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Gold Opinions Review – Answer to Easy Money Or Wasted Time

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Honest Gold Opinions Review by NOWEBEXPERIENCE.COM

Everyone has heard about doing surveys online and we will look at a new one that is very popular in this Gold Opinions Review!

This product allows you to make money with a free trial of Gold Opinions, and if you like it and want to keep it, it’s only $1 ! Can’t beat that!


Let’s take a look at Gold Opinions and see if the newest option for online surveys is also the best one!


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What is Gold Opinions?

  • Gold opinions is a product from the ClickBank Marketplace that is used to align you with the best surveys that fit you and your interests, Knowledge, and general demographics.



  • Name :Gold Opinions
  • ClickBank Marketplace
  • Price: $27 after the $1 promo sign up (upsells later)
  • Owner: Unknown
  • Recommended? No (Too much time wasted with little return)

Review Disclosure

I’ve tested and done several reviews on different survey opportunities in the recent past, and the results have been the same on all but one. Those products like Take Surveys For Cash, Swagbucks and Survey Voices were not scams and were on the up and up side of legit, but I determined that they are not worth the time and effort it takes to do the surveys!


Gold Opinions Review website
Same website for Many Different Offers

The time and effort involved can usually be spent doing something far more beneficial than surveys! I have spent five hours stretches doing surveys and when done found that I had made a whopping $2.23 ! After I’ve tested many survey opportunities, I have determined , without much effort that Surveys are little more than a waste of time!

Interestingly, the one survey site that I had tested and reviewed is Gaming Jobs Online! The reason that Gaming Jobs online is interesting is that the website for Gold Opinions is !

The reason for the strange deal with the website is that there are multiple offers on that one website!

I’m not really sure if that is a great business plan but it is what it is. I’m not reviewing the website, I had a request to do a review of Gold Opinions, and that is what I am doing!



If You want to start making money online without scams and surveys, I would like to invite you to click the button below to learn more about the #1 Ranked way to make money online! And … It’s FREE!

Gold Opinions Review

How does Gold Opinions work?

Gold Opinions Review tasks
3 Steps For Making Money With Gold Opinions

Like most all survey sites, with Gold Opinions you choose your surveys, the complete the surveys. Once your surveys are complete you can get paid in several ways.


You have an option to be paid with PayPal in cash or a myriad of gift cards from Target, and many others !


The easy platform is great for some people, but most people aren’t really crazy about being paid with gift cards. Many of the individual surveys are paid with a certain gift card and don’t give you the option of choosing payment types!

Other than that it’s pretty simple to see how Gold Opinions works ! Like most other survey opportunities it is super simple, but the results are still the issue.

Can You Make Money With Gold Opinions?

You can definitely make money with Gold Opinions, but the amount of money you can make is very disappointing to say the least!

There are supposed to be surveys of $5-$15 , but I never saw any. That is actually par for the course because most survey sites are the same. You have to work your way up on a ranking type system before you get into the surveys that pay decent money!

Gold Opinions Review
These results are far from typical!

Even the promotion has low expectations! The testimonials on the sales page has one guy who seems to be jacked up because he made $30 in one day! I will guarantee you that if that guy actually made $30 doing surveys, he was doing surveys from daylight till dark!

There is a good aspect that the sales page doesn’t give you a bunch of unrealistic expectations like many other products do! But the expectations are still quite lofty!

It’s hard to make money with surveys because those premium surveys that are advertised never come, and when they do you get cut off. For example, I was doing one of the premium surveys that was supposed to take 22 minutes. After 30 minutes I got a pop up that said “were sorry, but you aren’t qualified for this survey”. I almost flipped!


You see, when you sign up for surveys you fill out a demographics form. That is what they supposedly use to match you to the best surveys. Therefore you should never get a survey that you aren’t qualified for. But you do!

Who can benefit from Gold Opinions?

It’s strange to say that a product or service isn’t a scam, and still not recommend it!

If there is anyone that can benefit from doing surveys it may be someone who is disabled or spends a great deal of time at home. Someone that has a “homebound ” type of situation may be able to benefit from this type of product!

But once again I would always recommend that someone who has a good deal of free time to do surveys , do something that is much more beneficial and a better use of your time! The people who have this type of free time, can build one heck of an online income with passive income like what you have with affiliate marketing!

Passive income is so much better than the high point of $30 a day doing surveys that it isn’t funny! Passive income allows you to make money even while you sleep, and build your income to a point of complete freedom !

Surveys might be a good opportunity for someone who wants to make a little extra cash, but they are not the answer for someone who wants to create a full time passive income !



