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I’ve talked with many people who can’t seem to believe that free earn money online without investment training is a real possibility. I can’t say that I blame these people for being skeptical! Not at all ! It seems like everywhere you turn there is an e-mail hitting your inbox telling you that “You too can earn millions with online surveys”, or “you can make $1000.00 a day with this or that”. So I don’t blame people at all for thinking everything they read online has a catch!

But there are real opportunities ! They are few and far between regretfully, but they exist ! I am very thankful for that fact, because I was one of those people! I had no experience and was not internet saavy at all beyond the usual social media world of FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube, But even a newbie can learn how to beat the rat race, with relative ease !

Beating the intimidation factor

Beating the intimidation factor was my biggest problem, and it might be yours too. I couldn’t wrap my head around the possibility and fact that anyone can build an online business with no experience! After all you have to know how everything in the internet works and make a website with that strange looking code stuff don’t you? No, not at all!

Years ago when the internet and websites in general were in their infancy, building out a website and making it actually appear on the world wide web was far more complex than it is now! Far more squared in fact ! But updates in systems like WordPress (the most popular platform for website creation in the world) have changed the game ! These systems are now set up and so easily accessed and youser friendly that literally anyone can build a website or two, or twenty with minimal effort ! In fact if you can follow very simple step by step directions, there is no learning curve at all!

But in the process of following those step by step directions and having fun doing it, you learn as you go without actually getting in the weeds and struggling to figure things out !

Although I wish I had found and understood the wonderful opportunity that an online business offer 10 years ago, I am so happy that I finally opened my eyes and took that first step! The excitement and feeling of accomplishment that hit me when I typed in the name of my website and actually saw it online, in a huge cyber world of opportunity almost took my breath away! OMG, someone who knows absolutely nothing about the internet or websites can really do both !

Oh by the way, it took a staggering 30 minutes!

Looking beyond the world of online scams

Like we were discussing in the intro, the world of online scams take many people’s intimidation factor and wad it up into a ball of fear, that they never escape! That is such a shame! It’s a shame that dishonest, untruthful, and money hungry people prey on the hopes and dreams of others to such a point ! The dishonesty in the name of making a dollar makes me sick!

There are honestly some opportunities on the internet to make money doing surveys and such things that you can make money doing! But there is still dishonesty involved in most of them, because the person driving you to this is usually part of a program where they make money from what you are doing, and you simply get the table scraps!

If you are lucky enough to find one of these scams that actually pay, the potential income is never what they claim, and you are chained to that scam in order to make money at all. Stll trading time for money.

Trading one grinding, soul crushing, time-consuming job for another one, just because it’s done from home isn’t my idea of progress and surely not my idea of fun! You see trading your time for money is what you want to get away from to begin with! Punching a time clock in a factory or retail store and punching a time clock at your kitchen table aren’t that far removed from each other. When considering a free earn money online without investment opportunity, think first about passive income! When you can get a home business that creates passive income, you are getting closer to beating the system !

Ready, Set, Go ! The rat race has begun !

We start being conditioned at an early age to follow in someone’s footsteps. Usually our parents, teachers and other authority figures explain to us how we should proceed with our lives and it usually consists of them wanting something better for you than what they had. But if you do exactly what they did how is that possible ?

The orchestrated layout of your life should be to go to school for 12 years and at the end you can walk that isle in front of your family, friends, teachers and classmates and accept the accolades of 12 years of hard work in the form of a diploma! Then the next logical step is to go to college for the next 4 years, so that you can now have a total of 16 years of your life invested into something that you are very likely to never use in your life. And the bonus to it all is that you get to be in debt and make payments on what you aren’t even doing for the next 10 or 15 years! Yippee, I have arrived at the doorstep of drowning in a sea of debt!

Let’s make sure that we insert the important part of your plan here! You are supposed to find that special someone, settle down and get married. Then you should have 2.3 kids a dog 2 cars and a life sucking mortgage for 30 years!

Those who didn’t go to college have the opportunity to start their life in the workforce in a likely underpaying job. But “you can work your way up the ladder !” But at some point you will realize that your ladder is too short and there will be some sort of continued education involved to get a longer ladder. The great news is now you might have an employer who is willing to pay for that ladder! And if that happens you can now work even more hours and have less time with your family and friends because the company depends on you more and you have greater responsibilities Let’s stop for a moment here so we can throw a party to celebrate this wonderful achievement before we continue ! Ready?…. Yippee !

Are you ready to continue our discussion? I thought you would be!

Let’s make sure that we insert the important part of your plan here!

When you decide to go into the workforce, after a while, You are supposed to find that special someone, settle down and get married. Then you should have 2.3 kids a dog 2 cars and a life sucking mortgage for 30 years! Then at the end of it all hopefully you have planned and saved some of what was left from raising kids, paying car payments, buying groceries, medical expenses, and all the other parts of the journey to retire !
That glorious day when your life’s work now allows you to enjoy a new “senior life” of actually living your life! Sure, you are now 70 years old and can’t enjoy activities like you could when you were in your 20s or 30s, but you get to share the memories of how you worked hard all your life to all your closest friends as you welcome them into Wal-Mart!

You can rest assured that you have now truly graduated from the Rat Race, sort of!

