are more comfortable you may want to experiment with more personal interaction. Thanks a lot for your post , let me know how things go !


  3. Nice article. What software or system do you use for editing the videos before loading them to YouTube? Do you have a free version that you would recommend?

  4. Very informative post! I’ve done a few YouTube video’s but never got much traffic to them. I would want to edit them more. What do you use to edit the videos? Do you have a software or service that you use? Can you recommend a free one? Thanks for any advice you can give 🙂

    1. Hi Cassie ! 

      I appreciate your comment ! Thanks a lot !

      Absolutely ! You can edit video and not spend a fortune !n fact I have a hunting niche website that I support with video that is edited with Adobe Premier. You can spend a lot more for a service or another editing software, but you really wont get better features, just more expensive ones in a shiny wrapper .And Adobe Premier Elements is only $69!

      This guy is freaking awesome at training , and has a great starter class for $49


      If I can be of any help just let me know. 

      Have a wonderful day ! 


  5. HI Mike,
    Thanks for sharing this post. I’ve got a website myself and have often wondered where to get started on YouTube as I always thought it was pretty complicated. Thanks for writing this this great step by step guide and it’s great to take the fear out of the first videos by acknowledging they’re gonna suck!


    1. Thanks James ! I’m glad I could reassure you a bit ! 

      If I can help you out , just let me know ! 

      Have a great day ! 


  6. Great article!
    I’m thinking about starting to use videos in my blog and I’m a total beginner, so I’m happy that my first video is supposed to not be so good… I did a couple of tries and were awful!!! 😆
    Thanks for offering some options for camera, btw because that was the next thing I would search for! 😀
    It’s normal to not know anything in the beginning, right? I think I’m getting too lost sometimes, but then, everyone started like that. Right?

    1. The biggest key is to start! You can’t get better till you start.

      You will make some hideous videos to start with, and that’s OK !

      Don’t let equipment hold you back. Anything that will make a video is just fine to start with !

      I look forward to comeing accrossyour videos ! 


  7. I will be camping at your website to learn more how to use youtube although I am camera shy. Indeed youtube is one channel that reaches alot of people unlike reading. I come from a country were people do not really care to read but prefer visuals and maybe just maybe I might have to take this option to teach people afew things about online marketing opportunities.

    1. That is absolutely wonderful! I’m so glad that this article helped you out! 

      Yes! Pass what you learn on to help more people, that is fantastic! 


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