Do You Need A Website For Affiliate Marketing? -Absolutely!

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The Facts about Making Money Online With An Affiliate Marketing Website !

Before the arguments start, let me outline my specific answer for the question. The number one question that I am asked is, you need a website for affiliate marketing. The number two question of “how do I get started” isn’t even close!

It seems that there is much confusion online concerning the importance of a website when someone decides to get started in the world of affiliate marketing.

And I have come to the well-informed conclusion that this confusion is based on two factors that we will discuss and put to rest now! There is no need for confusion cluttering the process of a venture that some people already see as being a daunting task.

Building a website

Where does the disagreement and confusion come from?

After spending quite some time preparing for this article, I believe that the answers are very simple!

Landing pages and Funnels

There is a growing movement for the promotion of landing pages and sales funnels that are hosted and run completely from the Websites of the platform that you choose. These platforms want to pull you to their services by downplaying the need for a website, because everything you do within their service is handles by their various systems, and they point out that truthfully you can promote your products, services and build an E mail list completely through their service.

ClickFunnels landing page

I can understand this and I know it to be absolutely true, because I use a company named ClickFunnels to promote products via pay per click, Social media, and other traffic sources like mailing lists and other people’s mailing list through solo ads. It’s true and effective.

That I absolutely cannot dispute! But that is only a small part of the business as I will point out. But first lets discuss the second area the confusion comes from.

People starting from scratch

As I said at the beginning, the absolute number one question In get asked is, do you need a website for affiliate marketing?

From talking to these people who ask about the importance of a website, the reasons are usually the same. They have never built a website. It’s as simple as that !

These people have never done it and they are handcuffed by a fear of what they don’t understand.

As we continue our discussion, most will usually ask how hard it is to learn the code that you need to design a website, and then questions like how long does it take to develop a website, and what kind of training is required to learn code and be a website developer follow up close behind.

The reasons those are their first questions is because that is the biggest concern and the same concern that usually stops people before they get started.


They have become confused by thinking they can’t build a website without some sort of code magic or Jedi mind tricks !

Do I need a website for a landing page?

No you don’t. Just like we discussed, you can run a landing page and sales funnel with other software services. But why would you not want to incorporate your landing page with your website? More people will see it for free !

And if you are after building simple landing pages you can add a plugin like Elementor to build your landing pages and save the money over the funnel building software services. It;s the best of both worlds!

If I had to choose and could only have one option, I would choose a website every time!


The Undenialble Truth!

Landing Pages and Funnels

Just as I stated earlier, you can promote affiliate offers, sell your own offer and build an Email list with a service like ClickFunnels. I do it all the time ! But my home base and foundation is still my website !

Building a Website

If we were still in the early days of website creation and WordPress the fears of people that are thinking about a website would be somewhat true! The techniques and skills needed were far more involved than whet we have today in the WordPress platform!

Make a decision at the crossroads

Today however the last concern of a person starting from scratch should be the website, because building a website is actually the easiest part of the whole process ! Yes, there you have it!

The truth has emerged from the shadows!

Website design is as easy as picking one of the thousands of themes you think looks cool and adding content! Content that engages your audience is the backbone of a great website. The tools are all drag and drop style tools and the technical stuff is handled by hosting and plugins.

If you can run and manage the photos, posts, friends and other aspects of Facebook, you have all the skill you need to build a website!

So, why is a website so important in affiliate marketing?

The easiest place to start is the fact that every business needs a home, and a website is your home on the internet.

A website is important, because the content on your website is a testimonial to your audience about who you are and what you are about.

With the website you can build trust with your audience and some will become followers because they know what you are about, and they have received valuable and helpful content from you in the past!

Would you be more likely to purchase a product or service from someone you just met, or someone you have already received value from and have verified that they walk the walk as well as talk the talk?

While P.P.C. campaigns are very good ways to get traffic to your opt-in, landing and funnels, a website with thousands of monthly visitors is a free source of traffic to compliment paid advertising. Not only does it compliment your P.P.C. campaigns, website visitors usually convert at a much higher rate ! So with your website you can make free money online !

The very small expenses involved with building a website can all be paid back to you with one promotion just in free traffic!

Where the guys without a website can only use paid advertising, you can double your traffic by using your website visitors as well as paid traffic ! More bang for your buck !

You can use your website as a home base for a multi-tier approach to Affiliate Marketing!

As your website  grows social media engagement in the popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and the others  can be leveraged to grow your audience , and drive traffic to your website!

The bigger your online presence the bigger your following! 

