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Although it may be obvious to some and not as obvious to others, trying to catch up and win the rat race is a no win proposition! We are subjected to programmed thought from an early age that tells us that their is no escaping the rat race. We are supposed to go to school for twelve years when we arrive at graduation day looking forward to a future that has to some extent been reprogrammed in our heads our entire lives.

Programmed for ordinary

we are taught to be ordinary

. After graduating from high school we find ourselves at a cross road of decisions for our future that quite honestly very few 18 year olds are ready for.

So we glean from our parent’s programmed experience that they want you to do better than they did.

This usually means going to a college or University to get a degree in a certain field, only to find out in the end that you are not unlike the majority of college graduates who don’t go to work and in many cases never go to work in their field of study. And at the same time realize that they have in some cases 15-20 years of college loan payments to make before they ever actually get their heads above water.

But the expectation is that they get married, have 2.5 children. Buy a couple of cars and invest in the venerable home mortgage that ensure a minimum of 30 years of struggle. But as they say “If you ever have anything in life, you have to go into debt to get it.”

Then as you speak to your financial adviser when it’s getting close to time for college for your children, you realize that you have spent 2 or 3 decades following the rat race and the reprogrammed path of ordinary that most of the people in the western world follow.

When this hits you like a ton of bricks and you realize that you are in your mid 40s, it can be the most sobering of epiphanies! Where did the time go? What have I really accomplished?

What should I have done differently ? What can I do differently? These are the questions I and many others have asked ourselves! If you are lucky enough to at least enjoy what you do for a living, you can cope much easier with the results, Even though the results are the same as the next guy or gal who resigns themselves to the fact that they hate what they do for a living, and have to struggle and force themselves to crawl out of bed every morning to go back to a job they hate!

The Myths about creating passive income

Let “The Nice guy” Pat Flynn explain the three myths of passive income! (And by the way, he is a really nice guy!)

Awake at last !

Awake and starting to build a bsiness for passive income

It’s a tough place to be!

To realize that you have followed the debt train to work every day for over half your life and still have 20 years to chase your fellow rats down a never ending track, on a trip that you hate. But the motivation keeps you going!

The motivation and optimism that was swelling in your chest that day so many years ago as you walked the isle at high school graduation, has become a never ending cycle of work, bills, work, bills.

And the motivation that rules the day and focuses your life are the fact that you have a family to feed, a mortgage to pay, and making sure that you have enough left after all the bills to fill your vehicle up with fuel so that you can repeat the process nest week.

Does this also sound like your dream life? . Is your future and the future of your family so bright that you just can’t wait to get back to the same old 9 to 5 tomorrow that up until now you have detested with a passion?

I can’t blame you, and you aren’t stupid. It took me a while after I realized where I was, to decide to make a change! I was scared to try to break the cycle and in essence break the chains of a future that society programs into our heads as soon as we are born.

But their is a different way! A better way! You too can step away from the life you deplore and live and walk in optimism for your future! The big news is that you aren’t actually chained to your circumstances, it merely seems like you are. You have the best tool in your tool box already and don’t even know it!

Until now you have looked at your most valuable asset as your house that the monthly mortgage is tied to. But in fact your greatest asset isn’t your home.

It’s not your savings account. If you are lucky enough to have a nice stock portfolio and futures they don’t come close to being able to compare with your most valuable asset! What asset has such value you ask? It’s simple. YOU!

The answer was in you all the time

Make results, not excuses

Your most valuable asset starts with your next breath! It’s held in you.

Your ability to change your circumstances doesn’t lie with a refinance of your mortgage for lower payments. It lies with your ability to earn a wage and better yourself.

That is the biggest secret that the people who profit from your life don’t want you to figure out! Because if you figure it out and better your circumstances you are no longer bettering their circumstances.

I don’t want to make this topic about religion, because I have my beliefs that are unshakable and you may too.

But I do believe that we were not created to be mediocre, and we were never meant to accept the inevitable without changing it. We were all born with a purpose! That purpose can be realized when you start at 40 years old just as easy or even easier than when you were being handed that high school diploma years earlier.

I’m not saying that a degree is a bad thing! Not at all! But I am saying that I know as many college graduates that are in foreclosure as I do people without a high school degree!

Everyone wants to point to icons like Steve Jobs who never got a college degree and went on to become business moguls of the highest standing.

My point is that college isn’t a fit for everyone. And even if you don’t have a degree or even a high school diploma anyone with the “want to” can make a better life for themselves in the 21st century!

There are so many opportunities available today that it is nearly mind boggling! Laying down and waiting for retirement is a choice in most cases, not a reprogrammed inevitability!

That is why the world of online business is a fantastic avenue to create a better life! Every day people make the decision to start an online business. Some want an extra income or part-time income. While others have a grand idea to build a business that will allow them to work from home as a full time business and tap into what is a limitless expansion of their dreams!

From the person who earns an extra $500 per month to the multi-millionaire the opportunities are their. You just have to want it and make it happen !

Successful marketerThe sky is the limit !


You’re not the first person to change directions with your life and career!

Every year many people come to the realization that their must be something more! And their is ! .

The old adage is still true that their are few if any get-rich-quick schemes that don’t risk a trip to jail. In fact the term scheme is a connotation of shady business practices from the start.

If you are willing to put in the time and work, anything is possible!

Whether you’re a complete newbie such as myself or someone with varying levels of experience, you can be successful in online business, and the starting level of experience has little to nothing to do with the outcome!

The person with experience may progress faster, but the ceiling is no higher than a complete newbie.

There may be set backs ! I would be lying is I said their won’t be growing pains. There may not, but it’s unlikely that you put in the work and content required to become successful without a pitfall or 2 along the way.

But even the pitfalls are great because they are learning experiences. Keep notes along your way and the next time you won’t have to wade through that trouble. You will blow through it and past it like a boss!

You can do it ! You don’t have to be an English major or have any certain level of education. If you have an internet connection, a computer, and can read you have all the tools needed but one. That last tool is willingness. If you add willingness you can’t fail!

The normal place for a conclusion…but…

This isn’t a conclusion. It is the start!

The start of a better life! This can be the beginning of an online business that sees you in the future as one of the many laptops entrepreneurs that make money wherever they are as long as they have an Internet connection.

Don’t listen to nay Sayers and negative people that say you can’t do it! Because My money is on the fact that you can do it and you will if you want to! So get your plan together, and go for it!

Help others climb the mountain of success

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I would appreciate any questions or comments you may have ! Just leave them below and I’ll get back A.S.A.P.!


Have a wonderful day!






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