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Are you leveraging Facebook to the best of your abilities?

Let’s look at how much and when an online business beginner should use Facebook engagement for advertising and S.E.O. and building their brand and business in general.

Facebook can be an important ally in building your Search Engine rankings for your website and YouTube channels!

It’s a very good idea to have a presence on the various online media platforms !

In fact using Facebook and Facebook ads can lift your business to new heights, in driving traffic to your blog, YouTube channel, or help grow your E-Mail list. But just like many things knowing when to say when and prioritizing your business decisions is as important as anything.

Let me explain :

Hanging out on Social Media

It’s a good idea and actually recommended creating some amount of social media presence in support of your online business, and Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms!

But remember that the time spent on Social media can be spent building your content on your blog or You Tube channel. Many folks enter the social media realm and get stuck there, spending far too much valuable time.

Spending your time wisely and understanding that a social media presence doesn’t mean as much as building out your website and business. Many people think that their wasting timebusiness needs to be on Facebook so they go there.

Then much of the time you can get caught up in hanging out on Facebook. Reading other people’s status updates and checking your notifications, and checking out the latest memes and stories.

As I said Facebook and other Social media platforms can be a good thing if done correctly.

You can generate a following and engagement that is a very positive thing and creates traffic for your website, and traffic means success in online business ! But before we discuss the right way to do it lets’s look at an example of the wrong way.

Building Facebook Fan Pages and Groups the wrong way

There are folks who think that Facebook is an end all be all for success in online business ! But the truth to that is site rankings are the most important thing to success. And working on site content is the most important thing.

That being said, Facebook can be a very important factor and tool in creating engagement leading to website traffic.but only if it’s done the right way. Creating a Facebook page and a group can be a sound tactic. It’s the means that people build up followers and likes that causes a problem!

The ever changing Facebook algorithm and bloggers

It’s no secret that Facebook’s latest iteration of it’s algorithm doesn’t play well with Bloggers! 

Facebook has made many changes that have put bloggers at a disadvantage somewhatImage of a man with his mouth coveredin censorship the way Facebook attempts to censor contentwhen trying to promote their website on the platform.

By limiting who sees what content, and having a strong lean to native content that keeps it’s visitors on the Facebook platform, it has gotten more difficult to even post a blog post and have it be seen !

Facebook’s native video format has also caused a disadvantage to You Tubers who commonly promote content on the Facebook platform as well! 

There are many cases where a post by someone on their profile page is only seen by a few of their friends because Facebook says that they only want people seeing what they are interested in. And this is even worse for bloggers !

There are ways that will help you have your blog post content seen on the platform by your friends and followers of your fan page! 

Facebook is still high on images. Images don’t link the users away from Facebook so they still do well in the Facebook edge rank.

So if a blogger or You Tuber posts content on Facebook, it is best to post an image of a thumbnail or other image and then put the blog post or video in the first comment.

Facebook and Mr. Zuckerberg feel they know whats best for our engagement, so they say. But it is simply about the massive amount of money involved with advertising on Facebook that drives the constant changes. Facebook wants to keep you signed into Facebook, and they will gladly sell Facebook ads to bloggers and YouTubers if they ever want their content seen!

Facebook censorship of bloggers and vloggers

Facebook is still a great way to build your blog or vlog , but it has to be done more covertly now.

In late July 2018 Facebook experienced one of it’s largest losses ever and honestly one of the largest single day losses by any company in history, when in one day they lost 20% of the net worth of Facebook totaling over $98 Billion !

It may be possible that people are starting to grow weary of the censorship that Facebook puts on what we see and are migrating away!

Platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Snap Chat have been steadily growing while Facebook is slipping. I believe that it wont be long before Facebook becomes the next MySpace and learns the lesson that censorship is the way to bankruptcy!


A personal Facebook page has people who follow you and are likely composed mostly image of a Facebook profile signup pageof family, friends, and acquaintances. These people for the most part have a level of trust a familiarity with you.

But if you start spamming them with affiliate links and blog posts full of affiliate links they will start to view you and everything you engage them with as an attempt to sell them something.

A lot of people will just send out all sorts of friend requests to people they don’t know on a whim to build the numbers of their page. That will dilute the inner circle of real friends and also cause trust issues.

Building Facebook business and fan pages is a great place to develop a following of people who like your content based on your engagement. But paying for Facebook likes or Facebook friends and hap hazzardly adding anyone and everyone you can in a spamming way actually won’t help you out much.

You will find that for the most part you will put blog posts or videos on your status up date and you’ll get no engagement,social media fan pages likes or shares because you haven’t engaged, you just built numbers artificially.

The Facebook engagement will happen over time and if it is organic it will be better engagement and more productive to have 100 organic followers than 5,000 people brought to your page by purchasing likes or stalking Facebook with your add friend sword drawn !

Building A Good Facebook Presence

The best way to build a Facebook following is through engagement. When you can’t generate engagement you can’t create a reaction. You create engagement by creating a fire starter status update.

A fire starter status update is something that creates engagement through one of the following means but not limited to :

  • Positive posts, where you or someone is being very nice
  • Negative posts
  • Videos that contain some discussion
  • Images that are preferably yours
  • Controversy
  • Current events or topical discussion

If you use a firestarter status update, you will start seeing people anticipating what you are going to say, and they will listen to you. You will the have a tribe of people who actually care what you say and will engage with you! Then you will see blog post status updates getting engagement with comments, likes and shares.

Eventhough you have a small tribe of followers, you still need to consider the time you spend on Facebook and other social media. Like R.O.I. (Return on investment ) in business, you need to consider the Return on time spent on social media.

And spend a set amount of time building that following. I Like to take 1 hour a week to look everything over and see what is going on, and then 30 minutes a day before I begin the work on my business for posting status updates etc.

If you start a Facebook group on your niche business you can do status updates and schedule when they are posted. So on your one hour day schedule 2 or 3 status updates to be posted one every day. That way you are engaging without taking the extra time.

Facebook Edge Rank – They see what is real

Just because someone is your “friend” does not mean that all your friends are going to get all of your updates and posts in their news feed. Facebook has become diluted over time as more and more people have more things to share, from news, to pictures, to Facebook Edge Rankstatus updates and videos…apps…it goes on and on.

And that doesn’t include the mind-numbing number of ads that are all over Facebook land.
Like Google, Facebook rewards people that are popular and that post popular stuff.

If you are not getting any activity from anything that you post, you are going to get minimal exposure.

The average status update/post that you create will only reach 10-12% if you do not engage.

So this simply means that 90% of your friends or fans don’t see your posts. It can be a little higher than this if you are engaging your audience of friends and followers and that is why it is important to get on Facebook’s Edgerank “Good side” If you land on the bad side, you may as well not waste your time and effort on Facebook at all !

Picture instructing to learn more about starting an online business

Opinion of Facebook for an online business beginner

Like I’ve already said a few times, a Facebook presence is a very good idea! But when you are a newbie with a lot to learn, Start your social media presence, but limit it to set times and stick with it! The boost you can obtain for S.E.O. and traffic will be better served by creating blog posts and other website content.

In fact if you can write at least 1 blog post every day or two it will help you more than anything! I know it gets discouraging to write for a ghost town for 4-6 months! But that is what it takes. Like Kevin Costner said “build it and they ill come”. That is true but it would be better stated “Build it right, and they will come”.

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