Using other platforms like YouTube also helps drive traffic to your website and in turn your website can drive traffic to your YouTube channel as well, making the home base of your website even more important !

The reasons a website for affiliate marketing is a must :

  • Communication
  • Credability
  • You control the narrative
  • Your competition has websites
  • Your business is never closed
  • You can showcase your products and services
  • Get a lot of bang for your buck
  • Your website shows up in Google search results.

Building a website and having a home on the internet has so many advantages, there is no argument !

Picture instructing to learn more about starting an online business


The best advice I can give you from here !

Ask for advice

I would advise anyone who wants to start an online business to do one crucial thing! Start!

The word SOMEDAY will make sure your dreams go to the grave with you is you let it!

Get started and build as you go. No one has ever started something new being great! But you have to start to become great !

And whatever you do, don’t let failures dampen your spirit! Dissect the failures and learn from them.

Make your next attempt being even more informed and you will become an expert from your failures ! But if you don’t take action and get started it won’t matter anyway !

For people who have no experience I give you this advice. You can succeed if you are determined to succeed!

Think only about your goal and positive thoughts! It’s a marathon not a sprint! As long as you are doing and learning, you are going in the right direction !

Many people will tell you to use forums and Google searches to start your affiliate marketing business. That will work, but it will take quite some time and the road of mistakes and failures contribute to many people giving up!

I suggest that you find a successful mentor and model their strategy. Not copy a strategy but model it! If you model your business after one you know that is working you will be ahead of the curve.

Once you have established your business then you can start making some changes as you learn more.

Most beginners don’t have the budget to pay a mentor for one on one training. It can be very expensive! So I give them the same advice I took myself. I used a Website based training and mentor ship platform named Wealthy Affiliate.

The training is constantly updated and the community of 1.4 million people are there to help as well as 24/7 support and you even have access to the owners. You can start for free and stay on a free membership as long as you want!

But when you get to the point where you want to really get serious and build a great business, the premium membership is only $49 per month. I suggest that to many people and the ones that have taken it have had a high success rate ! And many more have had success with the training at Wealthy Affiliate!  Over 1.4 million members in 193 countries ! 

I will share a link to my review of Wealthy Affiliate HERE in case you are interested.

Wealthy Affiliate

Join the site for free and take a look around. I think it’s as good and maybe better than a one on one mentor because you have so many people in the community that also help answer your questions. And it doesn’t cost thousands of dollars like a standard mentor does !

Whatever plan you make to build a website as a home for your affiliate marketing business, make one thing for sure. Build a website ! It’s far too useful and valuable to ignore!

Your website will give you more options!

Funnels and paid traffic are great resources! I use them too great benefit! But incorporating a website gives you the multiple options you need to become successful as an affiliate marketer!

The proof is obvious !

Have you ever noticed that the people who are selling funnel and landing page services are always saying that you need to ditch your website and go with their service? Then the next thing they tell you is that you need to go to their website and get the details! There you have it! Obviously websites are very important after all!

To wrap things up…

We have discussed the options of affiliate marketing with and without a website. And I honestly believe that the argument against websites is not well-founded at all, and is usually made by people who want you to invest in their next great thing. But these people who are so anti-website do all their business from their website.

The best idea is to learn the trade first. Build a great website and learn how to rank  high in the search engines and also use the platform of sales funnels. They go hand in hand and offer you a tremendous amount of leverage to see great success in your affiliate marketing future!

Whatever you decide always follow this simple advice: Start !

Thank you for reading my article! I appreciate your interest!

If you have further comments or questions I would love to hear from you! Just leave your comments in the comment section below and I will get back to you as soon as possible !

Thanks and have a great day!






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19 thoughts on “Do You Need A Website For Affiliate Marketing? -Absolutely!”

  1. I agree with you and I strongly believe that anyone doing any kind of online business should have a website with the blog. Otherwise, they will be missing an opportunity to gain free traffic which is not possible only with landing pages. Whatever you are selling through landing page has a story behind it and this story could be and probably is interesting to people to read.
    I think that website blog and landing pages go together hand in hand.

    1. Absolutely ! There are so many people that critique it as an either ,or. The truth is that

      A great website is not replaceable in any form of online business.


  2. Nowadays, building a website is pretty much a click of a button. Those that are not exposed to the simplicity of the method thinks that they need to learn coding to build a website. That’s why most can’t start their online business.

    Now, sales funnels are good and can also generate a decent amount of income, but I believe that it will not be as sustainable as having your own website. You can’t build a brand just using funnels.