Beating the rat race system of 9 to 5 !

I hunt and fish a lot! I’ve heard friends say, “I wish I could make a living fishing so I could do it all the time”. Maybe you love scarp booking, bird watching, working on hot rods, raising horses, cooking, or pretty much any hobby, niche or passion, and would love to be able to make a living at it! You can !

If you continue to read this blog post, and make it through, You will be given the path to turning your passion into an income! Not just opinion, but the exact step by step plan that I used and still use ! Part time or full time. Want to make $1,000 a month or $10,000 a month. If you put in the work up front anything is possible!

There are great things to be said for education, and anyone who wants to continue that education beyond high school has my utmost respect ! I sure wouldn’t want a high school dropout doing surgery on me, or an accountant standing between me and bankruptcy and IRS meltdown that failed math ! But the cookie cutter life plan isn’t meant for everyone.

There are stories of many people from each direction of life who have succeeded as well as stories of failure. The road isn’t the same for everyone. But to blindly walk in one way will ensure that you join the ranks of the people who get to retire at the end of their life!

What is the biggest issue these people have that separate them from their dreams? What can I do to make retirement closer, or be retired now with some work sprinkled in along the way. The answer is simple. Spend time now setting up an online business that will supply you with passive income in the future !

Passive income is income that you don’t have to trade time for money to acquire! You do the work on the front end to reap the rewards on the back end!

The passive income route is the way many self-made entrepreneurs are creating income at staggering rates! And a passive income is achievable by anyone willing to put in the work on the front side to benefit later. Instead of punching a time clock for money, you can be making money while you are asleep. And when you do have those brief times of work, you can do that work from anywhere that has an internet connection!

I’ll bet right now that “Scam Alert” light is coming on in your head! If it is, I’m happy to say, you are absolutely wrong ! And if you let this sink in, you will be happy too !

The work and training on the front end

Like we were just discussing, the work and training on the front end is the foundation for your business !

If you were to decide to start a brick and mortar business that requires a storefront or factory, you would spend much more time than training for passive income, before you ever get the ball rolling. And you will spend/ borrow tons of money in the process ! You will begin or continue your business life with debt in the cost of your building, employees, equipment and the list goes on!

But as I said in the outset, there are somelegit free earn money online without investment training options to start a business that will earn passive income in the future, and have zero debt!

I hate the term “work force” ! It sounds like some Eastern Block, fascist term derived from the minds of tyrants who view the people in the same way a beekeeper sees worker bees, “You have a single job for the greater good and that’s it until you die”! So I will share the route I took because I want to see more kings and queens and less work bees !

I’ll tell you up front as before, there is work involved! There are no overnight success stories, and it will take some time. And most of all it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme or wasted effort like drawing circles on a dry erase board to beg people to join your pyramid ! (No one wants to be that guy !)

I followed the training and courses at Wealthy Affiliate to get started . The training is easy with video tutorials and simple click this then that type of training as they explain what they are doing so that you learn from it! There is a community of hundreds of thousands of super helpful members that are excited to help you in any question you can conceive !

When you build your website the training shows you how in a follow along manner that a six-year old can follow. Then they teach you the business of passive income through affiliate marketing and other options that wll lead to a world of passive income if you follow along !

The best part. (And what I did) was they offer a completely free starter account ! You heard me right. Yes I said free ! You don’t even give them a card number for later. Just your name and e-mail address so they can verify your account. They don’t e-mail you with stuff they try to sell you either !

You have the option of remaining on the free account forever if you want to. Or you can upgrade to a premium membership for $49 per month. I would suggest that you sign up and get started with your free web sites, free training, free hosting, free keyword tools etc, and make sure it’s a good fit for you before going premium.

They do offer a 61% discount on your first month of premium membership if you sign up in the first 7 days. But make your own call! I signed up and have learned tons of awesome stuff. But everyone is different!

To put it in perspective, the web hosting, keyword research tools. And site matrix platform for creating content is worth the cost of membership. And it’s included! It’s like you get all the training, a community full of successful entrepreneurs to help you and all the other stuff for free !

What to do is simple ! Go to this honest review of the services and value of Wealthy Affiliate and check it out.

Then use the links to go to the site and sign up for your free membership. Follow the course and training for 7 days. If you like it you make the decision if you want to join as a premium member.

I want you to be happy and successful so make the call that’s right for you! That’s my job here at No We Experience. All I ask is that you save this page or the review page in your favorites or bookmarks, and come back later and leave a comment on the bottom of the post so that I know whether you are impressed and it looks like a fit for you.

My goal is to never mislead or lie to you and I merely want to know if I helped you on ypour journey of escaping the rat race.,

Below is my profile from Wealthy Affiliate ! If you join look me up, I’ll help you in every way I can !

Did I help you?

We talked about the lifelong rat race that we all have taken part in at some point, and I have given you what I truly believe to be a blessing that was given to me! I have 2 websites in my chosen business and they are making revenue and growing! You can do this too with a little training and work! It’s been done many times over and will continue to be done. I hope you find happiness in whatever you choose !

My true goal is to help other people find a way to turn their passion into an incredible online business !  No jokes, no scams, and no intentions of spamming you with e mails !

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Thank you for reading and considering my suggestion!

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