If You want to start making money online without scams and surveys, I would like to invite you to click the button below to learn more about the #1 Ranked way to make money online! And … It’s FREE!

Gold Opinions Review the best alternative


The final verdict on Gold Opinions

By now you have likely already figured out what this part of the review will say. I can’t sugar coat it!

The final verdict on Gold Opinions is that it is not a scam, and you can make some money with it. But I will not recommend it in any way, because there are far better ways to make money online and build a future than spending hours and hours doingGold Opinions Review is legit but not recommended surveys for what equates to chump change !

I don’t tear down products and services in order to promote a product or service like many people do! Doing such things is dishonest and I won’t take part in it!


I have reviewed a few other products and services that ended up being great and I reported that to my readers! Case in point is a software/ funnel service called Click Funnels. I did a Click Funnels review and by the time it was over I had upgraded from the free trial and started using it myself for my landing pages and simple sales funnel that I run on a product.

I have used a few products and services that I truly believe in! The biggest of them is Wealthy Affiliate! I actually got my start with training and mentoring at Wealthy Affiliate and feel great about recommending it to others ! As I review other products and find really good ones, I will also recommend those!

At this time I don’t recommend many products because I have to believe in the products that I recommend! My readers and audience expects nothing less than honesty and that is what I plan on delivering! In online business you are no better than your audience and your future depends on them!


There are far better ways to make money online!

There are far better ways that you can get started making money online! I personally prefer affiliate marketing!

I love affiliate marketing for many reasons, but the main one is that I can do the work up front and that work remains on the internet for a long time to come! I can make a passive income tomorrow from work I did a year or two ago! And I have even made money while I sleep!

Gold Opinions Review alternative is affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing with websites in many different niches!

With affiliate marketing you don’t need to have products, you promote other people’s and company’s products! That means there is no warehousing, no packaging and no shipping! You just put affiliate links on your website and create content to make money! Easy Peasy!

There are a number of ways to run an affiliate marketing business and make money online, but my favorites are with my website, my You Tube channel and I’m thinking about starting a podcast.


My main platform of course is with 2 niche websites in 2 different niches! After the websites are built you can monetize them with affiliate offers and make money 24/7/365!

I am partial to websites because they give you a constant home on the internet and don’t require constant promotion. My websites get me quite a bit of free traffic by using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and using these principles to build a higher Search Engine ranking and get even more free traffic!

With CPA(Cost per click) Solo AdsI can spend just a few bucks to get someone to e mail their E mail list on my behalf and I can use the clicks to build my E mail list and offer promo campaigns I may be running!


This sounds difficult, but it isn’t!

Building an online business with affiliate marketing is actually fun and anyone can do it!

When I started my online business, I had no experience and no skills. I wasn’t at all techie beyond checking my Facebook. But with a little time and effort I learned and started growing my business and making a passive income. What I thought was some kind of Jedi mind tricks is actually not hard to learn! Especially with the Free training and support at Wealthy Affiliate!

Gold Opinions Review Wealthy Affiliate suggested instead
Wealthy Affiliate The Home of Affiliate Marketing

In no time I had a traffic producing website and making passive income, and you can too! If you are interested in learning more and possibly creating a better life, check out the complete review and free information by clicking the button below.

The training takes you by the hand and leads you click by click through the entire process! As long as you follow the training and make the effort, you can go as far as your dreams will take you.!

Then there is no limit to where you can work, As long as you have an internet connection!

If you decide that Wealthy Affiliate isn’t right for you there are other options available to learn, but they are a bit expensive. The point is that you need to check it out and give it a try!

Gold Opinions Review

Going to a life sucking job everyday where you trade your valuable time for money is not the way to go! You can do what you set your mind to do!

You aren’t the first person to trade your life of trading time for money for a life of freedom and passive income with online business!


We have looked at the surveys product known as Gold Opinions, and decided that it is legit. But I don’t recommend it because there are far better ways to spend your time other than wasting your time doing surveys.

Many people do surveys everyday and enjoy it. You can make small amounts of money, but with the extreme amount of time it takes to do enough surveys to make a little extra cash, you can start building a real way to earn passive income with affiliate marketing!

Whatever you decide, I strongly suggest that you learn more about affiliate marketing! The freedom of passive income can be made while you are anywhere in the world and even while you sleep!

I would like to thank you for your time and reading my review of Gold Opinions! If you would kindly leave your comments, questions or suggestions in the comments below, I would greatly appreciate it! Your feedback helps me to better serve my readers !

Have a wonderful day!











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