    1. Sales funnels are very much the way of the future in online sales! But they will never replace a website!
      The websiote is used to promote your funnels and the marriage is a strong business builder !
      Thaks for your comment!
      If you have further comments or questions I would love to answer them!
      Just leave them in the commenst sevtion and I will get back to you ASAP!

  3. This is great information.. thanks for enlightening me about creating a website blog vs a landing page.. I would consider a successful online business when it has a very informative collections of articles/blogs.
    I am going to check on that ClickFunnels. Thanks again.

  4. Derek Marshall

    Hi Mike,

    Thank you kindly for pointing out to many of your loyal readers that a website is an absolute must for affiliate marketing website.

    I keep hearing the same question also, and then when I insist on the absolute necessity of a website I get the old…but I can do it from social need for a website!. How do you deal with that follow up?

    1. Honestly you can do it from social media. But an occasional click here and there as someone is swiping through their social media looking for funny videos and pictures of puppies will never compete with having thousands of visitors per month coming to your website and seeing your promotions, because that traffic is highly targeted! Remember they came looking for you! 

      Add to that the fact that spamming social media with affiliate links will get your account banned and there is no comparison! 

      If you have any further comments or questions, I would love to hear from you! Just leave your comments below and I’ll get back to you ASAP! 


  5. I also think that starting now and building on the way is way to go since I know I can learn a lot of things within a year or 2. However I heard that websites’ earning potential is higher than the others. What is your take on this? Because if it is, I will work on building my website more.

    1. The R.O.I of a website is definately higher! Plus a home base in the form of a website is a platform to run your entire online business and promote offers to your audience with free traffic! 

      If you have 10,000 visitors a month, that’s 10,000 that can be exposed to “your stuff”!

      If you used the average solo ad to promote to traffic of 10,000 it would cost an average of $5000.00! 

      Websites are the stuff! The reason the horde of youtube videos are against websites are because they don’;t want to wait for the massive results.


  6. Totally agree with you on that Mike,

    I used to do Affiliate Marketing without a site and I ended spamming links everywhere. Although I did earn a bit, I was also blocked my many site like Yahoo Answers due to those countless link spamming.

    Imagine having a Yahoo account but not able to use Yahoo Answers! But with a website, I learned more and instead of sharing other people’s links, people tend to share yours now instead when you’ve written valuable content.

    Great article, wish I had found this earlier back then before I started spamming. Cheers!

  7. I totally agree with you that owning a website is vital for any online business. This is actually your base for anything else you do online.

    I find it confusing that people say you only need landing pages and funnels to be successful.

    If I am honest landing pages and funnels still confuse me full stop.

    Obviously you recommend using them along side your website and I will check out click funnels.

    Is there any other advice you could give me about using them alongside my website?


    1. Thank you for your comment Karen! 

      Oh yes! Click funnels is an absolutely tremendous tool for promoting offers, and getting opt-ins in the process ! But on a larger note, as you progress and develope, you can use funnels for upsells and downsells as well! It’s a very powerful tool ! 

      There are many who are successful promoting their landing pages and funnels with PPC , and that is wonderful! But stop and think what happens when you also promote it to 10,000 highly targeted visiotors on your website, for free ! 

      If you have any more questions or comments, I would love to hear from you! 


  8. Hey, very thorough and investigative piece. I didn’t know I could use a service like click-funnels for my online business. Plus I particularly enjoyed reasons a website for affiliate marketing is a must. On my affiliate site I try to accomplish most in the list, and find myself constantly checking google analytics to make sure which of my website posts are getting tracking. I think you’re right about needing a website, for sure.

    1. Thank you Millie! 

      You may want to try a service like ClickMagic to track your clicks. It can tell you how good your landing page is converting and then your welcome page and if anyone is going to the sales page. If there is a big drop off between the different pages that shows your bottle neck that needs work /


  9. Hello Mike, great post. To become successful online, having your own website is an essential. Wealthy Affiliate makes this easy for anyone willing to build a successful business online. It only takes you less than 30 seconds to have your website up and running in no time. From there, you can start creating blogs, product reviews, and monetizing your audience. Thanks again, and I wish you the best of luck with your website!!!

    1. Thanks very much for your comment Ahmad !
      I appreciate it!
      Being able to leverage the traffic that comes from a website
      is a huge deal! While there is obviously a place for PPC adverts ,
      the highly targeted traffic from a website is so much better for two reasons!
      It converst better and it’s free !
      Building my website and business through wealthy affiliate is one of the best things
      I have ever done !

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